Force Feed and Face Fuck a Straight Guy



As Kyle methodically cleans the windows of my grimy warehouse, I spy on him from a dark corner, enjoying the sight of his buff body in its last few moments of freedom. My dick sweels and I want more.  I  take matters into my own hands, asking him to come inside and do the windows in there. Kyle must sense my predatory stare, as he appears more and more nervous… but it’s too late. My mate Mo sneaks up behind the window cleaner and grabs his arms, shoving him on a bench and ties him up.

Kyle protests and swears at us at the top of his voice, but it’s too late for all that – the walls are thick, the windows are boarded up, and no one is coming to help. I maul his body like an animal, sniffing at his groin, I  chew his nipples, and wrenching his lips into place to kiss him.  Then I push my hard cock in his face- as he squirms, I make him suck me. I pump his mouth until his eyes fill with tears and force my cum in his throat!