Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Hung Jock Boy Cock “ROCCO” from COLLEGE DUDES 24/7

Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Hung Jock Boy Cock “ROCCO” from COLLEGE DUDES 24/7

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TAXES ARE DUE! Can You Pay??

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TAXMAN CUMETH: Eric Nero audits Tex Davidsons huge cock!

Tex Davidson whips out his huge cock for a live webcam show, then pumps it up. He’s interrupted by a knock at the door—agent Eric Nero needs to conduct an inspection for a home office deduction. Tex is happy to show off how he works, sliding his meat out and putting it back in his cock pump. “You wanna try it?” asks Tex. “I don’t need to,” offers Eric, his monster cock soon staring Tex in the face. “Damn, Mr. Taxman! You got a big ol’ dick!” Tex sucks it deep, Eric’s big balls drooping over his pants. Tex looks up, his beard rubbed by Eric—who then fucks his face.
Eric worships Tex’s beast, the two soon kissing as their scruff touches. Tex gets eaten and fingered before ramming Eric from behind. Eric’s hard cock and balls bounce as he gets fucked. He sits down on the top, riding him as his own big dick flops back and forth. He arches back for a kiss, then gets fucked on his back—reaching up to touch Tex’s beard again before his toned bod gets coated. And all the while the two don’t realize the live cam is still turned on and they’ve been broadcasting it all on the internet! THIS IS SOOOOO HOT!!!

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Blonde Uncut Cum Pig Guzzler Mason Wyler

Mason Wyler is one hard working boy.

I was on his blog

this week, and he mentioned Next Door Studios is now funding

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He’s everywhere and its easy to understand why…

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Cum Guzzler: Noun. 1: A gay male who greedily and habitually swallows other men’s semen, as if with great thirst. 2: Someone who is addicted to the act of tasting and swallowing fresh loads of male seminal fluid. 3: A cocksucker who prefers the feeling of a dick shooting streams of cum down his throat over the feeling of a cock spraying his anal cavity with warm sperm. 4: The third highest level of Slut attainable on the Wyler Nation Cock Slut Scale, below Cum Dumpster and Cum Pig.
5: Mason Wyler.

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Most of us circumcised guys want some foreskin of our own!

We are very proud to have TLC TUGGER be a sponsor

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For about 10 years now, Ron has been selling the

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Always looking to improve, Ron recently launched a modified

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If you have never been to Ron’s site, check it out.


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“Passion, intimacy, real body language – these are universal indicators of great sex. I’ve also stuck to my formula of putting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. My characters aren’t exotic or avant-garde; they’re everyday men facing everyday temptations,” Noelle added.

The producers noted that the imprint’s movies would be unique to the gay marketplace and embody what fans have come to expect from Noelle and Mile High Media – genuine and intimate exchanges between performers.




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We haven’t seen Shane Frost around the Lucas Entertainment studio in awhile, so we invited him back. Shane in particular had an interest in getting his hands on Comrad Blu for his hyper-lean build and exotic features. What follows is what’s always expected with excitement from a gay bareback sex encounter with Shane Frost: no-nonsense, high-energy sucking and fucking, and Comrad enjoys every minute of it! WATCH NOW!

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Chance is back!!! and he takes his time worshipping Jack’s sturdy 6 inch cock as he lovingly licks and kisses his perfect cock head. He works Jack’s cock like a pro and is rewarded with a mouthful of delicious twink cum delivered fresh from the tap!

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Colton Grey has edgy tattoos, a lithe, defined body, and a big thick dick: it’s an irresistible package for Luke Adams, who eagerly services Colton’s thick meat in preparation for fucking. These two young studs want each other bad! Colton knows how to give Luke what he wants: he presses his thick cock into Luke’s hole from behind, pauses to deliver a wet, slurpy blowjob, and then resumes fucking with even greater intensity. Luke jerks his cock while he’s getting fucked and pumps out a load onto his abs. Luke catches Colton’s load in his mouth, savoring every drop.

Colby Strokes his 8″ at Spunk Worthy

Colby has an interesting background. After going to college, he signed up with the military and was shipped off to Alaska. Most recently, he moved to So Cal and thought he’d test the waters doing porn.

“I have no shame,” he admitted with a grin, “so I thought, ‘Why not try it out?'”

Colby’s shoot had a couple surprises. He had said that he might be nervous and not sure he’d be able to perform. He also told me that his dick was “about average” in size.

The surprises were that neither turned out to be the case.

Not only did he warm up, very quickly, to the camera, but his cock is anything but average. It’s a thick 8″ and looks even bigger on his lean frame.

When he got the go-ahead for his cumshot, he warned me that he strokes his cock fast. So, writhing on the chair, Colby really got into it and busted a nut that left him dripping in sweat and cum.