Jocks Cocks and Hot Ass Play in SCORE

Scene 1 Starring Samuel O’Toole & Trent Diesel

A pre-game workout turns into a sweaty suck and fuck session between Samuel O’Toole and Trent Diesel. Diesel rubs O’Toole’s bulging crotch; he can’t wait to get that huge cock out of his buddy’s athletic cup and into his mouth. When Diesel reveals his rock-hard boner O’Toole returns the favor before turning his attention to Diesel’s muscular ass. The horse-hung O’Toole fucks Diesel’s tight end until they both drain their nuts!


Flexible Muscular Fuckers – FLEX FUCK

Flex-Fuck: Tate Ryder Fucks Duncan Black @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

flex (verb)1. to display one’s strength through muscular contraction2. to bend, or to be bentThis week Dominic Ford introduces ‘Flex-Fuck’, a new series of videos featuring muscular bodies fucking in ways that show strength and flexibility.We start the series off with Tate Ryder and Duncan Black. Tate Ryder brings masculinity, virility, and strength to the scene while Duncan Black brings his usual boyishness, flexibility, and a magnetic animal lust. Tate’s body is incredible as it pistons in and out of Duncan’s tight hole. This pairing is undeniably hot!

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Trenton Ducati & Tate Ryder

Trenton Ducati & Tate Ryder @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Another hot boyfriend shoot! Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are the couple highlighted this week. The scene is from Dominic Ford’s feature film “Silence of the Cams,” in which Trenton plays Clarence (aka Clarice) and Tate plays Lector. In this scene, Lector finally gets what he wants: Clarence. They’ve taken out all the acting that leads up to the scene so here you get just all the hot sex. If you want to see that, you’ll have to watch the full movie (available here).This scene shows two hot men at their best: having intense sex. If your an ass lover, you are going to love this movie. Trenton can’t stop playing with Tate’s ass. And watching Trenton’s huge cock go into Tate just puts this video over the edge! It ends with Tate getting cum all over him, and then Trenton licks it up. Tate take some of it from Trenton and licks it up too! This scene is super hot!

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Sexy Muscle Guys at COLT


Waking up with a hot stud in your bed is always a good thing. Two hot studs waking up to each other, that’s just heaven. Sexy muscle-boys Steve Vex and Jay Roberts roll around naked in bed before coming together for some passionate and intimate kissing. The covers are pushed away as Jay licks and kisses his way down Steve’s ripped body, making his way slowly down to that hard piece of morning wood between Steve’s legs. Sucking, stroking and kissing the morning away they settle in for a hot 69 mutual suck-fest. Steve gets an ample mouthful of Jay’s thick uncut meat as Jay swallows every inch of Steve’s long hard cock.

Ready for some serious fucking, Jay climbs up on Steve’s thick cock and slides it in his hot hole. Jay sits back and takes it deep, grinding his ass on Steve’s cock and groaning with pleasure he leans in often for some intense kissing.

Steve wants to drill that ass even deeper. He gets Jay on his back off the edge of the bed and splits that ass apart with his throbbing dick, giving Jay a hard pounding. Stroking his big dick while his ass gets drilled Jay unloads. A thick white creamy batch of cum squirts from his swollen dick as Steve continues to pound his hot hole. Steven then pulls out and strokes out a big load, drenching Jay’s torso with a second heaping helping of hot white cum.              see more  at  C O L T



Interracial gay Sex – Big Bubble Butt Action!

Race Cooper is working on his ripped body when fellow gym rat Shay Michaelshustles over to join him. He locks onto Race’s lips and they kiss before he works his way feverishly up and down his chest and washboard abs. Shay then falls to his knees to suck Race’s thick licorice stick. Race counters by bending Shay forward to attack him from behind.

He pulls the big hunk’s cock back between his thick ham hock thighs and sucks away before rimming his asshole. Before long the men are on the floor with Race getting drilled up the ass as Shay charges in and out.

Interracial, Muscle, Gym, Sucking, Rimming, Fucking.

Titan Men Big Muscle Dudes Suck and Fuck

JR Matthews and Logan Scott – Speechless Scene 2

Beefy Logan Scott takes a break from repairing his vintage car to relieve himself outside. That catches the attention of smooth-skinned JR Matthews, who soon kisses the stud as they stroke. JR spits on his dick as Logan deep-throats him, the two soon kissing again as their cocks grind. After JR wraps his  lips around Logan’s thick shaft, the two come on each other’s cocks. Back in the garage, Logan eats JR’s ass before fucking him. JR stays stiff as he gets rammed, soon fucking the begging Logan back (“Fuck my ass! Harder!”). The massive vein on JR’s muscular shoulders throb as he plows Logan’s ass lips wrapped around the top’s shaft. Logan gets another crack inside JR, the bottom whipping his dick around before the two shoot again.



Adam Killian at the NEW and IMPROVED Lucas Entertainment

Every night in all cities across the world, there are dark alleys to be explored and backdoors to be trespassed. Join Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi in “Backdoor” as he does just that: he wanders through the nocturnal regions of a nameless city and discovers what sexual delights are to be experienced. He first takes notice of Adam Killian and Scott Carter mauling each other in a public stairwell. Their kissing is intense and their hands claw at one another like wild animals. As their heat intensifies, they move into a private room — Scott ravages Adam’s amazing, muscled body and eats out his ass, which is easily one of the meatiest in the entire industry!

With their clothes off, Scott and Adam exchange deep, choking blowjobs and continue working on one another’s tight manholes. They’re so hot for each other that they eventually 69 so no one misses out on the action! As their sex intensifies, Adam prepares Scott to receive his fat cock. Once inside Scott, Adam pumps and rides the muscled bottom like a madman, and Scott (a total power-bottom) receives every last thrust that Adam has to offer!

Their climax leaves Scott glistening in streams of Adam’s cum.

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Hot Hung Blonde…What Else Could You Ask For?

How do you spell delicious???

We spotted Danny working in his yard almost a year ago. After approaching him (and getting shunned) several times about modeling with us, we finally quit asking.
Needless to say, we were shocked when HE approached US and asked if the invitation was still open.  How could we resist this blonde, blue-eyed specimen?
Danny seems at ease exposing his tight, muscular body in front of our cameras.  Watch him try to remove his shirt at the beginning of this video.  His biceps are so big, he can’t get his shirt off the normal way; he has to remove it over his head.
While posing and showing off in his briefs, we notice a bulge and can tell the attention is exciting him.  He removes them and his huge cock flops out.
After playing with his dick and fingering his hole slightly, he walks into the next room sporting a boner and gets down to some man-stroking and sperm-spewing.  Catch that last bit of jizz dripping from his hard dick as he smiles one last time to the camera.
Danny Hock !!! It was worth the wait.



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Dark Chocolate Beautiful Black Muscle at Paragon Men

It’s not poetic, but let’s come out and say it: the hose matches the house. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s perfectly cut! And of course it gets pulled out, tugged, and kinked in our Penthouse.

Taking your eyes off Tyson Longhook is impossible. Like if you saw a unicorn crossing the road, could you take your eyes off? He’s got that magical, mythical attraction – and we dig how he collars his hog with a cockring. Jealous!!!

This black stallion is humble and affectionate. He’s a semi-pro wrestler and has laid them flat all down the eastern seaboard and as far away as San Antonio, Texas. He’s also a personal trainer who loves to make people look and feel better about themselves. See, he’s a giver :)

“Stop working out,” they told him. “You’re going to explode!” – explode he does, on XXX laptops across the paragoniverse – penetrating deeper than any man has penetrated before! We’re lucky to have him. For the shoot, Tyson arrived and knocked on the door – at the wrong hotel! Thankfully nobody answered or we may have lost him to a very lucky, horny hotel guest!


and  Black and Latin Men

Muscle Stud Massage at Dominic Ford

Bryce Evans – Massage @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

We’d like to introduce you to Bryce Evans, Dominic Ford’s very first exclusive model. Bryce is a bodybuilder (obviously) and very chill. This scene is the first he has ever made having sex on film. The scene also stars Alexander Garrett, who is one of Dominic’s favorites. Alexander is a great masseuse, so why not ease Bryce into the world of gay porn by giving him a massage with a very happy ending? Start easy, right? I don’t think Bryce was expecting to get rimmed in the process! This video is super hot, and you can expect more to come from Bryce in the future!

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Grabby Nominated COCKSURE MEN

Grabby-Nominated” site Cocksure Men

for best original content!

(GRABBY WEEKEND in Chicago May 27-29)

We may have outdone ourselves with this casting!  Two of our hottest studs hook up for one of our most sexually-charged videos ever. The way John Magnum and Morgan Black take their time going back and forth to suck each other’s big and thick dicks and lick each other’s bodies is a major turn-on. After Morgan gets things started by blowing his buddy, John flips over to reveal one of the most perfectly-sculpted asses you’ll ever see, which Morgan quickly dives into with his tongue.  It turns out the craving for giving head goes both ways!  The look in John’s eyes as he swallows his buddy’s cock reveals a wild and nasty side that Morgan will soon experience firsthand.  He can hardly wait to get on all fours and open up his ass for an extended fuck session that includes trying out several different positions before neither guy can hold in his cum any longer. 


Gay Muscle Head ZEB ATLAS Puts on Clothes and Picks up a Microphone

Just when you thought you saw it all!  Move over Coltan Ford and Kim Zolciak….there is a new diva in town! ZEB!

You may remember last year, Zeb Atlas helped his divalicious friend disco diva Pearly Gates with her song   “Stop For Love“.  She teamed up with special guest star Zeb Atlas as her romantic love interest. He never opened his mouth though. He just had to look pretty.

Now he has been bitten by the American Idol bug. He sings. Well, sort of.  In  “Love Hangover” , the new video that has gained  attention and press coverage and gossip on the gay network since it was leaked a couple days ago.

The intention of this project (and Zeb will agree with this) is not to proclaim to the world that he is a singer but to create a product that fans will enjoy visually as well as musically by ensuring that Zeb is aiming to be nothing but himself. So, you queens out there, please refrain from making any bitchy comments and just sit back, chill and enjoy Zeb and if you want to see more future dance productions with Zeb, please support him by spending just 99 cents on downloading the track from iTunes where the single is expected to be released in February ’11.

Zeb  has a formidable career as a model, bodybuilder and as the world’s highest paid porn actor whose image has adorned many magazine covers since his discovery by photographer Ron Lloyd in 2003. His name has become synonymous with modern gay culture worldwide. He won the prestigious title for Man of the Year in 2004 and 2006 by Men Magazine and won Man of the Year in Germany in 2005. Measuring 52 across his chest and 19 around his arms, Zeb represents the elite of bodybuilding and fitness in the world.


Photographer Jim French, Fucked with No Lube, by COLT Studios

Did you ever have someone fuck you over?

I always say, it feels like I was fucked with no lube!

Jim French Studios, who helped make COLT STUDIOS,   last year stated in a multi-million dollar lawsuit that they were owed $2.2 million related to the sell of the COLT Studio gay porn studio.  The original sale of the studio took place more than seven years ago. And Jim French was never paid a dime.

The legend of COLT Studios goes back to the early years of gay porn and is one of the original studios ever distribute commercial gay adult entertainment to consumers.  They have been in operation since 1967.

According to  reports and  various court documents, COLT Studio’s new executives and life -partners John Rutherford and Thomas Settle, started having trouble shortly after closing escrow back in 2003.

Rutherford and Settle “discovered that the existing business and brand was dead, and that the only means to capitalize on the assets purchased was to produce new, contemporary content, while leveraging what little equity remained in the COLT brand.” “[COLT] began to run into difficulty when it was discovered that it was not provided all of the images which it had purchased,” court papers said. “Without the images, it was difficult to produce new packaging, magazines and calendars.”

COLT  has restructured, and continues to do so.  And the new owners are trying to work out a deal with deal with French. According to reports the settlement reached is allegedly set at
$ 500,000.00 to be paid over 20 installments. Ajudge is expected to sign off on the agreement this week, and start the payments flowing to Jim French.

COLT STUDIO  You can get a 90 day access to their site for $70

or even a 3 day trial  for  $3.

The Top Model For Mark Wolff….Alex Price!



Far and away my most popular new model last year was Alex Price. Who I actually discovered by chance, when he showed up with one of the models we had scheduled for that days shoot in Bucharest Romania. Since his video Debut in Nubreed 9,  I  have been getting tons of requests to shoot Alex again. Well your wish is my command and with visa in hand boarded a 9hr overnight train ride from Budapest just to shoot him. Alex has packed on a bit more muscle in the past year. I think you’ll agree my journey was worth it.



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