Beautiful Book of Male Nudes by Thomas Synnamon

Gregory Brian Byng thomas synnamon male model nude

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Gregory Brian Byng  FOUND ME on Facebook last week and asked me to be his friend!
What a hottie! Gregory is from Montreal and keeps quite busy modeling and running his company.  He was recently shot by photography Thomas Synnamon  for his book Sleepless .

Thomas  is an emerging New York based photographer with a passion for simple, yet bold, photography. Inspired by some of the greats, such as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paolo Roversi, and Steven Klein, Thomas Synnamon challenges himself to let his imagination prevail in the balance between creativity and technique.

 Synnamon has gathered a selection of the most beautiful men, and has done everything in his power to keep them awake!  The result is a magnificent collection of portraits, all in a signature style that has become so characteristic for this self-taught photographer from New York City.  It is like peeping through a key hole into men’s most sacred environment – the bedroom – to experience their restless night time moments. Some of them seem to be waiting, looking straight back at you with a haunted, seductive look in their eyes, full of desire and expectation.  Others seem to be so tangled up in their sheets so that you can hardly hold yourself back from reaching out and unwrap them. With SLEEPLESS, Synnamon has created a work that leaves you with one dilemma: whether his models are awake or just the imaginations of your own fantasy or dream?

 Doubtless, SLEEPLESS will keep you awake at night…I know I will be dreaming of Gregory…..

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