Incest is Best…with the Peters Twins and Friends

Milo and Elijah Peters are back today in this, the first part of a 2 day special with Dario Dolce. Todays scene begins when Darion catches the twins admiring each others bodies, this turns him on and within no time he is fucking the smooth ass of Milo (or maybe it is Elijah) condom free! Plus some serious brother on brother action that you can only see

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Visconti Triplets Incest Gay Sex

Thirsty and craving something to drink, the Visconti Triplets run to the kitchen to share some grape juice. Having satisfied a thirst of one kind, they quickly move to quench the thirst of another kind…

Stripping down to nothing, Jason, Jimmy, and Joey start stroking their dicks in the kitchen. –  Do you do that with your brothers??

Jimmy bends over and strokes it with his ass in the air, while Jason and Joey get a good look. Turned on, they move closer and closer to each other. Next, Jimmy stands back up, and Joey gets on his knees while his brothers keep stroking. This gives him a very close-up view of the action, stroking himself all the while.

After these three copies of manly perfection share some quality time against the counter, Jimmy bends over again, and it’s not long before he gets two warm streams of cum against his perfectly-shaped asscheeks. Still bent over, Jimmy himself shoots a massive load against the kitchen floor.

Now it’s time for the Visconti Triplets to clean themselves up!


True Love and Gay Twin Incest

2010 goes out with a BANG this week at BEL AMI!

Elijah Peters & Jean-Daniel Chagall are showering off together when their hardons pop up. Twin Milo Peters was not going to miss out on the action. He quickly joins the 2 studs and soon Jean-Daniels big, sweet ass will be fucked royaly by both Twins. See the Peters Twins in action exclusively at!

We present the Peters Twins & Jean-Daniel Chagall in a 2 part scene launching this week!

On Thursday December 30 an innocent workout with Elijah Peters & Jean-Daniel Chagall turns into hot muscle boy sex!

Then on Friday December 31 while the 2 boys are showering off, Milo Peters jumps in on the action for a hot 3-way with Jean-Daniel being tag teamed by the most famous identical twins in the world.

And it’s true, the twins really are in love with each other! They say, “We have absolutely no problem having sex with each other in front of the camera. If we ever get a chance to film everything and make a good movie, we’re definitely into it! Our only concern is that people enjoy such kind of movie.

Sadly enough, once people find out we like each other and that we have sex together, they always act in a very negative way. They laugh at us and spread the gossip. But we don’t care about them, the main thing is we feel comfortable and happy.

We do everything together. We don’t need anyone else, if we don’t want to. we just love being twins. Some people look for their soul mates for their whole lives, but we have had one since our birth. Very sadly, our family has forsaken us, since they found out what we do. Now we are the family.”


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Brotherly Love with the Peters Twins at Bel Ami


I personally do not see anything wrong with gay incest. So what if 2 brothers like to fuck and suck each other? Father daughter incest or brother sister is  WRONG! But same sex incest – is totally  fine, I think. At least with 2 brothers. I guess father son incest would be creepy too.  But 2 brothers or  2  sisters, GO FOR IT!

a new Peters Twins video is live on the site! This time Milo & Elijah film a home video for you of what they do in private. The Twins go all the way again, but this time with a more personal view of things.

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