Hot Marine Gets Nakes And Shows his BUTT HOLE

Marine Conner’s Sensual Solo

Active Duty’s Conner is such a dreamboat, isn’t he?  I wanna fucking bury my tongue in his hot hole!

This tall marine is muscled in all the right places with a cute smile and a big rod. Yeah, that last one gets me every time. This solo of Conner is another in the series of never-before-released sensual solos Active Duty filmed of some of their favorite models. They also include professional photos in and out of uniform and in unique locations. Make sure you watch this special solo all the way to the end, when Conner shoots a surprise – straight into his mouth!




Sergio is a new Recruit at Active Duty


Active Duty

Sergio’s Solo Debut

Sergio is a gorgeous new recruit from Active Duty. This 25 year old has a 1,000-watt smile, huge sculpted body and a King Kong-sized rod to match. Sergio loves running, working out at the gym, going to the beach and swimming.

Dink gets Sergio to relax on the bed and he starts to go to work on his monster-sized dick. Seriously, some of our photos don’t do it justice. This thing is big, “two hands wrapped around it” big. We make sure to get in nice and close so that his cock practically takes over the screen. Sergio gets in some dirty talk, too, asking us, “You like this big dick? Look how big it is. You want that inside you? That big dick?” Uh, I think we know the answer!

“There’s so many things that I could do to you,” Sergio says, continually stroking himself with that beaming smile of his.

He says more, but I won’t reveal what. You’ll have to watch and find out. And oh lord, wait until you see him cum all over the big standing mirror. It’s a gusher. The man just paints that mirror.