Hot Muscle Asian Guy

Hot Hung Asian Muscle!
Christian Thorn is one of the most adorable men around. Of Asian descent, his small frame is packed with tight muscles and his stiff cock is absolute perfection. This smooth muscular jock is adorned with lots of body art. Sexy tattoos wrap around his thick bicep and decorate his rippled chest and abs.

he runs his hands all over his body, pausing to squeeze his hard nipples before he slowly feels his way down to his raging boner. He runs his hands over the perfectly round globes of his ass before he teases his hole with his finger. You cant look away from his perfect ass as he rubs his hands all around it. You just want to grab both of his hips and ram you own cock deep into his hungry hole but you know there is plenty of time for that to come. Finally he shoots a thick load of creamy hot spunk all over his smooth tight stomach.



RANDY BLUE FLASHBACK-Hot Blonde Sex Pig Troy Punk!

Troy Punk was a 27 year old personal trainer in New England before landing in California and doing this early video shoot with RandyBlue. Troy has worked with some of the biggest studios in the industry since and is always eager to get naked and please those watching. Troy has a real sexual energy and is just as happy being a top or a bottom. When RandyBlue discussed doing the video shoot with him and a dildo he was really cool with and excited aboutit. RandyBlue found a really big, black dildo and presented it to him with a smile. Troy just laughed and said, Let me see what I can do!

Ahhhhh… Troys muscled, semi-blonde furred hairy frame, and that beautiful veiny cock with its big ole head, and a bubble butt ass so round, so hard you can bounce a quarter off of it (and you’d like to permanantly move your tongue and dick into his tight pink velvet hole…) That is Troy Punk. Troy is not a twink boy and certainly not a daddy yet, Troy is somewhere in that sexy jock world of just all man HOT in between.

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RandyBlues HOT Cock Model Shawn Harriri Naked

Meet RandyBlues HOT Cock~ed Model Shawn Harriri Getting Naked and showing off his delicious smooth, lean body and washboard abs and meaty cock and balls swinging between those jock boy thighs!  Shawn has been VERY busy and done alot of scorching HOT nasty sucking and a-fucking over at RANDY BLUE!  Check it out!

Hot Gay Three Way Fun!


Poor Raphael Cedano. What’s a horned up stud supposed to do when he’s stuck in the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon? He calls two friends over for a super hot three-way, of course. It doesn’t take Brett Swanson and Nicco Sky long to strip out of their clothes and get busy.

Brett, who’s looking good with his hot muscle jock body, gets to go first as Nicco goes to town on his big thick cock. And that’s just to get his throat ready because then Raphael stuffs his monster manrammer deep into Nicco’s gullet while Brett rims his smooth ass.

It’s hard to give too much of a play by play here because this video is full of mouths on dicks and holes, fingers squeezing nipples, and asses getting fucked.

From Gay Russia With Love – to Randy Blue



Alexander Kudrov is unlike any model that has been on Randy Blue before.

Alexander loves to be active and gets his sexy body from the various athletic hobbies he has, such as Judo, horseback riding, and ballroom dancing. While those sound unusual they’ve given him the kind of chiseled abs and strong arms and legs that you usually see on those horny gym jocks that spend a lot of time working out.

Another thing you’ll notice about Alexander is his sexy Russian accent. There’s something so erotic about the way he closes his eyes in an almost dreamy way while he works that nice long uncut cock of his. He also loves showing off his beautiful smooth butt. And when he shoots his thick creamy load all over his tight stomach he really gets into it.

Strawberry Blonde Riley at Randy Blue

riley-price-randy-blue chicago porn


Riley Price had been admiring Xander Scott’s videos on my site for some time and when we’ve talked before about different models he’d like to work with, Xander’s name always came up. And once I saw these two hot guys together I knew this video was going to be amazing. They could barely wait until we got to the location to start messing around. I even had to make sure they weren’t left alone together before the shoot because I wanted both of them to save up their cum until the final moments of this video.

 I think that was a great idea because by the time I got around to yelling ‘ACTION’ the two of them practically attacked each other. Their energy shows, as does the incredible chemistry they have together. Xander just engulfs Riley’s cock and Riley gets so into it that he starts spanking Xander and force feeding his cock to him. This seemed a bit of a surprise at first but something that Xander eventually got really turned on by.

And while Xander was taking Riley’s dick deep into this throat, Riley was getting a first hand lesson in the way that only a man knows how to really pleasure another man. And Xander’s had more than enough practice in doing both. I thought it was so hot that Riley had to physically push Xander away because he was dangerously close to cumming in his mouth, and he wanted to make sure you guys got a perfect shot of it.

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Cutter Jacking Off His Long Jock Boy Muscle Cock at FRATMEN.TV or as Robbie Madden at RANDY BLUE


Meet FRATMEN’S hung, ripped and stacked gorgeous body-builder, CUTTER.  If Cutter looks familiar to you, you may recognize him from his recent work on RANDY BLUE by the name ROBBIE MADDEN. He can call himself anything he fucking wants as long as he keeps showing off his beautiful body, cock and furry bubble butt ass!  My only complaint is i wish he wouldn’t shave off all his pubes, I’d love to see a more natural bush of man fur going on downton cause you know it would be HOT!

This muscle jock boy stud can bench press 350 pounds, I’d just like him on top of me pumping my hungry mouth and hole like the horny cum pig guzzler I am!

Cutter Jacking Off His Long Jock Boy Muscle Cock at FRATMEN.TV or as Robbie Madden at RANDY BLUE


Hung Blonde Charmer Zachary Cook gets Naked at RANDY BLUE


Says Randy Blue:  “Zachary Cook has such a sweet disposition that you can’t help but be happy when you’re around him. When I got his email with his photos I was immediately impressed with his sexy body and all American looks, but it was his smile that jumped off the screen at me. I couldn’t wait to meet him. When he showed up at my office he was adorably bashful and very friendly. We had a great talk and I couldn’t wait to get to know him better. When I told him to strip down so I could take a look at his body I would have had a moment of concern that his shyness might give him second thoughts, if he’d given me a chance. As it was he was naked before I even finished asking.”



“He smiled that warm smile of his and said that this is something he had wanted to do for a long time. I tested him out with an appearance on RBL the night before his shoot and everyone there loved him! So I knew it was going to be a great shoot. He’s really into military guys so I told him while he was jerking off to imagine himself having snuck into a barracks somewhere and discovered by two hot soldiers who have their way with him. You can see by the way he works that big thick cock of his that the images in his head must have been just what he needed.”




“I think he also was really getting off on the fact that all of you guys were going to be watching his video. He gave such a great performance, burying his face in the pillows and giving you a guided tour of a hole that’s just begging to be filled. And as he draws himself closer and closer to climax, the look on his face coupled with the soft, breathy moans that come out of that gorgeous mouth of his, are enough to make you cum even before he shoots his load high up into the air and all over his smooth chest.”



Hung Blonde Charmer Zachary Cook gets Naked at RANDY BLUE!

Hottie Eric Blaine Heating Up BADPUPPY and RANDY BLUE!



Eric Blaine has a way of catching you off guard. Above photos are from a shoot he did with BADPUPPY, below are from RANDY BLUE!

On first glance, you might think he’s a handsome guy and not think any more of it, but when you see him sprawled out on a sofa working his big cock, you realize how incredibly hot he is. You might think he’s a really tough guy and that you wouldn’t want to mess with him but the minute you engage him in conversation you find what a bright, friendly and interesting person he is. His southern drawl is so sexy you just want him to talk dirty to you.


We love his hairy legs and the wisps of hair at the center of his chest, especially when he playfully pulls at them as he’s playing with himself. He’s got a cock that many guys would love to have — long and slender, not too thick but a good handful, with a nice pair of low hanging balls that bounce playfully when he jerks off.


Eric Blaine at BADPUPPY and RANDY BLUE!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Ask’s “What’s New At RANDY BLUE?”



Ryan and Gavin flip flop fuck!

“When Ryan Rockford started modeling for us I noticed Gavin Tate showing some interest.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, a respect for his work in the industry, a little bit of a man crush, or just the fascination of wanting to do a scene with him.  But whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let a chance like that pass me by.  When they guys want to work together, who am I to not let them?  I know it’s going to make for a kick ass video and this time I was dead on.  I was going to do a little interview with them but before I could even turn the camera on they were already making out and getting really frisky with each other.  I know when I’m not wanted so I just got everything set up and faded into the background, letting these two studs do there thing with no interference.  I love shoots like these, where the guy are so into it that they need no coaching, no direction.  They just get so into each other it’s like nobody else is in the room. 

Ryan is such a great cocksucker, taking all of Gavin’s cock into his mouth, working it with his tongue, stroking the shaft while using his incredible suction skills on his sensitive dickhead.  And Gavin got so turned on having his dick sucked that he needed to get some man ass.  He dove head first into Ryan’s hot butt, rimming him and getting his hole primed and ready for entry.  By the time Gavin was done with him he was begging to be fucked.  And Gavin couldn’t wait to fuck him.  And once Gavin got his fill it was time for him to get filled so they switched places and Ryan got to give it to him good.  He also got his tongue in there, alternately rimming his ass and sucking his balls, making Gavin’s head spin in pleasure, then returns to fucking him until he shoots his load with Ryan’s cock still buried deep inside him.  This gets Ryan so hot he pulls out and showers Gavin with his own huge load.”






“I was asking our newest model, Daniel Mathews, why he came to Randy Blue.  His story amazed me.  He said that he loves rock climbing and anything physical.  That made a lot of sense to me considering the fact that he has the kind of body one only gets from a lot of physical activity.  And when he’s really exerting himself and the endorphins are flowing, he gets extremely horny.  So there he was on an overnight rock climbing expedition with some buddies of his when they all found a flat area to spend the night.  Everyone set up their tents to bunk out for the night and with a raging hardon Daniel snuck off to take care of business.  It was too nice outside to stay cooped up in a tent, and the area they were at was big enough for him to go behind some rocks and let himself go with all of nature surrounding him. 

Just as he was really getting into it, he heard footsteps.  He spun around, cock firmly in hand, to catch one of his friends staring openly at him.  But before he could say anything he noticed that his friend’s hand was rubbing his own crotch.  He could have gotten embarrassed, he could have made some excuse, but instead he found himself getting more and more turned on.  So he kept on going, just working his cock while his friend looked on and his friend really got into watching him.  He came first and encouraged his friend to do the same.  Once he got home he figured it would be rare to match that kind of excitement in his daily life, but if he were to be on camera knowing that tons of horny guys would be watching him and getting off to his sexual energy he could keep chasing after this new rush.  And that’s how Daniel Matthews came to model for us.”





Lucas and Ryan have lots of fun together!

“Sometimes you don’t need any talking.  No storyline, no conversation… just two hot guys who can’t wait to get naked and explore each other’s bodies.  Lucas Vick has gone from that handsome shy guy with the huge dick that did his first solo with just a hint of nervousness to a guy who walks into the room ready for anything.  He’s always so laid back and that makes watching him get laid so much sexier.  His recent live shows have been off the wall as he turns on the charm one minute then lets loose with the kind of dirty talk that would make anyone blush, while causing quite a few hardons as well.  Then we have Ryan Brody.  This is his first video, and blowjob, with another guy and he was more than ready for it.  The minute I got him and Lucas in the same room it was all I could do to keep them apart until we got the cameras rolling.  Ryan’s got the kind of body that you just want to lick all over. 

His smooth caramel colored skin, adorable features and huge piece of manmeat just make your mouth water.  And while I know that putting anyone with Lucas would make for a super hot video, because Lucas is just that good, seeing him go down on Ryan was something else.  He worked that cock for all it was worth and then some.  And Ryan was so cute, testing the waters to see what he could get away with.  He tentatively puts his hands on Lucas’ head while he’s sucking his aching erection.  Not sure how rough or gentle he needs to be, or how wild he can get.  But once things were moving along Ryan was able to relax, and after a while he was jamming his cock down Lucas’ eager throat like a pro.  And by the end he was more than willing to spray his seed all over Lucas’ furry chest.”






Zak loves to wrap his hands around a thick weight!

“My eating habits suck.  I eat out a lot and with all the different food choices you can find in Los Angeles I rarely keep it to the basics and I noticed some of my tighter sexy jeans were getting a little more snug than usual.  So I decided to head to one of our hip organic grocery stores to buy some healthy food and make an attempt to eat better.  The first thing that I noticed when I got there was the wide selection of garden fresh vegetables… okay, I’m totally kidding.  The first thing I noticed was all the hot guys who obviously kept themselves in shape by eating well and working out.  I decided to strike up a conversation with a really handsome dark haired guy with an amazing body in hopes of finding out which veggies were the freshest… okay, I’m lying again.  I wanted to get in his pants. 

We started talking and he told me his name was Zak Parker.  He had such a handsome face and adorable smile, not to mention a tight muscular body, the outline of which I could easily see through his thin, tight t-shirt.  When I went to introduce myself he laughed because he knew exactly who I was.  He’d seen my photo on our Blue Is Beautiful blog and said that he had always thought it would be really hot to pose naked for a site like mine.  Well, I eventually did get in his pants, but sadly not in the way I had intended.  I never mix business and pleasure, except for the enjoyment I get out of bringing you the hottest guys.  So we arranged for a shoot.  Since our first conversation was about health and fitness I decided to shoot him in the Randy Blue gym because I wanted to see what kind of workout he did.  Okay, I wanted to see his sexy body working out while naked.  And I’m glad I did.  His debut video is so hot, I can’t wait to pair him up with some of our other hot guys.”



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David Chase at Randy Blue

David Chase had a birthday recently and I wanted to do something special for him. He was in town so I thought I’d take him out for drinks. I asked what he’d like to do for his special day and he got this gleam in his eye and said, ‘I wanna get fucked by Leo Giamani’.

David couldn’t wait to get at Leo’s hunk of meat and once he was up close and personal with it his mouth was watering to start sucking it. He gives a blowjob like he’s watched hundreds of them and has taken the best, the most skillful and the most unusual aspects of each and blended them all together. It’s definitely something to see. And you can tell that he’s totally blowing Leo away by it. And Leo was more than happy to return the favor by burying it deep into David’s inviting hole.




Hot Interracial Locker Room Sex at RANDY BLUE

Leo Giamani and Jeremy Walker could be Greek statues, their perfect bodies, muscles for days, handsome chiseled features and big cocks that might scare away a novice bottom but would offer a welcome challenge to anyone that loves to get fucked. So, once the best was assembled all it took was to let it loose. These guys knew exactly what to do and what you will see will blow you away. Gym showers, glory holes, interracial sucking and deep fucking, all with a group of the hottest Randy Blue models. Grab some lube and a cum towel, you’re going to need it!
The Locker Room @ RANDY BLUE

HOT and HOT! Reese Rideout at Randy Blue







These boys make me wet!

Reese Rideout is a porn phenomenon- The recently awarded

“Man of the Year” shines in every performance he gives on

Randy Blue. This made him the perfect

 choice to pair up with the newbie, Malachi Marx.

See more of  of them in photos

See the movie clip!

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