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Flex-Fuck: Tate Ryder Fucks Duncan Black @ DominicFord.com

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flex (verb)1. to display one’s strength through muscular contraction2. to bend, or to be bentThis week Dominic Ford introduces ‘Flex-Fuck’, a new series of videos featuring muscular bodies fucking in ways that show strength and flexibility.We start the series off with Tate Ryder and Duncan Black. Tate Ryder brings masculinity, virility, and strength to the scene while Duncan Black brings his usual boyishness, flexibility, and a magnetic animal lust. Tate’s body is incredible as it pistons in and out of Duncan’s tight hole. This pairing is undeniably hot!

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Smooth muscle, chiseled pecs and a hint of pubic hair.

Trenton pulls out his rock-hard, curved cock and steers James’ head until he gets that it’s OK to suck. James is a natural, so Trenton’s cock is soon glistening with spit and precum. Trenton demands to see James’ ass, whose smooth curves lead to a dark, tight center. James’ body is putty in Trenton’s hands that pinch, slap and knead.

James confesses his desire when Trenton sucks him: “I want your fat cock in me,” and Trenton obliges. He shows James how to do a “powerdriver,” which requires James to do a shoulder stand while Trenton stretches and eats his sweaty ass  hole, then straddles and fucks it long and hard. James knows in this position he’s supposed to cum in his mouth, and the convulsing of his sphincter muscles when he cums triggers Trenton’s orgasm, mingling their spooge for Trenton to slurp.




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We find Zsolt XL and Tattoo Junior, leather clad in a small, forgotten storage basement in a well known building. These leather buds like the taste of dick a lot, so that’s where it starts, but not where it ends…

Zsolt gets on his hands and knees and lets Tattoo bury his huge dick inside of him from behind. He grunts in pleasure, but it’s clear that he wants something bigger in him, and Tattoo is more than happy to oblige. He greases up his hand and wrist, and gives Zsolt a pleasant surprise…