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With his chiseled torso, rock-hard abs and a sexy penetrating stare, shirtless COLT Man Buck Santiago makes a wonderful first impression in his COLT debut. In his luxurious and modern home Buck’s intense sexual energy fills the screen. Opening up to the camera, Buck sheds his jeans and displays a truly gifted piece of uncut manhood. Sensuously stroking the long inches of his shaft Buck’s man-juice surges in a stream of white hot cum shooting high. A great first impression indeed and a welcome addition to the COLT Stable of Men.

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Sliding his hands into Bob’s suit, Dirk leans in for a deep and hungry lip-lock.

Taking a little play break, Bob pulls out his power sander and uses it against Dirk’s bulging COLT Basics jockstrap. The intense vibrations of the padded sander have Dirk’s hard cock throbbing. After enjoying the intense stimulation, Dirk shows his gratitude by hitting his knees. Bob unzips his leather suit and unleashes his big meaty tool for Dirk to enjoy.


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After watching two hot guys fucking on the couch, Drake and Ryan are ready for a little action of their own.

Right there on the stairway, Ryan gets down on his knees and gets busy greedily sucking Drake’s raging hard cock. The creaky stairway makes plenty of noise, and so do these guys as Ryan works Drakes thick juicy cock. Ryan wants that load and knows just how to get it. Sensing that Drake is close, Ryan stands toe-to-toe with Drake as they stroke and shoot nut-busting loads.

Looking up as he unloads his last drops of cum, Drake sees a hot stud at the top of the stairs watching them with a camera phone in hand. Realizing he is busted, the hot stud at the top of the stairs disappears. Curious, Drake pulls up his pants and heads upstairs to explore.  NEW  from   COLT

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Waking up with a hot stud in your bed is always a good thing. Two hot studs waking up to each other, that’s just heaven. Sexy muscle-boys Steve Vex and Jay Roberts roll around naked in bed before coming together for some passionate and intimate kissing. The covers are pushed away as Jay licks and kisses his way down Steve’s ripped body, making his way slowly down to that hard piece of morning wood between Steve’s legs. Sucking, stroking and kissing the morning away they settle in for a hot 69 mutual suck-fest. Steve gets an ample mouthful of Jay’s thick uncut meat as Jay swallows every inch of Steve’s long hard cock.

Ready for some serious fucking, Jay climbs up on Steve’s thick cock and slides it in his hot hole. Jay sits back and takes it deep, grinding his ass on Steve’s cock and groaning with pleasure he leans in often for some intense kissing.

Steve wants to drill that ass even deeper. He gets Jay on his back off the edge of the bed and splits that ass apart with his throbbing dick, giving Jay a hard pounding. Stroking his big dick while his ass gets drilled Jay unloads. A thick white creamy batch of cum squirts from his swollen dick as Steve continues to pound his hot hole. Steven then pulls out and strokes out a big load, drenching Jay’s torso with a second heaping helping of hot white cum.              see more  at  C O L T



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Hayden Michaels tops Jessie Jordan In need of a morning pick-me-up, young cutie Jessie Jordan heads straight to the kitchen for his morning cup of java. Wearing only a tee shirt, Jessie shows off his flexibility by stretching his muscles. He gives hairy hunk Hayden Michaels a revealing look at his hot ass and ample package as Hayden joins him in the kitchen. Taking the hint, Hayden makes his move.

Lifting him up onto the kitchen counter, Hayden gives Jessie a true morning wake-up as he deep throats every inch of Jessie’s oversized cock. Jessie returns the favor and gives Hayden’s thick piece of morning wood a work-out.

With his big cock wet and throbbing, Hayden turns Jessie around to slide his thick piece in Jessie’s hot butt. Jessie makes good use of his flexible legs and rides his ass on Hayden’s big cock. Hayden reaches around and strokes Jessie’s meat as Jessie jacks off Hayden’s cock with his hot boy hole. Climbing up on the counters and making good use of the kitchen stools, Jessie takes a pounding in a variety of creative, ass splitting positions. “Fuck Me! Don’t stop” Jessie moans, jacking a thick load from his cum swollen balls as Hayden pumps his ass. Jessie’s boy load is still flying through the air when Hayden hits his climax. Pulling out he shoots a geyser of cum, covering Jessie in both of their steamy hot boy loads.

With two hot and horny lads in the house, who needs coffee?

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Hidden away, deep in the COLT Vault we found this gem… rare footage of a day in the life of COLT Legend John Pruitt.

In this rare footage John’s hirsute and muscle bound body is on full display. Be there as John wakes in the morning to greet a new day. Nude and semi hard John rises from his bed to splash some cold water on his face before he ventures outside for his daily exercise routine. Join John for his morning pump and stretch. With his body in motion and his muscles glistening John is the picture of perfect health and masculinity. Finishing up his morning routine John takes a long and sensual outdoor shower.

John Pruitt set the standard for the many COLT Men Icons that have followed. In this relaxed and casual setting one can easily see the true essence of a COLT Man.

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With Spencer’s cock throbbing hard and dripping with pre-cum he bends Bob over and makes a meal of his hot ass. Licking, probing and spitting on that hot hole Spencer gets Bob’s butt good and ready. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drives his cock deep into Bob’s hungry ass. Grunting with pleasure Bob takes a good hard pounding and loves every minute of it, spreading his ass wide to take it even deeper. After being in the driver’s seat for a long hard fuck, Spencer kicks back and lets Bob get on top for a ride.

Bob gets on it reverse style, giving Spencer a hot view of that furry ass as he rides it hard. With cock deep inside him Bob’s big thick load comes erupting to the surface, gushing cum as his ass enjoys every inch of Spencer’s hot man tool. As soon as Bob finishes busting his nut, Spencer is ready to blow. Taking his cock in hand Spencer gives his mighty meat a hard jerk as he fires it off with a hot and steamy load.   COLT  STUDIO

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Stripped naked and waiting the sling, Scott is ready for some hard anal punishment. Kristian inspects Scott’s hot and hungry hole as he strokes his throbbing cock. With a wad of spit he wets his man tool and then drills it in. Scott grabs ahold of his ass cheeks and spreads ‘em wide to take every inch of his thick piece. Kristian power fucks that ass, driving it hard and without mercy like a well-tuned, big dicked top machine.

With his balls ready to explode, Kristian sits back and makes his bottom ride his horse-hung cock home. Scott climbs up and grinds his ass all over that big juicy dick. Ready to shoot, Kristian stands up, forces Scott to his knees and strokes his thick, white load all over Scott’s face and chest. As the cum drips down his body, Scott unleashes his own nut busting load with a fury. Cum dripping everywhere, Kristian Alverez walks away, leaving Scott to lap it all up all on his own.

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Photographer Jim French, Fucked with No Lube, by COLT Studios

Did you ever have someone fuck you over?

I always say, it feels like I was fucked with no lube!

Jim French Studios, who helped make COLT STUDIOS,   last year stated in a multi-million dollar lawsuit that they were owed $2.2 million related to the sell of the COLT Studio gay porn studio.  The original sale of the studio took place more than seven years ago. And Jim French was never paid a dime.

The legend of COLT Studios goes back to the early years of gay porn and is one of the original studios ever distribute commercial gay adult entertainment to consumers.  They have been in operation since 1967.

According to  reports and  various court documents, COLT Studio’s new executives and life -partners John Rutherford and Thomas Settle, started having trouble shortly after closing escrow back in 2003.

Rutherford and Settle “discovered that the existing business and brand was dead, and that the only means to capitalize on the assets purchased was to produce new, contemporary content, while leveraging what little equity remained in the COLT brand.” “[COLT] began to run into difficulty when it was discovered that it was not provided all of the images which it had purchased,” court papers said. “Without the images, it was difficult to produce new packaging, magazines and calendars.”

COLT  has restructured, and continues to do so.  And the new owners are trying to work out a deal with deal with French. According to reports the settlement reached is allegedly set at
$ 500,000.00 to be paid over 20 installments. Ajudge is expected to sign off on the agreement this week, and start the payments flowing to Jim French.

COLT STUDIO  You can get a 90 day access to their site for $70

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