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gorgeous studs Jake and Axl in a really hot pairing. This 30 minute scene moves fast, from lots of kissing and petting through sucking and Jake plowing Axl fast and hard with his big rock hard rod like a jackrabbit. Jake has an insanely perfect ass, and Dink gets some great shots of it as he pounds away at Axl.

Jake works him over with vigor in a couple of positions before both explode.


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Shredded First Timer Tanner Sucks & Fucks Axl

Active Duty featured the return of their shredded new recruit Tanner as he takes the next steps. In his first hardcore scene, which was also with Axl, Tanner got sucked and rimmed, but wasn’t ready to cross the line and reciprocate. This time, Dink brings Axl and Tanner back together and ups the ante. Gorgeous first timer Tanner crosses the line, and both sucks and fucks beautiful Axl in a long hot scene. Don’t miss sexy straight Tanner’s first guy-on-guy experiences, as he sucks Axls long dick, 69s, and fucks Axl in a couple of positions before both guys shoot at the same time!



DADT with AXL and Boys from ACTIVE DUTY

We have a very special new recruit to share with you today. Axl is a gorgeous 18 year old that is 6’3″ tall and 183 lbs. He wrestled in high school, and enjoys kayaking and hanging out with his german shepard. Active Duty wasn’t the only studio interested in this stunner, but after considering all of his options we are pleased to announce that he chose to work with us. We’ve included beautiful pics and high-resolution clips for Axl’s solo and his hardcore debut foursome with Chaz, Bric and Kaden!       ACTIVE  DUTY!

Naked Marine with Curved Cock

With a broad shouldered confidence, square jaw and knowing gaze, Petty Officer Doyle exudes masculinity. His handsome face is that of the quintessential All-American military man, right down to the deeply carved dimples that are revealed when he flashes his killer smile. Charming, and disarmingly frank about his role as a serviceman, he talks about the friends he’s made for a lifetime, and building bombs to, “blow shit up!”

After taking off his  shirt, he paws at his trousers, pulling the fabric to and fro, until something starts to stir! On the hunt, his hand digs aggressively beneath the cloth. Doyle yanks out his fattened cockhead, mushroom topped, it’s engorged and glistening. His thighs clench as he jerks his rigid shaft, each tug eliciting the squeal of enforced friction. Doyle lies back, his pants down around his ankles, yanking his meatslab with quick thrusts of intensity.

His breathing quickens, and with a glint of sheen to his brow, he hurriedly tosses off his t-shirt. Doyle reaches for his ballsack, kneading the wiley flesh as he jerks his tool. His bulbous nads are pricked and tingly, nearly ready to burst. Doyle pulls on his hardened dick. Abruptly his rocket shoots, clear across the bed, and onto the thirsty carpet below! Long splashes of jizz-paint tag the blanket, just past Doyle’s furry underarm. His belly, the blanket, and his cock are soaked in a shower of spooge! As Doyle slowly glides his hand across his dick, the cum drops glitter between his fingers. His cockhead oozes cum!


Devon Ransom Will Suck You Dry

Devon is all smiles when the camera comes on and Dink starts chatting him up about being ready to take things a step further. He says he’s ready and Dink introduces him to Ransom who is looking mighty delicious himself. Ransom has been spending some serious time in the gym and it’s paying off nicely. That body of his is so fucking hot as he sits next to Devon, ready to attack. I can hardly wait and the anticipation is building as Devon seems ready to get the show on the road.

Dink leaves the two of them alone for a few minutes only to return to find them both butt ass naked and playing with their cocks. Devon is looking quite tasty himself with his long, well defined torso and nice hairy legs. Dink informs our heroes that his wide angle lens is broken and they move in closer until they are arm to arm, tats touching and suddenly both cocks spring to full attention as the heat of their bodies warm them up. Devon waits patiently and you can just hear his mind wondering when this guy next to him is going to make the first move. Ransom lets him wonder for just a bit longer before moving in to rub his abs and eventually take hold of his cock and start stroking it as he strokes his own. Devon lays back and gives Ransom the lead as he closes his eyes and imagines what might come next.

What comes next is Ransom’s hot mouth on his waiting cock and Devon’s mouth opens in an “O” face as Ransom gets down to taking care of business. Devon is vocal about how it feels as Ransom becomes more and more aggressive, taking his cock all the way down his throat as he caresses his nice balls. Ransom is getting into it, too, as he takes the cock balls deep and comes up for big gasps of air. We get to see that nice ass of Ransom’s as he moves it up and down, humping the bed as he deep throats Devon’s hard cock.   




Active Duty..Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Marines

Zander & Blake

Active Duty has another great scene featuring two super hotties that really took a serious liking to one another. I think the next stop for Zander and Blake is the courthouse to get their marriage certificate. That’s what getting a big dick up your ass for the first time will do to you. That’s right, Zander bottoms for the first time, for Blake’s enormous cock none the less. The sparks fly and Zander finds something new that he really likes. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen Zander and he’s looking just as hot as ever. He called Dink Flamingo up and said, “I really wanna keep working. You’ve shown me a new side of myself that I really like.” And that’s exactly what Dink likes to hear. So do the rest of us!



Free Hot Naked Army Gay Dudes



After surviving war, infiltrating Iraq, raiding Saddam Hussein’s palace, and other heroic feats, Petty Officer Brandt tells his story of bravery. He is actually in the Navy, despite the Marine Corps camos he’s wearing. The petty officer is a hospital corpsman that gives first line medical care to Marines on the battlefield. He has survived two different deployments to the Middle East and is extremely proud of his lifesaving skills on the field. This hot, ebony Adonis is not only brave but also has an amazingly sculpted body with intricate tattoos all over his muscular torso. Instead of showing the cameras his life-saving skills, this time he is going to prove his sexual prowess and masturbating acumen.
Brandt starts stroking himself and then begins taking off his shirt, showing that beautiful dark skin. Then he pushes his pants down, pulling out his monster meat that is at full attention. Sick of lying on his back, Brandt stands up on his knees to get a better angle for jacking off his gigantic rod. He works his dick out, like any good soldier should.
Then he lies down on his back, knowing that he is about to reach his climax and cum all over himself. He moans softly as the creamy white juices flow from his penis head down the shaft, getting his throbbing cock even more lubed up. He puts his head back softly as the cameras pan away, relaxing after the hard work out on his dick. Brandt proves the saying, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!”

All American Asshole Gay-for-Pay Bigot Attacks Priest

hot tranny mess gay bigot attacks rabi preist

Marine reservist Jasen Bruce (All American Guys hottie) was getting clothes out of the trunk of his car Monday evening when a bearded man in a robe approached him. That man, a Greek Orthodox priest named Father Alexios Marakis, speaks little English and was lost, police said. He wanted directions.

What the priest got instead, police say, was a tire iron to the head (four times). Then he was chased for three blocks and pinned to the ground—as the Marine kept a 911 operator on the phone, saying he had captured a terrorist.

When officers arrived, police say, Bruce told them he heard the man say “Allahu Akbar”—Arabic for “God is great.” “That’s what they say before they blow you up,” Bruce said, according to police. WTF?

It turns out that the “terrorist” he beat up was a 29-year-old Reverend, a visitor from Crete, Greece who was lost in the Channel District and needed directions to Interstate 275. Marakis was wearing a robe, sandals and a long beard and spoke broken English.

So now, Bruce has changed his story saying that the Greek Orthodox priest grabbed his cock and propositioned him —y’know, because Bruce is just so fucking hot. His muscles and buzz cut can tempt a man of the cloth to betray everything he believes just to score some street meat. But the “gay panic” defense (which sometimes works, sadly) isn’t helping Bruce at all.

Whether Bruce beat up Marakis thinking he was Arabic or a fag, it’s still a hate crime. So Bruce, 28, now faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was released on $7,500 bail. Even though Bruce has never seen active combat, the Marine reserves have promised to look into it after the criminal proceedings have concluded. Yeah,  right!

How odd that a guy posting pictures of himself on a soft-core gay site would use the “gay panic” defense—it’d be all too easy to say that Bruce is gay, but he’s definitely deranged. Maybe it’s a case of pot-kettle-black and Bruce thought the good reverend hot, grabbed his package, and when the reverend started running, he had no choice but to pummel and lie on top of the guy so he wouldn’t tell anyone. After all, dry humping’s better than no humping at all. Either way, we hope they throw the book at Bruce. It’s too bad, he’d be a hell of a lot hotter if he weren’t such a closeted bigoted asshole.