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Luda Wayne and Tommy Dubois:

We thought after the pain of his bottoming experience that it would be a long time before Luda Wayne would be back and looking to play with another boy. But young twinky Tommy Dubois put in his request for a cute str8 boy and Luda was the right guy for the job.

At first Luda was all cocky, I’m gonna make this boy my bitch etc., etc. But when he saw Tommy’s huge dick he surprised the hell out of us and made a special request that didn’t quite turn out the way he expected.


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Big Hung Muscle Studs



Anthony was voted  TOP MUSCLE in 2011 – so he’s  back!
ANTHONY’S  massive cock is 10 inches, and that’s just in width! Only a mild exaggeration.Anthony’s shaved and spongy with thick-shafted heft is one of the biggest we’ve bagged.  This may be one of the many reasons a woman once declared: “I’m not a slut, but please fuck me!”

This raven superhero shares all his secrets in our XXX gallery. Uniform lovers, batter’s up! We slide his baseball leggings down his thighs just far enough to keep erotic allure AND expose all the glory of sliding into home!

Oh – Anthony’s really, truly smart but loves to party hard, which is a contradiction.When you’re this hung, we’ll take our contradictions as they cum.

Watch him blow a hot (party flavored) load in our PH!



Johnny Bloom from Prague


MEET Benjamin Bloom’s younger brother, Johnny.

Johnny is much taller and leaner than his older brother and has moved to Prague to shoot with us as an exclusive model.

Johnny is 100%  PRIME BEEF Czech and loves to workout as you can clearly see. THOSE ABS!!

His first suck  went online April 12th and first fuck on April 27th, until then enjoy this stunning photoset. Nobody does it like BelAmi!

Young Twink with Horse Dick

Yeah boy – show me your hot hole!

Little Davey Griffith looks a bit younger than his 18 years but if you talked to him without seeing him, you might think he’s quite a bit older.  A bit nerdy, blond hair and ginger pubes, Davey is a unique entry into the world of erotic video. Davey’s youthful looks and small stature lull you into thinking that maybe this is just another loveable but harmless KINKY little twink. He loves toys and fingers in his butt!

But when he whips out his rock-hard, 8.5 inch cock with sinister pride, you know there’s more to Davey than meets the eye.

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Jock Butt, Big Cock, Buckets of Cum! with Island Studs

Fuck! Look at that mushroom head! I could suck that all day long!


Standing 6’3′ Shawn was the tallest man on his High School swim team and ALSO the BIGGEST COCK in the locker room in rural Missouri. “It was in the shower room that I learned I had a big dick,” Shawn states when he tells us on video about the first time he discovered he had a monster cock! “After that all my friends called me King Kong Dong!”

Wouldn’t you love to have seen this country boy and his fat cock in the High School shower room? Now a Junior in college in Hawaii, sexy Shawn is studying Marine Biology, loves the brown Island girls, and is often mistaken for a young Nicholas Cage! Shawn has a perfectly sculpted athletic body loaded with muscles everywhere! Watch as he enjoys flexing for the camera, showing off the massive biceps and back muscles of a competitive swimmer!

We get to see Shawn’s tall tan body from every angle was he works and walks around outside unaware of the camera. His low hanging nut sack slaps his white thighs as he moves! There are so many great shots of his MUSCLE BUTT with his THICK COCK hanging in full view from behind his smooth ass cheeks! What a nice white swimmer butt! Sweaty Shawn harvests a FULL RACK of BANANAS and holds it over his head for some photos!

Shawn is another sexy Island Stud who picks tropical fruit in the nude! Look at his massive arms bulged as he holds this heavy rack of bananas over his head! Watch as he pulls on and plays with his beautiful cock in the sun! Once horny Shawn sits in a chair outside he relaxes and really starts to really enjoy his FAT COCK. Look at the BIG MUSHROOM HEAD on his already swollen dick!

Shawn has a HUGE DICK HEAD! Yummy! With the camera filming between his knees we get a fantastic view of his muscular legs, huge cock and big balls while his jerks off. “I’m coming,” Shawn moans just before he shoots a thick load of white jizz all over his ripped abs! I love a man who announces that he is about to bust a nut! With cum dripping from his well worked cock, Shawn climbs into the shower for one of our sexy shower scenes! We are happy this country college swimmer with the big dick is attending school on our beautiful Island! Enjoy Sexy Shawn!       @     ISLAND STUDS



Big Dick Fuckers [2011 JET SET MEN] brings you Barrett Long who has become legendary with that massive sized UNCUT cock. One of the 3 BIGGEST I have ever seen in my life.

Jet Set Men also brings you gay porn superstars Jason White, Jack Ryan, Derrick Long, Lucas Knowles, Austin Wrigley, Cayden Banks, Cam Kurtz, Brandt Moore, Mason Wyler, Tyler Saint, Derek Cruz, Matt Cole and Anthony Martinez. This big dick packaged gay men are sure to give gay consumers satisfaction as well as giving you a profital movie in a quick period of time. Big Dick Fuckers [2011] is sure to satisfy those jock boys with their big dick addictions.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see Barrett and this superstar cast of 13 do some stiff work with their cocks which you view a variety of sweaty situations and mind blowing positions. Tyler Saint, Matt Cole and Mason Wyler and Anthony Martinez are just some stand outs of muscle men that elevated their performance levels while on the hunt for the perfect fuck.

These jock boys come to realized that when you get pounded by a big dick fucker everybody is going to watch it happen and it’s going to be intense.”

“Big Dick Fuckers” is predestined to be that big cock flick that everyone will be talking about and everybody will get off watching. Jet Set Men is known for its incredible directing, casting new models with the most sought after models and having them deliver performances of a life time which has created a bona fide library of blockbuster hits. “Big Dick Fuckers” is that movie you get excited just thinking about and now the fantasy has become the reality and the boys are ready to come out to play.

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Young Lean Hottie Carter Nash











Is he a little hottie, or what?

Carter Nash is the newest hottie at CD247, and he is simply amazing. He has a lean, athletic body, a huge thick cock, and a great ass. On top of his good looks he has a high sex drive and knows how to charm. In this jerk-off vid, Carter gives us quite the show, stroking his thick cock, fucking his fists, and giving us a peek at his tight asshole. Carter really gets into the scene and works up quite a sweat, finishing with a nice load of cum all over his perfect six pack.
Carter Nash is a stud with a beautiful thick cock, and Rob Ryder is one of the best bottoms on the Internet. Carter fucking Rob is explosive! We were really excited to see Rob go down on Carters thick one, deep throating and licking the shaft up and down. Carter shows us all how much he can lick an ass when he slurps on Robs nice pink hole before Rob sits down and practically impales himself on Carter.


Hot Twink Frankie at Latin Boyz



So I guess these are 2 different guys! The photos came to me all labeled the same – both those cocks! While both delicious looking, seem different.

FRANKIE is a hot ass twink, hung like a MAN. What a beast of a cock!

And that second dude – what a curve – that would hurt, wouldn’t it??

Um, I am tall enough to ride your ride….




Free Hot Naked Army Gay Dudes



After surviving war, infiltrating Iraq, raiding Saddam Hussein’s palace, and other heroic feats, Petty Officer Brandt tells his story of bravery. He is actually in the Navy, despite the Marine Corps camos he’s wearing. The petty officer is a hospital corpsman that gives first line medical care to Marines on the battlefield. He has survived two different deployments to the Middle East and is extremely proud of his lifesaving skills on the field. This hot, ebony Adonis is not only brave but also has an amazingly sculpted body with intricate tattoos all over his muscular torso. Instead of showing the cameras his life-saving skills, this time he is going to prove his sexual prowess and masturbating acumen.
Brandt starts stroking himself and then begins taking off his shirt, showing that beautiful dark skin. Then he pushes his pants down, pulling out his monster meat that is at full attention. Sick of lying on his back, Brandt stands up on his knees to get a better angle for jacking off his gigantic rod. He works his dick out, like any good soldier should.
Then he lies down on his back, knowing that he is about to reach his climax and cum all over himself. He moans softly as the creamy white juices flow from his penis head down the shaft, getting his throbbing cock even more lubed up. He puts his head back softly as the cameras pan away, relaxing after the hard work out on his dick. Brandt proves the saying, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!”


Muscle Daddy – Uncle John

Uncle John is a name he got at the local gym where he works out. He’s always helping out the other guys with their workout routines and spotting them in the weight room, so they starting calling him Uncle John. And what a body! This hung muscle daddy works hard on his body and it’s worth every ounce of sweat. Look at those sculpted shoulders, his round and bulging biceps, and those plump, chiseled pecs.  But in spite of all that beef, Uncle John’s best asset has got to be that big, fat veiny cock of his!
Fat Cocked Muscle Daddy Uncle John @ BUTCH DIXON

Tattooed Men Fucking – Hairy Edu Boxer and Miles

Hairy Italian hunk Edu Boxer has appeared on Butch Dixon before in a hot suck and fuck session. And if you’ve never seen this stud sucking cock, you’re in for a treat. A lot of top men tend to get lazy, thinking that a bottom is completely satisfied just servicing their dick. 

Edu Boxer is a full-service top and he loves making sure his bottoms are satisfied in every way. Before pounding hairy, muscle hunk Miles, Edu gets down on his knees and slobbers all over Miles’s uncut cock. Then he turns Miles around, bends him over the washing machine, and chows down on his ass. And once Edu has Miles on the brink of blowing his load, the Italian top man starts inching his fat cock between Miles’s beefy butt cheeks. Of course Miles takes his turn down on his knees sucking Edu’s meaty cock. And when the bald hunk’s ass has had his fill of Edu’s dick, he sprays his load all over Edu’s hairy chest.
Hairy and Tattooed Edu Boxer Sucking and Fucking Like A Pig at BUTCH DIXON

Oliver’s Fat Mushroom Headed Leather Daddy Cock 
How would you like to be on your knees staring up at this oversized, fleshly uncut nob of daddy cock? I wouldn’t just be staring at it for long, that’s for sure. Hung leather daddy Oliver is back for another hot session. He works over his fat, mushroom headed uncut cock from it’s soft and foreskinned beginning to raging rock hard on before shooting his cum load!


Yep, he’s officially a bottom now!

This week we got word of the pre-release of Dirty Bird’s biggest picture to date,

Jett Blakk’s Endgame.

In this thrilling drama, superstar superhung Chad Hunt ends his career

(he will retire!) and bottoms on camera for the first time ever!


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