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Derrick Porter and Adrian Layton

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By the time Derrick and Adrian lock themselves in the room, Adrian’s pants are already halfway off his ass. These boys can’t wait to start skin on skin action. Little Derrick Porter has an appetite for Adrian’s boy hole. He swings the brunette twink’s tight ass around and starts munching. Layton has boy sex on the agenda, and fortunately for him, Porter’s twink hole is more than accommodating. Its a tight fit, but the skinny boys work it out. Derrick turns the tables and pokes through Adrian’s tight, pink hole, and slams away. This is the ultimate twink boy fuck.



Bentley Loses His Cherry at the NEW Active Duty

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Bentley was one of the most popular models on Amateur Straight guys and with his cute face and big cock, it’s easy to see why. However, after doing about 30 scenes with ASG, Bentley never bottomed?.until now. In this scene, Dink Flamingo “drafts” Bentley into Active Duty, where sexy veteran Brian and openly gay new recruit Ethan deflower him. The chemistry in this scene is great, and it’s full of hot kissing, blowjobs, and ass pounding. Both guys fuck Bentley, trying the virgin out in multiple positions before they blow their loads in his mouth.

Things begin with Dink zoomed in on Bentley playing with that massive cock of his through his dirty gym shorts. The outline of that big monster alone is enough to make your mouth water. This boy was certainly blessed. But this isn’t just any big piece of meat, it’s the beloved Bentley from Amateur Straight Guys glory. As he shows off his cock they joke back and forth. It isn’t long before Dink gets him out of his shorts to reveal that cock better through his sexy tight underwear. All the while that big monster is growing by the minute. They chit-chat about his years at ASG and how much fun he’s had making porn. (And believe it or not, after all that time at ASG, he never bottomed.

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