How Big is BIG ENOUGH??

huge long cock dick

Is that BIG ENOUGH???




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Hot House Gym Jocks

gym jocks locker room sex

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More Big Dicks!

extra big dicks cocks

A bright sunny day out here in Florida and we decided to let Liam take a dip in our pool for a nice refreshing swim so his body can cool down. Relaxing in the chair his watered down body is cooled off and his rock hard cock has decided to join us for a great stroking session in the sun. Liam has a huge, veiny and throbbing cock that just is aching to be sucked on.

After some 3 finger banging in his tight ass it’s time to take it inside where it’s a bit cooler. Once inside he finds a 10 inch dildo with a nice suction cup that he sticks on the kitchen counter so he can ride that massive cock while stroking his sexy dick. It’s a sight to watch and the moans this guy makes are hot enough to make you cum in your pants.


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Horse Cock at Bel Ami

If you like em  BIG  you will love this stud!

Even if you do not like Uncut Cock, you have to admit, this is a work of art!

Dylan  Ayres   at  BEL  AMI




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Enzo has his hands down his pants as the video opens. Tugging his thick uncut Italian cock to life before opening his zipper and letting that monster peek out. He teases the camera with just the head before standing up and dropping his pants around his ankles. He sits back and shoves that massive pole right up in the camera as he works a thick drop of horny pre-cum out of the slit.


He pulls his legs up and crams two fingers deep inside his asshole before spraying a thick load of cum all over his ripped belly. He catches his breath then looks up at the camera with a satisfied look in his sultry brown Italian eyes. Fucking delicious!


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Hot House Sale $19.95





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Men of September at Dylan Rosser

Jaimie 2 by Calvin Brockington


Dave by Dylan Rosser

Just 2 of the hot new men at THE MALE FORM

Jaimie 2 by Calvin Brockington (top photo)

Dave by Dylan Rosser (bottom photo)


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Closing the Deal


“Closing the Deal” at Lucas Entertainment means one thing: signing on the dotted line with a pearly white string of hot cum! Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Seth Treston in the boss’ office. Trent Davis needs to put in some overtime on Sean Xavier’s massive black cock if he’s going to earn his promotion. Vito Gallo and Rafael Carreras invade Angelo Marconi’s ass after a hard day at work. Sebastian Rossi takes Latin cock from Armando De Armas during his job interview.

Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin share the task of training Colden Armstrong. If “Closing the Deal” means sleeping your way through all of the Lucas Men, then who wouldn’t want to sign on the dotted line?    WATCH  NOW

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ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Deep In Three Hungry Boys Butt Holes!

Big Matt Hughes has two hungry English lads worshipping his ginourmous horse-hung uncut cock! I guess most of us with an opportunity to be near Matt Hughes Naked would worship his 11.5 inch veiny uncut wonder of a dick too!

Anthony and Justin strip Matt naked and Justin is first to gorge and somehow he manages to down the whole thing, it must surely be tickling his belly button! Both lads do some joint cock sucking , there is ample room to share, though Anthony cant wait to get it Matt’s big uncut cock in his ass and groans like a good hungry bottom begging for it harder and deeper. Justin, not wanting to be outdone gets his puckered ass hole fucked equally as rough and after Matt his big uncut dick out, he’s so aroused he gushes loads of cum all over Anthony’s face! Seeing Matt spew so hard, its just seconds and Justin is gushing cum all over Matt’s leg!

ENGLISH LADS Horny Dirty Blonde Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung 11.5 inch Uncut Cock Deep In Two of Three Hungry Boys Holes At Free Hot Naked Men Pics!

Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Deep In Boys Butt Holes At ENGLISH LADS-1

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Anthony Carsons Straight Boy Butt Hole-2

Above (and below actually)  Str8/Straight English lad Anthony Carson (in his 3rd video shoot shown here above at ENGLISH LADS) teams with BIG Matt Hughes… ENGLISH LADS had mentioned to Anthony Carson about “stepping up a size” and Anthony said “He was up for anything!”

When Anthony first saw Matt’s massive erection nearly tearing through his briefs, he thought they had stuffed something like a huge dildo down there! ENGLISH LADS said “Just pull the end of Matt’s cock out and suck it!”   Anthony didn’t waste any time and as soon as he tried to suck it he realised this is one real thick piece of uncut cock meat!

Matt I believe has one of the thickest and longest and veiny uncut cocks in the gay porz biz and Anthony has just discovered its impact on his jaw, mouth and throat!  Soon Anthony, who’s sporting a beautiful uncut piece of English lad dick himself, gets Matt Hughes to slide that monster cock into his tightly puckered ass, not steadily, he simply asked Matt to just “put it in” as he thought it would be the best way!!!

Once Matt’s huge uncut dick is in, Anthony starts pushing back and the two horny lads fuck real hard and deep!  Matt even pile drives his cock in Anthony’s hungry butt hole standing over his ass! Some hard intense fucking, then Anthony, with Matt’s huge cock still buried in his boy guts, spews a massive load of cum everywhere, shot after shot, though when Matt pulls his throbbing cock out and leans over, he covers Anthony with a big thick messy cum load too, squirt after squirt flies out of Matt’s cock and cum soaked foreskin until Anthony is covered all over his face and body in Matt’s delicious cum! Here at Free Hot Naked Men we think ENGLISH LADS might consider changing Anthony Carson’s sexuality to at least “Bi!”  And it only keeps getting better……

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Fucking Anthony Carsons Straight Boy Butt Hole-3

Soooooooo……  English Lads managed to get Anthony Carson back for more of Matt Hughes’ huge uncut cock just last month (above), but this time the scorching hot English lad really showed everyone his true colors. Uhmmmmm…to say the very least  :-).

Anthony has always claimed he’s straight, you know which is common and cool and the whole Str8 for gay porn shit… Yet, Anthony seems to really enjoy and we mean enjoy Matt’s huge cock in his throat and up his ass!

Yes, it’s true. Anthony literally jumped at Matt’s massive, uncut dick and did his best to suck a good portion of it. Another rather rare scene in this video is that Matt actually gave Anthony some head back. Matt Hughes isn’t known for reciprocating much, as usually he doesn’t need to. That cock of Matt’s is enough to get anyone in the mood for a good long fuckor suck. So Anthony goes on in this most recent video to impress the hell out of the entire world by taking a very large amount of Matt’s man hammer cock up and deep inside his ass. “Things” went quite exceptionnally well as you will see!

ENGLISH LADS Matt Hughes Slams His Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock Deep In Three Hungry Boys Butt Holes!

If you love and want more of MATT HUGHES and his delicious 11.5 inch uncut cock check out our FREE category archives of Matt at English Lads, Blake Mason and UK Naked Men HERE!

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$19.95 first month then rebills at 24.95 for 3 months and then drops back to $19.95 each month thereafter.  Use Promo Code   UNCUT


$24.95 for 60 days, rebilling at $24.95 thereafter.  Use  promo Code  UNCUT241

You Choose  at  DOMINIC  FORD!

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Porn industry suffers second HIV scare after Rod Daily, boyfriend of infected actress Cameron Bay

rod daily hiv non gay

Porn actor Rod Daily’s announcement that he has HIV is the second scare in the industry in as many weeks. Daily’s girlfriend, Cameron Bay, confirmed that she tested positive last month, leading to an industry shutdown.

The moratorium was lifted on Aug. 28 after the Free Speech Coalition, the porn industry’s trade group, said Bay’s partners had been tested and cleared.

As of Wednesday, the Free Speech Coalition had not announced a new moratorium on filming, saying they have not been able to confirm Daily’s diagnosis.


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Milk Chocolate Ebony Cocks

ebony black cock dick

When it comes right down to it, Kai Adams is THE guy to watch jack off this season. Think about it: he’s got the muscles, he’s got the attitude, he knows how to stroke it good, his dick is long and strong. When you see Kai enter in his white, terry cloth robe, you’ll know why they call him one of the best at what he does. When you witness Kai’s cock harden and become stiff, you’ll want to be there with Kai! You can feel his power, you can taste his elegance, you can experience the sensuousness of the moment. Sit back, make yourself comfortable. Kai Adams is going to stimulate your deep, sexual senses.


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EXTRA Big Dicks with Ricky Larkin

extra big dicks cocks

Ricky Larkin is back and this time he is with a rookie by the name of Kevin Grover. Kevin is 19, very young and a quite one at that, but Ricky does a great job getting this young meat to squeal. Ricky and his big dick have been staying in shape and Kevin is very curious how he keeps that hairy firm body. A few pointers from big Rick and bam, Kevin is slurping on that fat cock like it could be his last. That big cock of his takes no prisoners and little Kevin gets a nice pounding in that sweet hole of his. Lots of ass eating and cock sucking plus some explosive end.

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I want Michael Lucas to Cum in My Mouth!


Michael places a “Do Not Disturb” on the door and moves in to make out with Leo, who loves all the attention the porn legend showers on him. They kiss against the bedpost before Michael directs Leo down to his knees to suck on his erect 10 inches of uncut cock, and there’s no shortage of slobber strands as he does the sucking!

Leo’s chest, stomach, and legs are covered in the sexiest short course body hair and it’s never been more masculine on any other gay porn star! Michael is prepared to put Leo through some serious acrobatics, but first he lubricates the guy’s hole with his tongue. With his condom on, Michael fucks Leo in all sorts of positions: doggy, on his stomach, missionary, and even some reverse flip flop fucking!


see also  Michael Lucas RAUNCH


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3 day only MEGA SALE! 27 cents a day!

gay-porn-high-quality gay-porn-salepjp-paying-the-trainer-MENgay-porn-sale

3 days! GRAB IT!

99.95 year = about $8.32 month = 27 cents a day!!!







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Hot men and Hot cocks at Lucas Entertainment

Adrian Long Bottoms for Issac Jones’ Uncut Cock – hot cocks, hot action, hot men!

look at that cum bath!!! at Lucas Entertainment


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Hot gay Men Over 30

hot gay men over 30

Isaac Hardy & Cameron Kincade have been working hard all day, moving Cameron’s stuff into his new place.  Isaac suggests they rest for a while, maybe take a nap. Cameron’s tired too, but he has a different idea to perk them up!When Isaac hears Cameron say he’s horny, Isaac decides some sexy fun is just the thing to revitalize them.

He pulls his big, fat dick out for Cameron’s sucking pleasure. Cameron loves getting to bob deep on large cocks. Isaac is happy to accommodate. He’s even taking time to smack that hard boner on Cameron’s happy face. Then Isaac is returning the favor by slurping passionately on Cameron’s thick rod. Then he’s bending Cameron over to have a few licks of his tender ass before fucking it. Watch Isaac pound Cameron’s tight hole with his enormous dong in this incredibly hot, midday encounter. WATCH PREVIEW

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Bareback Lads and Sweet Holes

Bare Adventures: Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn-

These down home farm  country boys just keep getting better and better! Relaxing on the sofa after a hard day, these buff young studs could do with unwinding, and what better way than showing us exactly what a hard manual labourer’s body looks like, especially when building up a sweat with another one!! Fair haired Thomas lies back and lets tattooed hottie Ricky worships his delicious dick, licking up and down the throbbing shaft. Returning the favour, Ricky wants his dick far down Thomas’ throat, pushing his heading onto it.

These two fit fuckers are so damn sexy, smooth, tanned, defined athletic bodies – it’s almost too much to see them slowly slide the dicks into each other completely raw; but hold out as you don’t want to miss a second!! Tattooed top Ricky relaxes Thomas’s hole with his tongue, fingers and some spanking, before teasing him with half his length, getting him ready for the whole thing, and damn!! It’s definitely worth the wait to  see the buff bottom lad fucked into the sofa and covered in cum!!



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The Bear Films crew recently returned to the original City of Saints and Sins — Old Montreal — to capture the unrestrained lust and musky sex lurking in the corner of every alley, bath house and strip club of the world famous Gay Village. The bears frolic innocently enough, like a lunch date that ends up in a nice cum drenched mess. Mathias and Davie meet on the street and after some kissing, take the action upstairs to Mathias’ amazing loft. Starting in the shower then the bed, Mathias pounds away till he creams with Davie not far behind.


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HAUNTING with Lots of Cocks



8 Time Award Winner – HAUNTING!

They died before their time…This stunning movie takes gay porn to the whole other world. CockyBoys says – “The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.



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Hot Marine Gets Nakes And Shows his BUTT HOLE

Marine Conner’s Sensual Solo

Active Duty’s Conner is such a dreamboat, isn’t he?  I wanna fucking bury my tongue in his hot hole!

This tall marine is muscled in all the right places with a cute smile and a big rod. Yeah, that last one gets me every time. This solo of Conner is another in the series of never-before-released sensual solos Active Duty filmed of some of their favorite models. They also include professional photos in and out of uniform and in unique locations. Make sure you watch this special solo all the way to the end, when Conner shoots a surprise – straight into his mouth!




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Lycra = Romanian Uncut Cock


One of my mates caused a big stir amongst members when I first posted our sex scene together earlier this year is John Pavel. The muscly 22 year old Romanian is actually a professional boxer. He spied the wrestling singlet amongst the gear in my suitcase and really wanted to try in on.

I think the highlight of my trip all the way to Bucharest was lying on the floor between those massive thighs taking photos of John slowing slipping out of that wrestling singlet and eventually exposing his thick uncut dick. We had a lot of fun that day taking photos and videos in the shower, on the bed and then this wrestling gear/flexing scene. John was up for doing everything!    BENTLEY RACE

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BLISS orgy of Cocks



ahhhhhh   so many cocks – so little time!


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Gay Porn Sale



Get ready to shoot your rocket this 4th of July with a super spectacular sale July 4th- July 8th






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Jock Connor Kline Shows Off at HELIX Studios




I am definitely gay! I feel so much more comfortable being pushed around and submissive than anything, and I am always horny!   says  Connor Kline!


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Delicious Cock Head


Look at that cock head!!!

He slowly pulls his throbbing cock out of his pants and gives it a couple of easy strokes before stripping naked and relaxing on our famous orange chair.

His actions are slow and natural and he’s in no rush as he shows off his furry chest and ripped abs.

Slowly running his hand along his chiseled muscles and back down to his thick cock.

He pulls up his legs and shows off his perfect asshole before hosing himself down with a huge load of cum that leaves his perfect body glistening in the afternoon sun.


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Aaron Kupper at College Dudes


Aaron Kupper is a hot blond 19 year old freshman with a teasing smile and a confident manner.  Aaron lifts his shirt off and pulls down his jeans and briefs, and then Aaron gets down to business. Aaron strokes his rock-hard meat and begins to moan a little bit as he gets more excited.

Aaron looks at the camera a lot – you can tell he loves to tease. Aaron had been a little reluctant at first to bend over and show off his beautiful ass, but when he does it is a sight to behold. This stud has an amazing ass and a very tight looking love-hole. He jerks off, arching his back and looking over his shoulder, still stroking his dick that is harder than ever. Judging by his stiffy, he must like being on all fours even though he has not tried it before. When he finally rolls over and sits down to bust his load, he gushes a very big cumshot and breathes a big sigh of relief. Hot jerk off!  COLLEGE  DUDES

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Face Fuckers and Cock Suckers


If you are into oral, uncut cocks and buckets of cum – this is for you!

pictured – Two of the most popular Lucas Men, Adrian Long and Mathew Mason, begin the fifth and last scene of “Face Fuckers,” and you won’t believe their skills! Adam Avery and Brandon Jones crawl into bed together and suck cock for fun. Hayden Colby gets between Preston Steel’s legs and worships his dick. Alexy Tyler and Jason Vault follow up and flex their throats for the pounding they’re going to receive. And Donnie Dean bites off more than he can chew (so to speak) when he picks up Johnny Venture!

Runtime: 193 minutes

Open your mouth, wet your tongue, and prepare your throat, because Lucas Entertainment’s  “Face Fuckers” are ready to shoot their loads! Over 30 of the hottest and horniest Lucas Men get ready for some unbelievable dick-sucking action than can only be delivered by the deepest throats in the industry. In over two hours of pure oral-sex footage, many of your favorite porn stars make an appearance, including Vito Gallo, Jonathan Agassi, D.O., Rafael Carreras, Alexy Tyler, Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Dale Cooper, Adrian Long, Hayden Colby, Brandon Jones, and Michael Lucas. Get ready, because the “Face Fuckers” show no mercy!  LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT  and  Lucas RAUNCH

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Daddy and Son – Older with Younger

daddy and boy sex

Officer Cody Cummings sees a lot on his beat. Making sure the streets are safe for Joe Public is often no picnic. That’s why a hard working man of the law needs to blow off steam once in a while. That’s why Officer Cummings has decided to stop in at a known porn house to do some poking around.

Upon entering, Cody finds a few folks talking in the kitchen. He finds out one of them, Max McQueen is in charge of the property for the week. Officer Cummings likes the shape of Max’s mouth, so he orders him to take him to a private room to discuss how things will proceed. After taking some time to understand exactly what kind of activity Max engages in at the house, i.e. sucking cock, getting fucked, etc., Cody gives him two options. Max can either receive a citation and possibly end up downtown in cuffs, or he can lay down and accept Officer Cummings’s big, hard dick in his mouth.

Max has no problem going with the second option. In fact, as he tells the nice police man, he’s probably going to like it…a lot. Officer Cummings runs a tight ship when he’s on duty and nobody gets off easy. He’s doling out stiff consequences to Max, and making sure he gets his point across. Watch him go from slowly dipping his thick cock into this sweet boy’s mouth, to face fucking the kid like a no-nonsense enforcer. Cody’s not letting this dick fiend off the hook until the officer gets off himself.   WATCH  NOW

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Cock Suckers and Butt Fuckers

cock suckers butt fuckers

The broad, naked back belongs to Alexander Garrett. His face is hidden, his mouth latched onto one of Dale Cooper’s nipples. He works Dale’s shirt off, then grabs him by the neck. They joust with their tongues. Dale’s erection needs no help to bust out of the waistband of his briefs, where it finds Alexander’s mouth waiting. Alexander’s massive cock makes a long, slow, downward curve — the kind that slides handily down a guy’s throat. Dale adds some spit and flourishes, playing with Alexander’s foreskin.

Alexander encourages the ass play by driving a finger in alongside Dale’s tongue. Dale takes his heavy cock and takes control, topping Alexander. That’s just fine with Alexander, who spreads the hairy halves of his buttocks and thrusts in counterpoint to Dale’s pounding. They separate, and now Alexander sinks his curved cock into Dale, grabbing Dale’s rod like the pommel on a saddle . Drilling deep and fast, Alexander triggers a huge gush of jism from Dale in a single mighty burst then presses his sweaty flanks to Dale’s face and bastes it with semen.   RAGING  STALLION

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Breeder Fuckers Slave and Submission



At BreederFuckers straight boy Bobby is stripped naked and has a spider gag attached to his mouth. A dog collar and leash is put on him as he’s made to deep-throat cock and is fucked up the ass with a large vibrator.

Cock after cock is rammed up his aching hole while he’s made to kiss and lick men’s assholes. Loads of hot gay cum are shot on his face and ass.  WATCH  NOW


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Stroke that fat cock!



COCK: 6″,(6?  looks bigger than that!)

HEIGHT: 5’8″, EYES: Brown, HAIR: Black, AGE: 30

TURN ONS: anonymous hotel sex, so hot meeting a guy and going back to his hotel room, knowing you’ll …   FIND OUT!~

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Topher DiMaggio Fucks The Hell out Of Tate Ryder

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Tate Ryder @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Two of our hottest stars, Topher DiMaggio and Tate Ryder, finally have a scene together at Both guys are the top of their games and look amazing. Tate is such a dirty, hungry bottom – Topher has no problem dominating him in every way imaginable. This is one hot scene, and it even includes an amazing rimming section on the banister of the stairs. It’s so hot. And you can watch it in 2D or 3D only at

Watch the full movie at

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HOT HOUSE is the BIG Winner


The Grab Magazine Grabby Awards happened this weekend and we’re pretty happy with our haul!

We’re thrilled that 3 of our stars of THE    DOM  came away with big wins:


Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano had double wins, sharing Best Performer of the Year trophies and winning Hottest Top (Durano) and Best Versatile (Ducati) while Tate Ryder walked away with both Best New Comer (sic) and Hottest Bottom trophies.

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