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My partner and I had the pleasure to meet Logan McCree at the GRABBYS 2008.  He is so nice and that ink, yummmm, he tatooed his own cock, can you even imagine,  took him 2 hours!  We love Logan’s uncut inked willie!
Logan McCree’s Big Inked Uncut Cock @ MEN MACHINE

Here’s our pics from The GRABBY’S

My partner and I had the pleasure to meet Logan McCree at the GRABBYS 2008.  He is so nice and that ink, yummmm, he tatooed his own Aussie cock, can you even imagine,  took him 2+ hours!  We love Logan’s uncut inked Aussie willie!
Logan McCree’s Big Inked Uncut Cock @ MEN MACHINE

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YUMMMM!  Meet tall, dreamy and hung like no tomorrow young Pavel Murcek, another winner from William Higgin’s studio. Truly the hung, young boy next door we could get lost for hours sucking on his hefty uncut cock and his furry ass crack…

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Sure this new one from You Love Jack may look like Prince Harry, but the resemblance stops short at his looks. Although Harry Winsome’s really cute, he’s also downright dirty which becomes apparent when he strips out of his jeans and his already rock-hard dick is straining the poor gray fabric of his boxerbriefs. He offers up the fact that people compliment him on his big ole low-hanging balls, and to prove it, he reaches in through the leg opening of his briefs and whips out two heavy veiny ball sacs.

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Hung hottie Shane and hungry blue-eyed blonde William West get down and dirty for each other. I love William, he reminds me of Mason Wyler.  And he is a big jock boy bottom slut who gets fucked by a bunch of different dudes big cocks at College Dudes 247! 

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WOW! Meet CJ from ManAvenue.  I swear, they get some of the hottest men to get naked and film jacking off their cocks for their cameras!  When I saw the video and CJ dropped his shorts, my jaw dropped :-)  He was already rock-cement hard and that cock-holy moly-fat, veiny and cut with that big ole mushroom head-YUMMM! 

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Leo Giamani and Jeremy Walker could be Greek statues, their perfect bodies, muscles for days, handsome chiseled features and big cocks that might scare away a novice bottom but would offer a welcome challenge to anyone that loves to get fucked. So, once the best was assembled all it took was to let it loose. These guys knew exactly what to do and what you will see will blow you away. Gym showers, glory holes, interracial sucking and deep fucking, all with a group of the hottest Randy Blue models. Grab some lube and a cum towel, you’re going to need it!
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Colby Sheds His Speedo at FRATMEN

Meet Colby.  This smooth, lean, young hottie looks great in that Speedo… and even better naked once he slips out of it! Love the tan lines and that jock boy bubble butt of his!  Colby is sure to make everyone want to do some sort of stroke!

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Well, I guess it’s time big old Matt Hughes returned to use that huge slong of his on a willing

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Fuck Me Big Bald Daddy!  Damn!  In case you can’t tell, we are lovers of uncut cock around here, the way nature intended a cock to be.  But I got to say, I’m a sucker for a big fat mushroom headed cock, cut or uncut ~ Holy Batman! Oliver’s got a deliciously, big-ole-nobbed head I could suck and fuck on for days!   And that hairy chest with those big eraser nipples…mama mia…

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Butch Dixon says “I was thrilled when hairy hunk Ted Colunga approached me about getting naked for us. I mean, I was over the moon … I’ve seen Ted Colunga naked and he’s always a pleasure to watch. Gazing upon that super fat uncut cock of his, it’s more like a tree stump than a cock. Ted’s dick is so “beer can thick” and crowned with a most delicious and juicy pink cock head. If you can take your eyes off his fat cock long enough, check out that beefy, muscular body of his — massive shoulders, bulging biceps, chiseled pecs, and a ripped six pack, all covered in a beautiful mat of man fur. I hope you love watching this hairy hunk jacking off as much as I enjoyed filming him.”

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“So now that you’re not a virgin anymore,” Sean Cody asked Jay, “how are you liking the whole ‘getting fucked’ thing?”

“It’s interesting,” he said. “It’s different. I couldn’t believe it was happening the first time I did it. I never thought that’s something I would do.”

“But you enjoyed it?”

“At first it was a little painful,” he said. “But then, yeah, I did.”

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“So how do you think today is going to go?”  Sean Cody asked.

“Good,” Jay said. “I think it’s going to be good.”

Pairing him with Trent was a smart move by Sean Cody. Jay is pretty mellow, and Trent certainly isn’t.

Plus, Jay is a huge, built, muscular guy and Trent is lean and wiry.

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Jay and Trent seemed to hit it off right away though.

“I have an oral fixation,” Trent said out of nowhere.

“If he wants something in his mouth,” Jay replied, “I can put something in his mouth!”

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Jay got fucked every which way long hard and deep and Trent had the time of his life!  They both finish off with AMAZING cum loads with their jizz everywhere all over each others ripped lean muscle bodies ~ HOT!

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Kurt Rogers and Jed Wilcox in SWEATBOX @ UK NAKED MEN

Kurt Rogers and Jed Wilcox are cruising at the (literally) hot new gym, Sweatbox. Their smooth muscles ripple as they workout and they can’t help but admire each other and the cocks swelling in their shorts. Kurt follows Jed into the steamroom where the men get naked and the temperature quickly gets hotter. Sweat pours from their hard bodies as Jed sucks Kurt’s massive uncut cock. Then Kurt eats Jed’s perfect gymnast ass. They fuck for all to see and shoot their hot spunk all over the sauna tiles.

Kurt Rogers and Jed Wilcox in SWEATBOX @ UK NAKED MEN

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Gay Porn Star Matthew Rush Leaves Falcon!


Falcon Exclusive Matthew Rush’s “lifetime” deal with the company has come to an end. The muscle-y model told Unzipped that he wishes to “leave the nest to grow and experience other options,” including working with other studios.  (hmmmm….maybe  bareback?)

His exit from Falcon caps eight years of working with the company; six of those years were as a “lifetime exclusive” model.  (Eight years is a pretty long time for a porn star. Not many guys make it that far…)  But Rush said that he would like to work more than his contract with Falcon allowed. “For the past few years I’ve only made one or two movies a year, so I’m hoping to get more work,” he said. “I would really like to work with Hot House, Raging Stallion or  I would love to work with Chi Chi LaRue  again, as well as with more muscular daddy types and African-American guys.”

For the complete story, pick up the February issue of Unzipped. On newstands now!

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This week we got word of the pre-release of Dirty Bird’s biggest picture to date,

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In this thrilling drama, superstar superhung Chad Hunt ends his career

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Tommy’s girlfriend isn’t all that keen on him doing porn, but Tommy doesn’t give a flying fuck! He’s in it for the money, and he’s always wanted to be a porn star so fuck her!  He still considers himself straight/Str8, but he admits to doing stuff with other guys. Once or twice – but he’s not gay!

When the camera starts, he grabs his already hard cock through his pants, flexing and posing as he gropes the big pink mushroom head of his fat uncut dick.  Smooth defined torso, strong arms and big pecs and the way he fingers his ass deep and played with his nipples~Tommy is a hung, blessed natural :-)
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