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Dallas Reeves is #1



DALLAS  REEVES VOTED  #1  best new site!!

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Hot Cock and Sweet Hole

gay men reality porn

A wild drinking game finds 2 frat boys exploring their friendship and releasing some tension.  WATCH

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Brent Corrigan Back in Action

brent corrigan falcon

Outside at a gorgeous pool, Brent Corrigan stands in the pool eagerly wrapping his lips around Darius Ferdynand’s huge, uncut cock. From the tip of the head to the balls, Brent expertly pleasures Darius’ meaty tool. Darius’ abs ripple and his lip curls in erotic pleasure. Rising up, Darius embraces Brent, eager to experience more. Brent bents Darius over on a towel next to the pool and begins an athletic, intense doggy style fucking.

A light sheen of sweat covers their bodies as Brent’s big dick slides in and out of Darius’ hole. Trading places, Brent rolls on his back and exposes his willing hole to Darius’ tongue. After a thorough rimming, Darius hammers home a connected, passionate fucking, his big, low hanging balls slapping against Brent’s perfect ass with every thrust. Brent jerks his cock as Darius fucks him, and their six pack abs ripple in the golden sunlight. With growing intensity, Darius rams Brent’s ass with his big cock until Brent’s load explodes onto his abs. Darius ads his own cum to the collection on Brent’s abs, and they bring their lips together in a final ecstatic kiss.



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Broke Straight Boys TV Show


BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS  are really Straight!  GAY  FOR  PAY! They even take a lie detector test!

The same thing Europe really,  most studios  use  “straight” guys  who are sometimes married  and have kids – but enjoy sex. all sex.

HERE  TV  offers  up  Broke Straight Boys  – a   reality-based docu-series that explores the world of “Gay for Pay”, a term used to describe when straight men do gay porn for money. The show focuses on the people involved in this taboo and unconventional lifestyle, exploring the dynamic relationships between the owner, business staff and performers of the adult website

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Here TV to give viewers a peek behind the curtain. They’re expertise and commitment to this programming makes them the perfect fit for this series.” says Mark Erickson, executive producer of Broke Straight Boys-The Reality Series







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Shane Frost flip-fucks with Comrad Blu bareback:

We haven’t seen Shane Frost around the Lucas Entertainment studio in awhile, so we invited him back. Shane in particular had an interest in getting his hands on Comrad Blu for his hyper-lean build and exotic features. What follows is what’s always expected with excitement from a gay bareback sex encounter with Shane Frost: no-nonsense, high-energy sucking and fucking, and Comrad enjoys every minute of it! WATCH NOW!

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Gaykakke Bukakke


A group of friends get together to play a game of spin the bottle. The only catch is, if it lands on you than your taking load after load of hot cum.  WATCH NOW

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Rock Hard Muscle COLT

colt men

With his chiseled torso, rock-hard abs and a sexy penetrating stare, shirtless COLT Man Buck Santiago makes a wonderful first impression in his COLT debut. In his luxurious and modern home Buck’s intense sexual energy fills the screen. Opening up to the camera, Buck sheds his jeans and displays a truly gifted piece of uncut manhood. Sensuously stroking the long inches of his shaft Buck’s man-juice surges in a stream of white hot cum shooting high. A great first impression indeed and a welcome addition to the COLT Stable of Men.

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NEXT DOOR MEN – 15 sites!

next door

As Jordan Evans calmly sips his wine on the veranda awaiting his guest, he takes in the majesty and beauty of the estate resort he’s created. The sun is warm and the breeze is blowing, just as Arad joins him at the table. Jordan takes Arad on a tour of the grounds, and Arad is impressed, but truth be told, the only thing he really wants to investigate deeper is what’s inside Jordan’s pants, so when Jordan shows him the inside of one of the cabana suites, Arad seizes the opportunity to make his move, grabbing Jordan by the belt and throwing him onto the bed, ripping his clothes off and pushing Jordan down his perfectly sculpted body.



Arad is built like a Greek god, a fact that is not lost on Jordan as he inches his way down his companion’s body. Jordan takes Arad’s cock into his mouth, getting it nice and hard, flicking his tongue on the head and teasing Arad, until Arad can take more, and bends Jordan over the side of the bed, plunging his rock hard cock deep inside of Jordan. Jordan pushes back and Arad runs his hand along Jordan’s back, flipping him over onto his back as he continues to pound away, then mounting Jordan and letting him go for a ride. Jordan puts his hands above his head, grinding and riding Arad’s cock until he’s ready to explode, which he does all over himself as Arad simultaneously blasts him with a healthy load of his own. ‘Quite the rewards program your resort has,’ Arad thinks to himself as he quivers in the aftermath.   NEXT  DOOR  WORLD

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MEN FUCK! at Raging Stallion

raging stallion

David Benjamin and Austin Chandler want you to join them for a hot and heavy sex romp. David brings muscle, body hair and ink; Austin brings willing eagerness and a smooth, toned body. Both have dark hair and enticingly tan skin. Austin uses his tongue to explore David’s ripped torso, and Austin’s massive cock becomes unmistakable beneath the fabric of his work pants. David has to see it.

He unzips Austin’s pants and pulls out inch after veiny inch of cut cock, plus massive low-hanging nuts. David puts his oral skills to work, sucking on Austin’s cock until he swallows the whole thing. Austin in turn tackles David’s cock from behind, alternately sucking it and tonguing his hole. David slaps his rock hard ass and eagerly directs Austin to fuck him. The penetration sends David up onto his toes at first, but quickly he starts pushing his eager hole back into Austin. He jerks himself off and spurs Austin on by yelling ‘Fuck me!’ But David can dish it out as good as he can take it, and he gives Austin a thorough pounding before they shower each other with sticky loads.   WATCH


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Cody Cummings

cody cummings

YES PLEASE!   Cody  Cummings

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Big Dicks and Cocks

big dicks

Adam is ready for some wrestling but then realizes that the singlet feels amazingly great against his cock. Once his cock begins to grown in the singlet he starts to use the fabric to stroke his cock slow and steady. He stands up against the lockers rubbing and pulling on his dick and then pulls it out in all its glory. He has a thick veiny cock as he strokes it to completion in a few different positions. He loves to show his muscles off and that round firm ass for all the viewers.


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We are all clean


Could this be the HIV equivalent to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? We think so. The concept is the brainchild of well-known HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth who has partnered with Moovz, the leading global gay social app, to launch the project. It’s genius in its simplicity. We are now a selfie-obsessed culture and Mackenroth urges everyone to take a special selfie for an important cause.

“I was inspired by the use of the word ‘clean’, especially common in gay culture, to describe oneself as STI/STD free. Indirectly this implies that HIV-positive people are somehow ‘dirty'”, says Mackenroth. “I thought a PG or PG-13 shower selfie or Vine video would be a fun way that everyone could easily show their support on social media for finding a cure by using the hashtag #weareALLclean when they post their photo with the link. They then nominate 3 other people to participate and hopefully donate to the project as well.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise 1 million dollars to stop the epidemic and help find a cure and the campaign will be ongoing indefinitely. Donate here. All donations received will be donated to Housing Works, a New York-based nonprofit organization fighting on the front lines to end AIDS and homelessness, not just in New York but globally by 2030. The CDC estimates that there are currently 1.2 million people in the US living with HIV and over 35 million people around the world.


“As someone who has been living with HIV for 25 years this is very personal to me.” Mackenroth adds, “There is current urgency for funding as we have new treatments that maintain viral suppression and render HIV-positive individuals virtually non-transmissible. Those same treatments can be given to HIV-negative individuals and protect them from infection. Essentially we already have the tools to stop the epidemic from spreading. Exciting new research is bringing us closer to a real cure for AIDS every day. ”

The campaign will launch within Moovz because of the app’s high user engagement rates and it’s history of successful international LGBT social media campaigns. Mackenroth is known as a social media powerhouse in his own right but he is also enlisting many of his “social media superstar” friends to get the campaign off the ground.

Actor, model, singer and social media stud, Chris Salvatore is igniting the campaign from Los Angeles after joining forces with Moovz as well. “It’s time to erase the stigma and unite as a global community. Regardless of your gender or sexual identity—no matter what age, color, size or shape you are, you should be part of this project! Let’s all be one loud, united voice in support of awareness, education, treatment and research for a cure.” says Salvatore. “And have fun with it. Be funny, sexy or silly. Who doesn’t want to see people in the shower soaping up for a good cause?”

“I truly hope this campaign goes viral—no pun intended.” Mackenroth quips.

The campaign launches between now and World AIDS Day, December 1st and is ongoing until the goal is reached. The hope is that there will be traction in the following weeks so that people know about the campaign on World AIDS Day and change their profile photos to show support.


1) Take a selfie or Vine video of yourself in the shower.** NO EXPLICIT NUDITY**

2) Post your photo now on Moovz and all social media platforms with the caption “Take HIV Shower Selfie Challenge raise $$ for AIDS cure #weareALLclean

3) Nominate 3 or more other people to participate!

4) (Optional) DONATE!! Please consider a small donation if you are able. Every penny counts!

5) On World AIDS Day (or before) : Monday, December 1st, please change all your social media profile pix to your shower selfie photo and spread the word!!


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Male Sex Work


Times change and so has sex work. In the 70’s and 80’s I used to hear about young men (and women) who turned to selling their bodies because they were

A). Homeless and/or

B). needed drug money.

I don’t know how true that was but sign onto any escort site say in, Chicago or any other big city, and EVERYONE is an escort! Everyone wants some extra money. And a good number of guys make a good living at it.

Male Sex Work and Society
is the first volume to explore male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines across the social sciences and humanities.

In recent decades, male sex work has emerged as an important area of study, as well as a social activity in its own right. As new ways of thinking and speaking about male sex work have emerged, it is no longer conflated with homosexuality or the female sex industry. Historical and cultural variations in male sex work are now acknowledged, enabling this activity to be understood in complex and dynamic terms, thus challenging older perspectives that view male “prostitution” as deviant and pathological.

Previously neglected aspects of male sex work, such as servicing a female clientele (the gigolo) and upper income types of service (escorts), have gained both scholarly and popular attention. The collection also looks at male sex work representations in popular media, including film and literature.male-escort


This is a fascinating book that aims to help enrich the ways in which we view both male sex work as a field of commerce and male sex worker themselves.

Leading contributors examine the field both historically and cross-culturally from fields including public health, sociology, psychology, social services, history, filmography, economics, mental health, criminal justice, geography, and migration studies, and more.

The data and observations compiled here are quite remarkable. Different countries are looked at, the escorts themselves and the men who hire them.

Male Sex Work and Society 512 pages!

Much-needed…. Most of the articles are research centered and bring quantitative analysis to historical, national, and cultural events. This research constitutes the most evident strength of the collection…. Scholars researching male sex work will appreciate this crucial step in the right direction.

(Publishers Weekly)

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cock bite holloween cock unnamed




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Leather Men at TITAN


If there is one thing TitanMen does best, its leather! From the hugely successful and industry changing Fallen Angel series to the modern and trend setting Folsom series, TitanMen has always lead the way in leather! Pure Leather is a collection of some of the very beast Leather scenes ever produced by TitanMen.

Spanning a decade of hot, hardcore leather action and starring legendary Titan leathermen Joey Dino, Spencer Quest, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Alex Baressi, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Rick Van Sant and more! If you are into hot, hung and hairy leathermen doing incredibly nasty things you can’t afford to miss this one!



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Mike rides that cock up and down enjoying the pleasure that ensues. You can only take so much with a cock like that and Mike is ready for a hot load all over his face and Kaydin is happy to oblige.       TAKE IT ALL

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anaconda-ed-pillsTHESE PILLS


We would NOT endorse a product that does not work. OUR STAFF LOVES THESE and them ALL THE TIME.

Why pay $15-$20 per pill – when you can have these all natural pills for $3-$5?! ( I purchase 20 at time for about $3 a pill)

I was skeptical when I heard about them from a friend. I was out of Viagra last month and a friend told me that the little store down the street from me, sold these amazing pills called ANACONDA. I know the store manager and asked him about them. He carries 2 natural ED pills and he said this one was #1 and he has many repeat customers.

So I tried one. YES! THEY WORK! Not only was I rock hard and performed like a rockstar, it worked the next day as well!


Erection  ed pills

Anaconda is a healthy, natural, safe and effective male enhancement supplement that helps your erection work on demand for up to 72 hours or more! Anaconda is an all-natural, herbal male enhancement pill that increases your body’s sexual stamina, libido and virility for the biggest, hardest erections. There are many prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and impotence relief, but Anaconda provides the effectiveness without the added costs or any medical prescription!

Erectil-Dysfunction-Treatment-Erectile-Dysfunction-Herbal-Natural-I can not stress enough, how much we love this product, and tell everyone about it!

As they age, many men experience a decrease in the quality of their erections. For some, it may start as early as age 30. A lessening of blood flow to the penis prevents the vigorous erections one had in his twenties. The result is difficulty in getting and maintaining strong erections.

The good news is there is now a natural, non-prescription product that will give you stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections.


Just take one Anaconda about fifteen minutes before a sexual encounter. Ideally, take it on an empty stomach for faster absorption, but you may also take it with food. Some men, depending on age, weight, and other factors, may need to take two Anacondas to experience optimal effects.

Do not take more than two (2) in any twenty-four-hour period. Unlike other formulas, the effects of Anaconda may last for many hours or even several days.


SAVE 10%! Use promo code UNCUT!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Fresh Young Fit Men at English Lads

Fit. Young. Uncut.


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Jimmy Franz and Zeb Atlas


Jimmy Fanz is the kind of guy who when you see him, you want to do him: great legs, cute  smile, slim, furry body with little or no manscaping. Jimmy has a huge case of hero worship for Zeb Atlas, who takes him fishing in The Woods. The fish aren’t biting, but the same cannot be said for Jimmy and Zeb. Packing up, Zeb tells Jimmy to go shower, and Jimmy can’t resist the lure of warm water and soap to engage in a fantasy j/o, starring Zeb, but when the real Zeb steps under the spray with a hardon to match Jimmy’s, Jimmy can’t believe his luck.

raging stallion zeb

When Jimmy’s prostate can’t take another thrust without cumming, they move to a bench and Jimmy sits on Zeb’s cock for a slower, gentler round of thrust and slam, until the cum pours down.  RAGING STALLION

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Hot Amateurs Guys and Real Hot Sex and Solos!



One of our best sellers!  SEE  MY  BF!

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Force Feed Your Cock To A Sraight Dude!

straight_hell_cock-torture-dimitri-college dude

Force Feed Your Cock To A Sraight Dude!

Straight men captured, abused, fucked, spanked and tortured naked. Gay BDSM photos and videos. Stripped naked, struggling  and  screaming for mercy!


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Big Hairy Muscle Daddies into Cum and Piss


Pounding Piss and Cum  at TITAN MEN

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Cock Sucking Techniques




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Hot Hairy and Uncut


I could suck on the sweet apple head cock  FOR  DAYS!

Paddy O’ Brian, the sexy, stud whos 99.7% straight, a born exhibitionist, matinee idol good looks, a great body and a stunningly thick, heavy cock. There’s a whole lot to love with Paddy, his cocky, cockney charm, the hairy, virgin arse – that he doesn’t mind showing off – but even more than all his considerable physical charms its his attitude, sexy as hell. We’ll be concentrating on bringing that 0.3% to the fore!



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What a Great Cock – and ASS

huge hung guys big cocks

Adam has NO cash and NO way of getting to an ATM machine. If he doesn’t get on the road toward the interview in the next half hour, he’ll blow his chances! So he’s gonna have to blow something else.

Despite Adam’s adamant protesting, Johnny wants to accept another kind of payment, the kind where Adam sucks Johnny’s raging, grease-monkey boner. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so Adam is taking his swollen cock deep. Watch him slurp on Johnny’s rock hard erection with delight. Then see Johnny have a taste for himself, as he goes down to get a mouthful of Adam’s dick. You won’t believe how far Adam is going to pay for quality service as he settles himself down onto Johnny’s eager, pulsating cock for a good, hard pounding.

Auto shop was never this hot!  SUPER DEAL  at  NEXT DOOR WORLD of sites

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Hot Men and Hot Sex at New York Straight Men




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Hot House Dick Pigs and Locker rooms

hot house gay porn


Connor Kline comes out of the shower to find his gym crush Connor Maguire stripping in the locker room.  HOW HOT IS THAT?  #MyFantasy!

Kline’s pretty sure that once the hunk sees his giant cock he won’t be able to resist – and he’s right. Maguire pushes Kline up against the lockers and worships every inch of his muscular body with his hot mouth. Maguire works his way down Kline’s chest and washboard abs to the grand prize: Kline’s rock hard dick. He sucks Kline’s 8-incher then kicks back to show off his own hefty master-piece.

Like a true dick-pig, Kline gets down and swallows Maguire’s cock like a champ but it’s just a warm up; he’s always fantasized about getting that red-hot ginger cock up his ass and he’s going to get it. Kline bends over with his huge bubble-butt in the air. Maguire steps up and shoves his cock deep in Kline’s hole and fucks him hard all over the locker room until both studs shoot thick creamy loads.   HOT HOUSE

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Jocks Cocks and Big Balls


Jocks with big cocks and tasty balls!

Next Door Buddies and Next Door World of Sites!

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BareBacking Cum Lovers at Bel Ami

We’ve been bringing Billy Cotton along slowly, but no one can be fully a part of the team until they have had an afternoon with Alex Orioli. Alex brings passion and raw sexual energy to every scene and today was no different. Watch Billy & Alex get it on condom free exclusively at!

Bel Ami VOD

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Twinks Lovers Virgin Butt Holes

There is nothing quite so delicious as burying your tongue deep inside a tight little soft twink ass hole!

Twinky Boy Banging


Movie:hx79-Twinks ‘N Undies


Derrick Porter and Adrian Layton

American Anal Sex Big Dick Hung Blonds Blow Job Cum Shots Twinks


By the time Derrick and Adrian lock themselves in the room, Adrian’s pants are already halfway off his ass. These boys can’t wait to start skin on skin action. Little Derrick Porter has an appetite for Adrian’s boy hole. He swings the brunette twink’s tight ass around and starts munching. Layton has boy sex on the agenda, and fortunately for him, Porter’s twink hole is more than accommodating. Its a tight fit, but the skinny boys work it out. Derrick turns the tables and pokes through Adrian’s tight, pink hole, and slams away. This is the ultimate twink boy fuck.



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Jocks Cocks and Hot Ass Play in SCORE

Scene 1 Starring Samuel O’Toole & Trent Diesel

A pre-game workout turns into a sweaty suck and fuck session between Samuel O’Toole and Trent Diesel. Diesel rubs O’Toole’s bulging crotch; he can’t wait to get that huge cock out of his buddy’s athletic cup and into his mouth. When Diesel reveals his rock-hard boner O’Toole returns the favor before turning his attention to Diesel’s muscular ass. The horse-hung O’Toole fucks Diesel’s tight end until they both drain their nuts!


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