Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Hung Jock Boy Cock “ROCCO” from COLLEGE DUDES 24/7

Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Hung Jock Boy Cock “ROCCO” from COLLEGE DUDES 24/7

Dirty blonde, Blue eyes, big lips, handsome face, smooth jock body,
washboard abs, bubble butt, big strong arms, HUNG dick, big balls and sac,
BIG wide feet-the whole straight boy look jeans flip-flop thing…

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Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock’s Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE

Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock's Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE-1

In a New York minute I would be on my knees pulling this hung Daddy’s thick, fat veiny cock out of his khakis and give his big ole mushroom cock head some serious dick worship with my tongue, mouth and throat.  I’d love to feel my tongue licking his big sweaty ball sac too after a long day’s work with my nose buried in those ginger red pubes until he emptied his ball sac in my mouth and I drained every last drop of his warm Daddy cum out of his cock, letting it pulse and just rest in my mouth until it was completely soft ~ FUCK ME!, now let me shoot my brewing cum load!!!

Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock's Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE-2

Hot Older Male is dedicated to mature studs, hot older men and silver Daddies.  Their tag line is “The Best Daddy Porn On The Web.” Some are heavyset Daddies, some are hairy older men and others are well-preserved hung study jock type Daddys.

There is a nice mix of solo and hardcore fucking and sucking action with some gay fetish mixed in. You will see many scenarios with two mature studs going at it, or one older than the other. Quite a few shoots also show orgies of bears. The site doesn’t make a big deal out of it, but you will see piggy, raw bareback action as well!

Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock's Mushroom Head and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE-3

For me, there’s nothing hotter than the kind of man you meet every day going to work on the train, or while waiting for your latte at the local coffee shop, or in line at the grocery store.  Hot Older Male reminds you that gym bunnies with shaved bodies aren’t the only people out there having real scorching hot sex. Real men are everywhere sucking each other’s cocks, getting fucked up their ass by the hung Daddy next door, and teaching that 20-something college dude the right way to eat ass, suck and worship a dick and fuck a big cock up their hungry asses.

Hung Red-Headed Ginger Pubed Daddy Gets His Big Veiny Cock’s Mushroom Head

and Thick Dick Shaft Worshipped at HOT OLDER MALE

James Jacking Off Long Thick Cock at EXTRABIGDICKS

EXTRABIGDICKS James Jacking Off Long Thick Cock

James made his video debut at and while the filming is a first for this 20-year-old California military brat, the “extra big” dick meat swinging between his meaty jockboy thighs is something he has been using since he lost his cherry at age 13. Even then, the woman who seduced him right out of his baseball uniform told him he had the biggest cock she had ever fucked. He said some girls are amazed at his girth, others cannot take it all and still others just scream a lot, love it, and shove his big dick inside balls deep!!!

In his XXX video at ExtraBigDicks, James quickly undoes his belt, and as he opens his zipper, it is clear he is more than just a little more than excited to be there. The pressure of that big cock meat on his boxers causes the fabric to explode out of the opening like dough springing out of a canister of “pop and fresh” biscuits as soon as the seal is cracked. As James rubs at the base of his shaft, the outline of cock tells us he is beyond rock hard—he is throbbingly-stiff. While James bragged about how fat that cock pole is, he did not mention the amazing length as well. With his sexy, full lips parting for a low, pleasurable moan, he shucks the rest of his clothing and that extra big dick can be fully appreciated in all of its glory. He was not exaggerating… it is a two-fister in length, a real mouth-full in width, and it sure looks like it needs some attention.

Once naked, we get a full view of his body, with his thick, meaty thighs and strong legs covered with a dusting of fur that continues all the way up until it forms a thick, dark carpet above that cock. Even with both hands wrapped around the middle of that shaft, there is still much visible skin both above and below his fingers; his cock just continues to grow and grow until it seems as though he could scratch the bottom of his chin with the head of that meat. Anything this over-sized would need a mammoth set of balls to fuel it up, and James has those too. As he stands and works that shaft, his nuts sway in their sack like a pair of ping-pong balls in the midst of a world championship volley. The real end game is soon evident as that sack starts to tighten, both fists return to the shaft and his belly is soon marked with a thick strand of jizz right down the center like the broken white line in the middle of the highway. Guess when a rig is this big, every bit helps!

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RANDY BLUE FLASHBACK-Hot Blonde Sex Pig Troy Punk!

Troy Punk was a 27 year old personal trainer in New England before landing in California and doing this early video shoot with RandyBlue. Troy has worked with some of the biggest studios in the industry since and is always eager to get naked and please those watching. Troy has a real sexual energy and is just as happy being a top or a bottom. When RandyBlue discussed doing the video shoot with him and a dildo he was really cool with and excited aboutit. RandyBlue found a really big, black dildo and presented it to him with a smile. Troy just laughed and said, Let me see what I can do!

Ahhhhh… Troys muscled, semi-blonde furred hairy frame, and that beautiful veiny cock with its big ole head, and a bubble butt ass so round, so hard you can bounce a quarter off of it (and you’d like to permanantly move your tongue and dick into his tight pink velvet hole…) That is Troy Punk. Troy is not a twink boy and certainly not a daddy yet, Troy is somewhere in that sexy jock world of just all man HOT in between.

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REARSTABLE’s Gavin Sovet is all worked up even before he starts his workout in this lockerroom-set solo video. Gavin drops his bags then reaches into his jockstrap and begins to give his big thick cock a workout. He works his long fat dick through the cloth then he drops his pants revealing his huge engorged cock. He leans back pumping it until he shoots a huge load of his manjuice all over his lean torso.

Scorching HOT Gavin Sovet Jacking Off at REARSTABLE

Antton Harri’s HUGE Bubble Butt Ass and Mushroom Headed Cock

HOLY FUCK can you believe the ass on this dude?  Originally from Spain, Meet 32-year-old Antton Harri who currently lives in Florida and is a high-priced escort and gay porn star, with an ass and mushroom headed cock like he has, I’m sure Antton does quite well selling sex. Enjoy watching as Antton toys with his nipples and works his tasty-looking cock to a mind-blowing explosion of cum at BigCockSociety  Also Enjoy Antton Harri at ParagonMen and Lucas Entertainment!!!

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Fuck me already!!!  If you haven’t checked out the new and improved COLLEGEDUDES247 , now just ,do yourself a HUGE favor and head there NOW! Jesus, the have more scorching hot jock-frat boy fucking, sucking ,rimming, ass play and jacking off then I’ve seen anywhere else.

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Heres The Update from Men Over :

Brenn Wyson puts his signature ass fucking to use in this scene at MenOver30 and set off every seismometer on the east coast! Brenn is originally from Boston and is 38 years young. Today Brenn is very pleased with the horny costar we lined up for him. Originally from Orlando, 27 year old David Scott makes his debut and Brenn just wants to take him home and keep him all to himself.

Kissing is the first on the list as these two get better acquainted. Brenn wastes little time before sucking on David’s cock. David just gasps as he sits back and watches the sexy boxer go to work on his dick meat. Soon Brenn needs some attention of his own. “Suck my dick” he orders as he hauls out his own boner. David starts to taste that cock and does his best to deep throat that throbbing cock.

Brenn then gets David bent over so he can prep that sweet puckered asshole. He buries his tongue deep inside David’s ass. David then slowly impales himself as he slides down on that hard cock til Brenn’s balls meat his ass. After he rides it for a bit, he gets bent over as Brenn starts to give him a proper fucking. The sound of Brenn’s balls slapping away fill the room as David does his best to accommodate the fucking he’s getting. David begs for more cock and he begs to get it harder. Music to Brenn’s ears who is more than happy to oblige as he gets David on his back on the couch and pile drives his ass harder and harder as David whimpers and grunts his appreciation. This position sends them both over the edge as Brenn pulls out and unloads a massive cum bath all over David. Coated in cum, David follows suit and adds his own batch of man jizz to the mix. Scorching HOT!

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RandyBlues HOT Cock Model Shawn Harriri Naked

Meet RandyBlues HOT Cock~ed Model Shawn Harriri Getting Naked and showing off his delicious smooth, lean body and washboard abs and meaty cock and balls swinging between those jock boy thighs!  Shawn has been VERY busy and done alot of scorching HOT nasty sucking and a-fucking over at RANDY BLUE!  Check it out!

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Ricky over at Island Studs is an easygoing 20-year-old avid surfer from Tampa, Florida. Ricky’s love for the sea and weather, he currently studying Meteorology in college, inspired him to get a tattoo of a hurricane with the words ‘Eye of the Storm’…HOT!

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Please meet, if you have not already crossed suck,  fuck and jack off paths, cock hungry RICKY MARTINEZ and his HOT photo/video shoot at DRAKE ROCK.

Ricky Martinez is an insatiable man sex addict.  As you may have determined easily already by gazing at the pics with Ricky and his outstandingly built for steamy hot long piggy gay man-to-man sex sessions lean ripped jock boy body and HOTTER plump, round bubble butt ass… 

Mr. Ricky Martinez LOVES COCK…

Sooooooo much so that he has not only a written and often softly spoken, mostly whispered, rule of an “open back door policy”, whether its a holiday, government recognized or not, this hot stud has a unique ability to therefore leave his hot hungry pink pucker hole wide open and ready for business, begging to be pounded by as much dick as is offered up~period!!! 

Anty Up Biotches!!!

So anywho…here at Free Hot Naked Men Pics we all were taken by these scorching hot body, cock and ass pics… and then saw his hungry, gaping, twitching, throbbing, pulsing…  don’t know what else to say here to describe Ricky’s pink ass pucker hole other than beautiful and that it looked deliciously inviting butt then…

We noticed Ricky’s marvelous pink bung hole resembled a perfect “HEART” in shape… observed by all here on staff, thus officially establishing Ricky Martinez as fully cubic zirconium tiara crowned, most qualified and fitted to be our…

Happy Valentines Day Poster Boy!


Free Hot Naked Men Pics~DRAKE ROCK~

and Horny Sex Pig RICKY MARTINEZ and His Heart Shaped Pink Pucker Hole Wishing You a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Hung Blonde DAKOTA Jacking Off His Big Ole Cockhead at SQUIRTZ

Juicy ~ Juicy ~ Juicy!  

Let Us Introduce You to Dakota from SQUIRTZ…

Age: 25
Weight: 125 pounds
Height: 5′ 5″
Dick Size: 7.5″
Sexual Orientation: Gay

SQUIRTZ says “Of all of the models we featured on Squirtz in the early days, the one that people ask us about most often is Dakota, the street-wise straight boy who liked to talk about “fuckin'” girls. Well, a lot has changed in the past few years but we think its best if Dakota explains it all to you. One thing that hasn’t changed about Dakota, now 25, he is still in a hurry to get his clothes off. What has changed? Let’s start with the now blonde hair, a new tattoo on his neck, and a few more pounds of muscle all around.”  We like-y like-y!!!

Each week, Squirtz plucks a new hot guy off the street and gives you an intimate, detailed portrait with high quality video clips and photos. OVER 1000 video clips and 450+ HOT models getting dirty.

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YOULOVEJACK’s Drew Parker Takes One For The Team!

Everybody’s favorite straight hockey player Drew Parker is back for a new YOULOVEJACK video and this time Drew’s trying something new and playing with his delicious asshole for the first time (at least ever captured on video :-)

Drew shows off his deliciously thick and rock hard cock as he lifts his jock boy tighs up and exposes his virgin asshole. He starts with his fingers then slides a blue dildo inside his body and works his poor little hole like a pro. Drew shoots a thick creamy jockboy load of steamy cum all over his beautiful washboard abs and quickly is licking that delicious mess he just made-to-order right up!

Drew’s thick cock is bobbing back and forth inside his boxers as he adjusts the camera then sits back on the couch. He reaches inside his shorts and gives his dick a couple of tugs then pauses with a smirk and says, “You wanna see it?” It’s a little ackward but this cocky straight dude pulls it off!

He whips out his manly cock meat and wags it at the camera for a minute before pulling the camera in for a close-up of that delicous monster as he slowly strokes the shaft. Stopping to rub the sensitive skin of his cock head moaning as the pleasure courses through his body.

Drew takes a second to grab a bottle of lube and drizzle a ton of the slippery liquid all over his rock hard cock. The glistening mess intensifies the sensation of his hand as it glides effortlessly up his shaft and squeezes the head in a perfect expression of self-satisfaction.

Drew kicks the camera back and relaxes on the couch as he continues to work his cock and balls. Stopping to show off the full length of his beautiful shaft as he looks right in the camera with a cocky grin. He pulls off his wife-beater and sits back – naked at last!

He’s got it in his head that he’s gonna play with his ass today and he doesn’t waste any time with pleasantries. Just pulls up his legs and spreads his ass cheeks wide open as his pink virgin asshole puckers in anticipation. He grabs the lube again and slicks up a finger before bringing it quickly to his hole and pushing it inside his body.

His expression is priceless – half shock, half curiosity with a dash of “Holy crap, that feels great!” His toes flex and wiggle as he digs his digit around inside his but and experiences his asshole like never before. Jabbing it deep inside himself then slowly pulling it out and spreading his cheeks to show off his de-flowered entry.

He pulls the camera in close and reaches for a blue glass dildo – where do straight guys even get blue glass dildos? Anyway, he lubes up his indigo playmate and brings it to his ass. It’s a bit bigger than his finger and it takes a little work to get it inside his body but Drew’s a trooper and he doesn’t stop until he’s violated himself yet again.

Once that dildo is inside himself he starts the slow, deliberate fucking motion that we all know and love. Carefully fucking himself before popping the plum-sized head of his toy out of his hole and spreading his cheeks for the camera one more time. His hole is well worked by this time and gapes open just a little bit – as if to beg for the return of its new best friend!

Drew pushes the camera back and drives the dildo back inside his body. His concentration is intense as he works his hole one more time before popping that toy out and showing off his gaping little hole. Fun’s fun but he’s had enough of the ass so he returns his attention to his cock and balls.

Drew just lays back on the couch with the light pouring over his beautiful athletic frame – perfectly hilighting his abs and pecs. Holy shit, this straight dude is fucking hot! I almost forgot his was a hockey player – what with all the butt love going on!

His expression is gentle as every fiber of his being seems to plead for the release it deserves. His actions are slow but deliberate as he brings himself to the edge then slowly backs off – trying his best to make the feeling last. It’s a beautiful little piece of video as this straight dude holds himself together just long enough to give us a show! Totally. Fucking. Hot.

Drew changes the camera angle one more time and settles in to get off. And it only takes a second before his hand is a blur the cum starts to shoot from his cock head. His body looks magnificent as it tenses and relaxes with each spurt of jizz from his cock. A tempting puddle of relief that glistens in the afternoon light as Drew spills his cum seed and gasps for air.

He takes a second to catch his breath before sitting up and showing off the fresh mess cooling on his tummy. Streching his thick cock forward so we can see every drop of that stuff! He reaches down with one finger and swirls it around in the cum puddle before bringing it to his mouth and take a nice big lick of his own man goo.

Drew Parker swirls the jizz around in his mouth for a second as he contemplates the flavor before swallowing it down and grinning for the camera one last time. Something tells me this straight hockey player enjoyed the whole damn thing – ass and all!

YOULOVEJACK’s Drew Parker Takes One For The Team!

All of YOULOVEJACK’s homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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Fat Mushroom CockHead on Thick Dick-ed Blonde ALEX PITTS

Meet Alex Pitts from BigCockSociety.  Alex Pitt is a Sexy Hung Man from the Big Cock Society and we anticipate he is quite a horny and hungry fucking pig for dick in bed!  Alex himself has a big meaty nine inch cock in those tight dated leather pants of his, but who fucking cares cause they’ll be on the floor alongside your bedside in no time!

Want him to take that fat mushroom headed cock out and slap it around abit?  Well, Alex is a laid back and easy going guy, who enjoys relaxing with hot men or smacking hungry mouths and faces with his big dick meat!

Talk about a double handed hardon!  Alex can easily wrap both his hands around his big hard 9 inches of manly dick meat!  And he’s got some nice furry-ied blonde thighs to wrap around your face too!

ALEX PITTS Fat Mushroom CockHead and Thick Dick Complete with Blonde Pubes BigCockSociety

MEN OVER 30 Features Troy Halston’s Thick Daddy Cock Fucking Trey Turner’s Tight Hungry Boy Ass!

Ah the joy of so many gorgeous hung men and boys, their beautiful cocks, all shapes and sizes, hungry asses and mouths, all cumming together , sucking and fucking for our viewing and jacking off pleasures…  Thank YOU for your continued support as we celebrate!!!



MEN OVER 30 Troy Halstons Big Thick Daddy Cock Fucking Trey Turners Tight Hungry Boy Ass

Catch The Heat of “T-N-T” at MEN OVER 30!
Troy Halston’s stats: 40, 6’, 185lbs, 8”
Trey Turner’s stats: 21, 6’, 198lbs, 8”
Troy Halston is back with MEN OVER 30 again and they decided to pair him up with a local hottie Trey Turner that they think can more than take the hard ass ball slapping pounding that Troy Halston likes to give. Though he’s not a regular hungry bottom boy yet on MEN OVER 30, his face  (and tight horny ass, big cock and hungry mouth…) have made more than a few fans for Trey on our brother site

Sexy Trey Turner is 21 years young and from Miami, FL.  Trey has had his fair share of playing with the “big” boys, boys and men with big ole thick fat cocks that is!   Horny Trey was showering before his scene—when everyone’s favorite hunky dad, chiseled, hung and always fucking horny Troy Halston showed up cock rock hard and ready for action early.

Daddy Troy started fingering Trey’s tight smooth asshole in the shower and Troy moans as Trey licks and sucks on his big boy balls and dark cock shaft. Then Trey is going to work as he bobs up and down on Troy’s thick meaty cock and cock head. Dinner is served as Troy slides inside his ass leaving Trey hungry and begging for more, just as expected. Troy fucks Trey’s butt every which way, puts him on the floor with his head down and his twitching ass high in the air.

Troy slides his thick Daddy dick back into him and fucks his sweet hole good and deep, bouncing his cock in and out of him until he can’t hold his aching cum load any longer. Troy pulls his big throbbibg cock out and unloads his cum nut all over Trey’s sexy used ass, while Trey’s cock erupts a thick creamy load of cum too down below!

MEN OVER 30 Features Troy Halston’s Thick Daddy Cock Fucking Trey Turner’s Tight Hungry Boy Ass!


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men_over_30_kain warn_troy_halston

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Where are those hot studs stuck in between twinks and daddy? Right here at This site features the hottest, most well-hung studs in their prime and they’ll indulge your every fantasy. With age comes experience, and there’s no doubt these guys know exactly what they’re doing. Watch them stoking it alone and together in some hardcore, blood-rushing, heart-pounding action.

On top of the exclusive high-quality video and pics, you’ll get access to bonus features like Bear patrol, First Times, By Bi-Boys, Roman Bathhouse, Quentin’s Sex Diary and a ton more. There’s enough porn here to satisfy every craving…but I can’t promise your arm won’t be a little sore in the morning.

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Carl is one of those hot young guys that has an amazingly defined body and a huge piece of jock boy/frat cock meat! Ahhh, perhaps we need to sign up for some college classes again. I wouldn’t mind finding our bud Carl outside the study hall sometime… He’s down right frat~boy~licious. Check out the full set of photos and amazing set of videos
Carl at Fratmen.TV

What could be sweeter than a blonde haired, blue eyed frat/jock boy showing off their man goods? Nothing, especially if it’s Lane and he’s rubbing one off in his dorm room! With his blonde hair and his blue eyes, Frat Men’s latest hottie is an absolute beautiful new specimen of a young man to enjoy—meet Lane.

He’s a horny young buck that you can just imagine around the frat house… and maybe with a few beers willing to do more than to just hang out… His body is stunning, especially that beautiful ass.

Not too beefy, but beautifully defined. Fratmen’s all about hottie appreciation and imagining what could be with one of these stunning young guys—Lane is no exception to the rule.


Those blonde pubes drive me crazy!

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What a dream job! Having sex with hotties!

“Young Aden Graham packs a real power tool between his legs, though you might not guess it at first. But oh, how it grows … and grows, as I give it some special attention. I made several attempts to deep throat the monster, and it was no easy task. Later, I played with Aden’s cute, furry ass. Then, he fucked my face, a dangerous prospect considering how much cock heat he packs. But we both survived – Aden one load lighter, and me with that same load all over my face!”

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Max has a big cock. Let’s get it right out of the way. We could talk about his beautiful body, his blue eyes, his sexy goatee, beautful blonde hairy pubes…. But the man has a whoppingly big cock, and isn’t that why we’re all here? It hangs heavily between his legs, waiting for a hungry cock sucker to come along and swallow it whole and deliver some serious cock worship on his big ole Daddy dick.  Max is sitting in an office chair at the desk and he spreads his legs wide and gives us a good look at his big meaty cock. Then he wraps his fist around it and within a couple of minutes that monster is rock hard. And thankfully, this isn’t Max’s first appearance on Butch Dixon.

Big Meaty Daddy Cock To Make You Really Hungry for Some Man Dick – MAX at BUTCH DIXON



You’d think a man would be satisfied with a 9-inch cock. But no, this horny bald stud grabs his cock pump and starts working on his already-huge dick. Max pumps his dick until it almost completely engorges the tube. Max is a hot Daddy with a shaved head, neatly trimmed goatee, and a hard, muscled body. His chest is moderately hairy, and judging by the size of those nipples, he likes getting into some heavy nipply-play sessions too. Max is completely naked for his cock pumping session; he’s wearing nothing except a pair of knee-high combat boots. And Max sits back on a bench in a leather shop and takes this cock pump for a test drive. And yes, he releases his monster from the cock pump and shows us how much bigger he pumped it. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out Max’s suck and fuck scene where you’ll see him pummel a hairy man’s ass with that 9-inch dick!

Hung and Hairy Daddy MAX Pumping His Big Fat Cock at BUTCH DIXON



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ben_moore-Hung and Horny Frat Jock Boys Jacking Off Their Big Hard Cocks at COLLEGE DUDES 247

Ben Moore is the latest hung hottie at College Dudes 247 (above), and he shyly strips down naked and starts stroking on his nice long jock boy cock and sticking his fine bubble butt ass up in the air! Ben has classic good looks, amazing v-shaped upper body, great big-gun arms and biceps, lean washboard abs, DELICIOUS furry, pink butthole, thick cock and big balls, BIG sexy feet and a sexual appetite you might expect from a horny young college frat boy jock that will not slow down. All this makes for an awesome jacking-off video. But Ben was really nervous before he started filming but then actually almost came three different times during the shoot!

mark-marin-Hung and Horny Frat Jock Boys Jacking Off Their Big Hard Cocks at COLLEGE DUDES 247

Mark Marin stands over 6 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds, beautiful chest, washboard abs, light trimmed body hair, big meaty jock boy thighs, AND he has a big ole fat juicy uncut jock boy cock to match! This uncut muscle stud shows us all in his first naked jacking-off solo. Mark too was a little shy at first but once he started stroking his rock hard cock he really got going! He was so into it, breathing so heavily and whipping his big fat dick around, we were shell shocked. It was really hot to see him bust a big thick cum load all over his smoking hot jock boy body.

Hung and Horny Frat Jock Boys Jacking Off  Their Big Hard Cocks at COLLEGE DUDES 247

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Meet Duke at BUZZ WEST. Duke said he loves to get his cock sucked, especially by guys cause they know what feels really good and love working on his fat mushroom cock head like a pacifier!   He was so excited to get showered and naked and show us his big fat veiny cock and get busy with the erotic full release massage video.

He’s never had a massage, fresh out of the shower and naked Duke was ready to go! He was already hard before he got his towel off. His ass kept pressing up into Buzz West’s hands, and he kept moving his arm over to press against Buzz’s own firming cock bulge. Needless to say, he loved the ass play, but when Buzz got to his cock, it was so hard in Buzz’s hand, he could hardly wrap his fingers around it. He has a massive thick cock, and a huge cum load to match. And this is one very good reason we love to watch these military guys get off!



Brandon called BUZZ WEST up looking for another one of those “awesome hand jobs”. He was so horny, he could hardly keep his hands out of his pants when he arrived at Buzz West’s studio, and couldn’t wait to get naked. He really gets off on someone who admires his body, and tight muscles. His beautiful cock is so nice to stroke, Buzz didn’t want to stop giving Brandon a hand… When Buzz thought he had built up a good load, Buzz started feeling up his chest and playing with his balls until he shot a massive load of cum that exploded like the 4th of July fireworks show! He was so proud of his cum shot!


Mitch is a fun outgoing straight guy with a pretty open mind. He’s a big time skater, and tries his best to surf, but admits that he’s not that good at it. Buzz West asked if he’d ever had any experience with another guy, and he told Buzz that he “got fucked in the ass once” AND WHAT A GORGEOUS ASS AND PINK FURRY BUTT HOLE HE HAS (Can I just move in?)!!! He has very captivating blue eyes, size 13 shoes, and stands 6’4″ tall. A very tall stud with a nice hard 7 inch dick! We’ll be curious to see if this guy is willing to do more in the future…

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Meet Pete! He is a handyman in NYC. He works on drywall, plumbing etc, anything that needs fixing in your apartment including you! We can tell you that besides being amazingly handsome man, Pete is a dominant guy, really dominant!

Pete has a new part time job, he gives boxing lessons at a downtown gym. He arrived to NewYorkStraightMen studio, sweaty, horny and a little “ripe” as he didn’t have a chance to shower after boxing all day. He is a naturally dominate guy and really didn’t care too much if Sergio minded his “man scent”. Pete gave Sergio only one option for a response: ” YES SIR”. Luckily for Sergio, he didn’t mind at all, in fact that really turns Sergio on. That’s a good thing cause Pete wanted his ass licked out right from the start, Sergio’s response was YES SIR!

Pete dates lots of woman and occasionally he finds one who is naturally submissive in and out of the bedroom. He told NewYorkStraightMen those are the ones he keeps around, till is tired of them. He has also let guys submit to him…sometimes…when he isn’t in possession of a female sub. The level of that depends, sometimes if he is working on a guy’s apt and they give him a tip, he might let them suck his cock and rim his ass hole, his way of course! Other times he has taken on male subs like his female ones, who provide total submission to him and let him fuck their mouths and butt holes as he wishes.

Sergio was an obedient cocksucker wanted only to please Pete, so he got his face between Pete’s sweaty ass cheeks and put his tongue deep inside of Pete’s asshole. Pete was a happy man because whenever anybody listens to his commands without questions, he feels that the “natural law” is being followed.

He is a total take charge type of guy who isn’t shy about telling his sub what he wants. He gave orders to Sergio throughout the entire movie, he even told Sergio that he was going to piss in his mouth, but unfortunately we had to prevent that because of US laws that apply to us. But he did make Sergio lick his sweaty ass, that was not on option, he felt that Sergio needed to earn the right to suck his cock! After Pete was satisfied with the slow, wet and deep rim job that Sergio delivered, he told him to start sucking!

Sergio took his place on his knees before Pete and sucked and slurped Pete’s cock till he rock hard, Pete pumped Sergio’s mouth like it was custom made for his cock. Sergio worked hard to please his “Master” and Pete rewarded his slaveboy with a HUGE facial of his thick creamy straight dude cum!

When Pete was satisfied that all of the sweat was licked out of his ass, he rolled over and told Sergio to get between his legs and suck his cock!  Pete kicked back looked down and enjoyed Sergio’s hard work. He really liked looking Sergio’s mouth going up and down on his big, hard cock! It must of felt great too based on the moans and groans Pete was doing.

The time came for Pete to dump his cum load so he moved towards the edge of the bed lifted up his legs and placed them around Sergio’s head, like a vice grip and told Sergio to take turns licking his balls and asshole again. Without question, Sergio did what he was told, Pete was really happy, so happy that he made a huge spermy mess!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN Getting Their Cocks Sucked, Asses Rimmed and Shooting Loads of Cum

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Meet Clint from BENTLEY RACE.  Bentley’s mate Clint was the first hung dude daring enough to strip down on the rooftop this summer and you can tell by the big coat that it still wasn’t quite warm enough to be completely naked with your big dick and balls flopping about outside. Clint actually surprised Bentley when he pulled out his rather large veiny cock and had no problem walking around showing it off, big low hanging balls and sac dangling in the wind below!

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Meet hung blonde hottie Kaleb Storm at BENTLEY RACE.  Kaleb Storm’s first shoot with Bentley happened on a very hot day so he didn’t mind getting naked out on the roof of the apartment building…even if it is surrounded by lots of taller buildings. After showing off some skate board tricks Kaleb started to reveal some of those delicious tight washboard abs he has been working on. Man this boy is chiselled and scorching HOT with that blonde body fur and gorgeous bush of blonde pubes highlighting his fat cock and big balls!

Hung Aussie Boys Naked Jacking Off Their Big Fat Cocks at BENTLEY RACE

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At 6’5″ with a cock as thick as Nebraska, Chasen Hart makes his debut on Extra Big Dicks this week—with ripped, ready and somehow still-able-to-walk Rusty Stevens. Chasen stands to show Rusty there just isn’t enough pouch material in his jockstrap to contain that monster cock. Rusty shoves it deep into his throat as Chasen groans in ecstasy. Chasen bites his lower lip as he feels his fat cock meat sink into Rusty’s tight ass. He cups Rusty’s ass with his hands as he begins to bounce him up and down on his thick cock. In this position, we can fully appreciate the ass stretching Rusty’s getting as Chasen pounds away at his hot ass. Rusty then falls forward as he dismounts. As he catches his breath on all fours, Chasen jacks his meat and explodes all over Rusty’s back and sore ass!

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This week, there is a couple of hotties making their debut on Extra Big Dicks. The first of this hung pair is a 25 year-old from Texas who was named after his birthplace. Dallas Reeves is a tall piece of the Lone Star state. Award-nominated, after only a few films under his belt, Dallas is a relative newcomer to the adult scene. He plans to be a big star in the adult industry and from the looks of it, he’s well on his way. Dallas imparts some advice on how to make it in the industry: “Be yourself and don’t let it get to you”. His co-star could use it, being he’s just getting started. A Chicago native, goes by the name Karter James. Karter, a lad of 18 years, packs more than the average (Chicago) Bear. This will be his third shoot to date. Karter had his first boyfriend at 15; so there was never any question he liked guys. He loves muscular men and a hairy chest never hurts. Karter usually looks for vers/top men because he does like to change it up on occasion. Though packing at least 8 inches, we suspect he’ll be topping soon on Extra Big Dicks too.

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Hung Hotties Fucking and Sucking at EXTRA BIG DICKS

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Redheaded James Jameson loves to check himself out in the mirror. This guy is chiseled beyond belief and he shows off every tight muscle popping out on his gorgeous body.

You can only enjoy yourself so much until it’s time to kick back in the bathroom and pull out your favorite porn magazine. James gets comfortable on the counter and starts to play with his thick throbbing cock.

While James is stroking his dick, David Stone creeps up out of the blue and stops to watch James rubbing his tasty cock. David can’t stop thinking about how good that fat dick will taste in his mouth. Standing against the wall with hands in pants James notices David watching and calls him over to suck it.

David finally gets his wish and sucks him dry like a true buddy would but afterwards Mr. Jameson runs off and leaves David all alone to finish himself off.

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MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-5 writes:

“We here at know nothing looks as hot as hairy stud under the shower water with all that fur dripping wet. Therefore, our update this week is with sexy, hairy uber-muscle-Daddy Nick Moretti in the shower, much to the delight of the peeping Sebastian Keys. Catching Sebastian in the act, Nick’s takes his towel off as Sebastian’s hands start to explore Nick’s muscular body.

This scorching hot hung muscle daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian slurps and gags on Nick’s massive cock meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him his big dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian’s throat while holding his head in place. “Let me see your ass!” Nick orders, as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick’s not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon licking and then pounding that ass with reckless abandon.

Sebastian takes every deep plunge of Nick’s dick pushing back with ease. “Aww that feels good” he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his tight boy pucker hole. The sound of Nick’s balls slapping away against his twink boy’s ass cheeks fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick lifts those smooth legs and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick cum load all over Sebastian’s chest and cum-coated abs. Clean up in “Aisle Fur!”

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Active Duty writes this about shooting Daytonas solo jacking off video:

Daytona says he jerked off his big ole dick as many as eight times a day while he was deployed in Iraq. He got the name Daytona because of the car he drives so other Marines started calling him that. The Major is eager to have Daytona get his gun out and leaves him be for a bit to get things going. Daytona strips down naked to reveal a nice, smooth chest and a really long hot veiny cock. He’s wearing those hot ass green PT shorts beneath his desert cammies. The Major gives us a nice touch by having Daytona leave on his socks and boots and his boonie cap for the duration of his hot solo jacking off video shoot. Daytona bends over the ottoman and gives a great long look at that devil dog gorgeous smooth round bubble butt ass he’s sporting and what a fine piece of ass it is with the blonde pubes and ass crack hair just lightly covering the trail to paradise!

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ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

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HOLY FUCK ME BATMAN!!!  Meet Cutter from ACTIVE DUTY.  Damn, we just melted when we saw this handsome jock boy get naked!  His sexy face, beautiful smile and eyes, and as you work your way down his smooth vanilla white ripped lean boy body you wind up discovering this big long manly cock and set of low hanging balls.  Fuck!

Then he whips around and teases you with his plump round bubble butt boy ass and you are just in heaven.  He’s sportin’ some amazing ink with an awesome sleeve that he’s in the process of finishing and he lifts up his arms and has this thick patch of armpit fur I’d love to bury my face in!

Cutter likes to wrestle, go wakeboarding and tinker around with cars. He’s wrestled in a few tournaments and also likes to find time to snowboard. He wants to get into this new adventure because it sounds fun and it steps outside his boundaries.  He’s got the prettiest brownish green eyes that will get him what he wants everytime!

ACTIVE DUTY ‘s CUTTER Can Fuck Me Anytime With His Big Ole Boy Dick

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Introducing Perfect Guy Zach! With killer blue eyes, a rugged, handsome face and a gorgeous ripped body, Zach is one fine specimen of male perfection.

Zach is one of those guys that looks amazing with facial hair. He wears it well and the light hair on his chest seems to perfectly contour his sexy pecs and 6-pack abs. Standing 6′, 200lb, and with a big fat thick cock that looks delicious and a hot round bubble butt jock-boy ass – WOOF!
Enjoy Zach in his premier PERFECTGUYZ video!

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We recently discovered this Twink/Daddy site and love it!  It’s all about Daddy Mugs and his stable of Boy-Son types!  Hung and hungry young twink bottom boys let daddy fuck their tight butt holes and hungry mouths and throats hard and deep with his thick fat Daddy cock.  These young boys know how to fuck and suck too.  Daddy delivers lots of exclusive, original content including raw bareback fucking, piss play, foot/feet fetish and worship, bondage, spanking, lots of dildo and butt-toy play action, jacking off, group sex and orgies…with a delicious mix of hot amateur gay boys and some seasoned porn stars, like Kurt Wild. 

Daddy Mugs had this to say about one of his hot fuck and suck sessions with Kurt:  “I was in the gym working out and just as I was about done, Kurt comes in and asks for me to give him a “workout”. I’d be nuts to turn that offer down. The sex was hot as hell cause other than sucking each other and me fucking his tight asshole with my fat daddy cock, I spanked his ass red and he spit in my mouth. I must hit the right spot on him cause every time we have sex, he comes twice and this time was no different. This was a HOT ASS workout.”

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Jake Deckard was announced Performer of the Year at the 2008 GAYVN awards, so it makes Hairy Boyz proud to have him as one of our top models. He looks great here as the nasty Drill Sergeant giving pumped young hungry pup, Victor Steele, a run for his money. Jakes thick mustache and hairy pecs are reminiscent of the classic 70’s porn star, and if you love military themed action, then this video will send you over the top!

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Hung, uncut and inked Logan McCree, Hairy Tober Brandt and pierced Dak Ramsey are heating things up at HAIRY BOYZ!  Logan is on his knees sucking the big cocks of Tober and Dak and its not long before both their big dicks are tag teaming his inked bung hole drilling deep inside!  GAYVN’s “Performer of the Year” Logan McCree plus Dak Ramsey and Tober Brandt Hot Fucking threeway at HairyBoyz!

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Hairy, muscular and hung –  now that’s what I’m talking about! Josh West has a monster cock for a white guy. And Jack Bond has the big smooth hungry ass to match it. Watching Josh split open Jack’s creamy hole will make you spooge before West does. And man does he shoot a cum load, all over Bond’s smooth backside. He comes so much you can almost imagine the warm creamy goodness running down your own crack!

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Meet MEN OVER 30 ‘s hung hot stud Brandon Monroe. Dark hair, bedroom eyes, sexy furry chest, thick fat cock with big ole crowned head and slit hole and a deliciously plump round furry bubble butt ass are all wrapped up in an irresistible package that answers to the name of Brandon Monroe. Brandon is 31 and from New York City. He is currently single and judging from the way his face lit up, we’re guessing he’s ok with that. He admits he’s willing to accept applications.

MEN OVER 30  asked Brandon what would a guy have to have to make him want to settle down. We hadn’t finished asking the question before be blurted out “Huge balls!” Apparently Brandon has a heavy hanger fetish. Having started exploring his sexuality at 17, Brandon admits he’s incredibly oral. Kissing, sucking dick, working on those huge balls he loves are all high on his list…YUMMM!

Brandon Monroe and His Big Cock and Furry Bubble Butt Ass Heat Things Up at MEN OVER 30 features only sexy, handsome, in shape older men by themselves, together and with their admirers both older and younger!


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LOVE THIS SITE! And they even treat us with some raw bareback fucking and trust me-these are BIG DICKS in some delicously tight and pink and eager and hungry boy holes!

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