Vita Gallo PLOWS Joey Banks


Deep Dicking
Joey Banks is a treat for anyone out there who enjoys twinks, and who better to introduce him to the Lucas Entertainment scene than Vito Gallo. Joey has a baby face, a lean body, and a nice big dick to compliment his little ass that cries for a pounding. And we all know Vito: tall, built, handsome, and packs one of the biggest cocks the studio has to brag about.

If Joey is going to be worthy of any kind of gay porn title, he’s go to prove himself to Vito. He gives his mouth one hell of a workout trying to fit Vito’s nine inches into his mouth and down his throat. Vito gives Joey’s ass a licking when he’s ready to break in the bottom’s hole. Joey takes it deep, long, and hard: Vito is aggressive and knows how to lay pipe, and for Joey’s first time, it’s worth seeing how he handles it all!


Jock Cock Island Boy

If this jock don’t make your panties wet, you must be dead.


Muscle Jock Mason is back, showing off his RIPPED “8-pack” abs, white bubble butt and big FAT DICK, working outside in our tropical Hawaiian garden fully naked!  Mason’s body is even more ROCK SOLID than his first photo shoot.

Feast your eyes on this athletic Stud as he breaks a sweat shoveling mounts of dirt wearing only garden gloves and sport shoes!  What a nudist boy!

He is one HOT college jock!   Watch as he looses himself in ecstasy in this lengthy masturbation scene in the garden.  Jerking off with his eyes closed in his own private fantasy, Mason reaches up and grabs his own bulging veiny neck and squeezes it!  It is so sexy to see what straight boys do during their private moments alone!

If you are a cum fan, Mason’s jizz scene is NOT TO BE MISSED!  He shoots loads of thick goo all over his tight ripped belly and hands!   With cum everywhere, I ask Mason to stand up for some photos.  Watch as all the beautiful creamy cum continues to ooze out of his swollen dick!  While still standing he plays with his sticky dick as sperm continues to pour out – creating LONG threads of cum that stretch down to the ground!  His sexy cock drips, and drips, and drips!


Big Hot Blonde FarmBoy Next Door

next door male 1

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Lifeguard?  or  Farmboy?

Kyle, a 24 year old who is the lifeguard in Southern California….The super-stud that loves riding his dirt bike in the forested hills of SoCal, or working on a recently purchased “fixer upper” investment property in the desert. See why this guy is so tan?

Enjoy Kyle as he hops off the tractor and thumbs through a nudie-mag, as he showers off in the luxurious bathroom, and as he strokes his beautiful cock to a creamy conclusion, spewing his load all over his chiseled abs.

This guy has moved to the spot of our most requested hunk on NextDoorMale. Keep the requests coming and we’ll keep Kyle…cumming.