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On his first day working for Trojan’s Toolmen, Lucio encounters super bottom Dolan in the locker room. Unbeknown to them Trojan is lurking nearby and enjoying the view of the two men stripping. Dolan’s pale, defined and hairy body looks great against Lucio’s smooth latino skin; and most of all Lucio’s bulge would make any man quiver and fall on their knees. Dolan explores every inch of the latin god he has in front of him, tasting and teasing his body until Lucio reveals an amazingly big and thick 9.5″ cock.

He  gobbles that massive piece of meat, burying it deep in his throat and enjoying feeling his balls slapping his face. It’s not long before Dolan’s greedy hole screams for attention and Lucio is more than glad to answer its call. He licks and fingers that hairy manhole to prepare Dolan for a real impaling.

Dolan puts up no resistance when Lucio pushes his big dick against his hole and slides in ef! fortlessly (a trick we all envy him). Dolan enjoys the pounding as much as Lucio enjoys having the chance to pound such a welcoming ass. And he pounds it until Dolan squirts his cum on his belly (whilst being fucked) and Lucio then squirts what looks like gallons of cum on top of Dolan’s already spent load.






Hairy Dicks, Hairy Balls, Hairy Pubes, Blondes, Redheads, Big Pubic Hair Bush!

Hairy Dicks, Hairy Balls, Hairy Pubes, Blondes, Redheads, Big Pubic Hair Bush!

The older I get, I realize more and more what really turns me on and makes my balls and big ole ball sac boil over with cum!  HOT hairy dicks, hairy balls and hairy pubes, especiallaly on untrimmed blondes/dirty blondes and redheads!  FUCK ME DUDES!  DON”T ever shave your pubes or ball hair if you are blonde or redhead!

It is the biggest and sexiest fucking turn on for all of us that are not blessed that way (my body hair is like greek black and coarse, no wonder I love these soft, furry, smooth silky haired guys!) and I just love to bury my face in a hot hairy crotch! A big dick and low hanging ball sac ain’t bad either, look at the fucking dicks, pubes and balls on these guys!  YUMM!


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Hot Naked Aussie Men ~ Blonde, Young, Uncut Cocks, Hairy, Older, Big Balls ~ BENTLEY RACE 

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