Nude Male Models Outdoors by Sherwin Carlquist


 Last week we told you all about

Sherwin Carlquist and recent book called UNCUT.

I wanted to share with you this week, more images from his BEST OF Collection book MEN IN NATURE.

He has specialized in studies on plant anatomy and island biology (7 books, nearly 300 scientific papers). He had a successful career, especially in teaching and research, as a professor in California.

In his earlier days, he also studied art–particularly composition and design–at the Pasadena Art Institute. His plant anatomy papers and books contain many photographs done with the microscope. When he wrote his book, “HAWAII A NATURAL HISTORY,” he began to realize that in photographing plants and animals, placing them in relation to their native landscapes creates compelling images.

He developed the idea of applying this to human subjects–a man in a landscape, combining the forms of each into a unified picture. The tradition of Western Art has often been to combine the nude male (in sculpture or painting) with a landscape, emphasizing movement and emotion. This tradition has not really been represented in recent photography, which stresses the body and all too often leaves the rest of the space unused or not imaginatively used. Sherwin Carlquist has attempted to counter this lack, and to develop a genre in art photography that really has lain undeveloped. In a sense, he is photographing the human body like a natural history object, with the beauty and sensuality implied in nature photography of plants and animals focused on a human surrounded by great scenery.

Over the years he has published 7 books of male nudes – all with Uncut Men!

The photos featured here are from MEN IN NATURE. A collection of color images spanning 20 years of works. The red-orange colors of sandstones in Utah, the shiny blackness of a Hawaiian lava flow, the sheen of sand dunes, the liveliness of a waterfall in Yosemite-these and other scenes spring to life as the backdrops for intact male bodies representing a rich diversity of types and moods.


What would you expect to pay for this 200 page coffee-table book of beautiful male nudes? $50-$70? At least! But this book is only $35, postage included!

AND check this out – Sherwin is offering all 6 of his other books for just $25 EACH! You can own THE ENTIRE COLLECION for less than $200!

These books are a must have for the collector of male nudes in art and the lover of natural uncut men!

New Book – Tom of Finland XXL






Tom of Finland XXL

If you thought Tom of Finland: The Art of Pleasure () was HUGE, just wait till you see XXL! For the collector of male nude art,

this is a MUST HAVE! 15 pounds!

29 x 40 cm, 700 pages and over 1000 images!

Covering 6 decades of the artist’s career. The work was gathered from all known collections across the US and Europe with the help of the Tom of Finland Foundation and features many drawings, paintings and preparatory sketches that have never been reproduced in any book. Other images have only been seen out of context and will be presented here in the sequential order Tom intended for full artistic appreciation and erotic impact. This elegant oversized volume will showcase the full range of Tom’s talent, from sensitive portraits to frank sexual pleasure to tender expressions of love to Tom’s haunting tributes to young men struck down by the AIDS epidemic.

Completing this collector’s edition are eight specially-commissioned essays on Tom’s social and personal impact by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Todd Oldham, and others, plus a scholarly analysis of individual drawings by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith.

Born Touko Laaksonen in Finland, Tom was a fetish artist notable for his stylized homoerotic art and his influence on late twentieth century gay culture. Heavily muscled torsos, limbs, buttocks and improbably large penises. Tight or partially removed clothing showed off these traits, with penises often visible as distinct bulges in tight trousers or prominently displayed for the viewer. This is an amazing coffee table book, unlike no other!

For the man or woman who thinks bigger is better, Tom of Finland XXL is certain to satisfy to everyone who appreciates male nudes –

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