Did Donny Osmond Hack the Gay Mormon Boyz Site??


A little more than 1 year after I stopped seething because of my church’s involvement in proposition 8, I’m happy to announce MormonBoyz.com

My website features Mormon missionaries in all their sexy goodness. Maybe Mormon return missionaries and other Mormon hotties down the road. It depends on how many of these guys I can entice to be naughty on camera. No proceeds from the site will go to the LDS church in the form of tithes or offerings.

Because huge numbers of Mormons will be outraged, I thought you might want the heads up before the inevitable backlash.



I’m an amateur, I try to improve my talent and skill with each shoot. I only picked up a video camera for the first time in connection with these boys a few months ago. But despite a steep learning curve for video, photo and web-design (that’s right, this operation is a one-man show at the moment) I’m pleased with the outcome.

Initially there will be a new missionary on the site each week. Down the road I’ll pair up missionaries and up the posting each week. If you want to check out the site and tell the world how great or how crappy it is, feel free. If you don’t think it’s worth the mention, no worries. I can only entice you with Magical Mormon underwear and hot Mormon missionaries.


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I had a pretty crazy week last week. MormonBoyz was first hacked Monday evening a week ago (the 19th). I’ve been talking with my programmer and it appears that there were many attempts. All of the hacks, including those that were successful, originated out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m told the attacks were quite sophisticated.
I guess I’m not terribly surprised, considering the threats and outrage I heard two and three weeks ago. But now everything has been restored and we are shooting  new  models  again!

Come check us out!