Hot Men of Argentina

Have you ever been to Argentina??

What I did not know was how hot guys of Argentina were!. Before we were even out of the airport, I was adrift in a warm sea of boys and men, some brash and others languid, some dark eyed and almond-skinned, some blue-eyed and Germanic looking. It looked like Little Europe, and it felt like sensuality incarnate.

Even the youngest were already muscled, their bodies sinewy and toned, as if they had already spent their lives working hard. A sense of athleticism prevailed in the boys and men I saw around me. They moved with the loping grace of wild cats. Wild cats with bedroom eyes. Even the mean looking ones seemed to have eyes that glimmered with some hint of sidetracked tenderness.

There is openness to Argentineans, an engaging directness, that amplifies even the most passing or casual connection, and leaves you feeling touched, stroked, caressed or even intimately rejected. I think I even fell in love with our cab driver. It’s as if people want to leave the mark of their desire on each other there, like a mass foreplay that frankly is intoxicating.

It starts with the way they look at you. So distinctly un-American. , They look into you, and hold your gaze, as if they were sifting through your psyche for some reflection of admiration for them, and when they find it, their expression softens. Even the married ones, the straight ones with wives and children. It’s almost as if some mutually pleasurable secret has been exchanged, and you both move on, but with the strange sensation that you’ve just made telepathic love with the man you passed that you will never see again.