More Big Dicked RedHead Ginger Pubed Fire Crotch at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES! Big Dicked RedHead Ginger Pubed Fire Crotch at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES-1 Big Dicked RedHead Ginger Pubed Fire Crotch at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES-2 Big Dicked RedHead Ginger Pubed Fire Crotch at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES-3

Redheaded James Jameson loves to check himself out in the mirror. This guy is chiseled beyond belief and he shows off every tight muscle popping out on his gorgeous body.

You can only enjoy yourself so much until it’s time to kick back in the bathroom and pull out your favorite porn magazine. James gets comfortable on the counter and starts to play with his thick throbbing cock.

While James is stroking his dick, David Stone creeps up out of the blue and stops to watch James rubbing his tasty cock. David can’t stop thinking about how good that fat dick will taste in his mouth. Standing against the wall with hands in pants James notices David watching and calls him over to suck it.

David finally gets his wish and sucks him dry like a true buddy would but afterwards Mr. Jameson runs off and leaves David all alone to finish himself off.

Enjoy More Big Dicked RedHead Ginger Pubed Fire Crotch at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES!


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Hairy Muscle Daddy Fucks Tight Hungry Boy Butt Hole Deep

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-1

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-2

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-3

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-4

MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plows SEBASTIANs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep-5 writes:

“We here at know nothing looks as hot as hairy stud under the shower water with all that fur dripping wet. Therefore, our update this week is with sexy, hairy uber-muscle-Daddy Nick Moretti in the shower, much to the delight of the peeping Sebastian Keys. Catching Sebastian in the act, Nick’s takes his towel off as Sebastian’s hands start to explore Nick’s muscular body.

This scorching hot hung muscle daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian slurps and gags on Nick’s massive cock meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him his big dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian’s throat while holding his head in place. “Let me see your ass!” Nick orders, as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick’s not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon licking and then pounding that ass with reckless abandon.

Sebastian takes every deep plunge of Nick’s dick pushing back with ease. “Aww that feels good” he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his tight boy pucker hole. The sound of Nick’s balls slapping away against his twink boy’s ass cheeks fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick lifts those smooth legs and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick cum load all over Sebastian’s chest and cum-coated abs. Clean up in “Aisle Fur!”

Watch the full length XXX video and money shots of MENOVER30s Hung Hairy Muscle Daddy NICK MORETTI Plowing SEBASTIAN KEYs Tight Hungry Boy Hole With His EXTRA Big Dick Balls Deep Here


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ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde Jacking Off Big Boy Dick

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

Active Duty writes this about shooting Daytonas solo jacking off video:

Daytona says he jerked off his big ole dick as many as eight times a day while he was deployed in Iraq. He got the name Daytona because of the car he drives so other Marines started calling him that. The Major is eager to have Daytona get his gun out and leaves him be for a bit to get things going. Daytona strips down naked to reveal a nice, smooth chest and a really long hot veiny cock. He’s wearing those hot ass green PT shorts beneath his desert cammies. The Major gives us a nice touch by having Daytona leave on his socks and boots and his boonie cap for the duration of his hot solo jacking off video shoot. Daytona bends over the ottoman and gives a great long look at that devil dog gorgeous smooth round bubble butt ass he’s sporting and what a fine piece of ass it is with the blonde pubes and ass crack hair just lightly covering the trail to paradise!

Check Out at ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick HERE

ACTIVE DUTYs Hot Hung Blonde DAYTONA Jacking Off His Big Boy Dick

Hot American Soldiers Having Wild Gay Sex | Army, Navy, Marines |  Gay Military Porn at Dink Flamingos

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Bent Cock for Your Throat!



I bet that bent cock would feel nice sliding down my throat

or pumping my tight pink hole?!




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Conner O’Reilly and Zach Alexander in the Backroom of Hot House



Conner O’Reilly made Zach Alexander so horny he got naked before the cameras even started rolling. Zach teased Conner by smacking him in the face with his big cock then went down on him. Conner finally got Zach’s fat one in his mouth but not for long – he wants to fuck! Now it’s Conner’s turn to tease Zach’s hole with his tongue. Conner fucked the cum right out of Zach then pulled out and blew a huge load of his own.

BACK ROOM  OF  HOT HOUSE –  Click ad to see MORE!

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Condom News for Teenagers?



mini condoms for kids


NEWS IN  the Condom Market:

  The Swiss government announced in March that it would help bring to market “extra”-small condoms for boys as young as 12. (The decrease in circumference from a “standard” condom would be about 5/16th of an inch.) – Is 12 TOO YOUNG to HAVE SEX???


 ALSO  The Washington Post reported that high school and college-age adults had complained that condoms given away by the District of Columbia’s HIV-prevention program were of too-low quality and that the city should spring for deluxe Trojan Magnums (in gold-colored packaging, giving them, said a city official, “a little bit of the bling quality“).


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Marky Mark Wahlberg Naked and Nude

mark wahlberg nude huge penis movie stars




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Sweet Delicious Euro Cock at Berlin Male


sweetadonis berline male uncut cock

czech uncut cock prague



Berlin, Russia, Czech - Uncut Euro Cock




There is a family of sites from Europe that we love

called Egayte/PixelRevolt,

that feature the hottest euro uncut cock!

So many young hotties and real men galore at Berlin Male,

Sweet Adonis and Real Guys!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe ~ so many cocks, so little time!

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HAMBURG GERMANY HAS  HOT  GAY MEN –  and  a couple of twins, who are building the worlds largest biggest miniature train display!



This is pretty incredible!

Hamburg  is the second-largest city in Germany and the eighth-largest city in the European Union. The city is home to over 1.8 million people and these Two German Brothers have put this TRAIN SET together.
This is the world’s biggest train set, which Covers 1,150 square meters / 12,380 square feet.
Features almost six miles of track and is still not complete!!

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun, 41, began work on the ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ in 2000

The set covers six regions including America , Switzerland , Scandinavia , Germany , and the Austrian Alps…The American section features giant models of the Rocky Mountains, Everglades , Las vegas, Grand-Canyon



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Young and Full of Sweet Cum at Twinkscape



chronicles the adventures of three twinks who accidentally receive a video camera from a sexy delivery guy. The roommates then decide to start a porn website with the camera, hoping to make enough money to buy a game console. Each scene in the series follows a few of the guys as they attempt to create scenes for their site. The series dialogue is written and sets are designed from the perspective of the roomates.

There’s lots of parody and comedy to be found here too, but the sex scenes themselves are top-notch. Each scene features one or more of the roomates filming in the scenes, but is also captured with professional high-def cameras. Depending on who is in the scene, some of the scenes contain substantial [character point of view] or actually have a twink being filmed while filming himself, and the viewer is shown footage from both perspectives. For a filming technique, we think this is substantially different from what you may be used to. Its intensly vouristic by nature.







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Look out Boston! Here Cums Giovanni Summers


GIOVANNI SUMMERS is a little hottie who I got to meet this past summer in Chicago. Unfortunately, for us, he has packed his bags and went back to Boston. :-(

He posts a lot of crazy funny videos at YouTube, but his naked stuff is  at  HELIX  , LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT  and  MEN   MACHINE.

YUMMY!   Chicago will miss you….whenever you come back, you have a place to stay!

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HOT MOVIES – VOD By The Minute




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Nick Piston Hot Butch Gay Porn Star



Big-dicked Nick Piston is tattooed, muscular, punky and pierced. He’s versatile, a true sex pig, stands about 6ft tall and debuted in about 2002 while dating fellow porn star Steve Cannon. He also set up his own business catering to owners of exotic birds. – He is a super nice guy and lives in Chicago now.


 Nick has worked for a number of top studios, notably Hot House and Raging Stallion. He was also instrumental in bring Johnny Gunn into porn.

xtra inches free movie of NICK!

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ACTIVE DUTY’s CUTTER Can Fuck Me Anytime With His Big Ole Boy Dick


HOLY FUCK ME BATMAN!!!  Meet Cutter from ACTIVE DUTY.  Damn, we just melted when we saw this handsome jock boy get naked!  His sexy face, beautiful smile and eyes, and as you work your way down his smooth vanilla white ripped lean boy body you wind up discovering this big long manly cock and set of low hanging balls.  Fuck!

Then he whips around and teases you with his plump round bubble butt boy ass and you are just in heaven.  He’s sportin’ some amazing ink with an awesome sleeve that he’s in the process of finishing and he lifts up his arms and has this thick patch of armpit fur I’d love to bury my face in!

Cutter likes to wrestle, go wakeboarding and tinker around with cars. He’s wrestled in a few tournaments and also likes to find time to snowboard. He wants to get into this new adventure because it sounds fun and it steps outside his boundaries.  He’s got the prettiest brownish green eyes that will get him what he wants everytime!

ACTIVE DUTY ‘s CUTTER Can Fuck Me Anytime With His Big Ole Boy Dick

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Hungry Bottoms Getting Fucked and Force Fed Big Dicks at HIS FIRST HUGE COCK



Hungry Bottoms Getting Fucked and Force Fed Big Dicks at HIS FIRST HUGE COCK

What we love about HIS FIRST HUGE COCK is the name clearly sets the premise for whats in store to cum!!! And they do definitely find some GINOURMOUSLY hung cocks and big ole uncut dicks to shove up the hungry bottoms twitching hole!  Lots of great group sex videos, flip-flop fucking, double penetration, rimming, 69-ing, cum facials and varied filming positions and close ups to where you can really enjoy these bottom guys getting their holes stretched wide open and filled by multiple cocks.

Check out the free trailers at HIS FIRST HUGE COCK if you never have, we think this site really delivers some hot non-scripted type man-on-man sex!

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Enjoy ZACH and His Big Fat Thick Cock and Bubble Butt Ass at PERFECT GUYZ


Introducing Perfect Guy Zach! With killer blue eyes, a rugged, handsome face and a gorgeous ripped body, Zach is one fine specimen of male perfection.

Zach is one of those guys that looks amazing with facial hair. He wears it well and the light hair on his chest seems to perfectly contour his sexy pecs and 6-pack abs. Standing 6′, 200lb, and with a big fat thick cock that looks delicious and a hot round bubble butt jock-boy ass – WOOF!
Enjoy Zach in his premier PERFECTGUYZ video!

PERFECT GUYZ ~ Amateur College Men, mostly first time and exclusive models in gay streaming videos and extensive nude galleries of hot young men 18-25 naked, having sex and jacking off ~ LUVIN IT!

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Hot Military Studs DADT



Elijah Returns To Action With Shawn and Fox


Active Duty served up a really juicy streaming sex scene featuring Shawn and Fox with Elijah back in the mix to spice things up. Elijah has been away for a while but he’s looking as good as ever and he’s always super horny. I think this time around he was especially ready for some long over-due man sex as he told Dink Flamingo in a text message a few days before his trip out, “I need some bromance and you always line up the best.”

Elijah and the boys pulled off a really hot three-way. The boys get all warmed up as they shoot the shit and get “in the mood”. Shawn’s big cock is the first one jumpin’ as he flexes his hard-on in his shorts. You can tell he’s ready to kill the chit-chat and get down to some action. Elijah is hard as always and just waiting on his company to touch it.

Fox reaches over and grabs Elijah’s cock and strokes it through his shorts as he strokes his own hard cock through his boxers. Elijah cuts through the bullshit and gets naked first with his hard on bouncing off his naval. Elijah offers up some help to Fox and goes down on his cock for a taste. Fox approves and says Elijah is better than the girl he had the other night. Shawn moves in and starts feeding his fat cock to Fox as he fucks Fox’s face while Elijah deep throats Fox’s cock. Things are underway as the room heats up with these three hotties.

Fox shows off his skills once again and how much he loves to gag on a fat cock as he takes Shawn’s cock all the way down his throat, gagging the whole way, but doing a fine job of mastering the big meat. Meanwhile Elijah is brushing up his cocksucking skills as he takes orders from Fox on how to man his rod. Things switch up and Shawn and Elijah share Fox’s hot cock as he sits on the headboard and directs his partners. After they’ve shared the cock, Fox goes back to eat Shawn’s ass as Shawn services Elijah’s hot cock. Won’t be long now before someone is getting fucked. Shawn seems the likely suspect, but it’s actually Fox who ends up on bottom first as he switches places with Shawn and gets his ass eaten and readied for the fuck. Shawn tongues the nice hole and Elijah declares that the better Shawn licks it, the better Fox sucks.

From there, Shawn begins his slow, but deliberate insertion into Fox’s nice hole. Fox tries to complain a bit but Shawn isn’t buying it and keeps moving forward to end up pounding that nice hole fast and hard. Once Shawn opens that hole up, Elijah moves in to get his turn. By this time Fox is primed up and loving the cock. His dick is hard as Elijah pounds his hole. Fox loves to be the pass around party boy and he’s getting what he likes today with these two studs.




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Treasure Island – Nearly Free Gay Porn


Illegal downloads and piracy –

We know it goes on. So does TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA.

 In fact, WHAT I CAN’T SEE 2, has been downloaded, illegally, over 3.5 MILLION times!

So instead of fighting, T.I.M.  has decided to give the movie away!

$10  for  the download version  $15  for the  DVD.

It’s a STEAL!!



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Hairy Daddys’ Butch and Aitor Get Rough and Piggy at ALPHA MALE FUCKERS

Meet Butch and Aitor from Alpha Male Fuckers~rough, hungry pigs.  Eating each others holes and cocks with absolute passion and hard edged tongues.  Tattooed Aitor is a perfect match for hairy daddy Butch’s hungry hole. Butch can’t get enough of Aitors cock, and takes it all the way down his throat and then teases Aitor by licking and biting his balls . Aitor plays with Butch’s hole for hours, with his fingers, spit and tongue, and fists, then pulling Butch’s cock back and licking his hairy hole and expertly licking the shaft all the way up and down………concentrating for a long while on the red head of Butch’s delicious cock….before ploughing Butch hard and deep untill he explodes over his hairy belly.

Butch and Aitor @ Alpha Male Fuckers

Also check out BREED ME RAW and FEED THAT HOLE!

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DALTON is at Hunks Exclusive



6 SITES = 1  PRICE!!

Something for everyone! Hunk Exclusives is a top rated and popular gay adult site that specializes in erotica videos and photos of straight, bi and gay men. The site focuses on exclusive video and photo content, seeking to find the hottest amateur guys, mostly hunks and studs. Hunk Exclusives also includes trim fit young jocks, sporty guys and  some cubs and bears!

plus  5  bonus  sites!  HUNK  EXCLUSIVES!


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Chaos Men Raw Bareback Pig Sex




Whether you call it a cream pie or breeding, the action gets hotter and hotter at CHAOS  MEN  these days!

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Reality Piggy Man on Man Gay Sex at Tim Tales




Just the way I like it!  at  TIM  TALES!

It seems that many french guys are sexy pigs who love fucking in front of a camera. I really like that because that´s why next week we can show you Mathis, a hot bottom muscledaddy from France.
He has a great body, hot bubblebutt and a greedy hole to fuck.
Very soon, on


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Beautiful Male Models and Photography from Bel Ami

Alex Orioli  twink hunk stud gay marriage Lovers


The boys at BEL AMI get hotter and hotter and so does the photography!

This studio gets it RIGHT! Great close ups and nice cock shots.

Alex Orioli is a hunky brunette who works mainly with the European Bel Ami studio. He comes from Slovakia, stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has brown eyes and was born under the sign of Virgo. He’s versatile in bed, has been doing porn since about 2002, loves a load of cum in his mouth and outside of XXX has worked as a tailor. MARRY  ME?!


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Stefan at UK NAKED MEN Delivers One Hot Package!

The first thing we noticed about Stefan is those beautiful big lips and of course we got to thinking how good they’d look wrapped around a big juicy cock. Along with his smooth toned body and a delicious uncut cock of his own, which hangs over a large, full ball-sack, he’s a complete package.

He’s gazing into the camera as he strokes his hard cock, his dark eyes connecting with us as he works up to a huge climax and a fountain of cum which gushes onto the glass floor. The second camera was underneath the floor so UK Naked Men get a unique angle for the cum explosion.


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New Book Of Beautiful Foreskin Images


We are SO EXCITED to share this new book  of uncut cocks with you!

Sherwin Carlquist studied botany at the University of California, Berkeley, with postdoctoral study at Harvard University. He has specialized in studies on plant anatomy (chiefly wood anatomy) and island biology (7 books, nearly 300 scientific papers). He had a successful career, especially in teaching and research, as a professor at Pomona College and Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California.

In his earlier days, he also studied art–particularly composition and design. I first discovered his  book  NATURAL  MAN  in  1991.  The huge black and white book has an amazing collection of uncut men shot in natural settings. He has since published a series of photography art coffee table books  featuring uncut men! This work is very beautiful, and not pornographic. But the lover of the natural man will surely appreciate his work!

The scenery used includes Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Kilauea, and many other great natural areas of the American Southwest and Hawaii. The models are diverse in race and age–goodlooking and with excellent bodies, but selected because of their photogenic qualities, not because they qualify as beefcake with muscles attainable only with steroids.

The newest book is  UNCUT!  A photo-essay with attitude devoted to an underappreciated feature of human male anatomy: the foreskin.

UNCUT is like no other book you have ever seen.

UNCUT is also crammed with an amazing amount of correct factual material, including some facts known to only a few doctors. A mixture of adolescent awe and adult sophistication toward the subject is conveyed in the book by the use of that most successful of all voyeurs, the camera. And yet there is true reverence here for the nature of biological structures and the work that they do. This is not one of those slick overpriced books, monotonously sexy, that get called “hot” and then are quickly consigned to a shelf.

 It is also uncategorizable (surely its strength), certain to annoy those who assign books to particular sections in bookstores: Does it belong in Humor? Health? Art? Pornography?

At $25 it is A  MUST for the foreskin lover!Shipping included!

Limited edition of 1000  copies.

Send him a check or MO  right now to order yours!

Not available in bookstores anywhere, only available from:

Pinecone Press of Santa Barbara
4539 Via Huerto
Santa Barbara, CA 93110-2323

Make check payable to Sherwin Carlquist.

No credit cards.

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Ripped Hung Latin Hottie David Pelegrino Fucks Smooth Lean Skater Twink Tom Arbel’s Virgin Pink Butt Hole at BANG BANG BOYS

Ripped Hung Latin Hottie David Pelegrino Fucks Smooth Lean Skater Twink Tom Arbel's Virgin Pink Butt Hole at BANG BANG BOYS

BANG BANG BOYS says:  “Here is a great video of David’s first on-screen fucking session with another guy. I managed to get Tom to bottom for David and the results of his uncut cock stuffed up inside Tom’s vanilla white, smooth tight bubble butt are spectacular. After Tom had a bit of a play with his dildo up his virgin pink boy chute, he was ready to take the next step and get fucked balls deep. Stay tuned for the hot three-way I have coming up when Davyd (and his 10 inch cock) join David and Tom for some extra special group fun.”

Get some BANG in your day with Bangbangboys! It’s the site where you will find the most mind-blowingly hot, straight and gay guys you’re ever going to lay eyes on. It’s as fresh and exciting as the amazing young studs that are shot EXCLUSIVELY for your enjoyment. You won’t see Bang Bang Boys anywhere else! Membership includes access to weekly live cam shows too!

Check Out The FREE VIDEO TRAILER of Ripped Hung Latin Hottie David Pelegrino Fucking Smooth Lean Skater Twink Tom Arbel’s Virgin Pink Butt Hole at BANG BANG BOYS

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ENIGMATIC BOYS Features The Hottest Young Hung and Horny European Guys 18-21 Fucking BAREBACK

ENIGMATIC BOYS Young Hung Uncut Cocks Fucking Bareback Raw Gay Teen Euro Boy Models-1

ENIGMATIC BOYS Features The Hottest Young Hung and Horny European Guys 18-21 Fucking BAREBACK

Anywho, LOVE me some ENIGMATIC BOYS , meet Sander and Morris.  ENIGMATIC BOYS truly finds the hottest European, East Block, Russian, Mediterrranean original young gay amateur teens/men/twinks/teen boys on the Internet period and THEY FUCK BAREBACK!  What you can expect is very young looking twink boys but all legal, Generally ~ naturally smooth, vanilla-skinned, lean, toned boy-bodies, washboard abs, beautiful uncut cocks of all sizes and shapes, sometimes cut cocks, but what I love most; natural hairy bush of silky boy pubes…YUMMMMILICIOUS!

ENIGMATIC BOYS: The HOTTEST Young Hung and Uncut Exclusive Gay Teen Boy Models 18-21 from Europe and the Mediterranean

Check out our FREE ENIGMATIC BOYS Category Archives!

ENIGMATIC BOYS Young Hung Uncut Cocks Fucking Bareback Raw Gay Teen Euro Boy Models-2

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Daddy Mugs Fucks Hot Young Horny Bottom Boy Kurt Wild Every Which Way With His Fat Cock

Daddy young twink boy son raw bareback fucking piss play foot feet fetish bondage spanking butt toy play jacking off group gay sex

We recently discovered this Twink/Daddy site and love it!  It’s all about Daddy Mugs and his stable of Boy-Son types!  Hung and hungry young twink bottom boys let daddy fuck their tight butt holes and hungry mouths and throats hard and deep with his thick fat Daddy cock.  These young boys know how to fuck and suck too.  Daddy delivers lots of exclusive, original content including raw bareback fucking, piss play, foot/feet fetish and worship, bondage, spanking, lots of dildo and butt-toy play action, jacking off, group sex and orgies…with a delicious mix of hot amateur gay boys and some seasoned porn stars, like Kurt Wild. 

Daddy Mugs had this to say about one of his hot fuck and suck sessions with Kurt:  “I was in the gym working out and just as I was about done, Kurt comes in and asks for me to give him a “workout”. I’d be nuts to turn that offer down. The sex was hot as hell cause other than sucking each other and me fucking his tight asshole with my fat daddy cock, I spanked his ass red and he spit in my mouth. I must hit the right spot on him cause every time we have sex, he comes twice and this time was no different. This was a HOT ASS workout.”

Daddy Mugs Fucks Hot Young Horny Bottom Boy Kurt Wild Every Which Way With His Fat Cock at DADDY MUGS

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Delicious Adonis Gay Stud Muffin



Adonis was a handsome young man, of beauty …

Adonis’ mother Smyrna conceived an incestuous passion for her father, and with the complicity of her nurse shared the bed of her father!

 When he learned that he had been deceived by his daughter, he pursued her with a sword and, being overtaken, she prayed to the gods that she might be invisible; so the gods in compassion turned her into the tree called smyrna (myrrh). Ten months afterwards the tree burst and Adonis was born.

Really?   Seriously?



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FREE Raw Tantra Yoga Video Link

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A while back we told you about Raw Tanta Yoga.

In the TANTRIC YOGA FOR MEN video series, Loren Johnson demonstrates a simple and skillful response to the nearly epidemic levels of prostate disease, erectile dysfunction, poor libido, male infertility and other complications that arise from living in our highly structured, but not always healthy, society.



Manually cut and paste this link into  your browser…


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Sugar Daddy Calvin Klien Dates Young Hottie Aaron Skyline

gay porn star calvin klien nick london gruber

Boy, some guys have all the luck!

Earlier this summer, we started seeing pictures of designer Calvin Klein trotting around town with a 20-year-old model named Nick Gruber.

Klein, 67, was first photographed with the blond boytoy as early as May and the pair have since been seen at a number of movie premieres and charity events in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Last week, Page Six ran a picture in the paper’s print edition of the two men walking in Manhattan and described Gruber as Klein’s “partner.”

Nick, who is also known as Nick London and Aaron Skyline, has done a lot of “modeling” in the past 2 years…..




He hung out with Mason Wyler, last year!

Mason’s new buddy Aaron Skyline is in desperate need of a comforting massage. Aaron is a hot young man who doesn’t mind receiving a hot sexy massage from Mr. Wyler.

This hot new stud has just turned 19. He only weighs 185 and stands at 5’11 with a tasty fat uncut dick of 6.5 inches.” - not HUGE, but nice!


nick london nick gruber aaron skyline

A diamond in the rough –

It’s unclear where the happy couple met.  Calvin could have spotted him on Mason Wyler, Next Door Male or Next Door Hook ups!  Or possibly on Sean Cody, where Nick appeared as  “Zeke”.

No Matter – Calvin cleaned the boy up, fixed up his teeth, and looks like he tweaked the nose a bit….and now Nick is  runway ready…..will he be the next underwear superstar?  Time will tell.

No word yet if the couple will marry….

nick gruber vs nick london

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Back Door Next Door Buddies Gay neighbors



Can you imagine Paul Wagner and Vince Ferelli living next door to you?

2 scorching hot porn stars right in your building?


Um, Can I borrow of  cup of ….cum?

Next Door Buddies

Next Door Male

Next Door Hookups

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Hot House Offers THE MOST NEW GAY PORN Weekly




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$1 Gay Cock and Ass

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Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Horse Hung Hotties Jacking Off, Self-Sucking and Eating Their Own Cum at YOU LOVE JACK

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Meet hung hottie Dayton O’Conner (above) at YOU LOVE JACK!  One look at this dominant muscle boy’s electric blue eyes and that perfect body and HUGE cock, and were guessing he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it!

He pushes the jeans off and lets his boner pitch a tent in his green boxers before giving the rod a couple of strokes. He likes how that looks so he pulls the camera in for a close-up before slipping his cock out of the leg of his shorts.

His cock is cut and pushing 7.5 inches and already a glistening drop of precum is leaking from his piss slit. He holds that puppy up to the camera and grins again as he enjoys the show in the camera’s LCD monitor. After a couple of tugs he loses the underwear along with his shirt and socks and finally he’s naked.

He sits back and lets the camera soak up his rock hard abs and pecs as he holds up his 7.5 inch cock and looks straight into the camera. His expression is screaming “Why don’t you get on your knees and suck it!” and I’m sure you wouldn’t refuse!

Dayton spits all over his rock hard cock then slaps it against his hand so hard that he winces in pain as he grins with pleasure! He grunts and groans his way through fingering his asshole before blasting his face with a huge load that leaves him breathless and dripping with cum!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics YOULOVEJACK Tyler James Self Sucks Huge Uncut Cock Eats His Cum

Well, will ya look at that! On top of his gorgeous brown eyes and perfect twink boy body this stunning 22 year old can suck his own cock!

Horse hung hottie Tyler James bends over and takes a big wet lick of his 9 inch uncut cock and manages to get the entire head in his mouth while he crams a dildo up his tight little hole. He works himself into a frenzy then takes careful aim as he shoots his load directly into his own mouth!  Only at YOULOVEJACK!!!

Tyler lays on the couch with his back to the camera and starts playing with his cock. Just when you’re thinking, “What the heck is he doing with that angle?” he throws his legs up and over his head and guides his cock into his mouth one more time! You get a perfect view of his big uncut cock, balls and asshole as he slobbers all over his sensitive cock head before sticking the whole thing back in his mouth.

This position must really work for this perfect little twink because he spends a few minutes working on his cock in this position and only stops when he feels he’s getting a bit too close to cumming. Not yet… This one’s gonna last!

He flips back on the couch and pulls his legs up to show off his asshole. Once he’s satisfied he brings two fingers to his ass and slides them easily inside his body and you can tell by the look on his face, this twink is in heaven! He can barely contain his joy as he finger bangs his asshole.

He slides his fingers out and his asshole responds by yawning wide open – a gesture begging for the return of his fingers. Tyler spreads his cheeks and really shows hoff his gaping hole for the camera before reaching for his favorite butt plug and lubing it up real good.

He brings the tip to his asshole and slides it in easily. Again the look of deep satisfaction spreads across his face as his cock twitches against his smooth twink belly. He takes a second to pump that intruder in and out of his asshole and loving every minute of it!

He sits back on the couch with the dildo buried deep in his ass and works on his rock hard 9 inch uncut cock. This position feels amazing and his cock responds by straining to be harder than hard. He takes one look at that monster and leans forward and takes his cock head in his own mouth mone more time while he gently works the dildo that’s buried deep in his ass.

Tyler turns his body slightly so you can see the butt plug in his ass while he shows off his rock hard cock to the camera. This twink is fucking gorgeous and he has the cutest expression on his face as he realizes his filthiest desires. As if on cue he leans in and takes another lick of his cock head – treating the camera to a perfect view of his self sucking skill as he pushes that dildo deeper into his asshole. Fucking hot!

With perfect timing, Tyler let’s go of his cock just in time to lean in for a big wet lick of his cock head and that does the trick! He shoots a blast of cum directly into his open mouth. The second blast of cum lands square on his tongue and he swallows it down before putting his entire cock head in his mouth for the remainder of his orgasm. His eyes lost in a storm of desire as he drinks his load directly from his own cock.

He pulls off his cock for a second and the last mouthful of come dribbles out and lands on his belly as the last bit of cum oozes out of his piss slit and coats his perfect balls. He’s not done though and leans back to polish that knob with a bit more of his own spit – swirling his tongue around the head and lapping up any cum he may have missed the first time.

He sits back on the couch with a sigh and admires his cock as it rests against his smooth belly – still rock hard and begging for more attention. This perfect little twink is completely spent but what a show!

All homemade AMATEUR gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YOULOVEJACK rocks!

Free Hot Naked Men Pics Features Horse Hung Hotties Jacking Off, Self-Sucking and Eating Their Own Cum at


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