Naked Marine with Curved Cock

With a broad shouldered confidence, square jaw and knowing gaze, Petty Officer Doyle exudes masculinity. His handsome face is that of the quintessential All-American military man, right down to the deeply carved dimples that are revealed when he flashes his killer smile. Charming, and disarmingly frank about his role as a serviceman, he talks about the friends he’s made for a lifetime, and building bombs to, “blow shit up!”

After taking off his¬† shirt, he paws at his trousers, pulling the fabric to and fro, until something starts to stir! On the hunt, his hand digs aggressively beneath the cloth. Doyle yanks out his fattened cockhead, mushroom topped, it’s engorged and glistening. His thighs clench as he jerks his rigid shaft, each tug eliciting the squeal of enforced friction. Doyle lies back, his pants down around his ankles, yanking his meatslab with quick thrusts of intensity.

His breathing quickens, and with a glint of sheen to his brow, he hurriedly tosses off his t-shirt. Doyle reaches for his ballsack, kneading the wiley flesh as he jerks his tool. His bulbous nads are pricked and tingly, nearly ready to burst. Doyle pulls on his hardened dick. Abruptly his rocket shoots, clear across the bed, and onto the thirsty carpet below! Long splashes of jizz-paint tag the blanket, just past Doyle’s furry underarm. His belly, the blanket, and his cock are soaked in a shower of spooge! As Doyle slowly glides his hand across his dick, the cum drops glitter between his fingers. His cockhead oozes cum!


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