Abercrombie Fitch Model With A Big Long Dick

At  5’11”, 155lbs and a mature 29 years of age, Reed, a super thin tight bodied surfer, truly looks like a reed!  He has lived on the Islands for almost 20 years and works as a ”certified” pool boy.

Check out his bright white boy butt which has never seen the sun until today! Like Jayson, Reed has a totally ripped smooth upper body and great furry legs and crotch with have never been trimmed or shaved! This is one real sexy surfer dude with a really LONG dong and lots of dick hair! His cock is so long and heavy that it often looks like a cobra as he strokes to get it fully hard. 

We are not the first to see Reed naked, at the young age of only 18, he was a popular Abercrombie model and was photographed nude by a famous New York photographer for an ad campaign.  So Reed is completely comfortable naked on a beach with his dick out in public!  Have you ever seen a well hung guy do the ‘helecopter’? It requires a stud with a long dick, grabbing the base of his cock and spinning the shaft with one hand.

Watch how Reed wildly plays with his cock and balls when I leave him alone on the beach while he jerks off.  It is always fun to spy on a straight guy as he masturbates alone. His cock is so BIG that he can barely control it!  

When he finally shoots his load, it sprays all over himself, coating his hairy legs, smooth stomach & chest with his clear white jizz.  The sandy beach below is also covered with his ample seed.  Covered in his own dripping cum Reed picks up his red surf board and jumps in the ocean to wash off!  Reed is a typical sexy laid back Island Stud surfer we often see on the beaches of our Islands catching the waves in the warm sea.


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