Raw Tantric Yoga and Sexual Kung Fu For Men


Of all places, I met this guy online, where I live most of my life!  LOREN   JOHNSON  is  a  Tantric Yoga and Chi Kung Instructor. As a wellness professional, one observation that became increasingly apparent was that nearly all of Loren’s male clientele has various issues with the sexual organs and or sexual energy.

This began an ardent search for yogic methodology that addresses this reality which brought Loren to read the Healing Tao books like Multi Orgasmic Man and Sexual Reflexology. It was clear that in order to properly teach the practices laid out in the Healing Tao series, training with and becoming certified through author and Taoist Master Mantak Chia was an investment beyond measure.

It is well known that exercise fosters health and vitality. Yet with the countless approaches to fitness that exist today, even the so-called holistic ones, very few actually work with the whole body. Often overlooked, sexual energy is a potent and natural resource that can be channeled for internal strength, wellbeing and longevity.

Lauren recently made and released  2  dvd’s, of interest to men.  In the TANTRIC YOGA FOR MEN video series, Loren demonstrates a simple and skillful response to the nearly epidemic levels of prostate disease, erectile dysfunction, poor libido, male infertility and other complications that arise from living in our highly structured, but not always healthy, society.

HIS NEWEST RELEASE – TANTRIC YOGA AND SEXUAL KUNG FU FOR MEN  Explores the advanced practice of brain breathing, core yoga and sexual reflexology as a natural means of integrating cognitive and sexual power. Learn in action techniques that increase penis size, staying power and overall quality of the sexual experience, while generating increased energy for daily life. – This dvd contains full frontal nudity.


I have watched the DVD – many times now –

and enjoy the Yoga exercises  immensely!

I HIGHLY recommend it!  

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