Straight Uncut Cocks Blowing Huge Cum Loads Jacking Off Together Outdoors at ENGLISH LADS

Straight Uncut Cocks Blowing Huge Cum Loads Jacking Off Together Outdoors at ENGLISH LADS

2 great reasons to check out English Lads: Straight hotties ~ Rick Lewis, gymnast and Liam James, fireman!  These horny lads couldn’t wait to get wanking at each others cocks for being Str8 (read on about Str8 hunk Rick getting fucked!). 

Rick and Liam decide to have a bit of fun outdoors by battering their uncut cocks together in a good old-fashioned boy cock-fight! There are even shots of the young straight studs tentatively touching each others cocks. Fully erect now, the horny lads lie back in a field to continue their mutual jackoff, and it ends with them standing up, jacking and blowing huge loads of fresh straight boy seed into the grass~a waste of delicious cum!

These young men are in absolute prime shape and just stunning.  Smooth, lean, ripped, muscular boy bodies and those rock hard veiny uncut dicks ~ YUMMY!

Even though its not evident from these video preview photos, the set of 467 pics has dozens of clear shots of both lads big uncut cocks, and they lift up their legs giving us unrestricted views of their inviting boy butt holes!

Rick Lewis and Liam James @ ENGLISH LADS! and be sure to check out “Str8 Hunk Rick Gets Fucked” when there!

Hot Hung Twinks and Buckets of Cum!

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Luda Wayne and Tommy Dubois:

We thought after the pain of his bottoming experience that it would be a long time before Luda Wayne would be back and looking to play with another boy. But young twinky Tommy Dubois put in his request for a cute str8 boy and Luda was the right guy for the job.

At first Luda was all cocky, I’m gonna make this boy my bitch etc., etc. But when he saw Tommy’s huge dick he surprised the hell out of us and made a special request that didn’t quite turn out the way he expected.


and their sister sites Jeremy Roddick and  SQUIRTZ

(they frequently offer access  to ALL SITES!)


Bareback 3Way Fuck and Suck with HOT Big Uncut Dick-ed REDHEAD at CHAOS MEN

Bareback 3Way Fuck Suck HOT Big Uncut Dick-ed REDHEAD at CHAOS MEN-2

Bareback 3Way Fuck Suck HOT Big Uncut Dick-ed REDHEAD at CHAOS MEN-1

Hung Redhead Jonah starts off by trying to bareback top hungry bottom Elliott who is busily swallowing Gavin’s cock.  Jonah’s long uncut dick is still a little wobbly for fucking, and it’s frustrating because you want him to get that giant uncut cock hard and do some serious raw ass pounding. He gets there, but it’s a challenge.

Gavin tags him out, and though he is not nearly as hung as Jonah, he gives Elliott’s hungry tight ass a proper fucking. Elliott really responded to having Jonah’s big uncut cock in his mouth, staring at Jonah’s big balls and hot red pubes as he gets throat fucked while Gavin skillfully fucks his hole raw.

Its hot as fuck when Jonah lays back and puts his hole up in the air for some deep cock action while Gavin continues to swallow up his big cock.  Soon all 3 boys are pumping their balls dry of hot cum and its a jizz swallowing fest as they all clammer for as much cum as they can get in their hungry mouths!  Then the three of them dive in for a threeway kiss!

Bareback 3Way Fuck and Suck with HOT Big Uncut Dick-ed REDHEAD at CHAOS MEN

HOT COCK at You Love Jack


Lick it up!

Jeremy’s intensity is burning off the screen as he pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and shows it off. Teasing the camera as he slowly rolls the foreskin up and over the sensitive skin of his cock head.

His eyes are locked on the camera as he falls into the sexual trance of pure desire and the world slips away… He pulls his legs up and explores his ass with a slippery finger before spreading his cheeks and proudly showing off his bright red asshole. He grabs his cock one more time and squirts a delicious load of skater jizz all over his smooth belly then licks up every last drop. Deeelicious!




Chaos Men Get Piggy


CHAOS MEN have really cranked up their site these – and gotten more piggy!

According to, Jet had asked for more bondage in his shoots. Well, ask and you shall receive! With his hands tied behind his back, lying on his stomach and a blindfold over his eyes, Jet awaits his fate of getting his ass and mouth severely dominated. Before he can even see who’s talking to him in a sexy low voice, he already has a hard uncut cock forced between his lips, which he gladly polishes orally.

Before finally blowing his creamy manjuice, Haigan shoves a hollow butt plug (called an Ass Tunnel) into Jet’s hole. He then proceeds to shoot loads and loads of thick white cum into the silicone hole — and what hits the sides he scoops into the chute with his fingers! Goddamn!!     WATCH  NOW


Flexible Muscular Fuckers – FLEX FUCK

Flex-Fuck: Tate Ryder Fucks Duncan Black @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

flex (verb)1. to display one’s strength through muscular contraction2. to bend, or to be bentThis week Dominic Ford introduces ‘Flex-Fuck’, a new series of videos featuring muscular bodies fucking in ways that show strength and flexibility.We start the series off with Tate Ryder and Duncan Black. Tate Ryder brings masculinity, virility, and strength to the scene while Duncan Black brings his usual boyishness, flexibility, and a magnetic animal lust. Tate’s body is incredible as it pistons in and out of Duncan’s tight hole. This pairing is undeniably hot!

Watch the full movie at

Gobble Gobble Muscle Orgy


If you like big muscle guys than this video will fullfill all of your dreams, as we bring you not one or two, we give you 3 big hot muscleguys fucking like crazy in our newest sweaty and hot episode.
Pornstar Rogan Richards from Australia was in town and wanted to play with some other musclehunks so we got him Diego & Wagner and as you can see in the video, this was the best idea we could have had.
The three were a great match, we all had a lot of fun in that afternoon.


Hunting Season Hot New Gay Comedy Series

the hunting season gay tv


Get your mind off porn for just a minute, OK?

This is a must see show!

HUNTING  SEASON    is a new smash hit comedy series based on the funny and
painfully truthful blog of ALEX, a single gay 20-something in Manhattan,
a smart and successful blogger at Gawker by day, who turns the
spotlight on himself and his friends and starts anonymously writing
about his social life. Based on the wildly popular blog, The Great Cock
Hunt, and the novel of the same title published by Kensington Books.

THE SERIES launched on September 12, 2012 at with the
UNCENSORED version available for paid download only at

The cast is uber sexy! The show is witty, smart and did I say, sexy?! It has won awards and lots of great press!  It looks and feels like REAL TV! It’s not some web series filmed with a cheap camera in someone’s backyard. Over 100 people worked on season one. IT’S QUALITY. It’s gay and real!

“We  have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to ask for your help in
funding a second season. The creator of the show paid for season one
out of his own pocket, and then took out loans to finish it. The sales
of downloads paid back the loans and proved how big the audience was for
the show. But all the conversations we had with networks and
advertisers did not pan out and we must turn to the fans of the show to
make more episodes.”


Alex and his friends’s stories are just getting started. There is so much more of the world we want to bring you.



Vita Gallo PLOWS Joey Banks


Deep Dicking
Joey Banks is a treat for anyone out there who enjoys twinks, and who better to introduce him to the Lucas Entertainment scene than Vito Gallo. Joey has a baby face, a lean body, and a nice big dick to compliment his little ass that cries for a pounding. And we all know Vito: tall, built, handsome, and packs one of the biggest cocks the studio has to brag about.

If Joey is going to be worthy of any kind of gay porn title, he’s go to prove himself to Vito. He gives his mouth one hell of a workout trying to fit Vito’s nine inches into his mouth and down his throat. Vito gives Joey’s ass a licking when he’s ready to break in the bottom’s hole. Joey takes it deep, long, and hard: Vito is aggressive and knows how to lay pipe, and for Joey’s first time, it’s worth seeing how he handles it all!


Big Hung Muscle Studs



Anthony was voted  TOP MUSCLE in 2011 – so he’s  back!
ANTHONY’S  massive cock is 10 inches, and that’s just in width! Only a mild exaggeration.Anthony’s shaved and spongy with thick-shafted heft is one of the biggest we’ve bagged.  This may be one of the many reasons a woman once declared: “I’m not a slut, but please fuck me!”

This raven superhero shares all his secrets in our XXX gallery. Uniform lovers, batter’s up! We slide his baseball leggings down his thighs just far enough to keep erotic allure AND expose all the glory of sliding into home!

Oh – Anthony’s really, truly smart but loves to party hard, which is a contradiction.When you’re this hung, we’ll take our contradictions as they cum.

Watch him blow a hot (party flavored) load in our PH!



More Big Dicks!

extra big dicks cocks

A bright sunny day out here in Florida and we decided to let Liam take a dip in our pool for a nice refreshing swim so his body can cool down. Relaxing in the chair his watered down body is cooled off and his rock hard cock has decided to join us for a great stroking session in the sun. Liam has a huge, veiny and throbbing cock that just is aching to be sucked on.

After some 3 finger banging in his tight ass it’s time to take it inside where it’s a bit cooler. Once inside he finds a 10 inch dildo with a nice suction cup that he sticks on the kitchen counter so he can ride that massive cock while stroking his sexy dick. It’s a sight to watch and the moans this guy makes are hot enough to make you cum in your pants.






Enzo has his hands down his pants as the video opens. Tugging his thick uncut Italian cock to life before opening his zipper and letting that monster peek out. He teases the camera with just the head before standing up and dropping his pants around his ankles. He sits back and shoves that massive pole right up in the camera as he works a thick drop of horny pre-cum out of the slit.


He pulls his legs up and crams two fingers deep inside his asshole before spraying a thick load of cum all over his ripped belly. He catches his breath then looks up at the camera with a satisfied look in his sultry brown Italian eyes. Fucking delicious!


Closing the Deal


“Closing the Deal” at Lucas Entertainment means one thing: signing on the dotted line with a pearly white string of hot cum! Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Seth Treston in the boss’ office. Trent Davis needs to put in some overtime on Sean Xavier’s massive black cock if he’s going to earn his promotion. Vito Gallo and Rafael Carreras invade Angelo Marconi’s ass after a hard day at work. Sebastian Rossi takes Latin cock from Armando De Armas during his job interview.

Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin share the task of training Colden Armstrong. If “Closing the Deal” means sleeping your way through all of the Lucas Men, then who wouldn’t want to sign on the dotted line?    WATCH  NOW

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Deep In Three Hungry Boys Butt Holes!

Big Matt Hughes has two hungry English lads worshipping his ginourmous horse-hung uncut cock! I guess most of us with an opportunity to be near Matt Hughes Naked would worship his 11.5 inch veiny uncut wonder of a dick too!

Anthony and Justin strip Matt naked and Justin is first to gorge and somehow he manages to down the whole thing, it must surely be tickling his belly button! Both lads do some joint cock sucking , there is ample room to share, though Anthony cant wait to get it Matt’s big uncut cock in his ass and groans like a good hungry bottom begging for it harder and deeper. Justin, not wanting to be outdone gets his puckered ass hole fucked equally as rough and after Matt his big uncut dick out, he’s so aroused he gushes loads of cum all over Anthony’s face! Seeing Matt spew so hard, its just seconds and Justin is gushing cum all over Matt’s leg!

ENGLISH LADS Horny Dirty Blonde Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung 11.5 inch Uncut Cock Deep In Two of Three Hungry Boys Holes At Free Hot Naked Men Pics!

Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Deep In Boys Butt Holes At ENGLISH LADS-1

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Anthony Carsons Straight Boy Butt Hole-2

Above (and below actually)  Str8/Straight English lad Anthony Carson (in his 3rd video shoot shown here above at ENGLISH LADS) teams with BIG Matt Hughes… ENGLISH LADS had mentioned to Anthony Carson about “stepping up a size” and Anthony said “He was up for anything!”

When Anthony first saw Matt’s massive erection nearly tearing through his briefs, he thought they had stuffed something like a huge dildo down there! ENGLISH LADS said “Just pull the end of Matt’s cock out and suck it!”   Anthony didn’t waste any time and as soon as he tried to suck it he realised this is one real thick piece of uncut cock meat!

Matt I believe has one of the thickest and longest and veiny uncut cocks in the gay porz biz and Anthony has just discovered its impact on his jaw, mouth and throat!  Soon Anthony, who’s sporting a beautiful uncut piece of English lad dick himself, gets Matt Hughes to slide that monster cock into his tightly puckered ass, not steadily, he simply asked Matt to just “put it in” as he thought it would be the best way!!!

Once Matt’s huge uncut dick is in, Anthony starts pushing back and the two horny lads fuck real hard and deep!  Matt even pile drives his cock in Anthony’s hungry butt hole standing over his ass! Some hard intense fucking, then Anthony, with Matt’s huge cock still buried in his boy guts, spews a massive load of cum everywhere, shot after shot, though when Matt pulls his throbbing cock out and leans over, he covers Anthony with a big thick messy cum load too, squirt after squirt flies out of Matt’s cock and cum soaked foreskin until Anthony is covered all over his face and body in Matt’s delicious cum! Here at Free Hot Naked Men we think ENGLISH LADS might consider changing Anthony Carson’s sexuality to at least “Bi!”  And it only keeps getting better……

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Anthony Carsons Straight Boy Butt Hole-3

Soooooooo……  English Lads managed to get Anthony Carson back for more of Matt Hughes’ huge uncut cock just last month (above), but this time the scorching hot English lad really showed everyone his true colors. Uhmmmmm…to say the very least  :-).

Anthony has always claimed he’s straight, you know which is common and cool and the whole Str8 for gay porn shit… Yet, Anthony seems to really enjoy and we mean enjoy Matt’s huge cock in his throat and up his ass!

Yes, it’s true. Anthony literally jumped at Matt’s massive, uncut dick and did his best to suck a good portion of it. Another rather rare scene in this video is that Matt actually gave Anthony some head back. Matt Hughes isn’t known for reciprocating much, as usually he doesn’t need to. That cock of Matt’s is enough to get anyone in the mood for a good long fuckor suck. So Anthony goes on in this most recent video to impress the hell out of the entire world by taking a very large amount of Matt’s man hammer cock up and deep inside his ass. “Things” went quite exceptionnally well as you will see!

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Deep In Three Hungry Boys Butt Holes!

If you love and want more of MATT HUGHES and his delicious 11.5 inch uncut cock check out our FREE category archives of Matt at English Lads, Blake Mason and UK Naked Men HERE!

Porn industry suffers second HIV scare after Rod Daily, boyfriend of infected actress Cameron Bay

rod daily hiv non gay

Porn actor Rod Daily’s announcement that he has HIV is the second scare in the industry in as many weeks. Daily’s girlfriend, Cameron Bay, confirmed that she tested positive last month, leading to an industry shutdown.

The moratorium was lifted on Aug. 28 after the Free Speech Coalition, the porn industry’s trade group, said Bay’s partners had been tested and cleared.

As of Wednesday, the Free Speech Coalition had not announced a new moratorium on filming, saying they have not been able to confirm Daily’s diagnosis.


Milk Chocolate Ebony Cocks

ebony black cock dick

When it comes right down to it, Kai Adams is THE guy to watch jack off this season. Think about it: he’s got the muscles, he’s got the attitude, he knows how to stroke it good, his dick is long and strong. When you see Kai enter in his white, terry cloth robe, you’ll know why they call him one of the best at what he does. When you witness Kai’s cock harden and become stiff, you’ll want to be there with Kai! You can feel his power, you can taste his elegance, you can experience the sensuousness of the moment. Sit back, make yourself comfortable. Kai Adams is going to stimulate your deep, sexual senses.


EXTRA Big Dicks with Ricky Larkin

extra big dicks cocks

Ricky Larkin is back and this time he is with a rookie by the name of Kevin Grover. Kevin is 19, very young and a quite one at that, but Ricky does a great job getting this young meat to squeal. Ricky and his big dick have been staying in shape and Kevin is very curious how he keeps that hairy firm body. A few pointers from big Rick and bam, Kevin is slurping on that fat cock like it could be his last. That big cock of his takes no prisoners and little Kevin gets a nice pounding in that sweet hole of his. Lots of ass eating and cock sucking plus some explosive end.

I want Michael Lucas to Cum in My Mouth!


Michael places a “Do Not Disturb” on the door and moves in to make out with Leo, who loves all the attention the porn legend showers on him. They kiss against the bedpost before Michael directs Leo down to his knees to suck on his erect 10 inches of uncut cock, and there’s no shortage of slobber strands as he does the sucking!

Leo’s chest, stomach, and legs are covered in the sexiest short course body hair and it’s never been more masculine on any other gay porn star! Michael is prepared to put Leo through some serious acrobatics, but first he lubricates the guy’s hole with his tongue. With his condom on, Michael fucks Leo in all sorts of positions: doggy, on his stomach, missionary, and even some reverse flip flop fucking!


see also  Michael Lucas RAUNCH