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I hardly ever bottom!  But these guys at ManAvenue are HOT looking.
They find great guys, probably straight, with big hot cocks!  (lots are uncut!)

Man Avenue was conceived and designed in hopes of primarily capturing the everyday ‘man’ you will pass on your local avenue – whether shopping, at the beach, gym or grocery store, we all encounter men we would like to see naked. The site hopes to provide a cross-section of hung, hot guys that will get your testosterone flowing.

Oh yeah, my testosterone is flowing!


Check Out These Other Hot Hung Jocks Weve Featured Here from Man Avenue:  Marco Vega’s Veiny Uncut Beer Can DickLee Stephens Big Hairy Bush of PubesMarco Vega Eats His Own Cum LoadAlain’s Big Cock and Huge Muscle ThighsCJ’s Mushroom Headed Cock

The Visconti Triplets Turn 20 Today ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOTTIES!



Meet the Visconti Triplets! Above from oldest to youngest these now 20 year old triplets are Joey, Jason and Jimmy~HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2/26). They just emerged onto the gay porn scene last fall and caused quite a stir…in every gay man’s pants! What gay guy doesn’t fantasize about twins…but here are fucking HOT triplets!!! Hungarian, lean, ripped, smooth, hung…



These sexy handsome fuckers are horny ALL the time and LOVE group sex parties and orgy scenes. Hello boys? Where is our invitation to join in the fun??? Uhm, waiting :-)




HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY Jason, Joey and Jimmy!

Show these hungry brothers some gay man Birthday luving and check out their blog and website at VISCONTI TRIPLETS!

Meet The HOT Naked Men of HOT HOUSE’s BACKROOM










Lets start with SLADE.  We are so in love with this new triple threat from HOT HOUSE!  Perfect body and face, delicious hot hole and bubble butt tight ass, and the helmut-apple-mushroom HUGE head on that magnificently veiny uncut cock!  Truly a work of art ~ Slade was/is definitely built for sex… and plenty of it!  I would suck that dick and rim that ass hole till my jaw, throat and tongue wore out!  Slade can be seen in the scorching new video “Locker Room”  Enjoy all of his hot cock and body over in the Backroom at HOT HOUSE!

Locker Room at Hot House……

 Sexy Blue Eyed Daddy Hunk JOHNNY GUNN…






and another big dicked favorite hottie ~ ETHAN WOLFE…

Hot House Exclusive Ethan Wolfe hit the adult industry like a mack truck – winning over fans and critics with his huge brown eyes, edgy good looks, and enormous cock. Catch this ultimate versatile performer with a taste for the kinkier side of sex and see for yourself why he’s a bonafide Superstar, in his XXX gallery live now

 exclusively in the Hot House backroom!

Meet BOY FUN COLLECTION’s Uncut Hotties Toby and Brent

Muscular jock boy Brent is endowed with one of the most amazing uncut boy cocks I’ve ever seen. Nice long, thin foreskin overhang, long enough for him to tug on, which he does, teasing us! There even seems to be extra skin on his big ole ball sac! And what a pair of low-hangers!

Then there is his ass and butthole which — well — a league of their own! His whole body, but especially his ass and bung hole, covered in a fine, golden blonde fur.   My mouth still waters when I think about rimming that rosebud!

Meet scorching hot Toby from Boy Fun Collection. This hung beach blonde surfer twink strips out of clothes revealing a perfect, smooth, lean, athletic boy body, teasing us with that meaty uncut jock boy cock of his. Watch this beautiful boy pleasure himself until he shoots a juicy cum shot load all over his washboard abs. YUMMMM! Wish I’d been there to lick him clean!

The hotties at BOY FUN COLLECTION are well worth the member price, but they have LOTS of free videos and pictures to peruse first!

Blonde Hottie Duke Lewis Self Sucks His Own Big Cock Off at Jake Cruise

Ahh, Life’s Simple Pleasures……You may watch Duke Lewis because he’s blonde, hung, tall and handsome. You may watch because of his studly, lean-athletic muscle build. But you’ll keep watching because Duke can suck his own thick cock ~~~ standing up, sitting, or even upside down~auto fellatio at its finest! Watch this multi-talented athlete strip, stroke, and suck his own dick in this super-hot solo jack off. Good stuff indeed!

Duke Lewis @ Jake Cruise

Louden Jacks His Big Uncut Cock @ Perfect Guyz

Introducing Perfect Guyz Louden—a sexy basketball jock. Louden is incredibly handsome, LOVE those sexy, bedroom eyes and he has a strong physical presence—standing 6 foot 5 inches tall, and weighing in at 190 pounds! Strong legs and a tight, round jock boy ass. His cock is 8 and a half inches fat and fully uncut with lots of foreskin to play with.

Louden told Perfect Guyz that the dudes on his basketball team gave him the nickname of “snake” because of whats in his shorts! Watching him stoke his big, uncut piece made it clear just how well the name truly fits him!

Louden Jacks His Big Uncut Cock @ Perfect Guyz

RJ Danvers and Luke Hass Get Busted Sucking and Fucking at HAIRY BOYZ .com

RJ Danvers and Luke Hass Get Busted Sucking and Fucking at HAIRY BOYZ .com

Drama, Drama, Drama……Hairy Boyz pig pup bottom RJ Danvers is hungry for dick, really hungry and wastes no time getting to his latest trick’s cock (Luke Hass). RJ takes Luke’s big thick cock deep in his mouth and throat, working over and keeping Luke’s engorged member nice and wet. Luke then moves RJ to the bed and rims his hairy ass hole nice before he plunges his fat wide cock inside and fucks RJ’s eager bung hole deep, long and hard. Luke and RJ fuck away in many positions before RJ has to explode and shoots a huge cum load all over his own hairy stomach.

Power top Luke then unloads his own man jizz all over RJ before collapsing into a passionate kiss. But RJ has been a slutty, bad, bad boy, and gets sprung by his boyfriend Logan who discovers the truth of what a slut RJ is, walking in and finding his boyfriend’s hairy ass drenched in cum another man’s cum and laying alongside Luke……Logan explodes in rage and storms out!  The Slutty Gays of Our Lives!

(lol-to be continued)…

All the hairiest men in one place – Muscle Bears! Wolves! Pups! Otters! Hairyboyz.com brings you the hottest and hairiest muscle studs from the world of gay porn. Furry pumped pecs, scruffy masculine faces, hairy pits and asses – Hairy Boyz studs are so hot and so hairy you’ll leave the site and cough up a fur ball!
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David Chase at Randy Blue

David Chase had a birthday recently and I wanted to do something special for him. He was in town so I thought I’d take him out for drinks. I asked what he’d like to do for his special day and he got this gleam in his eye and said, ‘I wanna get fucked by Leo Giamani’.

David couldn’t wait to get at Leo’s hunk of meat and once he was up close and personal with it his mouth was watering to start sucking it. He gives a blowjob like he’s watched hundreds of them and has taken the best, the most skillful and the most unusual aspects of each and blended them all together. It’s definitely something to see. And you can tell that he’s totally blowing Leo away by it. And Leo was more than happy to return the favor by burying it deep into David’s inviting hole.





Muscle Daddy – Uncle John

Uncle John is a name he got at the local gym where he works out. He’s always helping out the other guys with their workout routines and spotting them in the weight room, so they starting calling him Uncle John. And what a body! This hung muscle daddy works hard on his body and it’s worth every ounce of sweat. Look at those sculpted shoulders, his round and bulging biceps, and those plump, chiseled pecs.  But in spite of all that beef, Uncle John’s best asset has got to be that big, fat veiny cock of his!
Fat Cocked Muscle Daddy Uncle John @ BUTCH DIXON

Tattooed Men Fucking – Hairy Edu Boxer and Miles

Hairy Italian hunk Edu Boxer has appeared on Butch Dixon before in a hot suck and fuck session. And if you’ve never seen this stud sucking cock, you’re in for a treat. A lot of top men tend to get lazy, thinking that a bottom is completely satisfied just servicing their dick. 

Edu Boxer is a full-service top and he loves making sure his bottoms are satisfied in every way. Before pounding hairy, muscle hunk Miles, Edu gets down on his knees and slobbers all over Miles’s uncut cock. Then he turns Miles around, bends him over the washing machine, and chows down on his ass. And once Edu has Miles on the brink of blowing his load, the Italian top man starts inching his fat cock between Miles’s beefy butt cheeks. Of course Miles takes his turn down on his knees sucking Edu’s meaty cock. And when the bald hunk’s ass has had his fill of Edu’s dick, he sprays his load all over Edu’s hairy chest.
Hairy and Tattooed Edu Boxer Sucking and Fucking Like A Pig at BUTCH DIXON

Oliver’s Fat Mushroom Headed Leather Daddy Cock 
How would you like to be on your knees staring up at this oversized, fleshly uncut nob of daddy cock? I wouldn’t just be staring at it for long, that’s for sure. Hung leather daddy Oliver is back for another hot session. He works over his fat, mushroom headed uncut cock from it’s soft and foreskinned beginning to raging rock hard on before shooting his cum load!

Foreskin Restoration is Possible For Guys Who Are Circumcised…



“After four months of keeping my glans covered,

I had about the best sex ever in my whole life!”



Those of us without foreskin,


The kind of restoration favoured by

most restoring men is “stimulated growth

by tension.” It differs from stretching,

because new skin, muscle and mucosa

are caused to grow. TLC TUGGER

offer products and services to help men

achieve maximum sensual pleasure.


No pills, no pumps, no ridiculous claims,

just honest improvement.

The trick to making your glans as pleasure-receptive

as possible is keeping it covered with your own skin.



“Even if you’re circumcised, you can probably

pull enough of your remaining skin forward to

cover your glans. Our tapeless

YOUR-SKIN® Restoration Cone (patent pending)

helps you keep your own skin in a covering position.

Wear it discreetly under briefs

during the day, and to bed at night.”
It hangs on by itself with absolutely no adhesive

or tape (guaranteed), but removes

instantly for urination or intimacy.


One client said, “Just to let you know,

I’ve been using the cone on and off for

over a week, and it is definitely providing

assistance with stretching. Every day I’m

getting greater stretch, without any significant

manual tugging. I’d say you can be confident in

recommending it for other tight circs

starting out – if they’re anything like me it

will actually provide some stretch.

Once I got the knack

it was fine – it just sits there unnoticed for most

of the day. Anyway… thanks mate!”

– Owen, United Kingdom







Straight, gay or gay for pay, if you love big cocks and sexy jocks,

you’ll love muscle stud, Ty Colt, from FalconStr8Men.

He should have been on the blog weeks ago, but it slipped

my mind – better late than never. With his good-looks, big cock,

killer bod and a muscle-butt you just wanna sink your face

into, Ty has been causing quite a stir. Everyone’s dying to see

him in some hot gay suck and fuck action.


Cody Playing With His Tight Ass and Getting His Pink Hole Plowed By Wolf Hudson at COLLEGE DUDES 247

Cody Playing With His Tight Ass and Getting His Pink Hole Plowed By Wolf Hudson at COLLEGE DUDES 247

Cody might be only 19 and a freshmen in college, but he has a Phd in sucking and fucking.  This young hung blonde boy is hungry for cock and it shows that he knows what to do with it! Cody has beautiful blue eyes and a big wide smile. That smooth vanilla skin, lean ripped body, beautiful pink hole with just a little golden fur around it~and that big cock and balls!  YUMMMMILICIOUS!
Watch Cody Plow and Be Plowed @ COLLEGE DUDES 247

Cody and Wolf Hudson
We met Wolf Hudson at The GRABBYS in 2008.  Such a nice guy, it is HOT to see what an aggressive stud he is in the sack!

Wolf has an awesome uncut cock and big fat round balls! Wolf plows Cody’s smooth, bubble but ass long, hard, and deep in this awesome butt-fucking scene! After some hot blow jobs (especially love Cody swallowing that monster that Wolf has) Wolf gets a taste of Cody’s pink furry hole and thats all she wrote! Cody strokes his rock hard cock with Wolf buried balls deep inside him and blows his cum load all over himself while getting fucked! Wolf adds his big cum load to Cody’s washboard abs to top him off!
Wolf Hudson Plowing Cody’s Pink Bung Hole @ COLLEGE DUDES 247

Hung Uncut Dirty Blonde BEN Returns at REALBOYS4U









Love this dirty blonde Euro guy!

Lean, ripped, smooth  and  a  yummmilicious  uncut cock!



Hot Naked Men Carlos and David’s Big Uncut Veiny Cocks @ MAN AVENUE

So according to MAN AVENUE…”During prep for the photo/video shoot Carlos says “Is my cock large enough?” He was walking around butt naked with his big uncut dick as hard as a rock. The sexuality oozing from him was making the crew weak and unable to concentrate.” Ah Papi!!!! 

Watch Carlos in his “Emergency 911” video.  He poses, flexes, throws his legs in the air and blows a huge load of man cum that drips down the backside of his leg.
Carlos and all the hunky men at MAN AVENUE!!

David was a natural showing off nude in the balmy breezes amidst the sea. He gets so excited posing naked and flexing his muscles and big fat uncut cock, he cums barely having to touch his dick, and that cum load~Lord that’s one thick man-protein shake!
David’s Thick Creamy Cum Load @ MAN AVENUE

Hot Hung Daddy and His Big Cock at JAKE CRUISE

Hot Hung Daddy and His Big Cock at JAKE CRUISE

Fuck Me Daddy!  What a hottie! That big round bubble butt ass popping in the air when he does the splits ~ YUMM!  Just the right amount of soft man fur and then that big long cock!  Sexy, masculine, limber! This one is definitely husband material!  Check out all the free video trailers they have on the home page of their website-smoking hot!!!!

Nick Donato at JAKE CRUISE

Meet The Fat Veiny Uncut Cocks of Marco Vega and Joelle at MAN AVENUE

man avenue  marco vega huge uncut cock

manavenue uncut cock marco

marco uncut cock man avenue

man avenue uncut cock

uncut cock marco 9

Damn, that’s one hot, veiny fat uncut cock!  And that ripped muscle body and handsome face!  Hello Papi!  Meet Marco Vega from MAN AVENUE!







Joelle was anxious to get naked and beat his big black meat.  The cameras were barely rolling before he had whipped his huge cock out while watching some porn.  He milks every last drop of cum from his big uncut dick.  YUMMMMM!


marco man avenue thick uncut cock cum load





Marco Vega is always horny as hell.  In this video shoot, he eats his own cum in the finale!  Playing with his huge uncut cock, he works himself into a frenzy , blows his load on the ottoman…and then starts slurping up his man juice, grabbing his jizz and licking his cum soaked fingers…
Mmmm, mmmmm good…to the last drop.
Marco Vega @ MAN AVENUE!

Chuck DiRocco Fucks Nick Piston Every Which Way Out In The Woods at HAIRY BOYZ

Nick Piston is a hungry pig bottom who knows how to fuck down on a big cock with his tight pink hole. Chuck DiRocco is hung, tattooed power top with a big fat long cock he loves drilling deep and hard up Nick’s ass-in every fucking position possible.  These inked, hairy muscle men are truly hungry for each other, there is no acting here. The outdoor setting is beautiful, the sucking and deep throating is fantastic, with both guys taking load after load down their throats!

Check out this FREE video trailer of Nick Piston and Chuck DiRocco Fucking In The Woods-it is some of the hottest fucking I’ve seen……this week!
Thanks for the great work from HAIRY BOYZ!

Brazilian Hottie Alexi Heating Things Up at COCO BOYZ

Meet hung hottie Alexi!  Alexi is a 22 year old Brazilian boy that’s always hard and horny and his body is built for sex!  He loves being naked and posing nude for pictures.  Smooth, ripped washboard abs, tight round bubble butt ass and that juicy uncut cock (the head gets so pink the more he plays with it!) He loves group sex scenes and orgies and having men play with his foreskin~where do I sign up!
Uncut Brazilian Boy Alexi @ COCO BOYZ!