Big Dick Fuckers [2011 JET SET MEN] brings you Barrett Long who has become legendary with that massive sized UNCUT cock. One of the 3 BIGGEST I have ever seen in my life.

Jet Set Men also brings you gay porn superstars Jason White, Jack Ryan, Derrick Long, Lucas Knowles, Austin Wrigley, Cayden Banks, Cam Kurtz, Brandt Moore, Mason Wyler, Tyler Saint, Derek Cruz, Matt Cole and Anthony Martinez. This big dick packaged gay men are sure to give gay consumers satisfaction as well as giving you a profital movie in a quick period of time. Big Dick Fuckers [2011] is sure to satisfy those jock boys with their big dick addictions.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see Barrett and this superstar cast of 13 do some stiff work with their cocks which you view a variety of sweaty situations and mind blowing positions. Tyler Saint, Matt Cole and Mason Wyler and Anthony Martinez are just some stand outs of muscle men that elevated their performance levels while on the hunt for the perfect fuck.

These jock boys come to realized that when you get pounded by a big dick fucker everybody is going to watch it happen and it’s going to be intense.”

“Big Dick Fuckers” is predestined to be that big cock flick that everyone will be talking about and everybody will get off watching. Jet Set Men is known for its incredible directing, casting new models with the most sought after models and having them deliver performances of a life time which has created a bona fide library of blockbuster hits. “Big Dick Fuckers” is that movie you get excited just thinking about and now the fantasy has become the reality and the boys are ready to come out to play.

It’s about $50 – but someone has it for sale on EBAY this week!

JET SET MEN for more!!

Cock from the UK with Blake Mason After Hours

The fabulous Dan J makes his return this week and the lucky guy who gets to fuck him senseless is the hung, hot and hairy Lincoln! We all know that Lincoln likes nothing more than a good old hard, fast and deep fuck and who can blame him? Ploughing that big 8.5 inch uncut dick deep in to tight willing holes must be heaven on earth… and you know, Dan J knew exactly what he had to look forward to! But I’m not so sure he knew just how dominant Lincoln and his huge fuck tool could be…

There’s a lot of action that happens before Lincoln gets to slide his massive uncut cock into Dan’s hungry ass! The guys start completely naked with only a bed spread covering their cocks but that’s quickly discarded as Dan throws it back to feast on Lincolns delicious dick! And what a feast it is – Dan certainly got a mouthful and Lincoln repays the favour, easily swallowing the whole of Dan’s cock… they then 69 on each other’s dicks cocks and then again on each other’s asses – they both tongue one another’s holes until Lincoln needs to fuck ;-)

Lincoln pushes his swollen cock head down in to Dan’s willing hole… and enjoying that first “sliding in” feeling so much Lincoln proceeds to take it out and then slides it back in… and he takes it out again until Dan begs for its full length inside him! From there on in Dan becomes Lincoln’s plaything and gets thrown around the bed with wanton lust and passion! He’s ploughed hard and gets seriously pounded but you can tell from his moans and groans that Dan’s loving every second! Lincoln finally gets Dan on his back for the second time and fucks his ass until Dan can’t hold back any longer… and let’s just say Dan’s soon covered in two loads of lovely hot cum ;-)


Colt Leather and REAL MEN’s MEN

Stripped naked and waiting the sling, Scott is ready for some hard anal punishment. Kristian inspects Scott’s hot and hungry hole as he strokes his throbbing cock. With a wad of spit he wets his man tool and then drills it in. Scott grabs ahold of his ass cheeks and spreads ‘em wide to take every inch of his thick piece. Kristian power fucks that ass, driving it hard and without mercy like a well-tuned, big dicked top machine.

With his balls ready to explode, Kristian sits back and makes his bottom ride his horse-hung cock home. Scott climbs up and grinds his ass all over that big juicy dick. Ready to shoot, Kristian stands up, forces Scott to his knees and strokes his thick, white load all over Scott’s face and chest. As the cum drips down his body, Scott unleashes his own nut busting load with a fury. Cum dripping everywhere, Kristian Alverez walks away, leaving Scott to lap it all up all on his own.

COLT   where  men  are  MEN

TREVOR KNIGHT – Big Dicks = Big Fun

Pornstar: Braxton Bond , Trevor Knight in My Brother’s Hot Friend

Braxton is trying to plan a surprise party for Trevor’s brother. All Braxton needs is for Trevor to distract his brother while they get the party together. Trevor says he can do that. Then Braxton confesses to Trevor that he’s always had a crush on him. Well I’m straight says Trevor but it couldn’t hurt, why not…



Vintage gay Bareback Porn Men in Uniforms

Super fit, super hung, dressed in uniform, and ready to fuck, Todd and James are the perfect sailors. Now that they have some shore leave, they plan to make the best of it…

With a little privacy, the uniforms come off, and dicks are grabbed and played with. James apparently gives good head, but Todd shows him how it’s done. He takes James’ big dick, and shoves it balls deep in his mouth.

It’s not long before James gets a bit more saliva on his cock, and gently slides it in Todd’s eager ass. The fucking gets more intense when James lays on his back, and Todd rides that big dick like a piston in an engine.

As is always the case, at some point, the throbbing feeling of an ass crushing cock gets to be too much. James pulls out and explodes hard, leaving the biggest, warmest, messiest load of jizz you’ve ever seen, all over Todd’s back. Todd flips over, and returns the favour leaving James’ well-formed chest with a warm load of his own.


Jake Lyons Meaty Foreskin at Fantastic Foreskin

Jake Lyons Shows Off His Meaty Foreskin
Grown up and hotter than ever, uncut gay porn superstar Jake Lyons shows off his big hooded cock on Fantastic Foreskin! 
You may know Jake Lyons as a twink porn superstar, but Jake is growing up. In fact, Jake has grown into a man with an amazingly sculpted body and a large, meaty uncut cock. The “Lollypop Twink” is gone and a handsome, built jock stands in his place!

Jake first strips down for a photo session, playing with his foreskin, stretching and tugging it, then kicks back to get his hooded torpedo worked up and rock hard. Jake stays on the verge of coming. His breathing gets faster and his muscles tense. Stroking and working his foreskin until he explodes with a creamy cum-blast.
That cum looks mouthwatering hanging off Jake’s over-handing foreskin. Need someone to lick it off, Jake?


2 Hot Cocks and Horny Guys

After Brandon Jones’ dildo scene on Videoboys, they asked him who he might like to do a duo with. “Well I’ve already fucked with Hayden Colby and it was REEEALLY good,” he told VideoBoys. So they decided it would be fun to see them recreate that earlier magic and naturally they both had no objection.

From the moment these two started into the foreplay it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. Both Brandon and Hayden are very experienced in the ways of love and putting them together is like putting two great pianists together in a room and telling them to improvise something. These two are virtuosos of sex and in this scene they made beautiful music, beautiful LOUD music, together. The banging got so loud at one point we got some complaints from the downstairs neighbor. But no complaints from Brandon and Hayden. Both left the scene extremely satisfied.




Sweet Young Twinks at BOY FUN COLLECTION

Martine shows off his rock hard body and amazing cock in this hot new update from Boyfun Collection. Martine is a good looking guy who has a fresh faced, innocent look but the body of Adonis. As he pulls off his shirt and shows off his killer abs you just want to run your tongue up and down them. He unbuttons his pants and drops them, letting his thick cock out to play.
Martine has a sweet, tight ass that he shows off while he strokes his tool and gets his amazing cock hard. Martine’s cock is something to behold and as it stands at full attention he wraps his hand around it and starts to pump. He works his shaft like a pro and he is so skilled his hand has him ready to burst in a matter of minutes. As he cums he erupts like a fountain shooting his hot cream all over his hands. The jizz drips down his shaft, and coats his balls. Martine is out of breath, but has a very satisfied grin on his face.


Art of Eating Ass and Rimming

Can you resist a beautiful butt?

I didn’t think so. If you don’t enjoy or aren’t even curious about rimming – licking a guy’s ass – then this page is not for you.
I personally get off more on rimming a cute smooth butt, than getting rimmed.
It’s common sense, to make sure that your partner is clean “down there” before you dig in.
Position is the key to doing an effective job here. Just as the 69 position is popular with a lot of people for blowjobs – the 69 position can also be used for rimming.
I find it very erotic to have my ,partner straddle my face with his ass, with his body facing my legs. This allows me the most access to his butt. A little like this.
When in this position a lot of guys are tempted to lean forward and try to rim you or suck your cock at the same time. When your partner does this to you his butt rotates up and you have to strain your neck and tongue trying to reach it. To avoid this tell him to sit up, but also he should support some of his weight, otherwise you might have too much of a good thing in your face and you may find it difficult to breathe.
If you want him to suck your cock while rimming him, then use your legs to lift your hips upward. This should bring your crotch close enough to his mouth for him to suck on you.
If your partner insists on rimming you at the same time, and your back is pretty flexible, ask him to use his hands to grab your legs by the backs of your knees, and lift your ass in the air and closer to his mouth. He should be able to rim you without leaning over too much.
Another good position for rimming your partner is for him to be on all fours, or even better, flat on his stomach with his legs spread widely apart. Then you can really go to town on him.
When it comes to rimming it helps to have a lot of dexterity with your tongue. The deeper you push your tongue the better it feels. The slicker you make your partner’s ass the easier it is for you. Use your hands to spread his butt cheeks apart. An interesting experience for your partner may be to get “hummed”.
“Humming” is pushing your face into his ass, with your tongue probing his hole, and then moaning/humming out loud. A lot of guys probably haven’t experienced this kind of “vibration”. Try it sometime.
When rimming a guy, playfully lick, gently bite his ass cheeks. Squeeze them with your hands, feel their texture.
Don’t overlook the “miracle inch”. This is the area between the base of his balls and his asshole. For a lot of guys this is a super hypersensitive area. Try giving it a good tongue bath.
Fingers can be a mixed proposition. If you are going to finger your partner’s ass while rimming him, make sure that both – your finger and his asshole – are slick with saliva, otherwise he may resist.
The skin on your fingers is usually a lot rougher than you think. So having a finger up there might not always feel good.
If you’re rimming a guy who is a complete top – it may be a big turn off for him to have a finger, or anything, up his ass. Though if your partner is versatile or a bottom, he may enjoy a finger or two, or five. You’ll have to ask him to find out. Also fingernails may cause “snags” so be careful.
Rimming is one of those acts, that’s become a main stream fetish. If your partner has never been rimmed before – encourage him to give it a go and see how he feels. Chances are he’ll love it.
Don’t necessarily expect him to return the favor. There is still a very large number of prissy guys out there that are squeamish about licking another guy’s ass. Considering that a good shower is still the most effective precaution against anything unsavory, I have to say that they are the ones with a problem and are missing out – not you.”




Hot Leather Daddy with massive COCK!

Fuck me! Daddy!

If you’re into muscular leather men, you’re going to love Harley Everett from Butch Dixon. I’ve always thought that there were three kinds of men: the men you’d fuck, the ones you didn’t, and the ones you want to marry and fuck forever. Harley Everett falls into the last category. Everett is a very good-looking man with an awesomely built body. This 28-year-old man stands 6’2″ and weighs 180 pounds.

His body is rock solid and he spends a lot of time in the gym maintaining his strong and muscular physique. Harley Everett is also versatile, which another big reason that he falls into the marrying kind of man. Who wouldn’t want to feel that mushroom-head cock sliding into their butt hole or down their throat? It’s a fabulous dick, a cocksucker’s dream come true. But when you see Everett’s round bubble butt, even if you’re the most committed bottom out there, the sight of it gets you revved up – I know I sure wouldn’t mind a crack at driving my hard dick between those massive and round butt cheeks. Harley Everett is featured in a steamy photo gallery over at Butch Dixon and he’s got a hot suck and fuck video coming in the next couple of weeks where he plays with a heavily tattooed guy.


SPUNK WORTHY and Huge Cum Loads

Since his last shoot, Augustus told a few of his friends about yankin’ his cock on camera. From there, the word seems to be spreading like wildfire in his circle.

“A couple of them have been looking around online trying to find the video,” he admits.

Not that he has much to be ashamed of between his 8-inch cock and tight bod.

I mentioned that his 2-finger ass fucking was a big hit from his last scene. That was enough to encourage a repeat performance; at one point he almost got a third finger shoved up there! I’m starting to think that Augustus might be a good candidate for some dildo play.

One of the hottest things about Augustus is his high-flying cumshots, and this one is no exception. He shoots out a load that leaves his chest covered in a dripping mess. SPUNK WORTHY!

Fisting and Fucking at Kristen Bjorn

Casting Couch 232 starring Claudio Ferrer & Hugo Martin.  You asked for it, we delivered it.  Hugo proves his abilities as an accomplished top while Claudio proves his power bottom abilities and keeps up with all of Hugo’s demands.  Our clip starts out with a touch of leather and bondage.  Then our couple advance into a hot pissing facial, which Claudio drinks up with zest.  Can you piss with a hard-on?  After some deep penetrating pounding Hugo spreads Claudio’s ass and fists him with great zeal.  Our clip then comes to a grand finale with a hot dripping cum facial, which Claudio eats up with such vigor.  Push your limits and live!

Big Penis Book – NOW IN 3D

3D is taking over the world!

It’s hard to imagine a book that could beat The Big Penis Book
for grabbing attention and driving sales, unless it would be those same unimaginably colossal generative units seen in breathtaking 3-D.

 That pop-up centerfold we joked about adding? In 3-D every page becomes a pop-up! This 220-page, 30 by 30 cm special edition includes 96 images from the original book, plus 8 new bonus photos, transformed into eye-popping 3-D by Jon Schnitzer and The Brain Factory, the geniuses whipping up special effects for filmmakers such as Tim Burton. There is a revised introduction, new layout, and two pairs of red/blue anaglyph glasses included, so the book can be shared with a friend, or simply enjoyed alone after the first pair of glasses wears out.

Unlike other 3-D pictures you may have seen, the photos in The Big Penis Book 3-D do not look distorted when viewed without the glasses. The Brain Factory’s technique is so subtle it’s hard to even detect the red/blue tint in many of the black and white photos, but when you put on your glasses the parts of interest leap from the page, not in flat layers as in old-style 3-D, but as thick, fully rounded, touchable contours.

Under $30!  That this is a red-hot gift book is a no-brainer. From the dawn of 3-D technology, spears, sticks, guns, and rockets have been aimed at the audience to demonstrate the realism of the effect.

The special effects in The Big Penis Book 3-D
are no less convincing.


Landon Conrad at Falcon in Other Side of Aspen VI

Landon Conrad has risen to gay adult entertainment stardom in just a few short years. As the star of The Other Side Aspen VI, this blond-haired, blue-eyed hunk shines his brightest. The editors  sat down with Landon for a up-close-and-personal interview about porn, his appearance in the most anticipated movie of the year.
Q: How does it feel to be the star of one of the biggest movies of the year?
LC: It feels amazing! I’m so excited for it to come out. Being part of this three decade old saga is totally surreal for me. The Other Side of Aspen series was some of the first gay porn I ever saw! I remember seeing all those men having sex in their long-johns and flannel. I was so aroused. I knew after seeing that there was no question about my sexuality, I was a total homo! LOL I seriously must have beat-off to the scene with Ken Ryker like 1,000 times! I’m so excited for all my fans to see this one. I think this one is definitely the best of the series and my best work to date!


Arnold Schwarzeneggers Penis Control


“I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family,” he says.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to make amends with his family after admitting he fathered a child with a longtime staff member 10 years ago — the reason for his separation from wife Maria Shriver.

“After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago. I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family,” he said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times, which first reported the story.

“There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry,” continued the former governor of California.




Steven Tyler Has a Big Rock and Roll Cock?

Steven Tyler has one of the biggest penises in rock, according to musician Steven Adler. (It doesnt look all the big to me – must be a big grower…)

The former Guns N’ Roses drummer claims the Aerosmith frontman has a very impressive manhood which would leave most men feeling inadequate.

Adler told gossip website TMZ: “Those extending pills don’t work – I’ve tried them!

“After seeing Steven Tyler’s rig with five different girls’ hands wrapped around it … I’m lucky if I take my clothes off at all after that. I was devastated!”

Tyler has never been shy when it comes to his sex life and has claimed he lost his virginity to twins when he was just seven.

Recalling his first sexual experience, the ‘American Idol’ judge said: “It was at the age of seven with twins.”

The ‘Love in an Elevator’ singer has also boasted that no woman has ever turned down his sexual advances.

The 63-year-old rocker – who has previously had relationships with actress-and-model Cyrinda Foxe and model Bebe Buell, who is the mother of his daughter Liv Tyler – said: “Never. I’m persistent. I’m very sensual and very rhythm-oriented and into poetry. Women can feel that.”

Steven Tyler writes about experimenting with men in his new memoir Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir

“Gay sex just doesn’t do it for me. I tried it one time when I was younger, but I just didn’t dig it.”




Michael Lucas…More from ASSASSIN

The puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place as it’s revealed who are the friends and foes of the assassin, Michael Lucas. He’s marked for dead, and believing that the assassin is now a corpse, corrupt detective Wilfried Knight wastes no time visiting Drew Cutler’s apartment for a hot and heavy celebration. The minute Wilfried is in the door, the two conspirators make their way into the living room for some rough kissing, spitting, and grinding. They tear off each other’s clothes, revealing Wilfried’s hard, hairy chest and Drew’s smooth muscled body. But rough foreplay isn’t what the men are after: Wilfried peels off Drew’s tight white briefs and takes his hard cock instantly into his mouth with slow, deep, and slobbering slurps. As the scene heats up, Drew throws his legs up into the air so Wilfried can work his cock, asshole, and balls all at the same time.

When it’s Wilfried’s turn for some steamy action, he face-fucks Drew’s mouth, forcing him to take his meaty shaft all the way down to his pubes! As fucking grows imminent, Drew flips onto his back once again and is ready for Wilfried to pound the hell out of him. When Wilfried has his fill of Drew’s meaty ass in this position, the bottom gets onto all fours so Wilfried can fuck him into total submission until they both spout loads of cum! 


Cock Suckers and Cock Sucking

This is from a reader –

I think of cock to mouth contact as actually being a continuum.

At one end is pure fellatio where the man with the dick being sucked holds perfectly still while the man sucking him off does all the work and makes all the movements that are taking place to eventually accomplish the goal of a satisfying orgasm and cum release for the man remaining motionless.

At the opposite end of the continuum is pure irrumatio, where the man whose mouth the cock is in remains perfectly still, and all the work and movement is done by the man whose cock is in the mouth. In other words, he fucks the mouth he finds himself in, hopefully until orgasmic release accompanied by a decent load of cum bursting forth upon the scene.

Most blow jobs fall along the continuum somewhere in between pure fellatio and pure irrumatio. Any man who’s receiving good vibrations from the mouth he finds his hard cock lucky enough to be in will almost naturally (without thinking about it) begin making pelvic thrusts, usually moderate ones. Because most individuals sucking cock aren’t that good at deep throating (especially bigger dicks), or can’t do it at all (before their natural, unfortunate gag reflex kicks in), most men being sucked off don’t experience the thrill of deep throat action, and most men thrusting their dick into a mouth aren’t shoving it in all the way (since few mouths can really tolerate that).

I think an oral expert (champion cocksucker) should be able to do both — actively suck off and deep throat even the big ones, and remain still and let even the big ones all-the-way deep throat face fuck his willing and fortunate mouth. I think this dual expertise should be the goal of any man who wants to be considered a world class cocksucker, and I believe that no man truly deserves to be thought of in this way (as a gold medal cocksucker) unless he really can perform at both ends of the fellatio-irrumatio continuum at this advanced (handling the big ones with skill and aplomb) level.

My personal experience is that a highly favorable position for irrumatio is for the receiving man to be laying on a flat horizontal surface on his back with his head hanging down toward the floor or ground totally unsupported beyond and off of the edge of the surface the rest of his body is on top of. For a long time I’ve been looking for a good name for this position, and finally I’ve come across one — on the oralcockworship blog — that seems adequate: the reverse thrust position.

Of course this is personal opinion, and I don’t want or expect everyone to agree with it. But I hope what I’ve shared here can add to thought and conversation.

(preferred email address:

It’s best to give and to receive (my way of saying I love to suck and be sucked).




$500 gets you Backstage with NICK ADAMS in NEW YORK CITY

We just saw PRISCILLA on Broadway  this week in New York City!  WOW!  What an eye-popping, show-stopping performance!  Everyone does a fantastic job, but of course, our heart has always belonged to Nick Adams, since I first saw him onstage in 2005. 

We’ll be covering it more in a couple weeks, and catching up with the ever adorable, super-talented Nick Adams with an interview , in the coming weeks!

Nick gives, and gives and gives whenever he can to great causes like Broadway Bares and AIDS WALK NY.  (He has even been crowned Broadway Hero by  “I enjoy giving my time to great causes, and it makes me feel good to know I can help in some way.”He sent me this note this morning……

Thanks for everyone who donated after my last e-mail for AIDS Walk NYC! I was able to break my original goal of $3,000 and am now the #1 fundraiser from the cast! Thanks!

48 hours left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to up the stakes and see if we could get some more folks giving. If you’ve ever dreamt about getting a backstage tour of Priscilla from me, this is your chance. For every person that gives $500 or more, I will arrange to give you a personal backstage tour. Simply get tickets to the show of your choice and I’ll meet you after the show and give you a private tour. Some people have been paying $5,000 – $10,000 to get backstage tours, so to be able to get one in exchange for a tax deductible dontation of only $500, is AMAZING.

Since we reached my personal goal of raising $3,000 I will pick one lucky subscriber to recieve an autographed program from the show.

Additionally, anyone donating $500 or more,


I will send them an autographed program (simply email us a proof of donation along with your shipping address)


AND I WILL GIVE THEM A PRIVATE BACKSTAGE TOUR ($5k value). Just let me know when you are in NYC!!

~ Nick Adams

donate here-
 Nick Adams’ Donation Page for AIDS WALK NYC


Next Door Gay Neighbor – Come On Over Hottie

I am sure your neighbor looks JUST LIKE THAT!  Right?!

Meet BRAD at Next Door Male. – I love these photos – they have that 60’s vintage look….

Next Door Male official website. Come see the guy next door porn experiences. Access lots of downloadable movies and pictures.

Matthew Ludwinski….GOING DOWN IN LA LA LAND


  he  is one  to watch this year! 

DYLAN ROSSER did these images.)

 Going Down in LA-LA Land  premiered at this year’s Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Miami as the coveted final night feature this week. And got RAVE REVIEWS!

Based on the novel penned by Andy Zeffer, this film explores the ups and down, and trials and tribulations of trying to make it in Hollywood. What would you do to survive and achieve your ultimate dream?  Directed by Casper Andreas, the film stars Matthew Ludwinski as “Adam,” a Hollywood newbie looking to get his start in the world of lights—camera—action. We recently caught up with Matthew to talk about his starring role, the steamy sex scenes and working with Casper Andreas. 

I know what it’s like to feel objectified.  I know what it’s like to feel used.  I know what it’s like to feel desperate.  And every actor has thought at some point about the casting couch, and has had the thought, “I wonder if it is possible to sleep my way to the top?” 

But really his whole journey from arriving to Hollywood bright and excited to the process of his disillusionment—I’ve experienced all of that.  I think most actors have.”


May 7 The Boston LGBT Film Festival
(Andreas to attend)

May 12 

The Rainbow Film Festival in Honolulu
 (Star Matthew Ludwinski
& co-star Alec Mapa to attend)

May 25-31 Mix Milano Film Festival, Italy.

June 2-4 QCinema, Fort Worth (Andreas to attend)

More dates announced soon!


UOMO TV is back!  the website for those that love uncut cock on nude latin men. They have  some of the hottest naked latino men, or hombres desnudo in Spanish.

New and improved with ,lots of hot videos!  CHECK  OUT  UOMO TV

NEW MUSIC from Mister Chase …ADDICTED



You have read about him here before

Mister Chase has a  new song

ADDICTED and he has been busy shooting tons of cool video footage!  More cameras, more dancers, more props than the previous HOT VIDEOS.

(Remember his HARD CANDY ?) 

We can’t wait to see the new ADDICTED video. Plus Chase  hinted he has a couple more surprises he will be unveiling this summer –  with some VERY BIG NAMES attached. So stay tuned for more details. We’ll let you know when the video is ready –  and you can download ADDICTED  now on iTunes

Listen to ADDICTED  on YouTube now!

Go to OFFICIAL CHASEfor everything CHASE!

Ben Patrick Johnson Disrobes in Full Glory

If you haven’t seen him, you’ve definitely heard him! With a voice as sultry as the black panther licking his flawless torso, Ben is one of Hollywood’s hottest voice-over actors. He is also a dedicated and civil liberties activist. And he certainly inspires human rights –to lustful applause! – taking off his clothes!

We shot Ben for our artistic gallery at his home in the Hollywood Hills – sprawling him out like a piece of erotic full frontal furniture. It’s hard, er, um, difficult to gaze at his body without tingling. The man is as seductive and reassuring as his mellifluous narration.

Arranging his naked perfection before his large picture windows, we asked politely if the neighbors mind? “I paid a lot of money for this view,” answered Ben coolly. What a view it is! So you know, Good Morning in Tinseltown is hotter than a pot of Sanka!

You’ll love his Behind-the-Scenes video and, if you’re like us here at Paragon Men, you’ll want to learn more about this fascinating Renaissance Adonis!

Read his book     If the Rains Don’t Cleanse

Fund Raising Effort by Casper Andreas new Film

I know you guys hate it when I interrupt the porn flow, to get on my soapbox –   but this is is important.

One of my readers and dear friends, the very hot and handsome CASPER ANDREAS is in the final hours of fundraising for his new movie!  THOUSANDS of people read our site daily.  So I have to ask, If you  can donate anything, just a couple dollars, it will help. Donate $30 and he will even send you a free DVD  when it comes out!




Based on the novel by Andy Zeffer, “Going Down in LA-LA Land” is a candid, sexy, and outrageously funny look at what and actor can — and will do — to survive in Hollywood.  This dark comedy takes a riveting and uncensored look at our celebrity-obsessed culture and some people’s need to be loved, adored, and adulated at any cost! Please watch the trailer above to learn more about the film and check out our facebook page with lots of pictures. –  THIS IS NOT A PORN MOVIE! But it IS about the world of Adult Entertainment.


 ”Going Down in LA-LA Land” is almost finished and it will have its world premiere as the Closing Night film at the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on May 1st. Other upcoming screenings confirmed are Opening Night at the Rainbow Film Festival in Honolulu, and the gay film festivals in Milan, Zurich and Boston, also in May. Many more festivals will  be announced very soon. After its festival run, we are  also planning to take the films to select theaters and release it on DVD and VOD.


Please help us finish the film by essentially pre-ordering the DVD for $30, (Check out all the great rewards offered to the left: premiere tickets! signed DVDs! your name in the film’s credits! Associate Producer credit!) and join us in bringing “Going Down in LA-LA Land” to life and to audiences everywhere. 

Like our other films “Going Down in LA-LA Land” was made on a very low budget, thanks to an amazing and hardworking cast and crew. Still it’s our most ambitious and expensive film to date, and we are out of funds. To cover the final costs of finishing the film (color corrections, sound mixing, credits) as well as promotional expenses (poster artwork, website, festival submissions) we need your support. Donate what you can and please help us spread the word about this campaign on facebook, twitter, and email.

I’m personally thrilled with how the film is coming together and  believe it’s my best one yet. I hope to be able to share it with you very soon!


Casper Andreas (writer/director)


Dark Chocolate Beautiful Black Muscle at Paragon Men

It’s not poetic, but let’s come out and say it: the hose matches the house. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s perfectly cut! And of course it gets pulled out, tugged, and kinked in our Penthouse.

Taking your eyes off Tyson Longhook is impossible. Like if you saw a unicorn crossing the road, could you take your eyes off? He’s got that magical, mythical attraction – and we dig how he collars his hog with a cockring. Jealous!!!

This black stallion is humble and affectionate. He’s a semi-pro wrestler and has laid them flat all down the eastern seaboard and as far away as San Antonio, Texas. He’s also a personal trainer who loves to make people look and feel better about themselves. See, he’s a giver :)

“Stop working out,” they told him. “You’re going to explode!” – explode he does, on XXX laptops across the paragoniverse – penetrating deeper than any man has penetrated before! We’re lucky to have him. For the shoot, Tyson arrived and knocked on the door – at the wrong hotel! Thankfully nobody answered or we may have lost him to a very lucky, horny hotel guest!


and  Black and Latin Men