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I am a sucker for a hot six pack and thick accent. Trey is a sucker for lots of cum in his mouth. He started out as a fan of the site and practically begged me to release some of my studs on him. I told him I could round up a decent lot to paint his face. This made the limey sex pig happier than a pig in… well very, very happy. This hot piece of ass from across the pond was salivating the moment he walked in the door and saw my harem of hairy boys. He must have been starved because he dives in throat first and starts pulling cocks out of shorts like they were going out of style. He is lippy, cocky, and will be tasting dick for days after these horny studs get done using his mouth. Even my new favorite Diego joined in the fun, and did really, really well for a straight guy getting his dick sucked with 7 other guys around. I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of Diego quite soon. But back to our very horny new Brit friend, this guy has a jaw like a pit bull.

He just won’t stop, he goes round after round, taking some of the biggest dicks balls deep in his throat. His jaws of steel sure do match his rock hard abs and rippling chest so very well. The boys have had enough play time, one by one they release on Trey’s face. Big loads, slow loads, white and creamy loads, some that fly over his head, and some that land softly in his 5 o’clock shadow. Trey catches them all, in his mouth, on his chin, in his ear and eye, this little piggy couldn’t have had a bigger grin on his face if he tried. Not to disappoint, Trey still on his knees shoots far and long all over his wonderful hairy chest, almost as if he was trying to fit just one more load on his face. Cheers Trey!


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Jeremy’s intensity is burning off the screen as he pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and shows it off. Teasing the camera as he slowly rolls the foreskin up and over the sensitive skin of his cock head.

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Rick and Liam decide to have a bit of fun outdoors by battering their uncut cocks together in a good old-fashioned boy cock-fight! There are even shots of the young straight studs tentatively touching each others cocks.

These young men are in absolute prime shape and just stunning. Smooth, lean, ripped, muscular boy bodies and those rock hard veiny uncut dicks ~ YUMMY!

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Rick Lewis and Liam James @ ENGLISH LADS!

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In 2004 Blue Alley Studios debuted it’s first video NY Cum. Hundreds of loads and 48 cities later, we go back to the place where it all began; New York City. You’ll see our cum whore Archer Adams try to suck all of the man juice right out of the Big Apple!


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Deceptively clean-cut Brad Slater has an unrivaled craving for cock and cum. For his Treasure Island Media debut, we set up a sling-fuck for him with generously-endowed Alan Gregory and young ebony stallion Paris. After getting the hungry fuck-pig settled in the sling, the unrelenting topmen take turns repeatedly plunging their rock hard cocks into Brad’s greedy hole, filling him with multiple loads until gobs of cum are dripping from his ass and he spatters his belly with a gooey load of his own.


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Waking up with a hot stud in your bed is always a good thing. Two hot studs waking up to each other, that’s just heaven. Sexy muscle-boys Steve Vex and Jay Roberts roll around naked in bed before coming together for some passionate and intimate kissing. The covers are pushed away as Jay licks and kisses his way down Steve’s ripped body, making his way slowly down to that hard piece of morning wood between Steve’s legs. Sucking, stroking and kissing the morning away they settle in for a hot 69 mutual suck-fest. Steve gets an ample mouthful of Jay’s thick uncut meat as Jay swallows every inch of Steve’s long hard cock.

Ready for some serious fucking, Jay climbs up on Steve’s thick cock and slides it in his hot hole. Jay sits back and takes it deep, grinding his ass on Steve’s cock and groaning with pleasure he leans in often for some intense kissing.

Steve wants to drill that ass even deeper. He gets Jay on his back off the edge of the bed and splits that ass apart with his throbbing dick, giving Jay a hard pounding. Stroking his big dick while his ass gets drilled Jay unloads. A thick white creamy batch of cum squirts from his swollen dick as Steve continues to pound his hot hole. Steven then pulls out and strokes out a big load, drenching Jay’s torso with a second heaping helping of hot white cum.              see more  at  C O L T



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Six loads of cum is a lot to take, especially your first time, and Colt Waters knows it! Colt is nervous and worried. The gang of guys circle quickly, surrounding him, like sharks with a taste for fresh blood. They chime in, saying that they’ll take good care of Colt.

Ryan Lynch starts the shit talking immediately, letting Colt know that it’s time to start sucking dick.  Max Morgan is more interested in having his cock sucked than making conversation.

These boys waste no time, and aren’t shy about tossing their clothes off. All the better for Colt to get a good look at what they’re packing, close up and personal! Colt goes in for Ryan first, because as we all know, the squeeky wheel gets the first blowjob. Colt grabs onto Christopher’s junk, and then grabs for Max, while trying to rub Ryan at the same time. Nervous, Colt may be, but he’s giving it his best effort. Working his way around the circle, Colt stops at Troy, realizing with glee, that Troy’s penis is uncut.

Troy seems to get all of Colt’s affection and attentions, until loudly demanding Ryan orders him to keep moving. Colt grasps onto Philip, first with his hand, and then smoothly transitions to his mouth.


Troy steps up next, squirting long, thick strands of goop down the side of Colt’s face. Colt closes his eyes as Ryan glazes his other cheek in creamy cum frosting. And Max jiggles his warm load overhead, landing it in Colt’s eye. Brent shoots his pearls atop Colt’s head, crowning him in spunktastictic glory! Christopher lands the finale, drenching Colt with a milky facial that he then rubs into Colt’s skin like moisturizer. Colt’s face is sticky, shining with splooge, as he smiles the knowing grin of one no longer a bukkake virgin.


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Jay Robert’s buns are almost on fire, until Race Cooper steps in and saves his baked goods. Horny Race is a pure, muscle stud with a magnificent arse and tight, juicy hole. Hungry Jay can’t resist feasting on Race’s wet, fuck-hole before sliding his spit-drenched, uncut dick deep into Mr Cooper’s guts.



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This tasty Daddy and Son duo start out  teasing and groping each other in their jockstraps. Rex quickly grabs Travis’s cock and starts to service his long cut tool. He uses his mouth and tongue all over Travis’s shaft and nuts. It doesn’t take long for the favor to be returned as these guys get into hot 69 action. Rex licks and tongues Travis’s smooth beefy butt as he gets it ready for his raw Daddy cock. The sex steps into high gear when Rex slides his bare dick into Travis’ raw hole. Rex pins Travis on his stomach as he mounts his ass from behind.

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Muscle Jock Mason is back, showing off his RIPPED “8-pack” abs, white bubble butt and big FAT DICK, working outside in our tropical Hawaiian garden fully naked!  Mason’s body is even more ROCK SOLID than his first photo shoot.

Feast your eyes on this athletic Stud as he breaks a sweat shoveling mounts of dirt wearing only garden gloves and sport shoes!  What a nudist boy!

He is one HOT college jock!   Watch as he looses himself in ecstasy in this lengthy masturbation scene in the garden.  Jerking off with his eyes closed in his own private fantasy, Mason reaches up and grabs his own bulging veiny neck and squeezes it!  It is so sexy to see what straight boys do during their private moments alone!

If you are a cum fan, Mason’s jizz scene is NOT TO BE MISSED!  He shoots loads of thick goo all over his tight ripped belly and hands!   With cum everywhere, I ask Mason to stand up for some photos.  Watch as all the beautiful creamy cum continues to ooze out of his swollen dick!  While still standing he plays with his sticky dick as sperm continues to pour out – creating LONG threads of cum that stretch down to the ground!  His sexy cock drips, and drips, and drips!


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Tomm and Alex Stevens were out recently for a leisurely drive through the countryside. After getting a only a few miles out of town, Alex starts playing with Tomm’s dick through his shorts.

While Tomm maneuvers the back roads, Alex leans over and starts sucking him off. Tomm’s attention to the road soon shifts to the younger stud slurping on his cock.

Not being able to take it any longer, Tomm pulls the car off the road, leads Alex into the abandoned ruins where they proceed to suck and fuck the rest of the afternoon.

Be sure to see Tomm thrusting from behind while Alex’s long limber legs are like putty in this muscle man’s grip.  MAN   AVENUE

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The submission training begins in Sektor 9 with Marc Dylan, handcuffed and chained to a brick wall. Spencer Reed, a 6’2′, 225 lb dominant top, steps up and immediately takes charge. Reed eats the young stud’s ass then releases him so that he can feed him his fat cock. All of the manhandling gets Dylan so hot he begs Reed to fuck his ass. Reed throws Dylan on his back and pounds his hole hard until he pulls out and shoots all over Dlyan’s back. He licks up his own cum then licks Dylan’s balls while he jacks off and blows his load. Reed orders Dylan to lick his own cum off his abs and he does as he’s told.   WATCH  NOW!