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Hot and Hung Frat Jock Boys Jacking Off, Fucking and Sucking Like The Horny Hungry Pigs They Are at COLLEGE DUDES 247

HOLY FUCK! So while I’m doing this post I cum across Colin Stride…OH LORD ~ FUCK ME! Colin is a starry blue-eyed beautiful 19 year old Southern jock boy stud, naturally smooth and hairless with a nice big ole hairy bush of college frat boy jock pubes and a rockin fucking jock boy body I’m totally in lust for.  What a sweet 69ing you could throw down with this one!!!

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COLIN STRIDE Jacking Off His Fat Veiny Cock and Playing With His Beautiful Furry Ass Hole at


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To me there is nothing sexier than a hot guy with nice meaty jock thighs sitting naked with his legs spread, big fat ole cock (love when its an uncut dick) hanging down on a nice sac of man-juice filled balls.  Shawn at SQUIRTZ is in position and definitely has the equipment, look how his big uncut cock hangs, just waiting to be serviced ~ YUMMMMY!

Call me Shawn! Shawn Jacking Off His Big Fat Uncut Cock Till He’s Squirting A Big Thick Load of Cum at SQUIRTZ

Gregory Jacks His Big Thick Cock Off for YOU LOVE JACK


Greg works as a junior broker at a small investment firm – well, he “used” to work there. The recent market shake-up left this fine looking young man out of work on the spot! And that’s where You Love Jack came to the rescue…

“To be honest, I wanted to do this anyway,” Gregory admits… “Losing my job helped – I mean, I have to pay rent this month!” Well, You Love Jack was only too happy to help and set him up to make a homemade video for the site.


Gregory is strikingly handsome with his strong square jaw, dreamy blue eyes and slim but muscular body and if all that that doesn’t grab you, then just take a look at the huge thick dick of his. He has a pretty amazing homemade video on YouLoveJack where he get’s naked and gives his ass a workout with his fingers and ends up with a huge sticky mess.

Gregory at YouLoveJack

Not that we are size queens here, I’m just saying, we only run the biggest cocks from You Love Jack for your viewing pleasure.  Check out these hung boys previously showcased hereTigger, Tommy, Todd, Nicky Blacklock, Tommy Finch, Harry Winsome, Mickey Leporte

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Sure this new one from You Love Jack may look like Prince Harry, but the resemblance stops short at his looks. Although Harry Winsome’s really cute, he’s also downright dirty which becomes apparent when he strips out of his jeans and his already rock-hard dick is straining the poor gray fabric of his boxerbriefs. He offers up the fact that people compliment him on his big ole low-hanging balls, and to prove it, he reaches in through the leg opening of his briefs and whips out two heavy veiny ball sacs.

He then ditches the undies and his big hard dick is defying gravity is so erect, but the “dirty” doesn’t stop there. He turns around and kneels on the couch, bends forward and grabs his ass – one cheek in each hand and stretches his mouth watering hole so that for a moment it seems hard to breath as the air from the room gets sucked into his open butt crack. Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but as far as holes go, it’s pretty damn nice.

Harry now plants himself back on the couch for the rest of his homemade gay porn video and starts to jerk himself off – slowly at first and then building up to a frenzied crescendo all the while the cum from his sac is building up this enormous pressure and then – BLAM! He’s shooting bucket loads of boy cum way up over his belly and his chest and hits him smack-dab in the face and drips down his chin. Now that’s dirty… and HOT.

You Love Jack is an incredible site, especially if you’re into younger guys and amateur gay porn. Don’t get the wrong impression, the homemade part only refers to the style. Although the videos are shot by the cute guys in the videos, YouLoveJack makes sure they have the best equipment and lighting and they edit it so it is the highest quality and it’s never boring. They update their own content weekly, plus they throw in some of the best add-in content like Squirtz, Cruiserboys and Dick Show so you’re never without fresh new porn.

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“Juicy and uncut are the best words to describe Jordon’s

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