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Tattooed Muscle Man ~ Duke’s Fat Uncut Cock at BUTCH DIXON
“Duke has four of the things I love most in a man — a bald head, muscles, tattoos, and an uncut cock. You may remember seeing Duke a while back when he was wrestling and fucking with Ross Hurston in Gay Wrestling. That was a sweltering scene watching those two muscle hunks crawling all over one another, and poor me, I had to keep the cameras rolling while they took turns fucking one another. Two big, fat uncut cocks, sweay wrestling singlets on the mats, and all I wanted to do was drop the camera and fall to my knees! The things I do for you guys and your pursuit of hot, masculine men.

And in the photo shoot I did kneel while Duke stuck his big, uncut cock in my camera’s lens. It’s one of my favourite ways to film a man because it’s exactly the way I love looking at a man best — down on my knees and ready to serve! Duke has a delicious uncut cock; it’s meaty when soft and stiff and thick when hard, and his foreskin remains in tact when fully rock hard until he’s ready to slide it down his shaft. Duke also has a great ass. It’s round, smooth and muscular, and he keeps his fuck hole shaved. And Duke loves playing with his nipples. How do you think he keeps that stiff boner without touching it?”






Greg Mitchell is no stranger to gay porn, he’s done a few videos for a couple of different porn sites. And when he e-mailed Butch Dixon, there was little doubt this sexy older man would be stripping naked on the hairy man site. Butch Dixon features a wide variety of men from hairy, muscle men and leather daddies to sexy older men and beefy gay bears. Greg Mitchell is a hot, fifty-something-year-old man with a super rock-hard body. He’s packing a beautiful pair of sculpted shoulders and bulging arms.

When he strips out of his clothes, he shows us that those muscles are furry, too. And after a couple of minutes of playing with his nipples, his uncut cock is long and hard. And with a dick like that, you might be hoping that Greg is top — and he might be — but when Butch Dixon fired up his video camera recently, this hunky older man got his muscular butt fucked good and hard by Edu Boxer, a sexy, Spanish hunk with a fat, uncut cock. It’s something to see!
Sexy Hairy Muscle Daddy ~ Greg Mitchell at BUTCH DIXON






Foreksin Jack Off ~ Hung Inked Hottie Jake Ryder at BUTCH DIXON!

Butch Dixon has been waiting for a while to get Jake Ryder in the studio. The masculine Brit has appeared on UK Naked Men quite a few times, and now he’s showing off his fat uncut cock on brother site Butch Dixon. And if you love sucking cock — I mean really adore it — Jake Ryder’s dick is going to drive you crazy. It’s a cock sucker’s dream cum true! It’s 8 inches long and enormously thick. And when you’re down on your knees in front of this stud, you’re really going to get a mouthful.

As you gaze up at this chunk of meat, you’ll notice the thick folds of foreskin collared under his cockhead. And when Jake Ryder beats his meat, you’ll get excited watching his foreskin sliding up and down his thick shaft. And when Ryder shoots his load he sure doesn’t disappoint us, this well-hung stud shoots a vigorous stream of cum at the camera and just barely misses hitting the lens.




HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS-1

NO CONDOMS ALLOWED!  Raw condomless fuck and suck sessions with HUGE horse hung tops and their cocks pounding hungry pig ass with their big dicks. 

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

bareback masters

Straight Hell – Gay Torture For Straight Dudes




Struggling and shouting for help gets Straight Hell’s newly bound victim Mo nowhere. Straight Hell top Adrian punches him in the guts before taking a flogger to his pale skin, each hit making him leap and grunt in helpless anger and pain. He yanks Mo’s pants up high, exposing his firm round buttocks for Stan to hit too, before stripping him totally naked and toying with his thick, heavy cock and balls.
By now, Mo’s in hell, willing to do anything to make the pain and naked humiliation stop. He has to do whatever he’s told, even wanking Adrian’s cock through his jeans, following his verbal orders to run his hands up and down his shaft and make it feel good. It’s obvious Mo’s never touched a cock before in his life, so Adrian helps motivate him by wrenching his ears back while giving him more commands.
Now both tops have aching hardons, and just want to get their hands on and in that tight little virgin arse of his. They bend him over, spread his creamy cheeks, and Adrian rams his finger straight into his hole, giving him a long, hard fingerfucking as he screams the place down, howling for help at the top of his voice. But they’ve hardly even got started punishing this swaggering straight twat yet…

there’s far worse to come at Straight Hell.

Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE

One of the things that I love about this new site we just discovered, HOT OLDER MALE,  is that they truly cater to the hung Daddy seekers and admirers!

Look forward to weekly updates from this HOT site here.


Hung, red-headed-hungry-pig-bottom-Daddy-seeking-stud KEGAN DANIELS ~ YUMMMMILICIOUS!  Kegan is also a big silver-haired, hairy Daddy lover whose appeared on HOT OLDER MALE before.


Hot, hung and truly versatile this red-headed, fire-crotched, ginger pubed stud is back for some hard core leather action in “Abandon”. Kegan gets taken hard by silver-haired leather Daddy Karl Williams in a scene that’s gonna leave your ball sac drained just watching! Enjoy these pics of Kegan in his leather gear taken just before Karl had his way with Kegan’s hot, tight ass ~ what a beautiful pink rosebud butt hole on Kegan with a nice ginger red blonde fur entryway!


But he’s particularly fond of grey-haired leatherman Karl Williams. Karl sucks on Kegan’s fat cock for a while, showing the younger man what great head really is all about. Kegan can’t believe his good fortune and sighs with ecstasy at the expert lips working his man meat in the most perfect fashion. Karl is much more than just a cocksucker though and when he finds out that Kegan loves to have a thick fist buried up his hungry asshole, the bar is dropped and in no time flat Kegan is filled to the brim with Karl’s hand. Oh man this is fucking HOT!!


Karl worships Kegan’s body for a while before the two go at it for a serious fuck and suck on a leather-clad bed. They kiss passionately and swap blowjobs before Karl gives Kegan’s hot and hungry ass a good, deep, hard Daddy fuck.

Here we see Kegan holding onto the upper bunk and riding Karl’s stiff fat cock. But then, the horny red head turns the tables on Daddy, and Kegan ties Karl to the bed and fucks him really good and hard with his fat cock ! Love Kegan’s big fat ole red blonde furry balls and low hanging sac!  But after a thorough ass pounding, Daddy gains control again drives his fist deep inside his boy’s fuck hole. These guys flip flop so many times that I’m getting dizzy, but it’s a good thing!

Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE


Muscle Daddy – Uncle John

Uncle John is a name he got at the local gym where he works out. He’s always helping out the other guys with their workout routines and spotting them in the weight room, so they starting calling him Uncle John. And what a body! This hung muscle daddy works hard on his body and it’s worth every ounce of sweat. Look at those sculpted shoulders, his round and bulging biceps, and those plump, chiseled pecs.  But in spite of all that beef, Uncle John’s best asset has got to be that big, fat veiny cock of his!
Fat Cocked Muscle Daddy Uncle John @ BUTCH DIXON

Tattooed Men Fucking – Hairy Edu Boxer and Miles

Hairy Italian hunk Edu Boxer has appeared on Butch Dixon before in a hot suck and fuck session. And if you’ve never seen this stud sucking cock, you’re in for a treat. A lot of top men tend to get lazy, thinking that a bottom is completely satisfied just servicing their dick. 

Edu Boxer is a full-service top and he loves making sure his bottoms are satisfied in every way. Before pounding hairy, muscle hunk Miles, Edu gets down on his knees and slobbers all over Miles’s uncut cock. Then he turns Miles around, bends him over the washing machine, and chows down on his ass. And once Edu has Miles on the brink of blowing his load, the Italian top man starts inching his fat cock between Miles’s beefy butt cheeks. Of course Miles takes his turn down on his knees sucking Edu’s meaty cock. And when the bald hunk’s ass has had his fill of Edu’s dick, he sprays his load all over Edu’s hairy chest.
Hairy and Tattooed Edu Boxer Sucking and Fucking Like A Pig at BUTCH DIXON

Oliver’s Fat Mushroom Headed Leather Daddy Cock 
How would you like to be on your knees staring up at this oversized, fleshly uncut nob of daddy cock? I wouldn’t just be staring at it for long, that’s for sure. Hung leather daddy Oliver is back for another hot session. He works over his fat, mushroom headed uncut cock from it’s soft and foreskinned beginning to raging rock hard on before shooting his cum load!