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Meet Pete! He is a handyman in NYC. He works on drywall, plumbing etc, anything that needs fixing in your apartment including you! We can tell you that besides being amazingly handsome man, Pete is a dominant guy, really dominant!

Pete has a new part time job, he gives boxing lessons at a downtown gym. He arrived to NewYorkStraightMen studio, sweaty, horny and a little “ripe” as he didn’t have a chance to shower after boxing all day. He is a naturally dominate guy and really didn’t care too much if Sergio minded his “man scent”. Pete gave Sergio only one option for a response: ” YES SIR”. Luckily for Sergio, he didn’t mind at all, in fact that really turns Sergio on. That’s a good thing cause Pete wanted his ass licked out right from the start, Sergio’s response was YES SIR!

Pete dates lots of woman and occasionally he finds one who is naturally submissive in and out of the bedroom. He told NewYorkStraightMen those are the ones he keeps around, till is tired of them. He has also let guys submit to him…sometimes…when he isn’t in possession of a female sub. The level of that depends, sometimes if he is working on a guy’s apt and they give him a tip, he might let them suck his cock and rim his ass hole, his way of course! Other times he has taken on male subs like his female ones, who provide total submission to him and let him fuck their mouths and butt holes as he wishes.

Sergio was an obedient cocksucker wanted only to please Pete, so he got his face between Pete’s sweaty ass cheeks and put his tongue deep inside of Pete’s asshole. Pete was a happy man because whenever anybody listens to his commands without questions, he feels that the “natural law” is being followed.

He is a total take charge type of guy who isn’t shy about telling his sub what he wants. He gave orders to Sergio throughout the entire movie, he even told Sergio that he was going to piss in his mouth, but unfortunately we had to prevent that because of US laws that apply to us. But he did make Sergio lick his sweaty ass, that was not on option, he felt that Sergio needed to earn the right to suck his cock! After Pete was satisfied with the slow, wet and deep rim job that Sergio delivered, he told him to start sucking!

Sergio took his place on his knees before Pete and sucked and slurped Pete’s cock till he rock hard, Pete pumped Sergio’s mouth like it was custom made for his cock. Sergio worked hard to please his “Master” and Pete rewarded his slaveboy with a HUGE facial of his thick creamy straight dude cum!

When Pete was satisfied that all of the sweat was licked out of his ass, he rolled over and told Sergio to get between his legs and suck his cock!  Pete kicked back looked down and enjoyed Sergio’s hard work. He really liked looking Sergio’s mouth going up and down on his big, hard cock! It must of felt great too based on the moans and groans Pete was doing.

The time came for Pete to dump his cum load so he moved towards the edge of the bed lifted up his legs and placed them around Sergio’s head, like a vice grip and told Sergio to take turns licking his balls and asshole again. Without question, Sergio did what he was told, Pete was really happy, so happy that he made a huge spermy mess!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN Getting Their Cocks Sucked, Asses Rimmed and Shooting Loads of Cum

Steven Daigle and Trent Locke Fight at The Abbey


Former Big Brother 10 cast member turned gay adult film actor Steven Daigle, was arrested last night Monday October 18, 2010 after a viewing party for his appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (It was a tiny cameo. He was a backup dancer for Kim Zolciak at the White Party when she performed Tardy for the Party. Chi Chi LaRue introduced her. And you see Steven a couple seconds.)

It is reported that Steven and several of his friends had gathered earlier in the evening at the Abbey in West Hollywood, CA to watch his appearance on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta” when boyfriend and fellow gay adult film actor Trent Locke approached Daigle at The Abbey and started to argue with Daigle.  The heated argument quickly ensued into an all out brawl between the two gay adult film actors.

steven daigle-trent-locke-fight-abbey-west-hollywood


After Steven Paul Daigle and Trent Locke were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, Daigle was placed into custody in the early morning hours and is now being held at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station on $20,000 bail.

Update: 10-19-10 – 12:43 a.m. PDT

Trent Locke spoke out on his blog regarding the incident at the Abbey and while both performers were injured in the fight, Locke still has his heart for Steven Daigle.  Here is what he posted earlier this evening;.

“I just want to say that I love Steven Daigle and am so upset and deeply embarrassed that things happened the way they did. I have so much respect for him, I would never take a swing at him. And I did not. I know he is hurting too, and my heart just goes out to him, especially while in custody. It’s times like this I try to put my faith in some kind of higher power to help both of us through them.”

Locke continues..”My head and my heart are both hurting and I feel lost, confused, and afraid.. While I know all will heal in time, I appreciate all of the support I’ve been receiving. I have the all-clear to get out of bed as of the morning.. So I will be able to continue entertaining my Mom and Dad (they only visit once a year) bright ‘n early.Tomorrow is bound to be a better day. Thanks for hearing me out, everyone.”

Steven’s fans continue to monitor his Twitter page to get his side of the story. 

Steven works a lot with Chi Chi and CR1  but also can be seen at  LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

Uncut Euro Twink Boy Cock and Tube Socks!


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Trevor Wayne – Pin Up Show


Trevor Wayne has inspired the minds of directors, photographers, and painters alike. Not your traditional actor/model/artist, Wayne is a walking piece of art. Covered from head to toe in decorative tattoos, he has established himself as a different breed of performer. Due to his extreme look, he has landed numerous roles on television and excelled in the modeling world working with horror-legend Clive Barker, fashion photographer, Mario Testino, and famous portrait-specialist, Austin Young.

IN A NEW BOOK / MINI MAG, Wayne celebrates the best of his edgy nude modeling work with the release of the  controversial  and very sexy  Pin-Up Show.

Featuring a selection of provocative work by a veritable who’s who of photographers including Barker, Austin Young, Thai Tai, Kaeden Stone, and Van Darkholme, the self-published Pin-Up Show presents Wayne’s oeuvre in the context of an underground art zine and promises to extend the actor-model-artist’s tattooed legend even further.



Born on a blueberry farm in Michigan, Trevor ended up in Chicago at art school and then New York City and then Los Angeles.

His look brought him lots of work.  And in the book you see a variety of sexy photos from a dozen or so photographers. “I think a sexy photo has a sense of intimacy and playfulness. It’s something that makes you look twice and almost haunts you. It’s not always explicit but has something extra going on in the photo…”

Stop by his site to SEE MORE and buy the book for just $15 – along with many other pieces of art that are for sale. The book/magazine  was a limited run and only a small amount of copies are left. GET ONE WHILE YOU CAN! Sure to be a collctors item!

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Meet Valentino and Luis from BI LATIN MENBI LATIN MEN is dedicated to HOT bisexual porn and hung naked Latino men. Hombres desnudos!!!  Big uncut dicks, amateur mexican boys fucking and sucking, huge Puerto Rican cocks and Brazilian bubble butt asses hungry to be licked and fucked by another guy, Mexican porn, foreskin pictures, gay cholos, naked gangsters, Hispanic guys, AND plenty of vergas grandes to keep you begging for more!  Best of all, they update their web site at least 5-7 times per week. with hot original videos, pictures, erotic stories and erotic art, so you’ll always have new content every week!

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Meet Clint from BENTLEY RACE.  Bentley’s mate Clint was the first hung dude daring enough to strip down on the rooftop this summer and you can tell by the big coat that it still wasn’t quite warm enough to be completely naked with your big dick and balls flopping about outside. Clint actually surprised Bentley when he pulled out his rather large veiny cock and had no problem walking around showing it off, big low hanging balls and sac dangling in the wind below!

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Meet hung blonde hottie Kaleb Storm at BENTLEY RACE.  Kaleb Storm’s first shoot with Bentley happened on a very hot day so he didn’t mind getting naked out on the roof of the apartment building…even if it is surrounded by lots of taller buildings. After showing off some skate board tricks Kaleb started to reveal some of those delicious tight washboard abs he has been working on. Man this boy is chiselled and scorching HOT with that blonde body fur and gorgeous bush of blonde pubes highlighting his fat cock and big balls!

Hung Aussie Boys Naked Jacking Off Their Big Fat Cocks at BENTLEY RACE

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At 6’5″ with a cock as thick as Nebraska, Chasen Hart makes his debut on Extra Big Dicks this week—with ripped, ready and somehow still-able-to-walk Rusty Stevens. Chasen stands to show Rusty there just isn’t enough pouch material in his jockstrap to contain that monster cock. Rusty shoves it deep into his throat as Chasen groans in ecstasy. Chasen bites his lower lip as he feels his fat cock meat sink into Rusty’s tight ass. He cups Rusty’s ass with his hands as he begins to bounce him up and down on his thick cock. In this position, we can fully appreciate the ass stretching Rusty’s getting as Chasen pounds away at his hot ass. Rusty then falls forward as he dismounts. As he catches his breath on all fours, Chasen jacks his meat and explodes all over Rusty’s back and sore ass!

Chasen Hart Fucks Rusty Stevens Tight Man Hole With His Fat Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS!

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This week, there is a couple of hotties making their debut on Extra Big Dicks. The first of this hung pair is a 25 year-old from Texas who was named after his birthplace. Dallas Reeves is a tall piece of the Lone Star state. Award-nominated, after only a few films under his belt, Dallas is a relative newcomer to the adult scene. He plans to be a big star in the adult industry and from the looks of it, he’s well on his way. Dallas imparts some advice on how to make it in the industry: “Be yourself and don’t let it get to you”. His co-star could use it, being he’s just getting started. A Chicago native, goes by the name Karter James. Karter, a lad of 18 years, packs more than the average (Chicago) Bear. This will be his third shoot to date. Karter had his first boyfriend at 15; so there was never any question he liked guys. He loves muscular men and a hairy chest never hurts. Karter usually looks for vers/top men because he does like to change it up on occasion. Though packing at least 8 inches, we suspect he’ll be topping soon on Extra Big Dicks too.

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Hung Hotties Fucking and Sucking at EXTRA BIG DICKS

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WOW! HOMOPUNK Delivers Crazy Dudes Showing and Jacking Off Their Big Parisian Uncut Cocks and Hairy Pubes





HOMOPUNK Delivers Crazy Dudes Showing and Jacking Off Their

Big Parisian Uncut Cocks and Hairy Pubes!

Just discovered this site and if you like everyday guys type amateur gay porn, mostly big fat uncut cocks, doing crazy ass things ~ then HOMOPUNK is totally for you!  Average bodies, some muscle studs though, hairy pubes, fat uncut dicks, crazy antics…

I’m all about this hung red-headed fire crotch nasty pig boy named LUC!

Check out all the naked debauchery at HOMOPUNK!

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Redheaded James Jameson loves to check himself out in the mirror. This guy is chiseled beyond belief and he shows off every tight muscle popping out on his gorgeous body.

You can only enjoy yourself so much until it’s time to kick back in the bathroom and pull out your favorite porn magazine. James gets comfortable on the counter and starts to play with his thick throbbing cock.

While James is stroking his dick, David Stone creeps up out of the blue and stops to watch James rubbing his tasty cock. David can’t stop thinking about how good that fat dick will taste in his mouth. Standing against the wall with hands in pants James notices David watching and calls him over to suck it.

David finally gets his wish and sucks him dry like a true buddy would but afterwards Mr. Jameson runs off and leaves David all alone to finish himself off.

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Hairy Muscle Daddy Fucks Tight Hungry Boy Butt Hole Deep

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-1

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MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-5 writes:

“We here at know nothing looks as hot as hairy stud under the shower water with all that fur dripping wet. Therefore, our update this week is with sexy, hairy uber-muscle-Daddy Nick Moretti in the shower, much to the delight of the peeping Sebastian Keys. Catching Sebastian in the act, Nick’s takes his towel off as Sebastian’s hands start to explore Nick’s muscular body.

This scorching hot hung muscle daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian slurps and gags on Nick’s massive cock meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him his big dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian’s throat while holding his head in place. “Let me see your ass!” Nick orders, as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick’s not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon licking and then pounding that ass with reckless abandon.

Sebastian takes every deep plunge of Nick’s dick pushing back with ease. “Aww that feels good” he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his tight boy pucker hole. The sound of Nick’s balls slapping away against his twink boy’s ass cheeks fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick lifts those smooth legs and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick cum load all over Sebastian’s chest and cum-coated abs. Clean up in “Aisle Fur!”

Watch the full length XXX video and money shots of MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plowing SEBASTIAN KEYs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep Here


ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde Jacking Off Big Boy Dick

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

Active Duty writes this about shooting Daytonas solo jacking off video:

Daytona says he jerked off his big ole dick as many as eight times a day while he was deployed in Iraq. He got the name Daytona because of the car he drives so other Marines started calling him that. The Major is eager to have Daytona get his gun out and leaves him be for a bit to get things going. Daytona strips down naked to reveal a nice, smooth chest and a really long hot veiny cock. He’s wearing those hot ass green PT shorts beneath his desert cammies. The Major gives us a nice touch by having Daytona leave on his socks and boots and his boonie cap for the duration of his hot solo jacking off video shoot. Daytona bends over the ottoman and gives a great long look at that devil dog gorgeous smooth round bubble butt ass he’s sporting and what a fine piece of ass it is with the blonde pubes and ass crack hair just lightly covering the trail to paradise!

Check Out at ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick HERE

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

Hot American Soldiers Having Wild Gay Sex | Army, Navy, Marines |  Gay Military Porn at Dink Flamingos

Conner O’Reilly and Zach Alexander in the Backroom of Hot House



Conner O’Reilly made Zach Alexander so horny he got naked before the cameras even started rolling. Zach teased Conner by smacking him in the face with his big cock then went down on him. Conner finally got Zach’s fat one in his mouth but not for long – he wants to fuck! Now it’s Conner’s turn to tease Zach’s hole with his tongue. Conner fucked the cum right out of Zach then pulled out and blew a huge load of his own.

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Condom News for Teenagers?



mini condoms for kids


NEWS IN  the Condom Market:

  The Swiss government announced in March that it would help bring to market “extra”-small condoms for boys as young as 12. (The decrease in circumference from a “standard” condom would be about 5/16th of an inch.) – Is 12 TOO YOUNG to HAVE SEX???


 ALSO  The Washington Post reported that high school and college-age adults had complained that condoms given away by the District of Columbia’s HIV-prevention program were of too-low quality and that the city should spring for deluxe Trojan Magnums (in gold-colored packaging, giving them, said a city official, “a little bit of the bling quality“).





HAMBURG GERMANY HAS  HOT  GAY MEN –  and  a couple of twins, who are building the worlds largest biggest miniature train display!



This is pretty incredible!

Hamburg  is the second-largest city in Germany and the eighth-largest city in the European Union. The city is home to over 1.8 million people and these Two German Brothers have put this TRAIN SET together.
This is the world’s biggest train set, which Covers 1,150 square meters / 12,380 square feet.
Features almost six miles of track and is still not complete!!

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun, 41, began work on the ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ in 2000

The set covers six regions including America , Switzerland , Scandinavia , Germany , and the Austrian Alps…The American section features giant models of the Rocky Mountains, Everglades , Las vegas, Grand-Canyon



Young and Full of Sweet Cum at Twinkscape



chronicles the adventures of three twinks who accidentally receive a video camera from a sexy delivery guy. The roommates then decide to start a porn website with the camera, hoping to make enough money to buy a game console. Each scene in the series follows a few of the guys as they attempt to create scenes for their site. The series dialogue is written and sets are designed from the perspective of the roomates.

There’s lots of parody and comedy to be found here too, but the sex scenes themselves are top-notch. Each scene features one or more of the roomates filming in the scenes, but is also captured with professional high-def cameras. Depending on who is in the scene, some of the scenes contain substantial [character point of view] or actually have a twink being filmed while filming himself, and the viewer is shown footage from both perspectives. For a filming technique, we think this is substantially different from what you may be used to. Its intensly vouristic by nature.







Look out Boston! Here Cums Giovanni Summers


GIOVANNI SUMMERS is a little hottie who I got to meet this past summer in Chicago. Unfortunately, for us, he has packed his bags and went back to Boston. :-(

He posts a lot of crazy funny videos at YouTube, but his naked stuff is  at  HELIX  , LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT  and  MEN   MACHINE.

YUMMY!   Chicago will miss you….whenever you come back, you have a place to stay!

Nick Piston Hot Butch Gay Porn Star



Big-dicked Nick Piston is tattooed, muscular, punky and pierced. He’s versatile, a true sex pig, stands about 6ft tall and debuted in about 2002 while dating fellow porn star Steve Cannon. He also set up his own business catering to owners of exotic birds. – He is a super nice guy and lives in Chicago now.


 Nick has worked for a number of top studios, notably Hot House and Raging Stallion. He was also instrumental in bring Johnny Gunn into porn.

xtra inches free movie of NICK!

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HOLY FUCK ME BATMAN!!!  Meet Cutter from ACTIVE DUTY.  Damn, we just melted when we saw this handsome jock boy get naked!  His sexy face, beautiful smile and eyes, and as you work your way down his smooth vanilla white ripped lean boy body you wind up discovering this big long manly cock and set of low hanging balls.  Fuck!

Then he whips around and teases you with his plump round bubble butt boy ass and you are just in heaven.  He’s sportin’ some amazing ink with an awesome sleeve that he’s in the process of finishing and he lifts up his arms and has this thick patch of armpit fur I’d love to bury my face in!

Cutter likes to wrestle, go wakeboarding and tinker around with cars. He’s wrestled in a few tournaments and also likes to find time to snowboard. He wants to get into this new adventure because it sounds fun and it steps outside his boundaries.  He’s got the prettiest brownish green eyes that will get him what he wants everytime!

ACTIVE DUTY ‘s CUTTER Can Fuck Me Anytime With His Big Ole Boy Dick

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Hungry Bottoms Getting Fucked and Force Fed Big Dicks at HIS FIRST HUGE COCK

What we love about HIS FIRST HUGE COCK is the name clearly sets the premise for whats in store to cum!!! And they do definitely find some GINOURMOUSLY hung cocks and big ole uncut dicks to shove up the hungry bottoms twitching hole!  Lots of great group sex videos, flip-flop fucking, double penetration, rimming, 69-ing, cum facials and varied filming positions and close ups to where you can really enjoy these bottom guys getting their holes stretched wide open and filled by multiple cocks.

Check out the free trailers at HIS FIRST HUGE COCK if you never have, we think this site really delivers some hot non-scripted type man-on-man sex!

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Introducing Perfect Guy Zach! With killer blue eyes, a rugged, handsome face and a gorgeous ripped body, Zach is one fine specimen of male perfection.

Zach is one of those guys that looks amazing with facial hair. He wears it well and the light hair on his chest seems to perfectly contour his sexy pecs and 6-pack abs. Standing 6′, 200lb, and with a big fat thick cock that looks delicious and a hot round bubble butt jock-boy ass – WOOF!
Enjoy Zach in his premier PERFECTGUYZ video!

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Elijah Returns To Action With Shawn and Fox


Active Duty served up a really juicy streaming sex scene featuring Shawn and Fox with Elijah back in the mix to spice things up. Elijah has been away for a while but he’s looking as good as ever and he’s always super horny. I think this time around he was especially ready for some long over-due man sex as he told Dink Flamingo in a text message a few days before his trip out, “I need some bromance and you always line up the best.”

Elijah and the boys pulled off a really hot three-way. The boys get all warmed up as they shoot the shit and get “in the mood”. Shawn’s big cock is the first one jumpin’ as he flexes his hard-on in his shorts. You can tell he’s ready to kill the chit-chat and get down to some action. Elijah is hard as always and just waiting on his company to touch it.

Fox reaches over and grabs Elijah’s cock and strokes it through his shorts as he strokes his own hard cock through his boxers. Elijah cuts through the bullshit and gets naked first with his hard on bouncing off his naval. Elijah offers up some help to Fox and goes down on his cock for a taste. Fox approves and says Elijah is better than the girl he had the other night. Shawn moves in and starts feeding his fat cock to Fox as he fucks Fox’s face while Elijah deep throats Fox’s cock. Things are underway as the room heats up with these three hotties.

Fox shows off his skills once again and how much he loves to gag on a fat cock as he takes Shawn’s cock all the way down his throat, gagging the whole way, but doing a fine job of mastering the big meat. Meanwhile Elijah is brushing up his cocksucking skills as he takes orders from Fox on how to man his rod. Things switch up and Shawn and Elijah share Fox’s hot cock as he sits on the headboard and directs his partners. After they’ve shared the cock, Fox goes back to eat Shawn’s ass as Shawn services Elijah’s hot cock. Won’t be long now before someone is getting fucked. Shawn seems the likely suspect, but it’s actually Fox who ends up on bottom first as he switches places with Shawn and gets his ass eaten and readied for the fuck. Shawn tongues the nice hole and Elijah declares that the better Shawn licks it, the better Fox sucks.

From there, Shawn begins his slow, but deliberate insertion into Fox’s nice hole. Fox tries to complain a bit but Shawn isn’t buying it and keeps moving forward to end up pounding that nice hole fast and hard. Once Shawn opens that hole up, Elijah moves in to get his turn. By this time Fox is primed up and loving the cock. His dick is hard as Elijah pounds his hole. Fox loves to be the pass around party boy and he’s getting what he likes today with these two studs.




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Meet Butch and Aitor from Alpha Male Fuckers~rough, hungry pigs.  Eating each others holes and cocks with absolute passion and hard edged tongues.  Tattooed Aitor is a perfect match for hairy daddy Butch’s hungry hole. Butch can’t get enough of Aitors cock, and takes it all the way down his throat and then teases Aitor by licking and biting his balls . Aitor plays with Butch’s hole for hours, with his fingers, spit and tongue, and fists, then pulling Butch’s cock back and licking his hairy hole and expertly licking the shaft all the way up and down………concentrating for a long while on the red head of Butch’s delicious cock….before ploughing Butch hard and deep untill he explodes over his hairy belly.

Butch and Aitor @ Alpha Male Fuckers

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Something for everyone! Hunk Exclusives is a top rated and popular gay adult site that specializes in erotica videos and photos of straight, bi and gay men. The site focuses on exclusive video and photo content, seeking to find the hottest amateur guys, mostly hunks and studs. Hunk Exclusives also includes trim fit young jocks, sporty guys and  some cubs and bears!

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Reality Piggy Man on Man Gay Sex at Tim Tales




Just the way I like it!  at  TIM  TALES!

It seems that many french guys are sexy pigs who love fucking in front of a camera. I really like that because that´s why next week we can show you Mathis, a hot bottom muscledaddy from France.
He has a great body, hot bubblebutt and a greedy hole to fuck.
Very soon, on


Beautiful Male Models and Photography from Bel Ami

Alex Orioli  twink hunk stud gay marriage Lovers


The boys at BEL AMI get hotter and hotter and so does the photography!

This studio gets it RIGHT! Great close ups and nice cock shots.

Alex Orioli is a hunky brunette who works mainly with the European Bel Ami studio. He comes from Slovakia, stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has brown eyes and was born under the sign of Virgo. He’s versatile in bed, has been doing porn since about 2002, loves a load of cum in his mouth and outside of XXX has worked as a tailor. MARRY  ME?!


Stefan at UK NAKED MEN Delivers One Hot Package!

The first thing we noticed about Stefan is those beautiful big lips and of course we got to thinking how good they’d look wrapped around a big juicy cock. Along with his smooth toned body and a delicious uncut cock of his own, which hangs over a large, full ball-sack, he’s a complete package.

He’s gazing into the camera as he strokes his hard cock, his dark eyes connecting with us as he works up to a huge climax and a fountain of cum which gushes onto the glass floor. The second camera was underneath the floor so UK Naked Men get a unique angle for the cum explosion.