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Mason Wyler is one hard working boy.

I was on his blog

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Whatever it is, this boy is busy and in demand!

What is it you like most about Mason Wyler?

Mason and Landon Barebacking at Boys-Pissing

Mason at Active Duty

Mason on MySpace!








We adore Mason Wyler!

Lean, blonde  and  UNCUT !

He did a great post on his blog about


Cum Guzzler: Noun. 1: A gay male who greedily and habitually swallows other men’s semen, as if with great thirst. 2: Someone who is addicted to the act of tasting and swallowing fresh loads of male seminal fluid. 3: A cocksucker who prefers the feeling of a dick shooting streams of cum down his throat over the feeling of a cock spraying his anal cavity with warm sperm. 4: The third highest level of Slut attainable on the Wyler Nation Cock Slut Scale, below Cum Dumpster and Cum Pig.
5: Mason Wyler.

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Chance is back!!! and he takes his time worshipping Jack’s sturdy 6 inch cock as he lovingly licks and kisses his perfect cock head. He works Jack’s cock like a pro and is rewarded with a mouthful of delicious twink cum delivered fresh from the tap!

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Hung Redhead Jonah starts off by trying to bareback top hungry bottom Elliott who is busily swallowing Gavin’s cock.  Jonah’s long uncut dick is still a little wobbly for fucking, and it’s frustrating because you want him to get that giant uncut cock hard and do some serious raw ass pounding. He gets there, but it’s a challenge.

Gavin tags him out, and though he is not nearly as hung as Jonah, he gives Elliott’s hungry tight ass a proper fucking. Elliott really responded to having Jonah’s big uncut cock in his mouth, staring at Jonah’s big balls and hot red pubes as he gets throat fucked while Gavin skillfully fucks his hole raw.

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If you are into oral, uncut cocks and buckets of cum – this is for you!

pictured – Two of the most popular Lucas Men, Adrian Long and Mathew Mason, begin the fifth and last scene of “Face Fuckers,” and you won’t believe their skills! Adam Avery and Brandon Jones crawl into bed together and suck cock for fun. Hayden Colby gets between Preston Steel’s legs and worships his dick. Alexy Tyler and Jason Vault follow up and flex their throats for the pounding they’re going to receive. And Donnie Dean bites off more than he can chew (so to speak) when he picks up Johnny Venture!

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Blond gym bunny Jon gets his first massage

blode hottie muslce gym workout

Jon was fairly nervous since this was a first time for him on two accounts– first “happy ending” massage, and first time having a guy get him off.

Once he was face down on the massage table, though, Jon started to relax, letting my hands glide over his back, legs, feet, and slowly making their way toward his muscular butt where I spread his cheeks and found his hole was covered in a furry patch of blond hair. That, and I could see his cock was already starting to get hard between his legs.

As I worked Jon’s front side, his dick kept getting more rigid with every pass of my hands. I grabbed the lube and focused my attention on that growing muscle.

Jon’s body started tensing up in response, but it seemed that it was going to take a little more to get him over the edge. I leaned over and took Jon’s cock into my mouth and massaged his tight hole.

By the end, Jon’s whole body was twitching out of control. At the last second, he gasped that he was about to cum and spurted out a well deserved load that landed clear off the side of the table and onto the floor.


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Bobby Bolt called me after the release of his first video and said, “I want you to fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. I watched your fuck some of the other guys raw and I want you to have your way with me the same way.”


Bobby serviced my dick, and it felt amazing, but I had to get my raw cock in his ass. The boy sat on my shaft and I relished in the bare feeling. Turning reverse cowboy, I leaned back on me and I held his legs in the air so you can watch my raw dick pound his hole.

I flipped him and rammed him missionary for a while, then flipped him on his stomach and really nailed his ass – my cock coming all the way out and repeatedly slamming balls-deep into his butt.

I pulled out when I came, shooting a few squirts on his hole and butt cheeks, then bred him with the rest of my load. Pulling my cock out he flipped on his back and tried to push out my cum but there is so much air in him from being slam-fucked that he just farts for a while. Finally the cream pie streamed from his puckered hole.

I felched my cum from his hole, then went up and let it string into his mouth. We kissed and snowballed, passing the cum between us. That really drove Bobby wild and within no time he busted a nut on his stomach.  DRAKE   ROCK

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Six loads of cum is a lot to take, especially your first time, and Colt Waters knows it! Colt is nervous and worried. The gang of guys circle quickly, surrounding him, like sharks with a taste for fresh blood. They chime in, saying that they’ll take good care of Colt.

Ryan Lynch starts the shit talking immediately, letting Colt know that it’s time to start sucking dick.  Max Morgan is more interested in having his cock sucked than making conversation.

These boys waste no time, and aren’t shy about tossing their clothes off. All the better for Colt to get a good look at what they’re packing, close up and personal! Colt goes in for Ryan first, because as we all know, the squeeky wheel gets the first blowjob. Colt grabs onto Christopher’s junk, and then grabs for Max, while trying to rub Ryan at the same time. Nervous, Colt may be, but he’s giving it his best effort. Working his way around the circle, Colt stops at Troy, realizing with glee, that Troy’s penis is uncut.

Troy seems to get all of Colt’s affection and attentions, until loudly demanding Ryan orders him to keep moving. Colt grasps onto Philip, first with his hand, and then smoothly transitions to his mouth.


Troy steps up next, squirting long, thick strands of goop down the side of Colt’s face. Colt closes his eyes as Ryan glazes his other cheek in creamy cum frosting. And Max jiggles his warm load overhead, landing it in Colt’s eye. Brent shoots his pearls atop Colt’s head, crowning him in spunktastictic glory! Christopher lands the finale, drenching Colt with a milky facial that he then rubs into Colt’s skin like moisturizer. Colt’s face is sticky, shining with splooge, as he smiles the knowing grin of one no longer a bukkake virgin.


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Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock’s Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE

Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock's Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE-1

In a New York minute I would be on my knees pulling this hung Daddy’s thick, fat veiny cock out of his khakis and give his big ole mushroom cock head some serious dick worship with my tongue, mouth and throat.  I’d love to feel my tongue licking his big sweaty ball sac too after a long day’s work with my nose buried in those ginger red pubes until he emptied his ball sac in my mouth and I drained every last drop of his warm Daddy cum out of his cock, letting it pulse and just rest in my mouth until it was completely soft ~ FUCK ME!, now let me shoot my brewing cum load!!!

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Hot Older Male is dedicated to mature studs, hot older men and silver Daddies.  Their tag line is “The Best Daddy Porn On The Web.” Some are heavyset Daddies, some are hairy older men and others are well-preserved hung study jock type Daddys.

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For me, there’s nothing hotter than the kind of man you meet every day going to work on the train, or while waiting for your latte at the local coffee shop, or in line at the grocery store.  Hot Older Male reminds you that gym bunnies with shaved bodies aren’t the only people out there having real scorching hot sex. Real men are everywhere sucking each other’s cocks, getting fucked up their ass by the hung Daddy next door, and teaching that 20-something college dude the right way to eat ass, suck and worship a dick and fuck a big cock up their hungry asses.

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I love when on the site, where I go to relax and to satisfy myself, I can find not only exactly what I want, but also the best quality, fresh (hate seeing the same videos again and again and everywhere) and in a big variety. After some searching I think I finally found the site I think is the best for the purpose I mentioned. This tube has a huge free gay porn videos collection and every time I visit them I stay there for a long time!

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Everybody’s favorite straight hockey player Drew Parker is back for a new YOULOVEJACK video and this time Drew’s trying something new and playing with his delicious asshole for the first time (at least ever captured on video :-)

Drew shows off his deliciously thick and rock hard cock as he lifts his jock boy tighs up and exposes his virgin asshole. He starts with his fingers then slides a blue dildo inside his body and works his poor little hole like a pro. Drew shoots a thick creamy jockboy load of steamy cum all over his beautiful washboard abs and quickly is licking that delicious mess he just made-to-order right up!

Drew’s thick cock is bobbing back and forth inside his boxers as he adjusts the camera then sits back on the couch. He reaches inside his shorts and gives his dick a couple of tugs then pauses with a smirk and says, “You wanna see it?” It’s a little ackward but this cocky straight dude pulls it off!

He whips out his manly cock meat and wags it at the camera for a minute before pulling the camera in for a close-up of that delicous monster as he slowly strokes the shaft. Stopping to rub the sensitive skin of his cock head moaning as the pleasure courses through his body.

Drew takes a second to grab a bottle of lube and drizzle a ton of the slippery liquid all over his rock hard cock. The glistening mess intensifies the sensation of his hand as it glides effortlessly up his shaft and squeezes the head in a perfect expression of self-satisfaction.

Drew kicks the camera back and relaxes on the couch as he continues to work his cock and balls. Stopping to show off the full length of his beautiful shaft as he looks right in the camera with a cocky grin. He pulls off his wife-beater and sits back – naked at last!

He’s got it in his head that he’s gonna play with his ass today and he doesn’t waste any time with pleasantries. Just pulls up his legs and spreads his ass cheeks wide open as his pink virgin asshole puckers in anticipation. He grabs the lube again and slicks up a finger before bringing it quickly to his hole and pushing it inside his body.

His expression is priceless – half shock, half curiosity with a dash of “Holy crap, that feels great!” His toes flex and wiggle as he digs his digit around inside his but and experiences his asshole like never before. Jabbing it deep inside himself then slowly pulling it out and spreading his cheeks to show off his de-flowered entry.

He pulls the camera in close and reaches for a blue glass dildo – where do straight guys even get blue glass dildos? Anyway, he lubes up his indigo playmate and brings it to his ass. It’s a bit bigger than his finger and it takes a little work to get it inside his body but Drew’s a trooper and he doesn’t stop until he’s violated himself yet again.

Once that dildo is inside himself he starts the slow, deliberate fucking motion that we all know and love. Carefully fucking himself before popping the plum-sized head of his toy out of his hole and spreading his cheeks for the camera one more time. His hole is well worked by this time and gapes open just a little bit – as if to beg for the return of its new best friend!

Drew pushes the camera back and drives the dildo back inside his body. His concentration is intense as he works his hole one more time before popping that toy out and showing off his gaping little hole. Fun’s fun but he’s had enough of the ass so he returns his attention to his cock and balls.

Drew just lays back on the couch with the light pouring over his beautiful athletic frame – perfectly hilighting his abs and pecs. Holy shit, this straight dude is fucking hot! I almost forgot his was a hockey player – what with all the butt love going on!

His expression is gentle as every fiber of his being seems to plead for the release it deserves. His actions are slow but deliberate as he brings himself to the edge then slowly backs off – trying his best to make the feeling last. It’s a beautiful little piece of video as this straight dude holds himself together just long enough to give us a show! Totally. Fucking. Hot.

Drew changes the camera angle one more time and settles in to get off. And it only takes a second before his hand is a blur the cum starts to shoot from his cock head. His body looks magnificent as it tenses and relaxes with each spurt of jizz from his cock. A tempting puddle of relief that glistens in the afternoon light as Drew spills his cum seed and gasps for air.

He takes a second to catch his breath before sitting up and showing off the fresh mess cooling on his tummy. Streching his thick cock forward so we can see every drop of that stuff! He reaches down with one finger and swirls it around in the cum puddle before bringing it to his mouth and take a nice big lick of his own man goo.

Drew Parker swirls the jizz around in his mouth for a second as he contemplates the flavor before swallowing it down and grinning for the camera one last time. Something tells me this straight hockey player enjoyed the whole damn thing – ass and all!

YOULOVEJACK’s Drew Parker Takes One For The Team!

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Rocky hooks up with tattooed hunk Rocco with his boyfriend Ross for an even hotter three-way!! Having his ass really eaten out, Ross loves the feel of Rocky’s hairy face preparing his butt for a real pounding whiles he devours Rocco’s great looking dick, tasting every inch as it’s fucked down his throat. The ass munching in this scene will cause your cock to tremble, tasting as much as they can, licking as deep as they could go, the butts are fully prepped for the fuckfest about to begin. Ross’ open hole is abused to the fullest by both muscle studs, pounding hard and shooting far and fast,

 covering sweaty bodies in warm jizz.


Gallery one     and  VIDEO   2

and   BULL DOG PIT too!

Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load

Jackson Price is back at YOU LOVE JACK and since his last jack off and butt hole fingering session (below), he’s had laser eye surgery and lost the glasses, but he still has all the nerdy geeky charm that makes him one of YOU LOVE JACK ‘s most popular models ever!  Although, I think his new look is hot and serves him well!

Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load-1

In his latest YOU LOVE JACK  jacking off video session, he strips down and releases that 8 inch uncut monster before jamming 2 fingers up his ass on the road to spewing a huge load of jizz all over his t-shirt! He shows that glistening mess to the camera before licking up every drop like a good little cum pig guzzler!

Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load-2

The video starts with Jackson’s monster cock hanging out of his black American Apparel™ briefs and his dick immediately responds and lurches to attention – standing proud in his crotch with a gentle curve to Jackson’s left. He holds that uncut beauty up and shows it off to the camera as a sly grin peels across his face.  We get a great close up of that fire crotch of his surrounding the base of that fat veiny mushroom headed cock!  Y ou know were huge fans of the red ginger pubes here and that piss slit hole on his helmet cock head ~ YUMMMMY!

Jackson grabs the camera and pulls it in a nice and close and really shows off his cock and big low hanging balls and sac. Gently stroking the shaft before rolling his foreskin up and over the sensitive mushroom head of his dick. His eyes are lost in the immediate pleasure as he continues to tease his cock and the camera in a delightful show of his manhood. He peels off his underwear and let’s it all hang out before pushing the camera back a bit.

Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load-3

He casually lifts one leg up on the couh as he continues to stroke his cock. Alternating quick jerks with slow sensual strokes and back again as the pleasure mounts and his expression takes a curious turn. He’s got an idea!

He moves to a kneeling position to show off his asshole with his big size 12 feet hanging off edge of the couch. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks good and wide for the camera revealing his butt’s perfect little pucker hole as his rock hard cock quivers between his legs.

Jackson flips over on his back and throws his feet in the air as he holds up his throbbing member and brings a finger to his tight little asshole. His eyes roll back in his head and he lets out a heavy sigh as he jams his thick finger deep inside his body then slowly slides it back out again. He stops for a second to show off his bright pink butt hole to the camera before repeating the procedure and moaning deeply.

He pulls the camera in close as he slides two fingers into his asshole while continues to work on his 8 uncut inches of boy cock. Over and over his fingers disappear inside his body as this nerdy little bugger satisfies his deepest desires! His eyes are locked on the camera as he slides his fingers out and shows off his ass one more time and his hole stays open a little bit as if to beg for the fingers to be returned!

Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load-4

All this ass play is doing the trick and Jackson is getting close so he lets his legs fall and grabs the camera. He gets some amazing shots from his point of view as he gingerly traces his fingers up and down the thick shaft of his rock hard cock – careful not to provide too much sensation or he’ll blow! Every inch of his beautiful dick is captured with amazing detail and it’s fucking hot!

Well fun’s fun but this little nerdy twink is itching to get off so he puts the camera back down and focusses on the task at hand. In an instant his hand is a blur on his meaty shaft and his face is twisted into that perfect blend of desire and desperation as he races towards his cum shot. And it doesn’t take long.

The first shot of cum shoots out of his cock in a beautiful arc and lands on his shirt. It’s quickly followed by a eruption of thick white goodness as his balls empty out on his belly. Poor little nerdy twink is exhausted and can only catch his breath as he checks out the glistening mess of cum he’s made all over his t-shirt.

He pauses for a split second then brings his t-shirt to his mouth as he tentatively takes a taste of his own boy seed. He lets it slosh around his mouth a little bit as he considers what he’s doing the eagerly laps up the rest of his cum load off that shirt. Greedily sucking on the fabric until every last drop of that stuff is in his mouth and down his throat!

Something tells me we just witnessed the birth of a new cum pig guzzler. Way to go, Jackson Price!

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Hung JACKSON PRICE Returns to YOU LOVE JACK Jacking Off His Big Mushroom Headed Boy Cock and Eating His Own Cum Load

Hugely HUNG Hottie Boy JOEY TAYLOR Jacking Off His BIG Uncut Cock and Eating His Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK

At YOU LOVE JACK, this sporty little twink’s thick uncut cock is bendy like a banana and judging by the look of things his big ole dick is very happy to see you!

Hottie boy Joey Taylor peels off his clothes and shows off his huge uncut cock as he teases the camera with his 19 year old tight boy body and massive man dick. He’s in complete control as he positions the camera right between his legs and in the end delivers a huge load of cum all over his knuckles then licks his own hot thick boy cum right up!

He’s pulling off his pants as the video opens and as soon as he’s free he sits back on the couch and starts to work his already hard uncut cock through the thin fabric of his underwear. You can see the outline of his massive tool perfectly inside his pants as he gives it a good tug and grins at the camera.

Hugely HUNG Hottie Boy JOEY TAYLOR Jacking Off His BIG Uncut Cock and Eating His Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK-1

As soon as he pulls that uncut monster dick out you notice how remarkable it is! It’s thick and 8 inches long but the real surprise is the huge curve about halfway up the shaft. It’s the kind of cock that would hit all the right places no matter what hole or orifice this hung little stud boy decided to shove it in!

Joey looks down on the camera with a sly grin as he slowly pets his massive uncut cock and shows off it’s unique shape to the camera while gently coaxing pleasure from his tool in tiny little bits. He’s in no hurry today and he’s gonna make it last!

He pushes the camera back for a full body shot as he gives his cock and big balls a couple of tugs. He checks himself out in the camera’s LCD monitor as he sits up and peels off his tight black t-shirt to reveal his tight little boy body underneath. He takes a second to admire himself as he lets his hand wander up and down his chest – stopping to tweak each nipple gently as his free hand continues to work his thick uncut cock rolling the foreskin up and down the shaft and over his mushroom cock head.

Soon we see a single jewel of glistening precum appear on his cock head. Joey smears that tiny bit of natural man lube around the sensitive skin of his uncut cock head before continuing his self-satisfying show of desire.

Things are going his way so Joey picks up the camera and gives us a shot from his point of view. You really get to see how fucking huge that uncut cock is from this angle – easily 6-7 inches around the shaft and I swear it’s gotta be 9 inches long (even though Joey says it’s only 8!) He lets the camera linger on his perfect slab of man meat as he works the foreskin up and over his cock head – milking even more precum from his wide piss slit as the pleasure of jacking himself off mounts and he’s well on his way to shooting his cum load.

His casual actions are replaced by determination and you can see his cock slowly grow even harder until his cock head is bright purple and his big balls and sac are sucked up tight against his shaft. His breath is reduced to short gasps and you know the time is near!

Hugely HUNG Hottie Boy JOEY TAYLOR Jacking Off His BIG Uncut Cock and Eating His Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK-2

Suddenly he freezes as the first blast of cum shoots straight up in the air and lands with a splat on the couch. The camera is perfectly positioned to catch every drop of cum as it shoots out of his cock and coats his fingers with a sticky gooey mess of his delicious boy seed.

His balls pump every last drop of cum out and onto his hands and it’s all captured with glorious detail. You can see actually the swirls in his jizz as he catches his breath and the last globs of cum pulse out of his shaft. Delicious!

Joey pushes the camera back and catches his breath for a second before bringing his cum covered hand to his mouth and greedily sucking up every last drop of his own load. Once his fingers are clean he scoops up the first glob that landed on the couch and swallows that down before grinning a satisfied grin at the camera!

Hugely HUNG Hottie Boy JOEY TAYLOR Jacking Off His BIG Uncut Cock and Eating His Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK-3

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Hugely HUNG Hottie Boy JOEY TAYLOR Jacking Off His BIG Uncut Cock and Eating His Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK

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Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN PETE Getting Their Cocks Sucked, Asses Rimmed and Shooting Loads of Cum-1

Meet Pete! He is a handyman in NYC. He works on drywall, plumbing etc, anything that needs fixing in your apartment including you! We can tell you that besides being amazingly handsome man, Pete is a dominant guy, really dominant!

Pete has a new part time job, he gives boxing lessons at a downtown gym. He arrived to NewYorkStraightMen studio, sweaty, horny and a little “ripe” as he didn’t have a chance to shower after boxing all day. He is a naturally dominate guy and really didn’t care too much if Sergio minded his “man scent”. Pete gave Sergio only one option for a response: ” YES SIR”. Luckily for Sergio, he didn’t mind at all, in fact that really turns Sergio on. That’s a good thing cause Pete wanted his ass licked out right from the start, Sergio’s response was YES SIR!

Pete dates lots of woman and occasionally he finds one who is naturally submissive in and out of the bedroom. He told NewYorkStraightMen those are the ones he keeps around, till is tired of them. He has also let guys submit to him…sometimes…when he isn’t in possession of a female sub. The level of that depends, sometimes if he is working on a guy’s apt and they give him a tip, he might let them suck his cock and rim his ass hole, his way of course! Other times he has taken on male subs like his female ones, who provide total submission to him and let him fuck their mouths and butt holes as he wishes.

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Brent is really a down-to-earth, sweetheart. And what a lucky guy!

He comes from a family who loves and supports him.

“As parents we were absolutely shocked when we learned that Brent was making porno movies,” said Brent’s mom. “When you stand back and look at it from outside the box, it is a legal business and profession.”

Brent’s mom is proud of both her sons accomplishments. Inside the family home, Brent’s brother’s athletic achievements are recognized by the many trophies and awards on display. But Brent’s achievements do not go unnoticed. His mom has erected a shrine honouring his career in the adult entertainment industry – which includes his entire collection of DVD’s he has either starred in or produced. –  That’s pretty  awesome!

Clearly, Brent’s family is very supportive of his career and all his life’s decisions. But it’s just not Brent’s career choice that the family has embraced. They also supported Brent in his decision to marry Steve Pena. On October 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, Brent and Steve were married in front of a group of close friends and family.

“We are so proud of Brent’s and Steve’s accomplishments and there dedication to everything that they do,” commented Brent’s mom. “They are truly two amazing people, who are loved very much.”

Brent and Steve now live in San Diego, California. They are both legally married in both Canada and in California; they bring copies of marriage certificates from each country as part of their travel documents. Brent is currently in the process of getting his dual citizenship.

A GREAT series of interviews were done with Brent and Steve recently in Vancouver, by writer/blogger Brian Webb. Go  to his site  BR WEBB  to read more personal stuff from Brent and Steve.

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