Jimmy Franz and Zeb Atlas


Jimmy Fanz is the kind of guy who when you see him, you want to do him: great legs, cute  smile, slim, furry body with little or no manscaping. Jimmy has a huge case of hero worship for Zeb Atlas, who takes him fishing in The Woods. The fish aren’t biting, but the same cannot be said for Jimmy and Zeb. Packing up, Zeb tells Jimmy to go shower, and Jimmy can’t resist the lure of warm water and soap to engage in a fantasy j/o, starring Zeb, but when the real Zeb steps under the spray with a hardon to match Jimmy’s, Jimmy can’t believe his luck.

raging stallion zeb

When Jimmy’s prostate can’t take another thrust without cumming, they move to a bench and Jimmy sits on Zeb’s cock for a slower, gentler round of thrust and slam, until the cum pours down.  RAGING STALLION

Hot Hairy and Uncut


I could suck on the sweet apple head cock  FOR  DAYS!

Paddy O’ Brian, the sexy, stud whos 99.7% straight, a born exhibitionist, matinee idol good looks, a great body and a stunningly thick, heavy cock. There’s a whole lot to love with Paddy, his cocky, cockney charm, the hairy, virgin arse – that he doesn’t mind showing off – but even more than all his considerable physical charms its his attitude, sexy as hell. We’ll be concentrating on bringing that 0.3% to the fore!



Hot Gay Daddy Gives a Lesson

Well gentlemen, have we got a treat for you this week on MenOver30.com as we welcome back none other than Fabio Stallone. And we found the perfect hottie, that’s just a little bit Italian and a whole lot of Bayou, Mr.Ethan Slade! These two are getting to know each other on the couch as Ethan tells Fabio he loves his accent. “How do you say you’re hot?” in Italian he grins as Fabio replies with “Ce bello”. Ethan smiles before asking Fabio how he would say “Kiss me”. Fabio is more into action than words as he goes in for that kiss Ethan really wants. They make out a bit before Ethan realizes the tent that’s developed between Fabio’s legs.  Fabio takes off his tank showing off that amazing body as Ethan finally hauls out! his fat cock.

Fabio moans as Ethan gets that dick down his throat. He laps inside that thick foreskin making Fabio shiver with desire. He knows just what to do with that fat cock as he repeatedly takes it down his throat. Ethan then stands and licks his way back up to Fabio’s full lips. . Ethan sits back as he watches Fabio on his knees deep throating his own hard cock. Fabio then turns Ethan around and bends him over so he can taste that sweet hole. He buries his face in that smooth ass as he gets that tongue up inside him. Fabio then suits up and sits back as Ethan straddles his cock and impales himself on it. He starts to ride that monster cock slowly as he picks up the pace once he gets used to its girth. He starts to buck back and forth on it loving the sensation.

Fabio then gets him on his feet and bends him over to get that hole doggy style. Ethan can only grunt and tak! e it now that Fabio’s back in the driver’s seat. He slams that! fat cock deep inside as his balls slap away at that hole. He takes that dick like a champ before Fabio gets him on his back for some missionary. That does the trick as his fat cock pounds that prostate making Ethan cum all over himself as Fabio shoves it in even deeper. Fabio then pulls out and busts his own cannoli cream all over Ethan’s chest and cum-covered abs. Now that’s Italian. ¡Ciao, Bello!


Fuck My Tight Hole Daddy


On location, businessman Brad Kalvo surveys his empty room while on the phone with a colleague. In the background, a buff vision appears — the huge smooth chest of bearded Will Swagger, who moves mysteriously closer in an instant as if by magic. Will moves in for a kiss, rubbing Brad’s bulge as he presses him against a post. Will undresses the hairy stack of beef, burying his lips to the base of Brad’s bushy groin, the two squeezing Brad’s nips along the way.

Brad returns the favor, dropping down and opening wide for Will’s big and thick beauty. Will bends over, his ass getting munched as Brad strokes the stud’s boner underneath. The pleasure oozes off Will’s face, his eyes and forehead frozen in ecstasy. Brad slides inside, fucking the breathless bottom — who continuously shows off his hot boner. On his back, Will’s gorgeous bod is captured in a memorable aerial, Brad smiling at him before the two release. TITAN MEN

Jimmy Fanz Fucks Corey Martin

Jimmy Fanz Fucks Corey Martin @ DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Jimmy Fanz is new on the scene. He’s super adorable, and is usually a bottom. We wanted to see what he could do as a top. It’s so cute to see how nervous and tentative he was, but then he really got into it. He’s fucking the equally cute Corey Martin, who loved every minute of it.

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Big Butch Hairy Daddy from Colt

Hidden away, deep in the COLT Vault we found this gem… rare footage of a day in the life of COLT Legend John Pruitt.

In this rare footage John’s hirsute and muscle bound body is on full display. Be there as John wakes in the morning to greet a new day. Nude and semi hard John rises from his bed to splash some cold water on his face before he ventures outside for his daily exercise routine. Join John for his morning pump and stretch. With his body in motion and his muscles glistening John is the picture of perfect health and masculinity. Finishing up his morning routine John takes a long and sensual outdoor shower.

John Pruitt set the standard for the many COLT Men Icons that have followed. In this relaxed and casual setting one can easily see the true essence of a COLT Man.

Hairy Men in Suits! Fuck Me!

Welcome to MANHANDLED!

Men who aren’t afraid to get down ‘n’ dirty. Dominant guys forcefully taking their pleasures: face-fucking, gagging, drooling, kissing, rough play, and bondage. Verbal tops keeping their submissive bottoms in line. Fucking hard, playing hard and pushing the limits.

Meet    Steve Vex  &    Adam Russo

Ever hear the expression ‘Let sleeping dragons lie?’  Adam Russo learns exactly what that means at a business conference with the too-hot-to-be-real Steve Vex.  A late night at the bar leads to Adam helping a drunken Steve to bed…but what’s a guy to do when you’ve got a stud like Steve passed out in front of you?

We can hardly blame Adam for being tempted to take advantage…and we definitely can’t blame Steve for being tempted to take some payback when he wakes up right in the middle of being violated.  Be careful what you wish for Adam, cuz you’re about to get a mouthful…


Big Butch Gay Bear Sex

With Spencer’s cock throbbing hard and dripping with pre-cum he bends Bob over and makes a meal of his hot ass. Licking, probing and spitting on that hot hole Spencer gets Bob’s butt good and ready. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drives his cock deep into Bob’s hungry ass. Grunting with pleasure Bob takes a good hard pounding and loves every minute of it, spreading his ass wide to take it even deeper. After being in the driver’s seat for a long hard fuck, Spencer kicks back and lets Bob get on top for a ride.

Bob gets on it reverse style, giving Spencer a hot view of that furry ass as he rides it hard. With cock deep inside him Bob’s big thick load comes erupting to the surface, gushing cum as his ass enjoys every inch of Spencer’s hot man tool. As soon as Bob finishes busting his nut, Spencer is ready to blow. Taking his cock in hand Spencer gives his mighty meat a hard jerk as he fires it off with a hot and steamy load.   COLT  STUDIO


TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx with Ethan Hudson and Cavin Knight – Overheated Scene 1

On a search for water, muscular Cavin Knight makes an unexpected discovery in the hot outdoors: hairy muscle man Hunter Mark and smooth Ethan Hudson kissing naked in a bathtub. Ethan licks all over Hunter’s body, dropping down to deep throat his huge meat as a stroking Cavin watches. Hunter eats Ethan before the two kiss as their boners throb, Ethan soon sucking Hunter again.

Cavin joins in, kissing Hunter as Ethan’s spit-soaked mouth works their dicks. Cavin licks Hunter’s pit and chest, the two soon squirting on Ethan. Cavin leaves as Hunter fucks Ethan pubes-deep over the tub, the bottom’s sweaty ass hairs clinging to his skin. Ethan gets pounded on his back before sitting on Hunter’s beast, their arms lock around each other. The bottom bounces up and down, the two soon squirting again.



Collin Oneal Gets Expelled From School

One must understand, once you do porn, your future career choices could be greatly impacted. With the Internet, you are EVERYWHERE. Just a Google away.

CNN doesn’t have a problem with Shawn Loftis’s big, gay porn career. Should Miami-Dade County Public Schools?

Using the nom de porn Collin O’Neal, he won awards for virtuoso performances in hard-core films such as Mo’ Bubble Butt, Humping Iron, and Desperate Husbands. In 2005, Miami Beach resident Loftis started Collin O’Neal Productions. His film series, “World of Men,” was based on a unique concept: He’d travel to exotic — but not necessarily sexy — locales such as Lebanon and Serbia. Between scenes of Loftis cavorting with local hunks, he’d give viewers tours of famous monuments and settings, complete with historical context.

He has achieved some national notoriety, in fact, for his dedicated “citizen reporting” on CNN’s website. The news giant has featured his videos and, he says, is well aware of his day job: “They don’t mind at all.”

But in spring 2010, Loftis decided to dump porn to pursue his real passion: teaching. That March, he sold “World of Men” to a Canadian company, he says. And in April, he began substitute teaching in local public schools. He worked at Miami Beach High — where “they just loved me to death,” he says.


This past January, Loftis was informed he had been suspended. Another employee had told Nautilus principal Allyn Bernstein, she wrote, that Loftis “had his own personal gay website.” When administrators Googled his “industry name,” they found “sexually explicit pictures” of — if our own search is any indication — the math sub engaging in nude acrobatics with buff, furry men.

The school district cited Rule 6Gx13-4A-1.21, which demands — mighty subjectively — that school faculty “conduct themselves, both in their employment and in the community, in a manner that will reflect credit upon themselves and the school system.” In April, despite his protests that smut was in his past, the Florida Department of Education revoked Loftis’s teaching certification.


So our hero has returned to the world he once left. Last week he was in Cuba, filming a sex scene involving twin brothers. He bragged on Twitter: “They actually like touching and having sex with each other :)”



Best Ass Conest in New York with Daniel Nardicio

OMG! Is that a hairy ass, or what?

Our buddy in New York, Daniel Nardicio is a party promoter and recently held a best ass conest.   R MICHAEL   won.

Daniel says….

we asked R Michael what is was like to win, especially as the underdog, and his sexual practices with that great ass, and here’s what he had to say:

it feels really good to win out over the other guys …it proves to myself that guys like me are sexy in a different way than most gay men think.. all those guys want to shave, pluck and be smooth…except for the bear segment who is fine with their hair and bulk….all the other guys can maybe realize that their body hair is sexy and worth keeping….i love mine, front and back!!  i want to thank all of the guys who voted for me, you made me feel really great.  i am from new york originally and now live in los angeles…being hairy here is not the norm but surely gets me noticed.



Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Chris Tower ~ Uncut Cock, Tattooed, Inked and Hairy from BUTCH DIXON

Free Hot Naked Men Pics features Chris Tower ~ Uncut Cock, Tattooed, Inked and Hairy from BUTCH DIXON

Chris Tower is a bit of a rough-looking hot horny hairy fucker.  A tattooed and inked up white thug thrown in jail for the night. Shirtless and showing off his well-built hairy chest and the sleeve of tattoos and ink running up and down his arm.

Can you imagine sharing a prison cell with Chris and his big fat uncut cock? I sure wouldn’t mind. When the lights go out, Chris Tower gets down off his top bunk and stands hovering over you groping his big ole piece of swelling man dick. He’s going to force you to suck his big veiny uncut cock whether you want to or not…… but wait, I really want to!

What a beautiful slab of natural, uncut man meat — fat, juicy, veiny with loads of foreskin hanging off the head, perfect to roll around in you mouth and nibble and redden with your hungry tongue!

See Chris Tower fill his foreskin with a hot creamy load of tattooed thug cum at BUTCH DIXON! 

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