Straight Hell – Gay Torture For Straight Dudes




Struggling and shouting for help gets Straight Hell’s newly bound victim Mo nowhere. Straight Hell top Adrian punches him in the guts before taking a flogger to his pale skin, each hit making him leap and grunt in helpless anger and pain. He yanks Mo’s pants up high, exposing his firm round buttocks for Stan to hit too, before stripping him totally naked and toying with his thick, heavy cock and balls.
By now, Mo’s in hell, willing to do anything to make the pain and naked humiliation stop. He has to do whatever he’s told, even wanking Adrian’s cock through his jeans, following his verbal orders to run his hands up and down his shaft and make it feel good. It’s obvious Mo’s never touched a cock before in his life, so Adrian helps motivate him by wrenching his ears back while giving him more commands.
Now both tops have aching hardons, and just want to get their hands on and in that tight little virgin arse of his. They bend him over, spread his creamy cheeks, and Adrian rams his finger straight into his hole, giving him a long, hard fingerfucking as he screams the place down, howling for help at the top of his voice. But they’ve hardly even got started punishing this swaggering straight twat yet…

there’s far worse to come at Straight Hell.