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Connor Kline comes out of the shower to find his gym crush Connor Maguire stripping in the locker room.  HOW HOT IS THAT?  #MyFantasy!

Kline’s pretty sure that once the hunk sees his giant cock he won’t be able to resist – and he’s right. Maguire pushes Kline up against the lockers and worships every inch of his muscular body with his hot mouth. Maguire works his way down Kline’s chest and washboard abs to the grand prize: Kline’s rock hard dick. He sucks Kline’s 8-incher then kicks back to show off his own hefty master-piece.

Like a true dick-pig, Kline gets down and swallows Maguire’s cock like a champ but it’s just a warm up; he’s always fantasized about getting that red-hot ginger cock up his ass and he’s going to get it. Kline bends over with his huge bubble-butt in the air. Maguire steps up and shoves his cock deep in Kline’s hole and fucks him hard all over the locker room until both studs shoot thick creamy loads.   HOT HOUSE

Brady Hanson Hot Jock


High Performance Men is pleased to introduce the world to Brady Hanson in his first time in front of a camera. Standing 6’3′ and built like a line backer, Brady is one hunk of a man that’s for sure. When we met him he told us he loves jock straps and has a bit of a wild side in that although he is bigger than most guys, he loves to be dominated and fucked by an equally or larger cock than his own. Well of course our exclusive Joe Parker came to mind right away and from the moment these two met each other they could not keep their hands off each other. With Brady’s affinity for Jock Straps and Joe’s love of water we let them have their way with each other in our industrial shower.

The two start out kissing very passionately and then Brady soon has Joe’s 9′ cock buried down his throat. No doubt Joe is impressed and he soon is devouring all 8 thick inches of Brady’s cock down his throat. After mutual sucking and kissing, Joe lubes up Brady’s massive beefy ass and bends him over as he penetrates him all the way to the hilt as Brady screams out in pleasure. Brady then rides Joe for a while showing off his big thick cock at the same time before lying on his back and letting Joe fuck and jack a nice big load out of his cock. Joe then pulls out and shoots a large load all over Brady’s hair chest and barely missing his face with the first blast. The two then shower each other off as they bask in the glory of each others hot bodies.  Get  HIGH PERFORMANCE Now!

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Tie Me Up and Suck My Cock

Hayden Michaels finds himself tied down to a weight bench(um…Hayden Michaels can TIES ME DOWN)   with his knees spread wide open and mouth gagged.

Blonde haired Alex Andrews takes great pleasure in Hayden’s helpless predicament. Alex taunts and teases his victim and forces him to suck his raging boner. It may not be the training they need, but they both do seem to enjoy this type of workout!



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The team at HunkMoney are proud to announce the latest addition to our line of premium gay sites:

MassiveGayPass is a mega all-access gay pass site that gives members access to our massive library of thousands of videos, tens of thousands of photos, bonus reality sites, streaming video theatres, erotic writings and more. The tour teases with pics and videos of just some of the hardcore action!

Massive GAY Pass

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Hunk Exclusives

New Sites! New Gay Man on Man Sex

Bound Jocks, who specialize in “Clean-Cut Jocks Doing Dirty Things,” features HD scenes, model interviews, live cam shows, and exclusive training videos by an expert crew.

“We offer the hardcore bondage that enthusiasts crave with the clean-cut jocks who typically appeal to a wider all-male audience,” Says Director Mr. Kristofer, the brainchild behind BoundJocks. “With this mix of jock type models, clean white sets, brightly colored ropes and athletic apparel we are able to introduce and make what other sites are doing as ‘too dark’ and ‘average models’ more palatable for fans that are curious or new to the BDSM community. Yet we still keep our content raw and authentic for the real BDSM player.”

Mr. Kristofer draws from over 25 years of experience working in the fetish industry, as a bondage performer, director and enthusiast. Together with bondage expert Knotty Brent and the rest of the BJ crew, their goal is to both stimulate and educate the BoundJocks community.

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SCARY FUCKERS will make your hair curl!

We find Zsolt XL and Tattoo Junior, leather clad in a small, forgotten storage basement in a well known building. These leather buds like the taste of dick a lot, so that’s where it starts, but not where it ends…

Zsolt gets on his hands and knees and lets Tattoo bury his huge dick inside of him from behind. He grunts in pleasure, but it’s clear that he wants something bigger in him, and Tattoo is more than happy to oblige. He greases up his hand and wrist, and gives Zsolt a pleasant surprise…



REARSTABLE’s Gavin Sovet Jacking Off HUGE Cock

REARSTABLE’s Gavin Sovet is all worked up even before he starts his workout in this lockerroom-set solo video. Gavin drops his bags then reaches into his jockstrap and begins to give his big thick cock a workout. He works his long fat dick through the cloth then he drops his pants revealing his huge engorged cock. He leans back pumping it until he shoots a huge load of his manjuice all over his lean torso.

Scorching HOT Gavin Sovet Jacking Off at REARSTABLE

Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-1 Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-2 Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-3

Stag Homme Studios offers some mouthwatering masculine men including some muscle men, hunks and a few regular-guy type amateurs. This is an international group – I found some European and South American pornstars and performers, as well as some guys from the U.S. so lots of big uncut cocks and huge cut dicks ~ meat for everyones taste!! The action here varies from light hearted kissing, sucking and fucking to fetish, and role-playing videos including some bondage fantasies, rough sex and pissing. Real life boyfriends Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse appear with each other and with others in some of the videos, and I believe that they are the owner/operators of the studio.

See All Of The Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-4

5 Big Dick Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENTNORTH

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom-A

Kent North is showing off his oral and anal skills in Pack Attack 1 in the Hot House Backroom member’s area!

 North is a great cock sucker and he’s got five hot man boners lined up and waiting for servicing. The guys are standing up on a platform so North’s mouth and their cocks are eye-to-eye, so to speak. North works his way down the line of stiff dicks giving each one his full attention. By the time he makes it down to the end, the guys at the beginning are already starting to swap blowjobs — one guy even sucks his own cock! Then the guys give North’s mouth a rest and start working on his butt hole. With a crowd of men encouraging him, Kent North squats down on a super fat dildo and makes it disappear up his ass. With his hole opened wide, North is ready to get down to business and one big-dicked stud after another takes their turn at his ass.

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom-BB

Pack Attack, the new gangbang series from Hot House Entertainment, features one lucky Hot House Man thrown to a pack of big-dicked, hole-hungy tops with trouble on their minds and monster cocks between their legs! Pack Attack 1 stars Hot House Exclusive Kent North, the greediest pig-bottom on the planet, who demanded we find the 5 biggest cocks in the business to try and tame his hungry hole. Do they succeed? Grab your copy of Pack Attack 1 to find out!



for $99!

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom

COLLEGEDUDES Young Jock Boys Tight Pink Assholes Fucking Frat Cock

Fuck me already!!!  If you haven’t checked out the new and improved COLLEGEDUDES247 , now just ,do yourself a HUGE favor and head there NOW! Jesus, the have more scorching hot jock-frat boy fucking, sucking ,rimming, ass play and jacking off then I’ve seen anywhere else.

These young jock boys have simply amazing ripped, tight lean bodies, bubble butt asses, ripped washboard abs and big thick rock hard cocks and horny as fuck all the time!


HOT Gay Muscle and Straight Bodybuilders Flexing and Jacking Off Their BIG Cocks at POWERMEN


These muscle hunks are HOT and ready to get you off if BIG HARD MUSCLE COCK is your thing!  Gorgeous male models getting naked, amazing muscle videos, physique photography pictures, bodybuilders, muscle worship   …  huge cocks, lots of uncut dicks and jock boy bubble butt asses that look like they could snap your dick off!!!

HOT Gay Muscle and Straight Bodybuilders Flexing and Jacking Off Their BIG Cocks at POWERMEN


Tattooed Muscle Hunk FLAVIO Jacking Off and Strutting His Hot Furry Bubble Butt Ass at BANG BANG BOYS

Tattooed Muscle Hunk FLAVIO Jacking Off and Strutting His Hot Furry Bubble Butt Ass at BANG BANG BOYS-1

Tattooed muscle hunk Flavio starts his solo video by grabbing his gorgeous veiny cock inside his jeans. He slowly lifts up his singlet to reveal his stunning muscles, beautiful chest and soft body fur. He begins to moan as his dick starts to harden. As he gets into his jacking-off session, the camera captures his cock from above and below so we can see those meaty, furry jock boy legs and thighs…AND what an ass on this guy, especially if you like your muscled bubble butt cheeks hard, round and full of man fur! When he finishes up we get him into the shower where he talks us through his different tattoos.

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Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Hung Hotties Fucking and Sucking at EXTRA BIG DICKS

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features EXTRA BIG DICKS Hung Hotties Fucking Ass Sucking Cocks-1

At 6’5″ with a cock as thick as Nebraska, Chasen Hart makes his debut on Extra Big Dicks this week—with ripped, ready and somehow still-able-to-walk Rusty Stevens. Chasen stands to show Rusty there just isn’t enough pouch material in his jockstrap to contain that monster cock. Rusty shoves it deep into his throat as Chasen groans in ecstasy. Chasen bites his lower lip as he feels his fat cock meat sink into Rusty’s tight ass. He cups Rusty’s ass with his hands as he begins to bounce him up and down on his thick cock. In this position, we can fully appreciate the ass stretching Rusty’s getting as Chasen pounds away at his hot ass. Rusty then falls forward as he dismounts. As he catches his breath on all fours, Chasen jacks his meat and explodes all over Rusty’s back and sore ass!

Chasen Hart Fucks Rusty Stevens Tight Man Hole With His Fat Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features EXTRA BIG DICKS Hung Hotties Fucking Ass Sucking Cocks-2

This week, there is a couple of hotties making their debut on Extra Big Dicks. The first of this hung pair is a 25 year-old from Texas who was named after his birthplace. Dallas Reeves is a tall piece of the Lone Star state. Award-nominated, after only a few films under his belt, Dallas is a relative newcomer to the adult scene. He plans to be a big star in the adult industry and from the looks of it, he’s well on his way. Dallas imparts some advice on how to make it in the industry: “Be yourself and don’t let it get to you”. His co-star could use it, being he’s just getting started. A Chicago native, goes by the name Karter James. Karter, a lad of 18 years, packs more than the average (Chicago) Bear. This will be his third shoot to date. Karter had his first boyfriend at 15; so there was never any question he liked guys. He loves muscular men and a hairy chest never hurts. Karter usually looks for vers/top men because he does like to change it up on occasion. Though packing at least 8 inches, we suspect he’ll be topping soon on Extra Big Dicks too.

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Hung Hotties Fucking and Sucking at EXTRA BIG DICKS

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features EXTRA BIG DICKS Hung Hotties Fucking Ass Sucking Cocks promo

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS-1

NO CONDOMS ALLOWED!  Raw condomless fuck and suck sessions with HUGE horse hung tops and their cocks pounding hungry pig ass with their big dicks. 

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

bareback masters

UK Naked Men’s New ~ MY HOT FLATMATE – With PEDRO ANDREAS and STEFAN COLBY’s Big Uncut Cocks

UK Naked Men’s New ~ MY HOT FLATMATE – With PEDRO ANDREAS and STEFAN COLBY’s Big Uncut Cocks

Stefan’s new flatmate doesn’t speak any English, but he’s very easy on the eyes. Stefan’s loading up the washing machine with dirty laundry and can’t help but take a good long sniff at his hunky flatmate’s sweaty jock. The musky man smell of Pedro’s cock and balls has Stefan’s cock standing to full attention and he’s rubbing it through his underwear when in walks Pedro from his workout.

Stefan can’t understand a word Pedro’s saying but he sure seems mad; he’s ranting and lunging towards him, then suddenly Stefan’s nearly choking on solid Argentinean man meat as Pedro thrusts his big fat uncut cock down his throat. Stefan’s smelling the musk again – this time from the real thing, and in between gasping for breath, he’s begging for more. And the Argentinean hasn’t finished with him… Stefan finds himself over the counter and feels Pedro’s man girth push deep into his tight, warm ass, then begin to pound him mercilessly, punishing him for sniffing his jock. Pedro shoots a big cum load of punishment all over Stefan’s face and chest, then storms off, leaving him to think about what he’s done. That’ll teach him a lesson…or not!

Watch the free 2 minute video preview of UK NAKED MEN’s ~ MY HOT FLATMATEPEDRO ANDREAS and STEFAN COLBY ~ HOT!

HOTHOUSE Video DICKIN AROUND Starring Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy Bruno Bonds Big Cock

Gay porn star Bruno Bond hairy muscle daddy jock strap dicking around HotHouse video

Meet gay porn star Bruno Bond: Hairy, muscled and hung hot Daddy Bruno Bond not only stars in gay porn films – he’s also a set designer. Bruno Bond made a big splash on the porn scene in 2008/2009, when he was signed by Raging Stallion Studios. He’d earlier started dating fellow porn star Steve Cruz, whom he’d contacted on MySpace and who cast him in the Mustang movie Red Light. Bruno stands about 5ft 7innches tall and sports a delicious 7-inch cut cock, and both tops and bottoms. He also worked as a cinematographer and director, debuting in those roles on The Trap, and set up the website Hard Friction with partner Steve Cruz.

Bruno Bond’s gay porn films include:
Hard Friction
The Trap
Gunner World
The Visitor
Port of Entry
Dickin’ Around
Red Light

From the Dickin’ Around press notes courtesy of Hot House Video:

“Weekends were made for Dickin’ Around – just ask these young and hung California boys making plans for a pool party in the scenic hills of Berkeley.

Gym buddies Vinnie D’Angelo and Max Sinclair get home just as roommate Ethan Wolfe heads out to a pool party. All horned up from a good workout, they take advantage of their alone time to start dickin’ around! D’Angelo stands tall and hard, allowing Sinclair to get on his knees and service his fat cock. Unable to resist Sinclair’s bubble-butt, he throws him over and fucks him deep. Always aggressive D’Angelo makes him beg for it until they end up on the floor in a puddle of cum.

When Ethan Wolfe shows up for the pool party he finds himself in for a private affair with Johnny Gunn. Temperatures rise, along with the bulges in these two horsehung hunks’ trunks! Gunn nearly gags on Wolfe’s monster, opting to put it in his ass. Wolfe bends over to take Gunn’s tool making for one hell of a hot afternoon.

The poolside action heats up when Southern California clean-cut hunk Patrick Bateman dives into a hot threeway with handsome Argentine stud Max Schutler and boy-next-door with a big bubble-butt Derrek Diamond. Diamond beats the other two to his knees and services both juicy pieces of meat. Then Shutler gets in the middle to get both holes filled. All three men rotate, allowing everyone to get as much cock and ass as they want and need. The deep-throat, ass pounding action accelerates until they all jack off and cum. Now that’s what we call the buddy system!

Rambunctious stud Ty LeBeouf sends a jockstrap flying across the locker room and hits his target, hunky Bruno Bond. “Quit dickin’ around!” orders Bond, and the rough housing turns into a hot cock sucking session. After both cocks are wet and hard Bond flips LeBeouf over to eat his fat, round ass. Soon Bond stands up and shoves his cock in, only to have LeBeouf return the favor. The dickin’ around continues until both guys explode.”

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Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock, Foreskin and Dildo Ass Play at BUTCH DIXON

Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock Foreskin Dildo Ass Play BUTCHDIXON

Heres what BUTCH DIXON had to say about Mark’s XXX Video shoot:

“If you haven’t guessed by now, I love uncut cocks. Most of the men on Butch Dixon are sporting foreskin. And it sure doesn’t hurt that I film mainly in the U.K. because uncircumcised men are the norm over here. But I have noticed that even in North America there are more uncut men, and this sure makes it easier to engage in a little foreskin fun when I’m out on the prowl.”

“Mark Thorn e-mailed me a couple of months ago. He sent along some photos of himself through the modelling page on Butch Dixon. He’s based up in Glasgow, Scotland, but was looking for a reason to head south to London. A bit of foreskin fun in front of my camera was as good as any. And I have to say that Mark has the kind of uncut cock that I adore: meaty with foreskin covering his whole shaft and cock head. And he’s got just enough foreskin that he’s able to tug and pull on it, or massage it between his thumb and fingers, as he’s doing in these photos. I’ll have to see if I can get Mark back down here for a bit of foreskin fun with another hot, uncut man — a docking session would be awesome.”

Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock Foreskin Dildo Ass Play BUTCHDIXON

“Once Mark satisfied my desire to see him play with his uncut cock, he made his butt feel good with a dildo. He started off by bending over and fingering his hairy butt hole with both hands. Mark has a nice butt, a little on the beefy side, and furry. His butt cheeks are covered with a nice dusting of fur, but his ass crack is really hairy. Mark lied back on a workout bench and my lovely assistant started working a dildo into his ass. Once Mark was relaxed enough, he took over and fucked himself good and hard with that dildo.  Mark is HOT: meaty uncut cock; loves foreskin play; hairy ass; sexy beard; hairy chest; hot tattoos.”

Watch the full XXX video of this Foreskin Fun and Dildo Ass Play at BUTCH DIXON!

BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy Daddy DOM DEMARCOs Big Mushroom Headed Cock at Free Hot Naked Men!


I’m going to have to start referring to Butch Dixon as the 9-Inch Cock Club. Ever since the beginning of the year, Butch Dixon has been giving us a steady line-up of very well-hung men. Dom Demarco is just the latest hairy man showing off his 9-inch dick on this masculine man site. Standing 6 feet tall, Dom towers over Butch Dixon’s camera and shoves his stiff thick Daddy dick in the camera’s lens.


What a beauty! Dom’s cock is long, thick, veiny and crowned with a deliciously plump mushroom cock head – a cocksucker’s dream come true and packing a big ole set of furry daddy balls full of cum and looking to drain his ball sac!  And Dom’s got a hot body, too. He’s well defined with a thick patch of hair on his chest and another across his belly. Dom’s a ruggedly handsome man and he’s wearing salt ‘n pepper face scruff. You’re going to love watching this hairy Daddy stud stroking his big fat headed dick.

BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy Daddy DOM DEMARCOs Big Mushroom Headed Cock at Free Hot Naked Men!

BENTLEY RACE Finds ASTROBOI and His HUGE Cock Ready To Suck and Fuck In Barcelona!




Bentleyof BENTLEY RACE met Astroboi while he was on vacation in Barcelona. The biggest attraction for Bentley during his visit to Barcelona had to be all the big cocks!  It was hard not to notice the bulges in guys pants as they walked down the streets. If you’ve got it why not flaunt it!

Bentley met a few guys to shoot with while he was there including super HUNG Astroboi. Yes that’s his name! And he’s a pretty wild boy too! Standing out on the first floor balcony on a busy street and pulling out his huge cock!  He dropped around to Bentley’s apartment after having been out clubbing all night. He was horny as all hell and just wanted to get his big cock work over and shoot a thick creamy cum load from his big aching balls! Bentley’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw that big thick piece of cock meat fall out of his jockstrap.

Bentley knew they were going to have some fun together. They both took turns at filming each other getting hard and playing with their cocks, and he kept cramming that fat cock into Bentley’s mouth until his jaw couldn’t take it anymore!

BENTLEY RACE Finds ASTROBOI and His HUGE Cock Ready To Suck and Fuck In Barcelona!

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Hot Hung Muscle Daddy IRONMAN and His Eight Fat Inches of Rock Hard Daddy Cock Jacking Off at MEN OVER 30


Meet hot hung muscle Daddy IRONMAN from MENOVER30 and his eight, fat, rock hard inches of cock!!!  This studly 36 year old Daddy has one fucking hot body, cock and ass!

Iron Man starts off by flexing his huge biceps before settling down to slip off his trackie shorts and dry hump the couch! His beefy, bubble-butt-man-ass looks bootilicious in his jock strap, and he slowly gropes and fondles his furry ass, spreading open his delicious bung hole giving us a better view of that unattainable real estate (allegedly unattainable :-)

When Iron Man flips over and pulls his sweaty, pre-cum stained jock strap to the side, finally freeing his raging hard on, the camera heads downtown and we get a full view from between those meaty jock man thighs of the beautiful Daddy cock nestled between them.

Iron Man then spreads those massive thighs, laying back on the couch and goes to work on that big fat veiny Daddy cock that by now is aching for a release. He quietly jacks his big dick faster and faster making us all thirsty to lap up his thick warm creamy load of man cum and as he lets out a soft sigh, his balls unloads their full cargo and he pumps volley after volley of cum all over his washboard abs and happy trail. Happy Trails of man pearls indeed!

Watch  hot big cock-ed muscle Daddy IRONMAN drain his full ball sac jacking his thick dick off at MEN OVER 30


Hung and Hairy Jock Boy JOSH HARRIS Gets His Bubble Butt Ass Fucked Balls Deep and His Fat Uncut Cock Sucked Off at BENTLEY RACE


Hung jock boy Josh Harris was heading out to his weekend football practice but, feeling horny, he stopped by Bentley’s place for a quick shoot (hoping to shoot more than just pictures!). He doesn’t normally wear a jockstrap at practice but he put one on this day to show off his hot bubble butt ass. We love Josh’s furry butt and hole and his big fat veiny juicy uncut cock. And he sure loves showing it off!


Josh does have some deliciously long thick foreskin on that fat uncut dick of his and for those lovers of an au natural hairy bush of pubes and hairy balls, he’s got that going on too ~ YUMMMM!

So Josh got Bentley all horny during the photo shoot and asked him about making a suck and fuck video with him… so the video’s rolling and after rimming Josh’s sweet bubble butt ass for a while, Bentley’s cock was so hard that he couldn’t wait any longer, he just had to feel his dick inside him! And Josh was only too happy to jump on Bentley’s cock and ride it like a champ! Bentley loves pumping his big dick balls deep into guys until they can’t stand it anymore and shoot their thick creamy jock boy cum load all over the place.


Hung and Hairy Jock Boy JOSH HARRIS Gets His Bubble Butt Ass Fucked Balls Deep and His Fat Uncut Cock Sucked Off at BENTLEY RACE

Hot Hung Studs Getting Naked and Jacking Off Their Big Cocks and Draining Their Ball Sacs at ADAM CRUISE


Here’s hung hotties Damien A. (above) showing off his eight inch dick and shaved pubes while Jacob teases us with that LONG delicious cock and bubble butt boy ass of his!



And then there is Mikael (above) ~ YUMM! with his lean jock boy body, little bit of fur on his washboard abs and chest and a nice hairy bush of pubes decorating that long fat gorgeous cock!  Butt I certainly wouldn’t kick Bobby out of bed anytime soon.  That lean smooth boy body, pierced nipples, bubble butt ass up in the air…AND that big fat veiny mushroom headed cock he can self lick and suck……GOOD LORD-where’s my cum rag!!!


Hung hotties Bobby, Damien A., Mikael and Jacob from ADAM CRUISE.  These boys are some of the newest cock meat on the site.  They do an extremely fine job of getting naked and working their big cocks over for you until they shoot their big hot sticky man load of cum all over themselves!   ENJOY!

Hot Hung Studs Getting Naked and Jacking Off Their Big Cocks and Draining Their Ball Sacs at


Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE

One of the things that I love about this new site we just discovered, HOT OLDER MALE,  is that they truly cater to the hung Daddy seekers and admirers!

Look forward to weekly updates from this HOT site here.


Hung, red-headed-hungry-pig-bottom-Daddy-seeking-stud KEGAN DANIELS ~ YUMMMMILICIOUS!  Kegan is also a big silver-haired, hairy Daddy lover whose appeared on HOT OLDER MALE before.


Hot, hung and truly versatile this red-headed, fire-crotched, ginger pubed stud is back for some hard core leather action in “Abandon”. Kegan gets taken hard by silver-haired leather Daddy Karl Williams in a scene that’s gonna leave your ball sac drained just watching! Enjoy these pics of Kegan in his leather gear taken just before Karl had his way with Kegan’s hot, tight ass ~ what a beautiful pink rosebud butt hole on Kegan with a nice ginger red blonde fur entryway!


But he’s particularly fond of grey-haired leatherman Karl Williams. Karl sucks on Kegan’s fat cock for a while, showing the younger man what great head really is all about. Kegan can’t believe his good fortune and sighs with ecstasy at the expert lips working his man meat in the most perfect fashion. Karl is much more than just a cocksucker though and when he finds out that Kegan loves to have a thick fist buried up his hungry asshole, the bar is dropped and in no time flat Kegan is filled to the brim with Karl’s hand. Oh man this is fucking HOT!!


Karl worships Kegan’s body for a while before the two go at it for a serious fuck and suck on a leather-clad bed. They kiss passionately and swap blowjobs before Karl gives Kegan’s hot and hungry ass a good, deep, hard Daddy fuck.

Here we see Kegan holding onto the upper bunk and riding Karl’s stiff fat cock. But then, the horny red head turns the tables on Daddy, and Kegan ties Karl to the bed and fucks him really good and hard with his fat cock ! Love Kegan’s big fat ole red blonde furry balls and low hanging sac!  But after a thorough ass pounding, Daddy gains control again drives his fist deep inside his boy’s fuck hole. These guys flip flop so many times that I’m getting dizzy, but it’s a good thing!

Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE

Hung Latin Hottie PEDRO Jacking off His 8mm Prince Albert Pierced Uncut Cock While Sitting On A Huge Dildo at BUTCH DIXON

Hung Latin Hottie PEDRO Jacking off His 8mm Prince Albert Pierced Uncut Cock While Sitting On A Huge Dildo at BUTCH DIXON

I think there’s something masculine and sexy about a Prince Albert piercing. Meet hot and horny Latin lover Pedro.  Pedro is one sexy hairy Spanish man with a beautitfully uncut meaty cock with a perfect mushroom-head to carry off a heavy dick piercing ring. He now wears an 8mm ring.

Pedro loves playing with his nipples; squeezing always gets his cock rock hard and his heavy piercing keeps his dick dancing as his long foreskin rolls back and forth over his big cock head and ring.  What a fucking piss-cum slit hole on that cock head he’s got ~ YUMMMMY!

Pedro bends over and shows off his beefy bubble butt ass spreading his butt cheeks so you know what he wants. Head on over to BUTCH DIXON and check out Pedro’s Prince Albert Piercing and Dildo Play Video. You’ll be amazed at the big cocks this horny Latin hottie can stuff up his hungry butt hole!

Hot and Hung Daddy MAX Heating Things Up In Ring at BUTCH DIXON!



Max got his modeling gig on Butch Dixon by sending the site his photos and an e-mail. They love shooting amateur masculine men and prefer to turn site fans into models. Butch Dixon (sister site to UK NAKED MEN) is quickly becoming a haven for masculine men lovers, and when you see Max’s naked pictures you’ll understand why.

Let’s just skip everything and head for the meaty cock hanging between his legs. When he takes off his boxing gloves and slides out of his baggy shorts, he teases us with his jockstrap. He’s packing a magnificient bulge, the kind you want to rub your nose, cheeks, and lips against to get you both horned up.








This well-hung boxer fishes his cock out of his jockstrap and lets it dangle heavily. It’s a cock sucker’s dream come true – topped off with a nice fat mushroom head. And wait until you see it swollen to it’s maximium potential, it’s definitely a worthy challenge for all men who are hungry cock suckers!

Check Out Hot Hung Daddy MAX Naked In Ring and all of their Free Video Trailers at BUTCH DIXON!

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Horse Hung Jason Denver Gets Fucked By Shawn Carey At BANG BANG BOYS!


So here is Jason Denver’s first video with BANG BANG BOYS.  He’s the kind of guy you’d find at a small town convenience store buying some cigarettes and a six-pack.  As he stands in front of you in line, you smile at each other and make that certain eye contact, and he just exudes this animal sexual heat that starts your cock stirring in your pants.  You sense he’s one horny fucker and a real pig in the sac




He’s wearing a flannel shirt, baggy jeans and a ballcap.  He’s waiting for you when you walk out the store and you decide to go have a beer at his place.  As soon as you walk in, you both just start ripping each others clothes off in a frenzy and holy fuck.  Once Jason is naked he exposes this rocking fucking body he was hiding and this monster cock.








Turns out he’s also a hungry pig bottom with a delicious hole and you both fuck and suck like animals all night long.

So once Bang Bang Boys learned what a hungry pig bottom Jason was, the seed was planted to do another shoot.  Turns out Jason managed to pick-up a guy on the beach named Shawn Carey and the plan was for Jason to fuck him with his huge cock, but that didn’t happen as Shawn was in shock by the size of Jason’s monster dick








So Shawn changed his mind about getting fucked, but luckily Jason’s tight smooth hole was twitching for Shawn inside him…You’ve got to see these 2 trailers!

Jason Denver Fucks A Fleshjack At BANG BANG BOYS
Horse Hung Jason Denver Gets Fucked By Shawn Carey At BANG BANG BOYS

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Ryan and Gavin flip flop fuck!

“When Ryan Rockford started modeling for us I noticed Gavin Tate showing some interest.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, a respect for his work in the industry, a little bit of a man crush, or just the fascination of wanting to do a scene with him.  But whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let a chance like that pass me by.  When they guys want to work together, who am I to not let them?  I know it’s going to make for a kick ass video and this time I was dead on.  I was going to do a little interview with them but before I could even turn the camera on they were already making out and getting really frisky with each other.  I know when I’m not wanted so I just got everything set up and faded into the background, letting these two studs do there thing with no interference.  I love shoots like these, where the guy are so into it that they need no coaching, no direction.  They just get so into each other it’s like nobody else is in the room. 

Ryan is such a great cocksucker, taking all of Gavin’s cock into his mouth, working it with his tongue, stroking the shaft while using his incredible suction skills on his sensitive dickhead.  And Gavin got so turned on having his dick sucked that he needed to get some man ass.  He dove head first into Ryan’s hot butt, rimming him and getting his hole primed and ready for entry.  By the time Gavin was done with him he was begging to be fucked.  And Gavin couldn’t wait to fuck him.  And once Gavin got his fill it was time for him to get filled so they switched places and Ryan got to give it to him good.  He also got his tongue in there, alternately rimming his ass and sucking his balls, making Gavin’s head spin in pleasure, then returns to fucking him until he shoots his load with Ryan’s cock still buried deep inside him.  This gets Ryan so hot he pulls out and showers Gavin with his own huge load.”






“I was asking our newest model, Daniel Mathews, why he came to Randy Blue.  His story amazed me.  He said that he loves rock climbing and anything physical.  That made a lot of sense to me considering the fact that he has the kind of body one only gets from a lot of physical activity.  And when he’s really exerting himself and the endorphins are flowing, he gets extremely horny.  So there he was on an overnight rock climbing expedition with some buddies of his when they all found a flat area to spend the night.  Everyone set up their tents to bunk out for the night and with a raging hardon Daniel snuck off to take care of business.  It was too nice outside to stay cooped up in a tent, and the area they were at was big enough for him to go behind some rocks and let himself go with all of nature surrounding him. 

Just as he was really getting into it, he heard footsteps.  He spun around, cock firmly in hand, to catch one of his friends staring openly at him.  But before he could say anything he noticed that his friend’s hand was rubbing his own crotch.  He could have gotten embarrassed, he could have made some excuse, but instead he found himself getting more and more turned on.  So he kept on going, just working his cock while his friend looked on and his friend really got into watching him.  He came first and encouraged his friend to do the same.  Once he got home he figured it would be rare to match that kind of excitement in his daily life, but if he were to be on camera knowing that tons of horny guys would be watching him and getting off to his sexual energy he could keep chasing after this new rush.  And that’s how Daniel Matthews came to model for us.”





Lucas and Ryan have lots of fun together!

“Sometimes you don’t need any talking.  No storyline, no conversation… just two hot guys who can’t wait to get naked and explore each other’s bodies.  Lucas Vick has gone from that handsome shy guy with the huge dick that did his first solo with just a hint of nervousness to a guy who walks into the room ready for anything.  He’s always so laid back and that makes watching him get laid so much sexier.  His recent live shows have been off the wall as he turns on the charm one minute then lets loose with the kind of dirty talk that would make anyone blush, while causing quite a few hardons as well.  Then we have Ryan Brody.  This is his first video, and blowjob, with another guy and he was more than ready for it.  The minute I got him and Lucas in the same room it was all I could do to keep them apart until we got the cameras rolling.  Ryan’s got the kind of body that you just want to lick all over. 

His smooth caramel colored skin, adorable features and huge piece of manmeat just make your mouth water.  And while I know that putting anyone with Lucas would make for a super hot video, because Lucas is just that good, seeing him go down on Ryan was something else.  He worked that cock for all it was worth and then some.  And Ryan was so cute, testing the waters to see what he could get away with.  He tentatively puts his hands on Lucas’ head while he’s sucking his aching erection.  Not sure how rough or gentle he needs to be, or how wild he can get.  But once things were moving along Ryan was able to relax, and after a while he was jamming his cock down Lucas’ eager throat like a pro.  And by the end he was more than willing to spray his seed all over Lucas’ furry chest.”






Zak loves to wrap his hands around a thick weight!

“My eating habits suck.  I eat out a lot and with all the different food choices you can find in Los Angeles I rarely keep it to the basics and I noticed some of my tighter sexy jeans were getting a little more snug than usual.  So I decided to head to one of our hip organic grocery stores to buy some healthy food and make an attempt to eat better.  The first thing that I noticed when I got there was the wide selection of garden fresh vegetables… okay, I’m totally kidding.  The first thing I noticed was all the hot guys who obviously kept themselves in shape by eating well and working out.  I decided to strike up a conversation with a really handsome dark haired guy with an amazing body in hopes of finding out which veggies were the freshest… okay, I’m lying again.  I wanted to get in his pants. 

We started talking and he told me his name was Zak Parker.  He had such a handsome face and adorable smile, not to mention a tight muscular body, the outline of which I could easily see through his thin, tight t-shirt.  When I went to introduce myself he laughed because he knew exactly who I was.  He’d seen my photo on our Blue Is Beautiful blog and said that he had always thought it would be really hot to pose naked for a site like mine.  Well, I eventually did get in his pants, but sadly not in the way I had intended.  I never mix business and pleasure, except for the enjoyment I get out of bringing you the hottest guys.  So we arranged for a shoot.  Since our first conversation was about health and fitness I decided to shoot him in the Randy Blue gym because I wanted to see what kind of workout he did.  Okay, I wanted to see his sexy body working out while naked.  And I’m glad I did.  His debut video is so hot, I can’t wait to pair him up with some of our other hot guys.”



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