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Michael places a “Do Not Disturb” on the door and moves in to make out with Leo, who loves all the attention the porn legend showers on him. They kiss against the bedpost before Michael directs Leo down to his knees to suck on his erect 10 inches of uncut cock, and there’s no shortage of slobber strands as he does the sucking!

Leo’s chest, stomach, and legs are covered in the sexiest short course body hair and it’s never been more masculine on any other gay porn star! Michael is prepared to put Leo through some serious acrobatics, but first he lubricates the guy’s hole with his tongue. With his condom on, Michael fucks Leo in all sorts of positions: doggy, on his stomach, missionary, and even some reverse flip flop fucking!


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Well gentlemen, have we got a treat for you this week on MenOver30.com as we welcome back none other than Fabio Stallone. And we found the perfect hottie, that’s just a little bit Italian and a whole lot of Bayou, Mr.Ethan Slade! These two are getting to know each other on the couch as Ethan tells Fabio he loves his accent. “How do you say you’re hot?” in Italian he grins as Fabio replies with “Ce bello”. Ethan smiles before asking Fabio how he would say “Kiss me”. Fabio is more into action than words as he goes in for that kiss Ethan really wants. They make out a bit before Ethan realizes the tent that’s developed between Fabio’s legs.  Fabio takes off his tank showing off that amazing body as Ethan finally hauls out! his fat cock.

Fabio moans as Ethan gets that dick down his throat. He laps inside that thick foreskin making Fabio shiver with desire. He knows just what to do with that fat cock as he repeatedly takes it down his throat. Ethan then stands and licks his way back up to Fabio’s full lips. . Ethan sits back as he watches Fabio on his knees deep throating his own hard cock. Fabio then turns Ethan around and bends him over so he can taste that sweet hole. He buries his face in that smooth ass as he gets that tongue up inside him. Fabio then suits up and sits back as Ethan straddles his cock and impales himself on it. He starts to ride that monster cock slowly as he picks up the pace once he gets used to its girth. He starts to buck back and forth on it loving the sensation.

Fabio then gets him on his feet and bends him over to get that hole doggy style. Ethan can only grunt and tak! e it now that Fabio’s back in the driver’s seat. He slams that! fat cock deep inside as his balls slap away at that hole. He takes that dick like a champ before Fabio gets him on his back for some missionary. That does the trick as his fat cock pounds that prostate making Ethan cum all over himself as Fabio shoves it in even deeper. Fabio then pulls out and busts his own cannoli cream all over Ethan’s chest and cum-covered abs. Now that’s Italian. ¡Ciao, Bello!



TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx with Ethan Hudson and Cavin Knight – Overheated Scene 1

On a search for water, muscular Cavin Knight makes an unexpected discovery in the hot outdoors: hairy muscle man Hunter Mark and smooth Ethan Hudson kissing naked in a bathtub. Ethan licks all over Hunter’s body, dropping down to deep throat his huge meat as a stroking Cavin watches. Hunter eats Ethan before the two kiss as their boners throb, Ethan soon sucking Hunter again.

Cavin joins in, kissing Hunter as Ethan’s spit-soaked mouth works their dicks. Cavin licks Hunter’s pit and chest, the two soon squirting on Ethan. Cavin leaves as Hunter fucks Ethan pubes-deep over the tub, the bottom’s sweaty ass hairs clinging to his skin. Ethan gets pounded on his back before sitting on Hunter’s beast, their arms lock around each other. The bottom bounces up and down, the two soon squirting again.



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We may have outdone ourselves with this casting!  Two of our hottest studs hook up for one of our most sexually-charged videos ever. The way John Magnum and Morgan Black take their time going back and forth to suck each other’s big and thick dicks and lick each other’s bodies is a major turn-on. After Morgan gets things started by blowing his buddy, John flips over to reveal one of the most perfectly-sculpted asses you’ll ever see, which Morgan quickly dives into with his tongue.  It turns out the craving for giving head goes both ways!  The look in John’s eyes as he swallows his buddy’s cock reveals a wild and nasty side that Morgan will soon experience firsthand.  He can hardly wait to get on all fours and open up his ass for an extended fuck session that includes trying out several different positions before neither guy can hold in his cum any longer. 


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