Leather Men at TITAN


If there is one thing TitanMen does best, its leather! From the hugely successful and industry changing Fallen Angel series to the modern and trend setting Folsom series, TitanMen has always lead the way in leather! Pure Leather is a collection of some of the very beast Leather scenes ever produced by TitanMen.

Spanning a decade of hot, hardcore leather action and starring legendary Titan leathermen Joey Dino, Spencer Quest, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Alex Baressi, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Rick Van Sant and more! If you are into hot, hung and hairy leathermen doing incredibly nasty things you can’t afford to miss this one!



Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS

freehotnakedmenpics.com Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-1

freehotnakedmenpics.com Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-2

freehotnakedmenpics.com Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-3

Stag Homme Studios offers some mouthwatering masculine men including some muscle men, hunks and a few regular-guy type amateurs. This is an international group – I found some European and South American pornstars and performers, as well as some guys from the U.S. so lots of big uncut cocks and huge cut dicks ~ meat for everyones taste!! The action here varies from light hearted kissing, sucking and fucking to fetish, and role-playing videos including some bondage fantasies, rough sex and pissing. Real life boyfriends Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse appear with each other and with others in some of the videos, and I believe that they are the owner/operators of the studio.

See All Of The Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS

freehotnakedmenpics.com Hot Masculine Men Sucking Fucking and Pissing at STAG HOMME STUDIOS-4

5 Big Dick Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENTNORTH

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom-A

Kent North is showing off his oral and anal skills in Pack Attack 1 in the Hot House Backroom member’s area!

 North is a great cock sucker and he’s got five hot man boners lined up and waiting for servicing. The guys are standing up on a platform so North’s mouth and their cocks are eye-to-eye, so to speak. North works his way down the line of stiff dicks giving each one his full attention. By the time he makes it down to the end, the guys at the beginning are already starting to swap blowjobs — one guy even sucks his own cock! Then the guys give North’s mouth a rest and start working on his butt hole. With a crowd of men encouraging him, Kent North squats down on a super fat dildo and makes it disappear up his ass. With his hole opened wide, North is ready to get down to business and one big-dicked stud after another takes their turn at his ass.

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom-BB

Pack Attack, the new gangbang series from Hot House Entertainment, features one lucky Hot House Man thrown to a pack of big-dicked, hole-hungy tops with trouble on their minds and monster cocks between their legs! Pack Attack 1 stars Hot House Exclusive Kent North, the greediest pig-bottom on the planet, who demanded we find the 5 biggest cocks in the business to try and tame his hungry hole. Do they succeed? Grab your copy of Pack Attack 1 to find out!



for $99!

5 Big Dicked Studs Fuck Smooth Bubble Butt Power Bottom KENT NORTH Balls Deep In HOTHOUSEVideos PACK ATTACK 1 Backroom

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS-1

NO CONDOMS ALLOWED!  Raw condomless fuck and suck sessions with HUGE horse hung tops and their cocks pounding hungry pig ass with their big dicks. 

HOT Hardcore Bareback Gay Sex Raw Fuck and Suck Gang Bang Sessions at BAREBACK MASTERS

bareback masters

Exclusive Videos On Demand of LOGAN MCCREEs HOT Tattooed Uncut Cock

Exclusive Videos On Demand of LOGAN MCCREEs HOT Tattooed Uncut Cock

Logan McCree is one scorching HOT sexy fucker!  Now you can watch exclusive never seen before videos of this gay adult porn star right from your computer ~ NOW!  Simply buy a Time Ticket for 12 or 24 hours and enjoy your Logan McCree movies as often as you like within the chosen Time.  Fair Payment, Fair Billing. Simply use your Visa or Mastercard. No Subscription, No additional Fees no automatical prolongation.  Streaming = No Data will be stored on your Computer.  The registration is free. Choose Your language by clicking on the flag on the right side on top.  Create Free Account For Logans private XXX-Videos by clicking on the banner link below!!!

HOT Ass-ed JASON REED Bound Fucked Bareback Raw

BADPUPPY HotBarebacking JASON REEDs ASS Bound Fucked Bareback Raw www.freehotnakedmenpics.com-1

BADPUPPY HotBarebacking JASON REEDs ASS Bound Fucked Bareback Raw www.freehotnakedmenpics.com-2

Meet hot and horny power bottom Jason Reed!  Jason Reed is a total butt slut, there is no arguing that point. We’ve seen him get fucked by  eight top black men as the one white butt bottom whore ~ scorching hot scene ~ that proves that assertion VERY true.

At HOTBAREBACKING, Jason Reed finds himself in the middle of a seriously kinky threesome in this Hot Barebacking feature. Chris Neal and straight guy Clyde put him in bondage and have their nasty way with his hungry mouth and tight pink asshole. With some hard and loud boy butt slapping starting things off, followed by forced face fucking with both their formidable cocks, Jason has no choice but to obey and give in to what his tormentors want. Their lack of mercy on his mouth and insatiable smooth tight ass with their large dicks is second to none as Jason thrashes around in his bonds while his bubble butt jockboy ass and holes are used and abused to the fullest extent.

Horny Fucker Jason Reed at Hot Barebacking and BADPUPPY

Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock, Foreskin and Dildo Ass Play at BUTCH DIXON

Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock Foreskin Dildo Ass Play BUTCHDIXON FreeHotNakedMenPics.com-1

Heres what BUTCH DIXON had to say about Mark’s XXX Video shoot:

“If you haven’t guessed by now, I love uncut cocks. Most of the men on Butch Dixon are sporting foreskin. And it sure doesn’t hurt that I film mainly in the U.K. because uncircumcised men are the norm over here. But I have noticed that even in North America there are more uncut men, and this sure makes it easier to engage in a little foreskin fun when I’m out on the prowl.”

“Mark Thorn e-mailed me a couple of months ago. He sent along some photos of himself through the modelling page on Butch Dixon. He’s based up in Glasgow, Scotland, but was looking for a reason to head south to London. A bit of foreskin fun in front of my camera was as good as any. And I have to say that Mark has the kind of uncut cock that I adore: meaty with foreskin covering his whole shaft and cock head. And he’s got just enough foreskin that he’s able to tug and pull on it, or massage it between his thumb and fingers, as he’s doing in these photos. I’ll have to see if I can get Mark back down here for a bit of foreskin fun with another hot, uncut man — a docking session would be awesome.”

Hairy Horny Daddys Uncut Cock Foreskin Dildo Ass Play BUTCHDIXON FreeHotNakedMenPics.com-2

“Once Mark satisfied my desire to see him play with his uncut cock, he made his butt feel good with a dildo. He started off by bending over and fingering his hairy butt hole with both hands. Mark has a nice butt, a little on the beefy side, and furry. His butt cheeks are covered with a nice dusting of fur, but his ass crack is really hairy. Mark lied back on a workout bench and my lovely assistant started working a dildo into his ass. Once Mark was relaxed enough, he took over and fucked himself good and hard with that dildo.  Mark is HOT: meaty uncut cock; loves foreskin play; hairy ass; sexy beard; hairy chest; hot tattoos.”

Watch the full XXX video of this Foreskin Fun and Dildo Ass Play at BUTCH DIXON!

Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE

One of the things that I love about this new site we just discovered, HOT OLDER MALE,  is that they truly cater to the hung Daddy seekers and admirers!

Look forward to weekly updates from this HOT site here.


Hung, red-headed-hungry-pig-bottom-Daddy-seeking-stud KEGAN DANIELS ~ YUMMMMILICIOUS!  Kegan is also a big silver-haired, hairy Daddy lover whose appeared on HOT OLDER MALE before.


Hot, hung and truly versatile this red-headed, fire-crotched, ginger pubed stud is back for some hard core leather action in “Abandon”. Kegan gets taken hard by silver-haired leather Daddy Karl Williams in a scene that’s gonna leave your ball sac drained just watching! Enjoy these pics of Kegan in his leather gear taken just before Karl had his way with Kegan’s hot, tight ass ~ what a beautiful pink rosebud butt hole on Kegan with a nice ginger red blonde fur entryway!


But he’s particularly fond of grey-haired leatherman Karl Williams. Karl sucks on Kegan’s fat cock for a while, showing the younger man what great head really is all about. Kegan can’t believe his good fortune and sighs with ecstasy at the expert lips working his man meat in the most perfect fashion. Karl is much more than just a cocksucker though and when he finds out that Kegan loves to have a thick fist buried up his hungry asshole, the bar is dropped and in no time flat Kegan is filled to the brim with Karl’s hand. Oh man this is fucking HOT!!


Karl worships Kegan’s body for a while before the two go at it for a serious fuck and suck on a leather-clad bed. They kiss passionately and swap blowjobs before Karl gives Kegan’s hot and hungry ass a good, deep, hard Daddy fuck.

Here we see Kegan holding onto the upper bunk and riding Karl’s stiff fat cock. But then, the horny red head turns the tables on Daddy, and Kegan ties Karl to the bed and fucks him really good and hard with his fat cock ! Love Kegan’s big fat ole red blonde furry balls and low hanging sac!  But after a thorough ass pounding, Daddy gains control again drives his fist deep inside his boy’s fuck hole. These guys flip flop so many times that I’m getting dizzy, but it’s a good thing!

Hung Hairy Daddy Sucks, Flip Flop Fucks and Fists Hungry Fat-Cocked-Pink-Holed Red Head at HOT OLDER MALE

Bareback Sex and Nasty Cum Slut Pigs at Hot Desert Knights














to our sites!

They will be sending us some HOT, Nasty, pig play, barebacking, cum sluts to share with you all!

I just saw HUNG HOUSE HUSBANDS! About a neighborhood of hung guys who tear up this little twink boys ass! Very Hot!

Stop by and check out their sites!





15 Pounds of Dick! This is AMAZING! New book on TOM OF FINLAND – XXL






Tom of Finland XXL

If you thought Tom of Finland: The Art of Pleasure () was HUGE, just wait till you see XXL! For the collector of male nude art,

this is a MUST HAVE! 15 pounds!

29 x 40 cm, 700 pages and over 1000 images!

It is truly amazing!

Covering 6 decades of the artist’s career. The work was gathered from all known collections across the US and Europe with the help of the Tom of Finland Foundation and features many drawings, paintings and preparatory sketches that have never been reproduced in any book. Other images have only been seen out of context and will be presented here in the sequential order Tom intended for full artistic appreciation and erotic impact. This elegant oversized volume will showcase the full range of Tom’s talent, from sensitive portraits to frank sexual pleasure to tender expressions of love to Tom’s haunting tributes to young men struck down by the AIDS epidemic.


Completing this collector’s edition are eight specially-commissioned essays on Tom’s social and personal impact by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Todd Oldham, and others, plus a scholarly analysis of individual drawings by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith.


Born Touko Laaksonen in Finland, Tom was a fetish artist notable for his stylized homoerotic art and his influence on late twentieth century gay culture. Heavily muscled torsos, limbs, buttocks and improbably large penises. Tight or partially removed clothing showed off these traits, with penises often visible as distinct bulges in tight trousers or prominently displayed for the viewer. This is an amazing coffee table book, unlike no other I have ever seen!


For the man or woman who thinks bigger is better, Tom of Finland XXL is certain to satisfy to everyone who appreciates male nudes –

cut or uncut!


Meet Nic and Marco de Brute from BUTCH DIXON




Bearded Man ~ Nic

Nic is a sexy, bearded Frenchman who stopped by Butch Dixon to pull on his foreskin. Nic is ruggedly handsome and looks like you might find him hanging out at the docks with the other longshoremen and sailors. He’s wearing a couple day’s worth of face scruff that really heightens his appeal. Nic is solidly built, moderately hairy, and he’s packing a big piece of meat between his legs. His uncut cock hangs heavily, and when he starts tugging on his foreskin, his cock really thickens up. But even semi-hard, Nic’s cock is still sheathed in foreskin, exposing just the tip and his piss slit — and that’s fucking hot! And when his cock is fully erect, it’s meaty and thick, just the way Butch Dixon likes ’em.





Beefy Leather Man – Marco de Brute

How’d you like to look up and see this beefy leather man towering above you? Down on your knees and sucking his fat uncut cock, you’d better make sure you’re doing a good job or he might cuff you up the side of the head. This hot hairy man is Marco de Brute and he’s made several appearances on Butch Dixon. And if you’re into nipples, you’re going to love Marco’s. His huge nib-sized nipples stand erect on his chest and they’re definitely in need of some attention. Marco has a beautiful hairy chest and his dick is a cock sucker’s dream come true — it’s long, it’s fat, it’s uncut and it’s crowned with a big nobby cock head. And this beefy leather man loves getting his ass fucked. You’re going to love watching him take a hard pounding.
Marco de Brute at BUTCH DIXON




Hung Hotties Previously Featured Here From Butch Dixon:  Hung Uncut Hairy CowboysBig Ole Fat Uncut Cock and Veiny ForeskinHOT Hairy Uncut Man Cock-Christian Torrent in Wrestler SingletChris Tower ~ Uncut Cock, Tattooed, Inked and Hairy, Hung Daddies Get Naked and Show Off Their Big Furry CocksHung Daddy Oliver Working His Fat Uncut Mushroom Cock Head Over

Meet The HOT Naked Men of HOT HOUSE’s BACKROOM










Lets start with SLADE.  We are so in love with this new triple threat from HOT HOUSE!  Perfect body and face, delicious hot hole and bubble butt tight ass, and the helmut-apple-mushroom HUGE head on that magnificently veiny uncut cock!  Truly a work of art ~ Slade was/is definitely built for sex… and plenty of it!  I would suck that dick and rim that ass hole till my jaw, throat and tongue wore out!  Slade can be seen in the scorching new video “Locker Room”  Enjoy all of his hot cock and body over in the Backroom at HOT HOUSE!

Locker Room at Hot House……

 Sexy Blue Eyed Daddy Hunk JOHNNY GUNN…






and another big dicked favorite hottie ~ ETHAN WOLFE…

Hot House Exclusive Ethan Wolfe hit the adult industry like a mack truck – winning over fans and critics with his huge brown eyes, edgy good looks, and enormous cock. Catch this ultimate versatile performer with a taste for the kinkier side of sex and see for yourself why he’s a bonafide Superstar, in his XXX gallery live now

 exclusively in the Hot House backroom!


Muscle Daddy – Uncle John

Uncle John is a name he got at the local gym where he works out. He’s always helping out the other guys with their workout routines and spotting them in the weight room, so they starting calling him Uncle John. And what a body! This hung muscle daddy works hard on his body and it’s worth every ounce of sweat. Look at those sculpted shoulders, his round and bulging biceps, and those plump, chiseled pecs.  But in spite of all that beef, Uncle John’s best asset has got to be that big, fat veiny cock of his!
Fat Cocked Muscle Daddy Uncle John @ BUTCH DIXON

Tattooed Men Fucking – Hairy Edu Boxer and Miles

Hairy Italian hunk Edu Boxer has appeared on Butch Dixon before in a hot suck and fuck session. And if you’ve never seen this stud sucking cock, you’re in for a treat. A lot of top men tend to get lazy, thinking that a bottom is completely satisfied just servicing their dick. 

Edu Boxer is a full-service top and he loves making sure his bottoms are satisfied in every way. Before pounding hairy, muscle hunk Miles, Edu gets down on his knees and slobbers all over Miles’s uncut cock. Then he turns Miles around, bends him over the washing machine, and chows down on his ass. And once Edu has Miles on the brink of blowing his load, the Italian top man starts inching his fat cock between Miles’s beefy butt cheeks. Of course Miles takes his turn down on his knees sucking Edu’s meaty cock. And when the bald hunk’s ass has had his fill of Edu’s dick, he sprays his load all over Edu’s hairy chest.
Hairy and Tattooed Edu Boxer Sucking and Fucking Like A Pig at BUTCH DIXON

Oliver’s Fat Mushroom Headed Leather Daddy Cock 
How would you like to be on your knees staring up at this oversized, fleshly uncut nob of daddy cock? I wouldn’t just be staring at it for long, that’s for sure. Hung leather daddy Oliver is back for another hot session. He works over his fat, mushroom headed uncut cock from it’s soft and foreskinned beginning to raging rock hard on before shooting his cum load!