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“All we can say about David Jones.. fantasy man! Not only is he one of the most handsome guys we’ve been lucky enough to photograph, with chisselled model good looks, square jaw, piercing blue eyes, perfect teeth, he also has the body of a muscle god… Im not kidding, this guy takes your breath away. Jaw-droppingly hot. Definitely a mans man, David is totally straight, and a sports fanatic.

We start with an interview, and David is effortlessly sexy, relaxed, confident, with a really sexy voice too. He talks about all the sport he does (he does everything) and lifts his top to show off his unbelievable abs and pecs. There are studs, and there are super studs, and then there is David Jones. You’ve never seen such a perfect specimen of a man. OK, I will stop drooling now.

Wearing a grey puma vest and little black running shorts, David begins by stroking the muscles on his legs, nicely covered in golden hair, then rubbing his cock, and lifting his vest to reveal the most beautiful chest Ive ever filmed – bulging abs and big muscular pecs, with golden hair covering his chest, and a golden tan to match. From a lifetime doing tons of different sports as well as gym, David has muscles EVERYWHERE, and you will not find a more perfect body on anyone. Added to that he is incredibly handsome – breathtakingly stunning.

Rubbing the bulge in his shorts, David gets a good hard-on, and squeezes it to show the outline of it inside his shorts, then gently eases it out of the side – a perfect uncut 7 incher with nice perfect low hanging balls too. He strokes it gently for us, pulling his foreskin slowly up and down, his cock now rock solid. He jerks off, and plays with his balls, and then removes his shorts, revealing a slightly furry ass, and pulling his legs back and wide apart, he rubs his puckered hole, making his veiny uncut cock throb. SO hot!

Next, he stands up, giving us some really hot shots of his body from below, as he jerks off nice and slow, and from above, point of view shots of his perfect dick, as he slowly pulls his foreskin back and forth. He returns to the sofa, and starts to jerks off, speeding up, breathing heavier now, till he shoots a very thick creamy load over his incredible 8 pack, squeezing every drop of hot man spunk out. Breathtaking!”

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These muscle hunks are HOT and ready to get you off if BIG HARD MUSCLE COCK is your thing!  Gorgeous male models getting naked, amazing muscle videos, physique photography pictures, bodybuilders, muscle worship   …  huge cocks, lots of uncut dicks and jock boy bubble butt asses that look like they could snap your dick off!!!

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Meet Clint from BENTLEY RACE.  Bentley’s mate Clint was the first hung dude daring enough to strip down on the rooftop this summer and you can tell by the big coat that it still wasn’t quite warm enough to be completely naked with your big dick and balls flopping about outside. Clint actually surprised Bentley when he pulled out his rather large veiny cock and had no problem walking around showing it off, big low hanging balls and sac dangling in the wind below!

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Meet hung blonde hottie Kaleb Storm at BENTLEY RACE.  Kaleb Storm’s first shoot with Bentley happened on a very hot day so he didn’t mind getting naked out on the roof of the apartment building…even if it is surrounded by lots of taller buildings. After showing off some skate board tricks Kaleb started to reveal some of those delicious tight washboard abs he has been working on. Man this boy is chiselled and scorching HOT with that blonde body fur and gorgeous bush of blonde pubes highlighting his fat cock and big balls!

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Meet my new dream lover, big fat veiny uncut cock-ed Hector from BERLIN MALE.  Some people call him “Igor” online and say he’s got the face of a ugly monster, I totally can look past anything with this hot German fucker and think his face is very German-East-Bloc-sexy with that big schnozzle that matches the head on his bratwurst!! 

Smooth, lean, ripped muscle washboard abs, meaty jock boy thighs…and that leg of a cock!!!  Hector is 29-years-old and hails from Lichtenberg, Germany and works out a good load of thick creamy muscle jock boy cum outta his XXL uncut cock while in the gym. Thats our kinda workout!!!  There are 4 video clips in all, including a slow-mo recap-playback of the cum shot.

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 Free Hot Naked Men Pics introduces some of our favorite college jock boy hotties from FRATMEN.TV and FRATPAD!  Above is DYLAN…Stellar young male perfection.  

He has I think a very handsome and sexy face-love the slight curl in his hair, but once he got naked… yikes, I was mesmerized by his amazingly ripped, lean muscle boy body, big gun arms, that beautiful set of pecs and nips and smooth washboard abs..and then that rock hard veiny big cock and blonde pube bush ~ YUMMM! And that tight round bubble butt ass of his…

DYLAN ~ HOT, Hung, Horny College Jock Boys Naked and Jacking Off at FRATMEN.TV and FRATPAD

Speaking of male perfection…  Lets take a look at JORDAN, my lord what a rocking body and that cock is like a flagpole.  I love the hairlessness of his lean, ripped torso and then that rich dark bush of pubes and HUGE balls and big ole low hanging ball sac ~ No wonder when he drained his big balls of cum it lookes like Mt St Helen erupted!!!

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And then there is adorable TONY…  Irrisistable sexy face and smile and when he gets naked… same thing-FUCK ME!!! How would you like to find him laying alone poolside looking for someone to drain his sac of boy cum!!!

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Hung jock boy Josh Harris was heading out to his weekend football practice but, feeling horny, he stopped by Bentley’s place for a quick shoot (hoping to shoot more than just pictures!). He doesn’t normally wear a jockstrap at practice but he put one on this day to show off his hot bubble butt ass. We love Josh’s furry butt and hole and his big fat veiny juicy uncut cock. And he sure loves showing it off!


Josh does have some deliciously long thick foreskin on that fat uncut dick of his and for those lovers of an au natural hairy bush of pubes and hairy balls, he’s got that going on too ~ YUMMMM!

So Josh got Bentley all horny during the photo shoot and asked him about making a suck and fuck video with him… so the video’s rolling and after rimming Josh’s sweet bubble butt ass for a while, Bentley’s cock was so hard that he couldn’t wait any longer, he just had to feel his dick inside him! And Josh was only too happy to jump on Bentley’s cock and ride it like a champ! Bentley loves pumping his big dick balls deep into guys until they can’t stand it anymore and shoot their thick creamy jock boy cum load all over the place.


Hung and Hairy Jock Boy JOSH HARRIS Gets His Bubble Butt Ass Fucked Balls Deep and His Fat Uncut Cock Sucked Off at BENTLEY RACE

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So here is what big dicked top SPENCER REED had to say about making the video of him fucking GAVIN at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES:

“So for the past few months I have been quite the kinky dominant stud for you. Well its time to mix things up and be a jock, boy next door type. In this new scene from Next Door Buddies I am paired up with surfer boy Gavin. Gavin is FUCKING HOT he has a beautifully ripped body, golden tan, shaggy blonde hair and a nice uncut cock. I think I fell in love for a hot minute.

We start off playing catch with a football and I keep dropping the ball all over the place. I soon get bored with football and decide it would be more fun to play with Gavin so I run over and tackle him. After wrestling around for a minute we head inside.

We pretty much instantly fall onto the couch and start going at it. I then go to town on his hot little pink furry butt hole pounding it from nearly every position. I just keep getting rougher and more dominant the whole time and he begs for more, harder and deeper. Gavin then blows his huge cum load all over the coffee table im fucking him on. Shortly after I pull out and shoot ropes of cum all over his back and in his hair! You don’t want to miss this one its super HOT. Enjoy!”

Big Dicked Top SPENCER REED Fucks Uncut Blonde Hottie GAVIN’s Tight Pink Furry Hole at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES


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Max got his modeling gig on Butch Dixon by sending the site his photos and an e-mail. They love shooting amateur masculine men and prefer to turn site fans into models. Butch Dixon (sister site to UK NAKED MEN) is quickly becoming a haven for masculine men lovers, and when you see Max’s naked pictures you’ll understand why.

Let’s just skip everything and head for the meaty cock hanging between his legs. When he takes off his boxing gloves and slides out of his baggy shorts, he teases us with his jockstrap. He’s packing a magnificient bulge, the kind you want to rub your nose, cheeks, and lips against to get you both horned up.








This well-hung boxer fishes his cock out of his jockstrap and lets it dangle heavily. It’s a cock sucker’s dream come true – topped off with a nice fat mushroom head. And wait until you see it swollen to it’s maximium potential, it’s definitely a worthy challenge for all men who are hungry cock suckers!

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Ryan and Gavin flip flop fuck!

“When Ryan Rockford started modeling for us I noticed Gavin Tate showing some interest.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, a respect for his work in the industry, a little bit of a man crush, or just the fascination of wanting to do a scene with him.  But whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let a chance like that pass me by.  When they guys want to work together, who am I to not let them?  I know it’s going to make for a kick ass video and this time I was dead on.  I was going to do a little interview with them but before I could even turn the camera on they were already making out and getting really frisky with each other.  I know when I’m not wanted so I just got everything set up and faded into the background, letting these two studs do there thing with no interference.  I love shoots like these, where the guy are so into it that they need no coaching, no direction.  They just get so into each other it’s like nobody else is in the room. 

Ryan is such a great cocksucker, taking all of Gavin’s cock into his mouth, working it with his tongue, stroking the shaft while using his incredible suction skills on his sensitive dickhead.  And Gavin got so turned on having his dick sucked that he needed to get some man ass.  He dove head first into Ryan’s hot butt, rimming him and getting his hole primed and ready for entry.  By the time Gavin was done with him he was begging to be fucked.  And Gavin couldn’t wait to fuck him.  And once Gavin got his fill it was time for him to get filled so they switched places and Ryan got to give it to him good.  He also got his tongue in there, alternately rimming his ass and sucking his balls, making Gavin’s head spin in pleasure, then returns to fucking him until he shoots his load with Ryan’s cock still buried deep inside him.  This gets Ryan so hot he pulls out and showers Gavin with his own huge load.”






“I was asking our newest model, Daniel Mathews, why he came to Randy Blue.  His story amazed me.  He said that he loves rock climbing and anything physical.  That made a lot of sense to me considering the fact that he has the kind of body one only gets from a lot of physical activity.  And when he’s really exerting himself and the endorphins are flowing, he gets extremely horny.  So there he was on an overnight rock climbing expedition with some buddies of his when they all found a flat area to spend the night.  Everyone set up their tents to bunk out for the night and with a raging hardon Daniel snuck off to take care of business.  It was too nice outside to stay cooped up in a tent, and the area they were at was big enough for him to go behind some rocks and let himself go with all of nature surrounding him. 

Just as he was really getting into it, he heard footsteps.  He spun around, cock firmly in hand, to catch one of his friends staring openly at him.  But before he could say anything he noticed that his friend’s hand was rubbing his own crotch.  He could have gotten embarrassed, he could have made some excuse, but instead he found himself getting more and more turned on.  So he kept on going, just working his cock while his friend looked on and his friend really got into watching him.  He came first and encouraged his friend to do the same.  Once he got home he figured it would be rare to match that kind of excitement in his daily life, but if he were to be on camera knowing that tons of horny guys would be watching him and getting off to his sexual energy he could keep chasing after this new rush.  And that’s how Daniel Matthews came to model for us.”





Lucas and Ryan have lots of fun together!

“Sometimes you don’t need any talking.  No storyline, no conversation… just two hot guys who can’t wait to get naked and explore each other’s bodies.  Lucas Vick has gone from that handsome shy guy with the huge dick that did his first solo with just a hint of nervousness to a guy who walks into the room ready for anything.  He’s always so laid back and that makes watching him get laid so much sexier.  His recent live shows have been off the wall as he turns on the charm one minute then lets loose with the kind of dirty talk that would make anyone blush, while causing quite a few hardons as well.  Then we have Ryan Brody.  This is his first video, and blowjob, with another guy and he was more than ready for it.  The minute I got him and Lucas in the same room it was all I could do to keep them apart until we got the cameras rolling.  Ryan’s got the kind of body that you just want to lick all over. 

His smooth caramel colored skin, adorable features and huge piece of manmeat just make your mouth water.  And while I know that putting anyone with Lucas would make for a super hot video, because Lucas is just that good, seeing him go down on Ryan was something else.  He worked that cock for all it was worth and then some.  And Ryan was so cute, testing the waters to see what he could get away with.  He tentatively puts his hands on Lucas’ head while he’s sucking his aching erection.  Not sure how rough or gentle he needs to be, or how wild he can get.  But once things were moving along Ryan was able to relax, and after a while he was jamming his cock down Lucas’ eager throat like a pro.  And by the end he was more than willing to spray his seed all over Lucas’ furry chest.”






Zak loves to wrap his hands around a thick weight!

“My eating habits suck.  I eat out a lot and with all the different food choices you can find in Los Angeles I rarely keep it to the basics and I noticed some of my tighter sexy jeans were getting a little more snug than usual.  So I decided to head to one of our hip organic grocery stores to buy some healthy food and make an attempt to eat better.  The first thing that I noticed when I got there was the wide selection of garden fresh vegetables… okay, I’m totally kidding.  The first thing I noticed was all the hot guys who obviously kept themselves in shape by eating well and working out.  I decided to strike up a conversation with a really handsome dark haired guy with an amazing body in hopes of finding out which veggies were the freshest… okay, I’m lying again.  I wanted to get in his pants. 

We started talking and he told me his name was Zak Parker.  He had such a handsome face and adorable smile, not to mention a tight muscular body, the outline of which I could easily see through his thin, tight t-shirt.  When I went to introduce myself he laughed because he knew exactly who I was.  He’d seen my photo on our Blue Is Beautiful blog and said that he had always thought it would be really hot to pose naked for a site like mine.  Well, I eventually did get in his pants, but sadly not in the way I had intended.  I never mix business and pleasure, except for the enjoyment I get out of bringing you the hottest guys.  So we arranged for a shoot.  Since our first conversation was about health and fitness I decided to shoot him in the Randy Blue gym because I wanted to see what kind of workout he did.  Okay, I wanted to see his sexy body working out while naked.  And I’m glad I did.  His debut video is so hot, I can’t wait to pair him up with some of our other hot guys.”



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Dirty AUSSIE Young Pig Boy Cocks ~ Ben and His Mates Fucking and Sucking Down Under at BENTLEY RACE!

Meet Ben (Bentley) who owns Bentley Race (above in the blue tank top at Folsom Street Fair and below playing with his big cock in the bathtub).



He started photographing and shooting video of him and his Aussie mates getting dirty and piggy about 3 years ago and started his site. He has a VERY hot gay porn site and blog!  One of our favorite sites, we promise to highlight Ben and his Aussie mates more in the future.  Enjoy!








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Not to mention the most delicious uncut cocks and cut Aussie dicks online who love to get naked and pig boy nasty anywhere ~ anytime!!

BENTLEY RACE gets me off everytime!

More Hung Aussie Hottie Boys and Ben’s Big Dick We’ve Featured In The Past From Bentley race:  Uncut Blondie Justin,    Meet The Mates and men of Bentley RaceMarco’s Fat Uncut Cock Fucks a Fleshjack,   More Dirty Aussie Piggy Boy Cocks Getting Nasty

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Free Hot Naked Men Pics features HOT HUNG Uncut Fat Jock Cock at UK NAKED MEN

Hot Jock Dick!

Smelly arm pits….jockstraps, sweat socks!


Add some uncut cock and you have a meal!


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Free Hot Naked Men Pics features

HOT Hairy Uncut Man Cock in Wrestler Singlet from BUTCH DIXON

This HOT Spanish guy, Christian, in the green N2N wrestling singlet has it all going on – good wrestler looks, nice hairy manly man body (he’s 44 and fucking HOT!), some face hair, goatee, shaved head, very EURO handsome, BIG fat juicy uncut man dick and veiny foreskin ~ SO VERY suckable ~ like a gay man’s ultimate all night pacifier.

These are video stills from Christian’s Hot ass movie on Butch Dixon. The first part of the flick is an interview and we find out that Christian is partnered with another guy, but they have an open relationship. The whole porn thing is brand new to him and Christian’s partner is very supportive of this new road he’s going down.  WE WELCOME to the gay porn world Christian courtesy of BUTCH DIXON! HOT! HOT! HOTTIE!

Butch Dixon is the latest website creation from UK Naked Men. Like their founding site, this new site is also ultimate first class in the hottest, highest quality of gay porn. The biggest difference between the two, is the guys on Butch Dixon are all a bit more mature and it features mostly hairy men whereas you’ll find some  HOT older hairy guys on UK Naked Men but you’ll also find younger smooth twink boys as well ~ and lots of uncut beer can thick cock.

On both sites, you’ll find some of the best HD photo and video gay porn content out there. The sites are both well laid out and the quality of both sites is exceptional. ENJOY BUTCH DIXON and UK NAKED MEN!

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Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Uncut Amateur Boy Cocks and Hungry English Jock Boy Asses from  ENGLISH LADS!

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