Hot Naked Men Lovers Indulge Yourself at INNdulge The Best Gay Palm Springs Clothing Optional Resort In Warm Sands!


Plan Your Next Palm Springs Gay Getaway at INNdulge ~ Our Favorite Gay Men’s Clothing Optional Resort In The Heart of The Warm Sands Neighborhood in Palm Springs, California!

We love all regions of Gay California for different reasons. But living in the Midwest and looking for a West Coast Gay Vacation, Southern California, especially the heart of the Warm Sands neighborhood in Palm Springs is always our gay destination stop of choice.
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Unlike Florida, which is susceptible to cool, even downright cold, winter months, Warm Sands Palm Springs and Southern California offer pretty ideal climates all year round.

Were so disappointed we can’t get to INNdulge for a much needed Gay-Southern-California-Midwest-Winter-Reprive-Vacation until next January, 2011, UGH-BIG SIGHS.

Talking about an amazingly INNdulgent and warm sunny vacation not until next January seems like an eternity as I look out the window watching heavy winds blow the falling snow around…it’s 25 degrees Farenheit here today, which really is like a heat wave for us compared to mostly single digit temperatures the last several weeks.

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ANYWHO, enough about our Midwest Winter Weather…blah…blah..blah… Whenever we can go to Palm Springs, WE GO! and INNdulge has become our Gay Men’s Resort of choice for many succulent, largely delicious and most memorable (well, depending on the day and time of day) reasons and we’ll share all we can with you here today (without naming any names :-)

If you have never had the pleasure to do a gay vacation in Warm Sands, get it in your immediate bucket list!

Palm Springs is a desert city in Southern California ~ approximately 110 miles (177 km for our European readers with uncut cocks) East of Los Angeles and 140 miles (225 km) Northeast of beautiful San Diego.

Palm Springs is the “Pink Crowned jewel” among desert cities, especially for Gay Men and rightly so. Its small town western village charming atmosphere has been preserved, embraced and further embellished over the years.

The downtown area of Palm Springs is quite quaint with lampposts, benches and Mexican tile-paved enclaves inviting s-trolling among the shops (cruising when you’re horny).

There are also plenty of fine galleries, eateries and coffeehouses after you work up a hunger or thirst.

Rich in history and blessed with glorious sun-filled days, the Warm Sands Neighborhood in Palm Springs is a prime destination for gay travelers from all over the world, ESPECIALLY this time of year!

Palm Springs offers over 20 top attractions , including Joshua Tree National Park, The Living Desert, art galleries, casinos, and of course, endless golf ~ If that’s your thing, or just plenty of opportunity’s to “score a hole-in-one’!

Palm Springs is a huge outdoor playground with consistently warm brilliant sunshine, great for sunning alone or with friends both old and new and all types of outdoor solo or group activities, including an abundance of warm golden sun filled water sports and water related activities.

Palm Springs is a very, very, very gay and gay-friendly city.

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Matter of fact, late March, early April thousands of LGBT tourists take over the city!

Every Thursday night the main street in Palm Springs, Palm Canyon Drive, is closed to traffic and opened for a vibrant street festival.

Food vendors (Uncut Vienna Sausage to your right) , arts and crafts exhibitors and loads of free entertainment by numerous artists.

Strolling, munching, cruising the length of Palm Canyon Drive from one end (top or bottom) to the other in the heart of Palm Springs is a great way to “people” watch for an hour or for an entire evening, or for however long it takes!

The current Gay and Lesbian population in Palm Springs is estimated to be about seven times the national average.

This concentration is even greater than that of San Francisco, which has approximately five times the national average.

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Gayresidents represent about 35 percent of those who are year-round residents.

With over 35 openly-gay resort hotels in the city of Palm springs to choose from ~ our favorite remains INNdulge A Resort Hotel for Gay Men

INNdulge also happens to be one of the most established guesthouses in Palm Springs.

Located in the Warm Sands neighborhood (an area flush with clothing-optional gay accommodations), INNdulge is an elegant, award-winning 24-room facility offering several sizes of rooms.

Rooms and suites that look out onto the spacious pool and hotub, which are both open 24 hours.Inndulge Best Gay Palm Springs Warm Sands Mens Clothing Optional Resort Naked Cocks Poolside Hot Tub-7

And by the way, the pool and hottub are actually cooled down in the hot hot summer months to offer additional relief!

From breakfast time until well after the moon rises each night, there is always someone or something going on at The

At most any time of the day there are friendly guys poolside to mingle with from all over the World and you are sure to develop both instant crushes, maybe some on-the-spot-hook-ups and long-lasting friendships.

INNdulge Palm Springs is also a wonderful example of Palm Springs 1950’s architecture. You can appreciate the vintage architecture and the mountain views all the time, but especially fun during the hotel’s free daily social hour that extends for two hours.

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It is a great way to meet the hotel’s wonderful owners, John and Jean-Guy, as well as your fellow guests you’d like to get to know better. Don’t take just our word for it, read the reviews left by members of the press worldwide and you can also find a plethora of positive guest comments on the Web as well.

INNdulge your fantasies, INNdulge your fancy, INNdulge your spirit!

Palm Springs is a great get away city. Sun, relaxation, shopping, dining, golf and much more :-)…